Arsenal Debate: Who would YOU choose for the right-wing against Swansea?

ramsey celebrationMost of the media sites, including the BBC, are reporting this morning that the two Arsenal players that got injured on Tuesday, Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, will both be out for at least the next three games. So now Arsene Wenger has to try and reshape the first XI starting with this weekend’s game against Swansea, then for the massive game away at Bayern Munich, and the North London derby before the international break.

There is no obvious candidate, as the Ox was already the replacement for Aaron Ramsey, but let us look at the possibilities available to the Arsenal boss.

One of the few players that actually looked like they were trying against Wednesday was Joel Campbell, who has been left on the sidelines up ’til then. He would probably be the easiest to slot into the side as a straight replacement, but he has rarely impressed for the Gunners, but he has gained much first team experience on loan at Lorient, Betis, Olympiakos and Villarreal.

Another popular choice amongst Arsenal fans would be to move Hector Bellerin further up field, while replacing him with Debuchy or Chambers at right back. Bellerin seems to be a natural winger and has already been involved in a lot of Arsenal’s attacking moves this season.

The next option would be to bring Gibbs on as the left winger, and move Alexis over to the right, without disrupting the formation too much, and my last possibility is to take a chance on Matthieu Flamini on the wing, and seeing if he could recreate the form he showed against Tottenham and Everton in a more advanced role….

Which one would you choose if you were Wenger?

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    1. You dont reshuffle a team for one position, Campbell should start he is the right choice and for him he should grasp it and be proud he has the chance as Chaps lg next week Good luck to him. CB

      1. I think you are correct and we will see Campbell play, He is a right winger after all and he is next in line. It’s not what I want to see though as too many good chances break down once the ball goes out there but all the same I hope the lad lights up the place.

        I seen an article mentioning possibly one of Bellerin or Gibbs moving forward. I would rather keep Bellerin in right back as he is one of the very best on a good night. I forgot all about Gibbs and actually he would or could be a good option with Alexis moving far side.

        1. Yes, Campbell for Swansea. If he doesn’t do wel,l then Hector up RW and Debuchy at RB for Bayern. I hope Campbell will take this chance as Bellerin did. Bellerin has made Debuchy to look rubbish. Ooh Campbell come. Learn fro Le Coq and Hector. They are young as well.

    2. Bellerin and campbell controlling the right side………. But campbell gotta learn to make use of his pace and pass the ball quickly!……. I hate when he Loses the ball nonsensically only to fight hard and try 2 re-claim the ball…..




      We try playing Carzola on the right (the ramsey method) with Le coq and Bielik (Looking excellent compared to kamara and the likes) bossing the midfield…..with Le coq beside him, he may Look assured!

      NB: This is only my own view and may not necessarily represent the opinions of the masses

    3. no chambers Montero will use him as weak link and seriously flamini on right wing hahahahha Campbell should get his chance for next 3 games

    1. Bellerin already took his chance, he will be in peoples all time line ups he he keeps improving at this rate. Don’t underestimate the importance of a great fullback, are as important as any position defensively and attacking is a difficult juggling act. I understand people wanting him to become an Henry of sorts, but I’d drop that idea.

  1. wenger’s been reluctant to play giroud and walcott together all season, but when we come up against the mighty sheffield wednesday in the capital one cup he throws all caution to the wind and now our starting striker is injured and giroud played the full 90.

    Swansea have become somewhat of a bogey team and now we’re going there with a depleted squad, surely there was no need to bring walcott on, at least so early, in what was essentially a meaningless game?

    1. You bring up a good point, we look ideal for counter attack but only really set up that way when we are playing the very top teams. Many away matches I would like us to say hey you are the home team so show us what you got. Although Sheff wed is not one of those sides you would expect to yield possession to, however we should have been a much tighter unit also rigid and stubborn.

      Lets put this behind us and focus on the competition which we do care about, because lets face it some are sounding a little hypocritical how they slag off our own FA cup wins but then hold on to a defeat in a lesser comp like a dog with a bone.

  2. Surely Campbell is the natural replacement. We are always saying he needs a run in the team. He could be our secret weapon!

      1. He didn’t say Bellerin he said Gibbs, that leaves Bellerin and Monreal as they are. Also Gibbs has showed more worth than Campbell who is still trying to impact, Gibbs is also going to be sound in defending. And Alexis with his tracking back will be ideal alongside Bellerin, then there is the attacking threat of Alexis Bellerin.

        I still think Wenger will play Campbell, but Gibbs is an option and I believe a fairly decent one.

        1. @Trevor
          In no way is Gibbs the better option. Keep Alexis on the left and play Joel in his position on the right.

  3. come on is this splitting to be debated?? Campbell of cos! the lad has waited an eternity for a genuine chance with the pro’s.
    don’t judge him based on his performance against Wednesday, with the way the rest let the team down he’s the only one who deserves a 5 out of 10. Even Giroud got missing and deserves a 1 out of 10 with that COC cup squad. Campbell it is please, then maybe lets try Bellerin against spuds on the wings,sure it’ll bring lots of damage to them,the boy us a natural winger and dribbler

  4. If Theo and Ox are out or next 2 weeks, this will test our credentials for EPL.
    Don’t play players out of position, it will lead to disaster.
    So give Campbell another run, he will track back to help Bellerin with Montero, and he has CL experience too.
    Mert’s poor performance on Wednesday has cemented Gabriel and Kos as CB pairing of choice.
    Would also integrate Dan Crowley into squad and recall Serge Gnabry from WBA loan, as Pulis thinks he’s not good enough, and has given him only 13 minutes in total
    COYG We can bounce back from his defeat

  5. See we were not getting much from OX. Before OX,Ramsey was doing the job , nothing spectacular in offensive department, although he was superb in covering the defense. So in that respect, we can say that our right wing was not devastation and most of the clear cut opportunity is coming from Bellarin overlap.
    So my preferred choice is Campbell as he can do to some extent was ramsey was doing(at least 50%). defensively he iis better than than OX. Offensively not as good I agree.
    But with him on right we are not massively degrading what we were with OX.
    This will also keep the harmony of the team as our all other 10 are superb this season.
    Also who know if given a chance he can do a Coqualan or a bellerin who both were played because of injury to others.
    Dont forget, he has 8 goals for Olypiakos in one season plus few assists. OX has not have many.

  6. Call jenks and gnabry back now! Jenko n bellerin on d right side!! Campbell for now though as i dont think we can call back jenks can we??

  7. Campbell all the way. I am curious and a bit excited to see what he has to offer now it looks like he will be getting an extended run of games with the big boys

  8. Bellerin for me. Campbell is just not very good.

    Stick Bellerin on the wing, put debuchy in his place.
    Debuchy will get confidence back, and Bellerin will terrify the opposition.

    I wouldn’t normally be advocating playing players out of their positions but as we have no strength in depth (thanks again AW) we are forced to. Campbell is not an option for me (regardless o how much time he has been given thus far) as what I have seen of him makes me believe he hasn’t what it takes.

  9. we can go for bellerin at rw only if debuchy was playing brilliantly make no mistake for all the attacking play people seem to give less credit to bellerin when it comes to defending there have been 3-4 clear instances this season where bellerin has bailed our defence with his pace, again Swansea and Bayern it is actually a very difficult decision for me ,we should not disturb the core of our fantastic defence it would lead to unstabilty so Campbell show us what u have got this may be your last chance!

  10. Forget all the other games this week coming can define Arsenal season. W.D.W
    Or even 1 win & 2 draws isn’t bad. If we want to be genuine title contenders these are the moments media and all the h8rz are waiting to pounce with the ” same old arsenal” comment crumble etc

    I would say go all out against swansea & bayern know I know we won at home but no ox,theo n ramsey is a Massive ask I think we will lucky to get a draw so I’m not fussed. Spuds nxt week tge big one a must not lose game at all costs.

    Il probly get alot of thumbs dwn for this lol

  11. Hmm, this is a big problem for me to fix as we’ve lost 2 of our converted right wingers of Wilshere & Ramsey to injuries. Enough of this my lamentation. What do I do now to overcome this problem if I were the Boss? But I am not the Boss. I am a never say die Arsenal supporter, a global Gooner who will not rest day and night because of my insatiable passion for Arsenal. Self serving? not at all. The Gooners have said in their majority voice they want Joel Campbell at right wing for Arsenal against our bogey Swansea FC XI on Saturday at the Liberty Stadium. Why? They think he’s the next appropriate person in line for that role. But the big question is, will he perfom appropriately by scoring a goal or a brace for Arsenal in that game? Or will he turnout to be a hopeless person on the field of play for Arsenal? Or at least, will he gives 2 assists to score 2 goals for Arsenal? Arsenal need winning goals in that Swansea game and not just an appearance by a touted to be good to start Gunner. Any alternative?

  12. Let talk in d interest of d team not in d interest of a player, Campbell is not an option for me, I ll choose gibs n Sanchez in both wings. If Gibbs can b used against Chelsea, n some other games n he played well then he deserves it. My second option is flamini. Don’t ask me y. Lozz

  13. 1) Bellarin’s attacking skill and Campbell’s defensive skill will complement each other.
    2) Changing the settled defensive line up may not be a god idea

    Moreover it’s not fair to judge Campbell from the last game – Agree that his passes were horrible.
    Try some more games with Campbell and get a conclusion!

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