Arsenal Debate – Who would you accept as a Sanchez replacement?

We have been linked to a myriad number of possible replacements for Alexis Sanchez, as it seems more and more likely that the Chilean will be leaving Arsenal this summer. One of those mooted as a quality target was the Colombian international Juan Cuadrado, but the Gunners can now strike the ex-Chelsea player off the list, as his agent has clearly stated that he will not be leaving Juventus in the near future.

“Juan does not want to leave Juve and Juve do not want to sell him so there are no ongoing negotiations at the moment,” Alessandro Lucci told Gianluca Di Marzio. “Nobody has neither contacted me nor Juventus and I am the only one in charge to talk about the future of Juan.”

To be honest, Cuardrado would have quite near the bottom of my list to replace Alexis. In my mind there are only a few targets that make me content to lose our Duracell Bunny. One of course is Mbappe, and another is Aubameyang. I’m not too sure about Lacazette, although I think is the one that is most likely to come to the Emirates. I certainly don’t want to see Arda Turan. We are linked to the Turk every year and I am always happy that it doesn’t materialise.

One other striker I would love to come is Everton’s Lukaku, but sadly I am sure he is going to Chelsea. How many riches have Chelsea got that Conte can afford to tell Diego Costa that he isn’t needed any more!



  1. Like I said in the previous post. The new 3-4-2-1 system will see to it that we don’t concede goals the way we have been doing in the last 10 seasons. Thats the change Wenger surprising found out after being stubborn and unwilling to change over the years. Arsenal will still maintain the passing and flair but we would have a more solid defensive base this time around with the 3-4-2-1 system. If we keep Ozil and Sanchez and get a World Class striker, expect Arsenal to blow majority of the teams away this new season.

    1. I don’t care whether Ozil leaves or not, but it is better if Sanchez stays. If Sanchez leaves, Arsenal should get another player that can be playmaker in the front and score many goals like him.

      Sanchez became better after he played with Messi and learned how Messi played. If you pay attention to Messi’s movements and habits, you will see Sanchez was trying to follow him.

      The ways they possess the ball, create lob through-balls, cut inside, dribble, shoot and pass are similar. This type of player that Arsenal should be looking for.

      I think Rafinha and Sergi Roberto are great candidates to improve Arsenal, because they also played alongside Messi, like Sanchez. These Barcelona players can possess the ball for more than three touches consistently, even though they are under heavy pressures from the opponents.

      I just hope Arsenal is not interested in players like Andre Gomes. Usually he cannot keep the ball under pressure and always plays safe with backpasses and sidepasses. We already have many midfielders like him.

  2. I would accept Ronaldo as Sanchez’s replacement and thanks for asking.??

    1. Honestly I wouldn’t. Sanchez is nearly as good and much younger. Anyway, it would never happen, can you imagine Ronaldo not being in the Champions League? lol

  3. The ex Chelsea player Liverpool are after, he’s exciting and gets about. He’s not Alexis quality, that extra difference making, but he does remind me a little of that type of player. I could google it, I forget his name am bad with names, but I think you know who I’m talking about. I wouldn’t mind getting him and keeping Alexis. I think he’d be more suitable than Cuadrado.

  4. – Alexis replacement = Get Morata / Mahrez / D. Costa and a CM.

    – If Alexis stays = Get Lacazette / Lemar / and a CM

    1. Get rid of Ramsey?
      ?? you got more chance of getting rid of Wenger ??

  5. Cuadrado didn’t even make it onto my list! Haha

    All this Mbappe talk has been laughable, and I cannot believe that some of our fans are still so gullible! The club has decided to keep Wenger, which means NOTHING will change. Top players leave, we’ll struggle to sign a top player, and deadwood will be staying. That is the reality of the situation.

    Don’t buy the new kit, or any of the merchandise, don’t renew your season tickets, and don’t even think about getting a season ticket. The club have lied AGAIN, Wenger has lied AGAIN! The club, and Wenger do not care about the fans, in fact, he doesn’t even like the fans anymore, often criticising, and ridiculing us. We’re almost into July, and nothing seems to be happening, what a surprise!

    1. Wearing the old shirts will only remind us of our bad league finishes. That’s why I’m getting the new shirt. I want to be in a pub and feel it’s different this time out, or if I visit the Ems I don’t want to be wearing last or any other seasons jersey.

      I liked the Nike AFC jacket/tracky top, does anyone know where you can get a new one that still has the Nike logo.

  6. In an ideal world, we strengthen every season no matter what. To me, this means we buy a quality player to improve our attack even if Sanchez stays. This player could be Mahrez. He is probably better than Theo over a season.

    In addition, if Sanchez leaves, we need to replace him. Gabiaddini from Southampton might be realistic?

    My preferred option would be to trade Sanchez for either Costa but preferably Aguero.

  7. Without anyone leaving our starting x1 needs two players. If anymore of our better players (and by that I mean any of our top 2 for each position) leave they will need replacing.

  8. It is not easy replacing Alex with his workrate, in terms of goals Aubaya would be a perfect arsenal type forward, height, pace, skill and finishing, otherwise if we lose Alex i feel we need a finisher and a wide player who takes on opponents. Mahrez would be my selection

  9. Everybody keep saying Mehrez. IMO, he is not better than Walcott and you all need to see him play for arsenal to find out. what was his goals/assist per game ratio compare to Walcott.

  10. Common sense should tell us that:

    Because it is Wenger’s last two years at Arsenal he will need to win the EPL in this time. The only way he can do this is in this time is to buy a world class (Aubameyang) or elite striker (Suarez) who will adapt very quickly. Because of this, i’m fairly confident we will sign a marquee (worldclass/elite) striker. If we don’t, its very likely that we’ll struggle to make top four again let alone ‘challenge’ for the EPL title.

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