Arsenal Debate – Which type of team would you prefer Arsenal to be?

A Completely hypothetical question regarding AFC.. by ArseOverTit

Arsenal football club have been blessed with some amazing players over the years and we have also had ..shall we say.. ‘less’ successful teams that still were home to some… if not wall to wall, talent;)

Now, let me ask this strictly hypothetical question, just for fun…

If you could have what you wanted tomorrow in relation to AFC out of the following multiple choice (you’re not getting Carte Blanche!), what would you choose and why?


A. an average (dare I say mid table team) that entertained like crazy in the attacking football they played.

B. A successful team (yes trophies included) that parked the bus and didn’t concede but were pretty dull to watch


C. A pretty predictable team that is inconsistent that is just above mid table yet never really wins stuff.

If you choose ‘C’, that’s pretty much what we have right now and you’re most likely an MA fan (jokes!) and happy with how things are!

Seriously though; this is just for some fun poll-type discussion. After all; We all could do with some light relief after recent events.

As an additional thing, please specify your personal favourite coach to lead Arsenal (be that a present or historical manager and coach) and a centre forward (we could do with one right?;). Again, either current or from one of the greats and specify why you choose both.

Good weekend all!


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  1. None of the above!I would love a team which plays entertaining football most of the time while being able to be physical when needed!!all the while seriously competing for trophies and the PL.

    1. Exactly, how about a team that leaves 100% when they go on the pitch. A team that shows fight and backbone every game?

      That doesn’t require talent, form, just a will to fight.

      Most of us can live with the result, if they put up a fight. Not the gutless, limp performances like against spuds and Newcastle, which never seem to carry consequences for the players.

      Best believe Pepe would have been dropped, also a safe bet White, Gabriel, Cedric, Ramsdale, Xhaka, Saka, walk right into the starting 11 against Everton.

  2. I wish for a klopp at arsenal and a striker like Ronaldo( funny thing is arsenal nearly had them both)

    1. AOT
      I will take b all day long
      Winning is and has been the ultimate goal for all teams.
      Winning breads confidence and with this it can lead to expansive football
      The other 2 leads to nothing at the end of the season
      The elite 2 city and pool have the comfort of knowing they have the luxury of winning ugly and winning in style
      The rest are all on catch up mode so of course there is going to be a lot of inconsistency.
      Even chelski have been trying to.close the gap for the league and look how much money they have
      They thrown at it
      They have won the big cup again last season which makes me envious but as we have seen it was built on quick sand and by parking 1.6.billion as a write off
      So B for me and winning at all cost is fore

      1. That’s is my answer too AB..all day long.

        I wanted Allegri but with the handcuffs placed by Stan he was never gonna come near us.

        And give me TH as my forward! Is/was there a better player ever!;)

  3. I prefer a team that plays adaptive tactics and strategy to counter opposing teams. Team set up to neutralize opponent and also win while doing it.
    A coach that is proactive and adaptive at the same time before and in game.
    Players that fits and plays these tactics efficiently and also a strong back up eleven in all position.

  4. Hunger is what I want to see from the players. The same as the fans.
    Klopp as manger and Sadio Mane as striker.

  5. Arsenal still have a weak mentality, we still have yet to get passed this. In Wenger’s last few years, under Emery, and still under Arteta.

    The team collapses under pressure when they needed to dig in and get 3 points.
    Maybe an on-staff full time psychologist is needed at the club.

    All joking aside, the mentality is still weak with all the new players under Arteta. That aspect of Arsenal culture still hasn’t changed.

    Biggest issue IMHO is too many gutless performances this year, too many times players weren’t giving 100%.

    Arteta isn’t playing on the pitch, but he does continue starting them after gutless performances. Bench them like Pepe or Leno, finally Laca is benched for example, but far too late now.

    1. They might already have a psychologist no?must pro clubs have them these is an idea,what about going for different players? experienced,leaders, players with a never give up attitude,not afraid to put the boots in when necessary.sadly by the looks of it,it seems that we are targeting the same type of players as last summer,young 19 years old,nice boys…!

      1. Good point, but maybe those type players have strong personalities, the type that Arteta doesn’t mesh well with.

        I don’t see a single player we have that has or even can step up and grab the game by the scruff when we are struggling. Honestly we haven’t had that type of player since Alexis Sanchez.

        I thought we would with Partey, but I haven’t seen it yet. I was hoping Pepe could do this as well, but he rarely influences a game, let alone taking one over.

        We just lack anyone in midfield or attack that can put the team on their back and carry them through a rough patch.

    2. Well fans have the same mentality that’s why they are celebrating coming 5th as an achievement. Only weak ppl make excuses all the time and that what our fans have been doing for last two seasons for Arteta. If fans don’t have higher expectations then club won’t care to match them. We were not mentally weak under Wenger otherwise we would not have finished 4th almost every season even though some times it looked impossible. We did not have the money do buy the players needed to mount a title challenge. Arteta on other hand has thrown the experience players out of club and is out thought by big managers most of the time. So not having experience and poor ta tactics have lead us to fail, majority of blame for this has to be shouldered by Arteta the king.

      1. Of course but that’s why the blame starts at the top. Since stan came ambition dropped as did expectation within the club and from fans as a result.

        Whilst he remains we fail.

  6. I wouldn’t call our current team pretty predictable. Because they won four games on the trot against tough teams, yet they lost three games in a row against mid-table teams

    I know many of you are highly disappointed, but don’t waste your energy on spilled milk. Arteta has just got a new long-term contract, so he’s going to stay for at least till the end of this year

    As I said before, he’d likely stick around as long as he can make Arsenal challenge for the fourth place and doesn’t get a winless run of seven games

    1. Predictable in play and in them being frail. More consistency you are referring too which we obviously do not have at all;)

  7. It must take an Arsenal “fan” to conclude we are C.
    Or maybe it takes someone, who isn’t quite up to scratch with what is going on.

  8. D. A solid team that is consistently in the top 4 that genuinely pushes to win the EPL at least twice a decade. Strong mentality and doesn’t whimper at a real challenge and when they lose they at least look like they put up a fight.

  9. I’m with NY Gunner
    It shouldn’t be too much to ask!

    Currently I would favour Klopp who rebuilt Liverpool to their former glory without oil money but the early years of Wenger blew me away such were the quality of the players and the sheer joy of watching thrilling football.

    Keeping it at Arsenal I was a big fan of Henry and Wrighty

  10. I just want a team that plays intelligent football; a team that doesn’t make stupid mistakes.
    I don’t even expect them to win much of anything. I don’t want to ‘buy’ a trophy like the Manchester teams or Liverpool do.
    ok, I am not a ambitious!

  11. A team that regularly challenges for the Premier League title and domestic cups & performs well in Europe with predominantly home grown and academy players. A side that we can actually relate to rather than a collection of misfits who have no real connection with Arsenal.
    This might not suit some distance fans but for someone who lived in North London for nearly forty years this would be my dream Arsenal (a bit like George Grahams side).

  12. THOUGH I AM PERFECTLY CONTENT TO READ WHAT OTHERS WISH, IN A “WHAT IF FANTASY SCENARIO” ARTICLE, as a realist I would never take part in such a”quiz” as this one.
    FANTASY can be and sometimes is of academic fun. But to realists such as I, THAT is all they can ever be and therefore of no real use to we realists whatsoever.

    BUT I DO NOT CONDEMN THIS ARTICLE when I say it is not for me, as many others will love it, I feel sure.

  13. To me the problem has been mainly Arteta and his lack of ability to relate to players. To me when I saw how he treated William Saliba and Matteo Guendouzi, I saw he was, naive and self centred, frantically wanting ‘his’ Arsenal and not Emery’s Arsenal. I saw him unable to relate to Ozil, lose contact with Aubameyang, struggle with Pepe. Mostly through his trearment of Saliba I saw Arteta’s cruel character. His ego sabotages most of the player relationships…hence players will always limit how much they will ‘play’ for Arteta (barring the Hale End lads) Arteta has brought us ‘defeat from the jaws of victory’, exactly when it mattered. The ‘process’ is a made up myth to con supporters into accepting a lesser Arsenal. The problem is ‘Arteta’. Our season’s end had let us all down. How have we been at the end of the season…..worce than MEDIOCRE.

  14. B all day long
    Arrigo Sacchi
    Marco can Basten

    That recipe has worked pretty well in the past, hasn’t it?

  15. I prefer 25 players who play for the badge…who gives it all in every game and a good experienced manager

  16. a team that actually gives a shit, who doesn’t continually repeat the mistakes of the past!!!

    1. Yeh, would be nice.. so would an owner who cared about winner and doing what he could to make us the top dogs… what it is..
      So I take it Arteta and Eddie aren’t your two picks for manager and striker then!;)

      1. far from it…that said, it looks like the former is locked in, at least for the time being, whereas the latter is hopefully heading elsewhere…only Arsenal would rely so heavily on a relatively inexperienced Striker, who’s likely leaving on a free, to try and secure a top 4 position…thanks in large part to some stumbling, bumbling opposing defenders/Keepers, he almost got away with it, then reality set in…Cheers

  17. Arse-over-tits(I kinda like the description, it fits my philosophy 😂)

    Onto Football, I’d prefer a manager who is more technical and realistic.

    Arteta chose to keep Xhaka and Elneny, that decision cost Arsenal the opportunity to build a better midfield and we are not stuck wishing a St Totteringham day event occurs on Sunday.

    I prefer an Arsenal team that model’s the characteristics of the Invincibles player for player and the recruitment of players closely aligned to the traits of the Invincibles.

    Right now, the coaches who could do a good job with Arsenal FC are few. I literally cannot think of anyone at the moment, but Peter Bosz, the former Ajax manager comes to mind.

  18. My ideal team is one that plays a 4 3 3 formation.

    Team coach would be a very hungry Arsene Wenger with is mojo back.

  19. So you prefer a derrière huh!
    My name is notes about the term in relation to falling in a big way (how I see Arsenal my club) as well as it meaning that no tit should come before the arse(nal) including owners or managers;)

  20. A successful one.

    For that reason we need to focus on adding real quality to around half of the squad and consider departures the other half whether permanent or temporary. It’s harsh but necessary

    Keep (A group)
    Ramsdale Turner Runarrsson
    Tomiyasu White Saliba Gabriel Tierney Partey Sambi Odegaard Saka Nelson SmithRowe Martinelli

    Consider Selling/Releasing (B group)
    Cedric Bellerin Holding Mari
    Maitland-Niles, Xhaka, Elneny Guendozi Torreira Pepe Lacazette Nketiah

    Tavares Trusty Balogun

    Obviously not everyone will agree, there are those that think runarrsson for example should be nowhere the squad, I beg to differ, he could be a useful no.3 while the younger keepers go off and gain some loan time.

    There are those that love xhaka, Elneny, Nketiah, Bellerin, holding, Laca and AMN. As I said it’s about becoming successful as a team and sure some of these players have experienced small success, but are they of the quality required to help the A group win trophies?

    The B Group is basically our experienced players and quite frankly we need better. The A group has only 8 non-homegrown players, it has 4 players classed over 21 and 3 under 21. So there is massive scope to add to the squad, whether by promoting the likes of Ballard, Patino, Azeez or retaining some of group B or bringing in more experience with better track records of success.

  21. We should go for Luis Enrique before another team snatches him up after the world cup in Qatar.
    As for players, we to need to keep most of the current crop and bring back Guendouzi and Saliba. That alone sorts our defence and midfield. An emotional freak who can’t manage a nineteen year old player has no business managing arsenal.
    Another world class striker may be needed but we should keep Nketiah. Let go of Lacazzatte. His best days are surely behind him.
    As for style of play, play the Arsenal way. Win lots of games, lose some; nick a trophy here and there every few years.
    Is this too much to ask for?

  22. We need a team with a bit of physical strength. The invincible were technically gifted but had a presence about them. Since the Febregas era started we have technically good players but they are not able to handle any physical sides. Too many 5 foot 6-9 inch players, need a bit height in the team.

    1. As an example, look at the way Declan Rice bullied Nketiah, not one player had the courage to step in and tell DR to go F**k off. A team of Viera’s era would have sorted DR!

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