Arsenal Debate: Which other Premier League teams do you dislike the most?

Which other clubs do Gooners, either quite like, are ambivalent to or deeply DISLIKE, and WHY? by Jon Fox

My dear fellow football and AFC addicts, I have an awful confession to make. SHOCK, HORROR! I quite like a number of other clubs of all levels, and one or two not even from Britain where I live and was brought up.

I really wish to know; am I weird then? (Yes of course I am, as it cannot be entirely normal to spend a long life worrying and fretting endlessly about the success of people who don’t even know I exist. Can it!!).

I actually have a varying degree of affection towards such disparate clubs as Hartlepool, Fulham, Forest, Chesterfield, Brighton, Wolves, Palace, Torquay, Plymouth, Darlington, Kidderminster Harriers, Stourbridge Town, Ipswich, Leyton Orient, QPR, Portsmouth, Celtic, Bournemouth, Sunderland, Sutton, Bromley, Charlton, AFC Wimbledon, Ajax and AC Milan.

There are a few others too, but you get the drift, I hope.

My various reasons for degrees of affection are based on such nonsensical reasons as some wear red and white, some I have lived nearby, during my career, at least for a short while or sometimes longer.

Others are for reasons of friends or family connections as supporters, or my simply feeling sorry for them, esp Hartlepool, who for countless years, decades ago, used to come rock bottom of the old fourth division but before relegation was automatic.

I have long held a real soft spot for Fulham, for historical connections with Arsenal (reason is Sir Henry Norris, was tempted to merge his two clubs, us and Fulham. I was also a huge fan of Johnny Haynes, their captain and best ever player, when I was still a young child.

Likewise, I like Nottingham Forest for historical connections with our club when we were still known as Dial Square.

I live near Palace and many of my friends have season tickets. I went to Palace when we beat them one nil, at start of this season.

I hold neither like nor dislike for a host of other clubs, a majority in Premier League and EFL.

But I guess the most interesting part of this rather pointless piece – written only because I clearly have too much time on my hands, between going food shopping with my Sue (what joy! NOT) or walking dogs; now that IS a joy! – is listing those clubs I dislike intensely, what some will call “hate”.

Though that is not a word I wish to use for mere football matters. I reserve that word for such as Trump, Putin, racism, bigotry, Neanderthal ignorance, wars, humankinds vicious cruelty and so on.

So here is my list: Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City, Spurs, Stoke, Leeds, Birmingham, Bolton, Blackburn, Sheffield United, Oxford, MK Dons, Salford City (I reckon you will all guess WHY), Glasgow Rangers, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Argentina (National side), Inter Milan, Feyenoord, all Turkish top clubs, most Greek ones too.

Oh, and a local Sunday league side who I won’t name who are the nastiest, mouthiest most unpleasant characters I have seen in local park football ever.

I should also make clear that for most of the above named it is the clubs and not the present players or managers, mostly, which I much dislike.

It’s their owners, esp in modern times. Older fans will easily understand WHY I can’t abide such as Leeds, Birmingham, Stoke, Bolton, Blackburn.

I have loathed Chelsea far more than I ever have disliked Spurs, who are simply local rivals but not truly bad guys overall.

When Spurs won their one and only Double in that “dinosaur era” I used to watch them one week, Arsenal the next, both clubs for two shillings, and wear my red and while knitted bobble hat and scarf (thanks Granny!), use my red and white painted rattle and stand with my other pre-teen friends, who were mostly Spuds, while openly cheering on their opponents!

BTW, I’d love to read YOUR lists and why!

YES, even Man United back in those dinosaur times. Pre hooligan days back than of course. Sigh!

Well, that afternoon shopping trip awaits, and I have, (on pain of “death,” or no dinner, which is far worse), to drive Sue to Tesco’s.

Did I also mention I much dislike Tesco’s!! One nil to the SAINSBURYS!!

BTW, I apologise in advance for writing this tosh!


Jon Fox

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  1. Love:
    Arsenal, Peterborough United (born there)
    Wimbledon (ex wife and was there when they won the FA Cup), Sheffield Wednesday (mate), Aston Villa (proper ground), Accrington Stanley, Deportivo de La Coruña (great name), Farsley Celtic (lived there)
    Man City (cheats), Spurs (delusional), Newcastle (where do I start?) Man United (ditto)
    Liverpool (always whinging)

    1. Respect to you Richard for generously giving my article ALL I asked Gooners to give to it.
      I hope many others will follow your lead.

      I was tickled by your view that Liverpool are “always whinging”, as I can scarcely think of ANY top club at all ALL, who DONT do likewise. Esp its supporter!!!

      You only need to read JA for a couple of hours to see how massively that applies to US too!

  2. toss up between Liverpool and Man U

    depending on who winning more

    due to their fans rather than club, i find their fans the most uninformed and most biased of all football fans

    whereas i find you can have a proper conversation about football with many (not all) Spurs and Chelsea fans, one that rises above ‘we rule, you suck’

    does Man C have any fans?

  3. It’s sad that you dislike Glasgow Rangers Jon. We once had a close connection with them and always had that pre season game at Highbury. They’re still my favourite Scottish club & Fulham seem to be a club that most people really like.
    I don’t really ‘hate’ any other clubs (not even Spurs) but do detest the supporters of Stoke, West Ham, Spurs & Man (115) City.

    1. Jax, I was at that game in August, 1966 I believe, while still a young teenager and the Rangers fans, many of them, were drunk and behavingly dreadfully. Some had smuggled, somehow, small half barrels of beer onto our North Bank and some of our young fans, myself and a girl schoolfriend with me were terrified.

      From that day onward I hated Rangers and became, ipso facto, a Celtic fan, even sometimes hitch hiking up to see their great teams of the later seventies.

      I was at that same schoolfriends house watching Celtic beat Inter MIlan in 1967 when Celtic won the European Cup and to this day I still support Celtic.

      As a old man now, I am naturally aware enough to know that could just as easily have been Celtic fans doing the same thing back in 1966 on our terraces.
      But they did not.

      And very many years later at PAUL DAVIS’s testimonial, we played Celtic at Highbury and it was a great show of two club friendship and confirmed my affection for Celtic., though I do not have an ounce of Scottish or Irish blood in my ancestry, as far as I know.
      Hooliganism touches and changes many lives and many opinions, my friend.
      BTW, I have neve hated Spurs, though always hope they lose, EXCEPT when we need their opponent to lose more.
      . Like at Old Trafford in 1998/9,in the final league game ,when had Spurs not lost, we would have won the title twice in a row.

      I can never understand fans who would rather Spurs , Chelsea, or anyone lose, when by not doing so it would help us.

      But SOME put unthinking hatred above proper thinking.

      One of the reasons I fall out with certain fans on here, is because I have never understood why some seem to hate opponents, any of them , MORE than they want US to win.
      To my thinking that is a STRANGE WAY for anyone to behave who claims to be a proper Gooner.

      1. That was the last time we played Rangers in the pre season game. They also did quite a lot of local vandalism. Sad really. I remember that the stadium announcer always gave their score at half & full time & the fans would cheer a win for Rangers. I don’t hate them for it though.

        1. I was also cheering Celtic in that European Cup final, and have always supported UK teams, no matter who, in Europe.
          Do you remember when the away team at Highbury usually got polite, if muted, applause from the home supporters, when they scored?

          1. JAX, I certainly DO remember. We fans, including we older ones, have memories like Elephants.
            My earlier years as a fan well predates hooliganism, and I ONLY WISH hooliganism had never come along at all. It USED to be so friendly on the terraces. SIGH!

              1. True PAT. It is one PRIME reason, but among several others too. Tickets are much cheaper, the atmosphere is far friendlier,the womens standard has come on leaps and bounds (it NEEDED TO ).
                I cannot get passionate about it, even though I try to make myself.
                Too late for old leopards to change our spots, I suppose. Sigh!

        2. Jax, I am genuinly pleased that you managed to avoid hating RANGERS.
          As I DO to this day.

          It is NOT to my credit as an older person, but I HAVE to be honest and I hope you can accept that personal truth of mine.

    2. I dare to say that Forest is the most dear to me, from the teams that for some reason I like. I watch their efforts several times. From then on, my favorites are Exeter,Bradford, while I would like to see Preston in the Premier League at some point. I dislike them until 2007, nothing from all sides man. city, the eternally disliked man. united, which I think in Sir Gum’s time was for a number of years scandalously favored by arbitration but also the favor of the goddess fortune was also scandalous. And the lucky man thinks that he does everything perfectly I feel sorry for Tottenham more than I hate them I would say….I also have to mention that the club I really hate to death is Real Madrid, horn cheats…vomiters, dictatorship They built history on the power of the dictator, while even today, they have been an abused group in the public sector of Madrid and in the banks for years, despite this advantage and the The state that goes blind makes me angry, because by force it must always be the first in Spain with the most expensive transfers, a club in debt, with its mafia presidents, part of all Of the entangled ones. And this has an impact on the Champions League as well, a team that should have been relegated to another country gets titles.

  4. It’s simple really.Domestically HATE-it’s 1)Manure( who else),Chavs,Spuds,Scousers,.Followed by The Orcs( stoke),Barcodes,Bolton & Villa.
    GT Britain- Celtic & Rangers
    Europe- Barcelona & Munchen.

  5. I thought poltical statements are not allowed on this site. Guess it only applies to certain individuals.

    Personally i don’t hate any team but i LOVE Trump & Putin.

    Furthermore wars can be good if the objective is to break away from oppressive and or security threatening regimes or alliances as a last resort. Otherwise in my ideal world i believe all differences, whether political, economical etc could be settled on a soccer pitch.

    1. Bang Bang, Either your first two sentences are meant to be ironic, or humourous or, worst of all, WHAT YOU TRULY BELIEVE.

      I pray for your own sake it was not the latter!
      I do however like your last two sentences, albeit it the final one, is a fantasy only

  6. Dislike Birmingham, was it them when Gallas sat down and made a mockery of the captain’s armband?
    Liverpool and Manchester UTD I dislike because I grew up knowing a lot of their fans and they are the worst.
    Tottenham Hotspur for obvious reasons

    Arsenal is the only team I root for and support

  7. Arsenal forever!!

    However I used to go occasionally to Barnet in the late 70’s with my now ex husband who was a big fan. It was such a thrill to watch them playBasingstoke on a cold evening. They also used to get players such as Terry Mancini or Jimmy Greaves in the team.

    Cannot understand for the life of me why a Gooner would have much truck with Tottenham

    I keep a kind eye on Leicester City who are the nearest club to where I live now

    Loved Wimbledon due to Joe Kinnear being their manager. He was local in my part of North London and drank regularly at our pub. A kind man who did so much for his family. I would often take his wife Bonnie to games and enjoy sitting in the good seats. Happy days and what a fiasco regarding the relocation – the supporters didn’t deserve that!

    ManU who a lot of the time prior to SAF didn’t deserve their status.

    Any team that Brian Clough managed was a no no as I couldn’t stand the bloke

    However, I always supported British clubs in European competitions-even when Clough was successful.

    Neither Sainsburys or Tesco. I’m a dyed in the wool Waitrose customer

        1. Ah okay Sue, I have to admit that Waitrose quality is well advertised and they always had better vegetarian choices. I didn’t realise they dd the yelow sticker stuff as I haven’t been to one for 20 years! But being a cheapskate due to being a poor humble Arsenal writer I could never do my shopping there on a regular basis sadly….

        2. I reckon Sue, we must call you” My Lady” from now on!

          My own Sue was turned away from Waitrose for not wearing a pearl necklace. Though that might just be a lie!!

      1. Okay my take on things…. I actually have a lot of Chelsea mates and we share the anti-Tottenham sentiments. I’ve ALWAYS disliked (F???k??g) Man United.
        I have a soft spot for Forest and Luton, and Harrow and Barnet (from my schooldays). Liverpool have always surprised me with their Champions League success and given us something to cheer.
        Saint Patricks and Derry City are from my heritage, and I’m a Hibs fan coz my Dad was die-hard Celtic lol.
        In Spain, I’m a local Almeria fan, and Valladolid is a great name!

    1. Sue, I had ‘truck’ with Spurs. Our teacher, George Robb, who we used to watch at Finchley, got a transfer there so we went to one or two games. I didn’t have a confirmed team then, other than Highgate Redwing, so could have become a Spud, but my best mate Tony told me I was an Arsenal supporter, so that was it really, but was pleased when they won the Cup Winners Cup.

      1. Jax
        I had to look George Robb up. What a man!
        So you probably went to Christ College and I was at Woodhouse Grammar School- so close neighbours!
        Finchley FC became Wingate and Finchley. I was still in London when that happened. I barely recognise the area now

            1. JA obviously dont discuss politics. But Maggie Thatcher was a witch!
              Finchley Grammar transformed into Finchley Catholic High soon after (With girls from Challoner)….

        1. Nothing so grand Sue. He was a supply teacher before a permanent posting, and was at our school, Highgate Primary, which was in fact also a secondary, but added the Primary to distinguish it from the very posh Highgate School. Really nice bloke was George, who I think taught geography.
          I lost touch with all that when I spent my last few school years at boarding school in Hampshire.
          Shame about Finchley wasn’t it! I think it was in Summers Lane where their ground was.

          1. Certainly was Summers Lane, Jax.

            I wasn’t sure that Christ college was posh – Woodhouse was only a grammar school because Maggie Thatcher was the local MP and wouldn’t countenance all the schools in her area being comprehensive. It eventually became a 6th form college

  8. I have always been a two Club man supporting Aberdeen(my home town) and Arsenal.Both wear red and white but that is where the comparisons stop as the Dons are genuine relegation candidates whilst Arsenal are doing rather well.Before TV money took over the top Scottish league sides were a match for their English equivalents but as the gap between revenue has widened the Scottish sides are simply not in a position to compete which is sad as football traditions run as deep North of the border as they do in the hotbeds down South.To put it into context, neither Celtic nor
    Rangers are likely to survive in the EPL at the present time but with a windfall from TV companies they would soon be able to attract better quality players and compete with the likes of Arsenal and City.As a failed Liverpool trialist way back in 1963 they have never been one of my favourite sides, yet I was delighted they won the League Cup yesterday with a number of Academy graduates rather than the multi billion brigade from West London who seem to have lost any credibility with the community spirit which is central to the roots of the game.Money does not always bring success and it’s good to see the likes of Brighton demonstrating how a highly efficient ,well run Club like Brighton can thrive with excellent recruitment whereas giants such as Chelsea and Man Utd fail big time.

  9. No Jon!

    I actually do believe it unfortunatly. Countless messages of mine have been censored when i reply to derogatory statements made by yourself and others. It has come to a point where i am actually reluctant to post or reply to comments.

    The negativity, oppression and bias from Admin is overwhelming.

    Yes i know my last thought is a fantasy just like allowing FREEDOM OF SPEECH on JA, except when it is untrue or incriminating someone.

    1. JustArsenal has no interest in promoting political, racist, sexist or religious discussions and will continue to delet any comments with agressive statements on any of these subject. JUST Arsenal!

    2. BangBang, then do I asssume those so called “derogatory posts of mine” are when I have mentioned such as Trump and Putin as “humans” I loathe?

  10. I have a soft spot for Watford, Wealdstone ( my local non league club growing up ), QPR ( RIP Stan Bowles by the way ). Definitely hate Stoke City and Liverpool, mainly because of their biased supporters, I remember their wonderful fair supporters lobbing beer bottles at us and waiting to attack us outside the ground at Anfield back in the 70’s after a win there.

          1. Then you omitted Neasden FC & their supporters Sid & Doris Bonkers from your favourite teams.
            Shame on you Pat!

            1. Speaking of Spike Milligan, when asked by Michael Parkinson for his first ever living memory, he replied, “well they cut the cord” looked at me, and slapped my Mother.

      1. He used to nip into the pub near the ground on a Saturday before the game for a quick one….different times eh. No wonder he only lasted a short while at Forest with Cloughie in charge there.

  11. Hate man United, more so their fans who tend to be arrogant and disrespectful, Stoke, fore purely how they player under pulis, Dislike City, Chelsea for ruining the transfer market . I have a soft spot for Bolton, westbrom, Blackpool, Celtic and Dortmond for their passionate fans support. Jon is your sue the one who disappeared from just arsenal? I remember us having a certain sue with a bit of humour on here.

  12. Like : most German teams
    First love ac Milan/ arsenal
    Dislike : Chelsea (trying to buy success)
    Burnley/ stoke (the way they play under pulis ( stoke) Sean dyche (Burnley)
    Soft spot: Marseille , tottenham ( white jersey/ good strikers ( ginola – Harry Kane) Villareal ( Robert piris / nickname yellow submarine)
    Sevilla/ Valencia
    Hate: man UTD ( Ferguson/ cheat)

  13. MAN CITY,CHELSEA,MAN UNITED messed football, I hate them, they overtook Spurs in my list. Of course l LOVE ARSENAL

  14. I’ve got an endless list but the Premier league clubs i hate are City,Chelsea and Toon cos of their no true history in English football rankings prior to their endless pit of money owner’s takeover. Spurs-NLD rivalry, United-overly favoured hence some undeserved trophies, rivalry with Wenger’s invincibles and they just don’t seem to do things right for a so called big club, Leeds for their nasty nature. in Europe, Bayern,Marseille and Juventus- i just dislike them for their transfer dealings.PSG-Same reason as Cheaty,Chelsh”t and Sandcastle. i’d like to keep the Spanish ones to myself!

  15. The team I have parament hate for: Man United, Spurs, and Chelsea.
    And there are teams that I have temporary dislike for based on what is going on within that season. I used to hate Bolton back in the days because of their bully tactics. Currently Newcastle is the new kid in town that have attracted my temporary distaste.

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