Arsenal Debate- What should be Arteta’s Starting XI this season?

This should be Arteta’s first eleven by Lagos Gooner

With just a few games into Arteta’s tenure as coach of Arsenal, I want to believe that we have an idea of what his first eleven will look like. As expected when a new coach takes over a team, he will normally try out several players, with the intention of getting his own type of players. Arteta has given a lot of players opportunities to impress, now let us try and see if we can preempt him and choose players for him.

Goal keepers: With two quality goal keepers, Arteta is really spoilt for choices here. Leno has done above average; Martinez has grabbed the opportunity given to him. With either of them in between the sticks, we can be sure of some good saves. For example, against Manchester United, Leno did so well in keeping a clean sheet. Even when he was exposed by our defenders, he did well. Against Leeds United, Martinez did well too. So, our goal keeping department seems to have been settled for now. Against Crystal Palace today, I believe that whoever is chosen will do well.

Defenders: With David Luiz and Sokatris virtually starting every game, I can deduce here that they will be his first choice center defending pair, until we probably buy or bring on loan a player who can dispose them off. Our full back positions are still up for grabs but something tells me Arteta may make use of Niles and Kolasinac for now and this is not because we don’t have other options but our other options can’t seem to be fit enough to fight for a shirt. If by the end of the season, our injured full backs still can’t catch up, I am very sure Arteta will sign full backs who can give him what he wants. But if he doesn’t sign new full backs, then be rest assured that Niles and Kolasinac will hold on to their spots for a long time to go.

Midfielders: The midfield from my little knowledge of Arteta’s style,happens to be where Arteta likes to play and win the game. Being an assistant coach to Guardiola, one won’t be surprised if he tries to pattern Arsenal’s midfield after Man city. Man city makes use of midfielders who are good with the ball at their feet and who can quickly change tempo of the game from defense to attack. With the likes of Ozil, Torreria and Ceballos, Arteta has midfielders who can do magic with the ball at their feet. Xhaka will surely be a part of his first eleven because of his ability to make long range passes from the midfield. From all this, I can say Ozil, Torreira and Xhaka will form a major part of his team today and till the end of the season at least.

Attackers: Aubameyang will always be a part of his first eleven. Lacazette will be ample opportunity to lay claim to a starting point but if he does not deliver soon enough, he may be pushed aside for Martinelli. Pepe may well struggle to be a constant in the team, unless he adds some consistency to his games. What do we think?

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. From Goalkeeper to midfield seems spot on as to the squad we have at the moment..
    But in attack i would like to see
    Pepe Auba Martinelli..

    Martinelli can very much cover for Lacazette’s hard work in the team as he himself is a tireless worker and has goals in him.
    That for me is a balanced forward line.
    Auba and Laca can compete for the Striker spot.
    Saka as backup to Martinelli
    Nelson as backup to Pepe

  2. Thank God ,all of you routing for young Martineli is not our coach, l like the young guy but not to the displacement of Lacazette, Martineli for now is a good Sub.

    1. Although Laca does so much for the team, he never scores, and keeps arguably the best striker in the league out of position on the LW. I have loved Auba’s work rate since Arteta’s arrival, but it’s painful seeing a finisher of his quality in and around the LB position helping out. Could you imagine Messi, and Ronaldo having to do that as well? What a waste!

      Martinelli isn’t a natural winger either, but from what I’ve seen, he’s more suited to that position than Auba. That would allow Auba to start in his natural position. I love Laca, but it’s only fair to criticize his lack of goals, as we did the same with Giroud.

    2. MOG thank God you are not the coach also.Tell me one thing that Lacazette can do that “the young Martinelli” cannot do.

  3. Arteta’s first eleven is good for now

    I don’t think Sokratis has enough stamina and physical attributes to start at all remaining EPL games, but his experience and his previous mistakes could help him at some games. I believe Mustafi would take over from Sokratis at some point if he stays, because he is fitter and younger than Sokratis

    Arteta’s tactics need a hardworking striker like Lacazette, because Ozil does not do the rough work. Lacazette’s hold-up play is worse than Giroud’s, but Aubameyang’s is even worse than that

  4. I struggle when watching AMN. His game management isn’t where it should be defensively and his final ball is usually disappointing when attacking. If Arteta deploys a 3 at the back which from what I’ve read is where he wants to go with his formation In the main it may benefit amn

  5. Aubameyang…

    Martinelli, Lacazette, Pepe…

    Xhaka, Torreira…

    Kolasinac, Luiz, Sokratis, A. M-Niles…


    1. Sorry, but where’s the creativity?
      Laca doesn’t have it
      Pepe hugs d ball for too long
      Martinelli is very direct

  6. You guys are forgetting too easily the impact of the double act, which, Laca and Auba had going for them last season. It hasn’t been the same this season but I wouldn’t bet against it showing back up as soon as the team is looking more and more settled. Laca can work like a midfielder, he has it in him to go above and beyond, and right now we need every man to get on board with this. Auba has looked a real team player, I get what ThirdManJW ..says about him being at left back at times, but are these not the things that fans want from the guys who wear the shirt/badge, to put the shirt above everything.

    Martinelli is a fine player and he has got a good claim for a starting place in this side. Pepe will have to raise his consistency levels because Nelson came up from way out, and he’s had decent consistency in his outfield play – both in attacking positions and at making defensive contributions, he is good for the teams shape whereas Pepe other than the utd game has had a bit of making up to do. They’re working or trying to work harder, this is good and it makes deciding these things more difficult. Results will be a deciding factor,, right now I would say that our graft and our results are saying Laca starts, and if Auba and Laca click again like in last season, then imagine how good Martinelli will be wins his place on the Arsenal team.

    This is one of those quandaries that are great to have.

  7. …………….Leno

    Subs: Martinez, Chambers, Kolsanic, Guendouzi, Xhaka, Saka, Martinelli

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