Arsenal Debate – Which transfers will increase our TEAM COHESION?

Team Cohesion & Squad Additions by TJ

I want to talk about Team Cohesion, the team system…the way we play.

Great teams aren’t made up of the best players by position. Building a team with the “best in positions” doesn’t make a great team. The best managers will tell you that.

You look for the role you want and you look for the best player who will fit in that role and bring a higher level of quality to make the overall team performance improve.

So the first thing to understand is the team ethic and system of play. The second thing to understand is what attributes make that role sync with the rest. The third thing to understand are the attributes that “a new addition” will bring to lift the overall performance.

So when you look at the transfer targets…ask yourself those questions. The so called “world class” players may not always be the answer. Some of them are world class in a particular system only.

So before you cast judgement on any transfer…think about Team Cohesion, the system of play and what that player will contribute to improve (i.e. better finishing and less overall teamwork, pressing etc may not fit the bill!) the overall performance.

Based on this…who would you suggest and WHY! in terms of the additions to the Gunners for the coming season?



  1. I don’t think our team cohesion can be improved by signings. All the players in our starting 11 complement each other very well and fit into the system – ‘the arsenal way’. Look at them play, they’re wonderful to watch with their passing, all in sync with each other and knowing how each other play and when and where they’re going to run. That’s the playstyle Arsene drills into them. What I think can, and should be improved is the team quality and depth.

    Take care of the quality and depth of the players available, Arsene will take care of the cohesion.

  2. For me it’s easy just sign Cech and Bale. I think we could wait until January to sign a DM or a CB.

    1. Bale will be impossible for any team to sign. Florentine Perez will not let Bale fail at Real Madrid because he sees at as a failure for himself after spending so much money on him. That’s apparently the reason they sacked Ancelotti, because he subbed Bale off a few times. I read a quote somewhere that Perez supposedly said to Ancelotti before he was sacked – ‘To attack Bale is to attack me’.

      1. There is unrest in their camp so why not try and sign him. You will never know unless you try.

  3. As i have said from the beginning we have a good team but, we could do with a mobile striker up front, it would give us a different tactical approach in games. Because as much as people would proclaim how good he is at holdup play, sometimes his lack of mobility upfront leaves him isolated in games where he faces the good defenders, The John Terry’s and The Kompany’s its obcious Giroud’s not stronger than them, and the fact he is not the most skillful or fastest taking on defenders means more than often in those games having him on in a lost cause. I know we have Sanchez but, more than often he has a mark on his head before he even sets foot on the pitch. I’d like another Goal Scorer/”Assist King” who would pose an eminent threat by himself, but most importantly share the load with Giroud and Sanchez.

      1. Would Love Bale, but i can’t imagine Benitez getting rid of him anytime soon.

    1. You mean when he put his head on a Santi free kick past Hart @ City? Was that something out of nothing? Was that mobile enough?
      He scored 19 goals for us, was out 3 months, had a 3 game suspension. He carried us to wins with his goals in a stretch of 10-11 games in a row.
      He is one of the best with his head in the league.
      What I wonder after the 60 or so goals he has scored for Arsenal what the heck do the people that want him replaced sing after he scores another 20-25 this season?

      1. Spare me the violins,Giroud has been at Arsenal for 3 seasons,yet hes never scored 20 league goals yet.Definite room for improvement there that only a new personel can bring since hes been here 3 seasons now.All i ask you guys like you is would he start for any of the top teams in the europe?clearly no

        1. Stupid argument… He finished on 18 goals this season, his largest tally yet and he missed a massive portion of the season due to injury. I don’t care about his career record, I care about his likelihood to produce next season and his overall game has improved in leaps and bounds since his arrival at Arsenal.

      2. Haha they will!! you know they will!!
        It’ll be ‘ohhh he only scores tap-ins,’ ‘half of them were against weaker sides,’ ‘he can’t create from nothing.’
        His goal vs United was my personal goal of the season. I don’t think people understand the difficulty of that shot. Ball bouncing away from you on the half volley to beat De Gea at his near post even though he got a hand on it!! Thunderbolt and absolutely perfect technique.

      3. I’m not a Giroud fan but I always wonder how he gets to score those goals(tap ins or no tap in). We sure need him in our team but we definitely need a mobile and skillful striker still. I’m pretty sure if we have one, he could rival Messi and Ronaldo for Europe’s leading scorer. It’s not like we don’t create chances but putting the ball in the net is always the problem. (Arsenal vs Monaco) we should have buried them in the first half but….

  4. Well apprently the Cech deal is pretty much done. Personal terms and fee agreed. The entire day of negotiations over the transfer fee led to a reduction from the £11m price to £10.9m – typical Arsene Wenger penny pinching, though to a guy like me £100,000 is quite a few pennies! Anyways, I’d assume that means he will have a medical tomorrow and finally actually sign for us at some point this week.

  5. I think a top quality DM is great for team cohesion. Many top DM are natural born leaders. They must play well most of the time because if they don’t the whole team could suffer.A defensive midfielders main job is to make the other players look good more than himself. That’s why they don’t get as much appreciation like a CAM, striker.

    A DM tends to be very hard working
    1. Tackling
    2. Putting pressure on opponents to make mistakes
    3. Winning back balls
    4. Working laterally from sideline to sideline
    5. Being the link between attack And defense
    6. Cover the area between both
    7. Be very physical
    8. Shout a lot to other players

    Important factors for players for team cohesion
    1. Playing regularly
    2. Good training habits
    3. Leads by example
    4. Good relationship with players

    There have been classic examples of central defenders too who were hard working and team leaders: Tony Adams, Sol Campbell, John Terry, Kompany, Vidic, Jaap Staam, Rio Ferdinand, Jaime Carragher to name a few

  6. liverpool have signed firminho.

    great signing, really good, glad , makes the season more intriguing.

    1. Good player but I don’t think he’s what they need. They have a few attacking midfield players already – Sterling, Lallana and Coutinho. What they lacked for the entirety of last season was a striker. Steven Gerrard was their top scorer with 12 or 13 goals in all competitions, and most of those are penalties. Now they’ve even lost him. Sturridge may come back, he’s a quality striker, but I don’t think Liverpool are anywhere near challenging any of the top 4 sides. Them and Tottenham will have a good battle though.

    2. I just read an interesting article… They went from 102 goals with SAS to 52 league goals last season. Considering Sterling looks to be on the way out, Firmino to me doesn’t really indicate any forward progress

  7. I would be looking at 4 positions. First off, it looks like Cech is in, which is great for Arsenal and quite noble of Abramovich, for what’s that worth. It likely means Ospina out, who is less likely to play second fiddle in the long run.
    Defending Midfielder: I would look to Coq as the starter and perhaps someone a bit younger to provide some competition. Cohesion would be crucial here and it will take some time to find the right fit. Maybe someone up and coming like Giannelli Imbula, but who knows.
    Left wing: Probably not necessary, but if you want to take a chance on Draxler, then maybe now is the time. He would definitely fit the Arsenal mold and could maybe be converted to a striker down the road.
    Striker: we might be able to get away without a change here, particularly if Theo steps up. If Giroud was to be sold however…

  8. Vidal would be great for team cohesion. Brilliant box2box player but good both defensively and attacking. Also, Chile teammate with Alexis

    Reus also because he is so good at everything (passing, finishing, dead ball situations, crossing, through balls). He makes other players look good while making himself look good lol.

    Anyone who is
    1. Hardworking
    2. Top quality
    3. Respectful to team
    4. Leads by example

    If we get Cech that will be a huge improvement to team cohesion because he Is experienced, will shout at defenders if necessary and he is a safe pair of hands so will improve the belief of the team.

  9. Pete cech is an obvious choice, proven winner and born winner, his commanding presence will do wonders for our defense, I read somewhere that after coquelin and ospina came in we only conceded 19 goals, 17 of these were from crosses, whilst its unrealistic to expect cech to eliminate this issue, he could easily at least half it.

    Then we have an issue of who else to get, I am happy to give Theo his chance up top, he has better movement than giroud, not forgetting his ridiculous pace, and when he is in his stride he is clinical.

    I hope ox stays fit this year, and gets the chance to make rw his own, he needs to add mire goals but lets not forget he’s so young. I just don’t know where we can improve without selling players, I don’t see how Ramsey or wilshere fit in to our best 11 right now.

    Sanchez. Walcott. the ox
    . Ozil
    . coquelin. cazorla
    Monreal Kos mert bellerin
    . cech

    Perhaps a top lb, but I don’t see many around, and those I know are not available.

    Ramsey and wilshere may rotate with cazorla, wilshere may even occasionally take up his pirlo role for arsenal in place of coquelin, although id only risk this against the bottom ten.

    Gabriel will feature more, giving either kos or mert a rest, debuchey to rest bellerin, interesting to see where chambers fits in, cb or cdm.
    Gibbs for monreal, giroud in for Walcott welbz on the wings. We actually have to very good squads when all is fit,
    And I haven’t even mentioned arteta, gnabry who may get a peak, flamini if he stays, diaby if he stays.

    We have a very strong squad we just need the consistency whilst we are in th cl not just when we are out
    Coyg, lets win it next year

  10. off topic: its annoying that we haven’t scored against chelsea in the last five meetings and we are still counting meanwhile in the process conceeding 10 which is not good for atop team like arsenal. may be we need a top drawer striker coz giroud is good but not good enough.

  11. schnaiderlin and gonzalo…. for me aubameyang is little just little bit better than welbeck….

  12. Cech is pretty much a done deal. Don’t really want to see Ospina leave..if he goes so should szecenzy to be honest may consider Simon Scuffet very young very talented under the right guide would easily become a great no2..

    1. Scuffet would be like our David De Gea who can grow to become the next Cech(let’s not sell him at all)

  13. Lacazette would be perfect fit for us him and King Sanchez would cause havoc upfront. I would accept Aubameyang

    I’m happy where looking at Howedes shows Wenger was looking for a new partner for Koscielny… Mertesacker is getting old and has -10 pace. Gabriel will be Koscielny replacement in a few years and we ain’t sure what will happen to Chambers(will he live up to expectations or just fall short like most of our English players )

    Carvalho would be my first choice for CDM..him and Coquelin would have a good fight for first choice and can even play certainn matches together…or I would take Bender.

    If we make all these signs and keep our main stars letting the likes of Diaby, Arteta and Flamini go….We could he challenging for the league and have a good chance of going far in the Champions league.

  14. From all of the people we’ve been linked to I think Cech, Vidal, and Schneiderlin would fit in right away on the team and improve cohesiveness. Cech especially due to his experience and decent age for a GK.

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