Arsenal Debate: Who has made the most impact? Smith-Rowe or Ramsdale?

Between Aaron Ramsdale and Emile Smith Rowe, who has done more? By Sylvester Kwentua

Hello Arsenal famz. I send nothing but one love to my Arsenal family. This article is not intended to pit two wonderful Arsenal players against each other or to divide fans’ loyalty, but just to appreciate how much of an impact Ramsdale and Smith Rowe have made in Arsenal football games this season so far. From scoring match winning goals, to making great saves, it is without doubt that these two heroes have been doing a lot to keep Arsenal competitive. But if asked to choose who has made more impact between these two, can you?

Aaron Ramsdale: When Aaron Ramsdale was identified by the Arsenal’s scouting team as a player they would love to have at the club, not a few Arsenal fans wondered what Edu and his scouting team were up to. Many felt Ramsdale, who could not save Sheffield from relegation, had nothing to do at Arsenal. A lot of Arsenal fans secretly prayed against the transfer seeing the light of the day. Unfortunately for the fans, on 20 August 2021, Ramsdale signed for Arsenal on a long-term contract. Ramsdale didn’t get his first game at Arsenal however, until five days later, when he was in goal for Arsenal’s Carabao cup game away to West Bromwich. In that game, he kept a clean sheet. His EPL debut didn’t come so soon, as he had to wait until September 11, to be in goal against Norwich. He also kept a clean sheet in that game. Ever since the game against Norwich, Ramsdale has kept five clean sheets out of eight games he has played. Who can easily forget the wonderful save he made against Leicester City just a few weeks ago!! After that game, he was highly praised for the save and overall performance by several football lovers, including a former Manchester United goalkeeper, who described his save as the “best save I’ve seen for years.”

Emile Smith Rowe: The 21 years old attacking midfielder is surely enjoying his time at Arsenal right now, and he really deserves all the accolades he is receiving at the moment. Smith Rowe began his senior club playing career with Arsenal in 2018, but limited playing time led to him going on loans to RB Leipzig and Huddersfield Town, where he definitely sharpened his skills and eyes for goal. Smith Rowe made his Arsenal first-team competitive debut on 20 September 2018 although, before going on loan deals. However, since he got back from his loan deals in 2020, he has made impacts in games and games and more games. The 21-year-old attacking midfielder as a matter of fact, was not supposed to even start against Chelsea in a boxing day match in 2020, but the Arsenal manager, Mikel Arteta, contending with illness in his squad, turned to him a couple of hours before kick-off. Arsenal had taken five points from their previous 10 games and Smith Rowe was in as the No 10 for his first Premier League appearance of the season. Arsenal, inspired by Rowe, won Chelsea on that day by 3 goals to 1. Ever since then, it has been excellent performances from Rowe, who joined Arsenal’s academy in 2010, at the age of 10. This season, Smith Rowe has been fundamental in Arsenal’s rise to fifth, scoring four goals, including one in each of the past three league matches, and registering two assists.

In all honesty, Smith Rowe and Ramsdale are not the only Arsenal players doing extremely well at the moment, but if we are to measure the level of impacts made by all the Arsenal players thus far, Ramsdale and Rowe’s impacts would be at the top of them all in my opinion. So guys, if asked to choose between these two great Arsenal players, who would you pick as the player who has made more impact in the team, so far?


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  1. It’s an unhealthy debate that can demoralize other players. They have worked as a team and they are all fantastic. I love Saka’s impact up front. In most goals he has generated the attack. Tomiyasu has changed the dynamic on the right wing. All the defenders have brought in a woderful dynamism. There’s a general spirit of confidence in what they are doing. In fact if the attack were a little bit more cooperative up front including ESR, we would have scored more goals.
    But the spirit Arteta has cultivated is one where no one should get the blame for errors.
    Taking wrong decisions when attempting to score is something the whole attack and the midfield need to work on seriously.
    the whole team has worked hard not just ESR ans AR. It’s really difficult to give praise to only a single individual.

  2. Ramsdale made some great saves and distributions. But I believe Leno can perform like that too, as long as he is not forced to make short passes

    On the other hand, Smith-Rowe is almost unplayable and irreplaceable on the left wing. His attacking timing, defending work rate and dribbles have been phenomenal on the left side of the midfield

    1. Leno can never be like that, Yo know why?
      He isn’t commanding enough and often lacks common sense on what to do with the ball at his feet.
      Even Martinez while he played for us, always knew when to play short or go long. Leno lacks that composure. Nobody forces him to play only short passes.
      His distribution generally is poor. Even when it comes to making the short passes, his decision making on who to give the ball is lacking. He slows the game down too much often inviting that pressure on the defenders.
      He’s just a good shot stopper, nothing more. That was why we were quick to notice the impact and difference Martinez made in a short time. Now Ramsdale is proving same point.

  3. I thnk smile rowe has better perfomance coz he was lucking games last 2 seasons thats why he now showing his coach that he can do it EMILE IS BETTER THAN Ramsadale

  4. I agree with Atangana (avove) who says we we should not be making a competion between any of our key players as to which is the more important or best one.

    Football is a team and actually also a squad game. I find this article an unthinking one therefore.

    My view is, and always has been since I was a boy, that all players who are picked, have a sacred duty to we fans and to each other and the manager and coaches involved in their careers, to give their UTMOST effort each and ever time thety wear our shirt.

    Imo, that is definitely now happening with MA in charge and it makes a pleasant change from the slacking and downright uninterest in doing their duty to all those I list above – and btw, to themselves too, lest that be forgotten – of such as Walcott, Myki and the arch slacker of my personal football lifetime , in OZIL!

    There are still Gooners who simply refused to see the obvious laziness in OZILS GAME AND WHO WILFULLY SET THAT ASIDE IN HOMAGE TO HIS ONCE TIME UNDOUBTED BRILLIANCE.

    I rejoice each passing day at his welcome absence!

    And I rejoice that under MA we have a hungry, motivated and mainly young bunch of players who long to do their duty to our beloved club. Hurray!

    1. John fox,this article makes little sense to me. Comparing a goalkeeper and attacking player! On who has made the most impact ! Feels like comparing a horse and a donkey in a racecourse. Both are excellent in what they do at their respective fields.

  5. What i love with AR is that he will not be scared to play at Anfield or The Bridge or anywhere else.If he’s called upon he will put in a shift no matter who is the oppenent…As for ESR ;he has made the likes of Ozil and Willian, with all their huge qualities and careers they have, looks like ordinary players….There are others in this team like White Gabriel Saka Lokonga….Who are making this team a very good futur PL contender

  6. No need to compare any player, it takes a team to win despite individual fluctuations in form, but the system employed by the coach also works in the favor of some while also working against some. ESR is good in dribbling and picking up pockets, which makes him a valuable attacking midfielder in the current system. But I believe if Arsenal were to play like Barca, he would be loaned out and Ordegaard will be the top dog. I think both ESR and AR are privileged that MA philosophy taps into their natural strength of dribbling and accuracy in passing for both respectively. Furthermore, Leno isn’t bad but he hasn’t enjoyed the privilege of playing with the current back 4 which is so exciting. Imagine what he had to endure in the past 3 seasons, Kolasinac, Leistener Socratis, Holding, Pablo Mari, Cedric Soares, Bellerin and the history making clowns Mustafi and Luiz. Ramsdale would have made all these headlines if tables were to be turned.

    I like the current arsenal team. I would wish to integrate Gab Martinelli in this team.
    On a different note, I would prefer Tavares more than KT if xhaka is not in the game. KT only excels when Xhaka is doing the defensive dirty work for him. And he is overly reliant on his left foot unlike Tavares.

    1. Remember Leno played with White earlier in the season and White looked ordinary.
      Leno has played with Gabriel for one season and often we criticized Gabriel in some matches.
      Leno puts defenders under pressure, not the other way round. He wastes too much time on the ball before picking out a pass thereby inviting pressure into our box. He isn’t commanding enough. Martinez showed us this, and now Ramsdale is proving same point.

  7. Yes please don’t compare our players within themselves unless you are performing a performance review for their compensation plan design lol. Anyway, the defense has also been integral with us only conceding 4 goals since our horrid start. Tomi and Gabi and even White recently have been great. Also let’s not forget Nuno, who has been a breath of fresh air in the LB role. Midfield and other attackers as well have been functioning well. Most importantly, at least MA is setting up well to win games.
    Long may it continue!!

    Up the Gunners!!

  8. I’d argue that in the short time the Ramsdale impact has been a tad bit bigger. He has combined with his defenders to make an overall bigger impact to the team. I love Smth Rowe and he’s been excellent too, long may it continue.

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