Arsenal Debate – Who will be SECOND BEST player of the season?

I didn’t think there was too much point in asking the Arsenal fans who they thought would end up being voted as the Gunners’ player of the season. Even if he does not play again between now and May, our Chile international striker Alexis Sanchez would surely still get the award.

But after the superb Alexis, there are quite a few players making a case for themselves, and the next few months could see one or a few of them have a massive impact on how the season pans out for Arsenal. At the minute you would have to say Santi Cazorla, who has just won his second PFA fans player of the month award to go with his second similar award from the Arsenal fans.

And we all hope that our Spanish maestro keeps up his excellent form, but there are now some players coming back from injury that could give him a run for his money. Olivier Giroud is already doing it already and is just ahead of Cazorla and Welbeck in the goal charts. The big Frenchman is really important to the way we play and could have a huge part to play if we are to keep winning.

Then we have Ozil and Walcott who have really started to shine after their injury problems. If the German can find form and consistency then he will finally silence his doubters while inspiring Arsenal and the pace, movement and finishing of Theo can help to take us to a whole new level.

We should not forget Aaron Ramsey either, as the Welshman has had his own injury problems but we all know how much of an influence he is when on form. And finally there is the new star of the show Francis Coquelin who, if he keeps it up, could be more important than any single one of our tricky creative players by giving the Gunners the solidity we need to compete at the highest level.

Maybe one of these Gunners or another one will stand out before the summer, perhaps by doing something that makes the difference to us winning a trophy or simply playing regularly at a high level. So who do you think will be our second MVP this season?

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  1. Cazorla has my vote. I dont think it’s useful to rank who’s best out of our top performers though, for me it’s more a case of who does perform and who doesn’t, then we know where we need to strengthen.

    1. I agree SC19 is currently #2 but how is Ox not in this conversation?? I think he gives the same energy AS17 gives us. Just not the finishing ….yet

  2. If you are asking the question right now, then no doubt Santi—he has won the most points for us after Sanchez.

    But season still has a long way to go, and I wouldn’t bet against another player shining from now til the end—who saw Coq coming back like he did?

    I for one would love to see Walcott and Ozil defining what this season can ultimately be…champion’s league anyone? =)

  3. Flamini or Wilshere….just kidding

    For me the players below King Alexis is probably Cazorla
    However, Coquelin is very close.

    My top 5 list From start of season til today is:
    1. King Alexis
    2. Cazorla
    3. Coquelin
    4. Ospina
    5. Bellerin

    The reason I didnt name Ozil, Koscielny, Walcott, Giroud is that they played few games. But there are plenty of games ahead and it isn’t the end of the season so the list can change

    One thing is certain. I do not see Sanchez being knocked off the top spot.

    1. The reason I put Bellerin is because Debuchy was a HUGE loss and Bellerin has done an admirable job. He took advantage of the opportunity and played excellent football

  4. This discussion is waaaay too early to consider. Santi of course. But look at all the other players coming up big – Ospina, Coq, and Giroud. So until the end of the season we wait. Maybe it’s Sanchez who will become the second best player this season.

  5. All this talk about Ospina is way too early. Ive seen him make maybe 2-3 saves so far. Not incredible saves, just routine saves. The credit must go to the defence or the coq for our clean sheets. Ospina might be a great goalkeeper but he hasnt won us any games yet with worldclass reflexes or excellent timing. Goalkeepers should be judged after at least 10-15 games. Hopefully he will come good and be the GK we’ve been looking for since Jens, but for now lets be calm!

  6. Santi and Sanchez are the standout players but even though it’s too early to say this; having a handful of inform players in form – Ox, Sanchez, Santi, Coq, Bellerin – is a good sign. It always takes at least 4 players to be in brilliant form, to have a great season. Look back to our past great seasons of the last 20years, you had so many players in good form. Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljungberg, Vieira, Campbell, Dixon, Adams, Cole, Seaman, Edu.

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