Arsenal Debate – Who would you swap Ramsey for in January?

Who To Swap Ramsey With? by Dan Smith

Aaron Ramsey’s celebration in scoring a contender for goal of the season at Fulham spoke volumes. No cusping his ears towards his manager, no pointing to the back of his shirt to remind people his name. Instead a shrug of the shoulders and outstretched arms, telling the away fans without speaking, ‘Oh well, nothing more I can do. I think I’m worth this much, the club don’t, we will agree to disagree’.

Rambo’s not going to throw his toys out the pram, having been with us since a teenager he’ll respect us too much not to be a professional while the way his peers embraced him shows his saga hasn’t affected his popularity in the dressing room. Compare that to Sanchez 12 months ago!

Going into the international break, our board can focus on off-field issues, where the next 2 weeks should be spent on deciding how to get value out of a horrible situation. Do we allow a talent we developed leave for free next summer or do we take a reduced fee in the New Year just for the sake of something’s better then nothing? Is 15-20 million, really worth helping make a top 4 rival stronger? While many feel the midfielder is overrated I believe those in the the top 6 will view this as a potential bargain.

Last January, Man United being willing to do a swap deal proved a compromise. It was the only way we gained anything out of a headache we caused ourselves. To not learn from that mistake means we deserve everything we get, we continue to be the side most consistent with allowing deals to expire.

So let’s play a game. Pretend you work for Stan Kroenke and you have been tasked with finding the best solution, given you are not willing to add 200,000 to the wage bill. Like Alexis, our only option is to find someone to exchange, a direct replacement or a talent to make another role stronger. The criteria is to search as many Premiership squads has you deem fit and offer candidates to switch with our CM.

This is subjective but be realistic, there’s no point selecting Hazard or Aguero. Alternatively consider which teams Ramsey would refuse to join, he has the power after all.

Man City – Gundogan
The Champions have such a squad, they have dead wood you could cherry pick. The only issue is, for someone who doesn’t always make the bench, his wage demands would be deemed out of the question. You don’t allow a contract to run down due to not wanting to pay an extravagant sum, just to end up doing exactly that for the type of midfielder we already boast.
Some would argue we did that with Mikataryan but the difference in that situation is we were recouping funds by Sanchez going the other way.

Liverpool – Sturridge
I remember a backlash on this site for suggesting we should tempt Liverpool with a 20 million offer for their striker. For a man, when fit, who could offer 15/-20 goals a season, I argued for such a sum it was worth the gamble. He’s a better natural finisher than Welbeck (another soon-to-be free agent). His valuation goes up every time he scores from the bench and once again Klopp is including him in his plans. If we have to replace Welbeck anyway, this kills two birds with one stone. Ramsey would no doubt be open to reuniting with the Ox.

Chelsea – Lofus-Cheek
This could work for all parties. About to be a father of twins, Ramsey might not want to uproot his family therefore being open to another London club (Spurs are out of the question). The Blues wouldn’t put up a fight to keep Loftus-Cheek. We don’t know how good this youngster will turnout but if you’re losing a player for nothing, isn’t it worth a gamble rather then getting a sum of money you can’t do much with?

I written before how a return to the Emirates for Fabregas could be an option. We were always our ex-captain’s first choice when he returned to this country from Barcelona. The irony being that Arsene Wenger ignored a buy back clause as he backed Ramsey and Wilshere to be our future. With his contract up in the summer, it really would be a straight swap with no money needing to change hands. Some gooners will feel why go back for a man in his thirties but is he a better option then the man originally asked to fill his boots? Not the kind of move I see Emery making. He might see re-signing someone who would divide the fan base as a distraction for team spirit.

West Ham – Declan Rice
The Hammers might soon pay for taking advantage of their defender’s love for the club. Where they have a history of paying huge wages for average talent, they think the centre back will take a small pay rise based on his dreams of playing for the Hammers. Along with choosing which nation to represent, the teenager is mentally conflicted. So soon David Gold/Sullivan will be in a pickle that we can identify with. Rice is viewed as a future world class talent, this would give us a head start in securing his services. Unlike Wilshere however, Ramsey’s not basing his next destination on re-establishing his career, he’ll believe he belongs at a higher level . The only thing the London Stadium can offer, is owners who will better his wages while allowing him to remain in the capital.

Man United – centre back
There’s a long list of players Jose has fallen out with but that might soon not be an issue. No matter who’s happy or not at Old Trafford, they would all be highly paid and want the same. We have long been linked with Smalling and Jones, rumours that don’t go away. Are they better then what we have? Not to the point where they should be earning more, if they were to meet their potential, they would have. Emery is also the latest to put a big ethos in his back four being able to build from the back, a skill that has cost Smalling his England spot. Emery is showing he’s willing to coach that into his squad but given the chance will eventually want someone natural in that area. Is Eric Bailey worth a gamble if your not paying anything? United paid 30 million for him so must have seen something. By all accounts he was a different player in La Liga.

A possibility many readers have suggested but how realistic? For a start United would demand lots of money on top of Ramsey. That might scupper any deal right away. While we are on the look out for width, would Stan Kroenke pay the fee and wages for a winger who’s not consistent? The youngster will also know he will have interest in Europe, for commercial reasons alone,. Having not enjoyed his time in England, are we appealing enough for him not to want to try elsewhere abroad ?

Play along, anyone you would exchange Rambo for? Have I missed an English club he might want to join? Anyone there we could pinch?

No right and wrong answers, give opinions in comments below….

Dan Smith


  1. LENOhappy says:

    Fabregas or martial all day

    1. Sue says:

      Fabregas is our past… I want to look forward

  2. Rkw says:

    Despite all the chatter Ramsey won’t be chased by any of the top european clubs …. So for me any half way decent right full back would be fine … Bellerin is a hapless defender with ocassional useful forays up front but for those who think he can transform in to a winger I would suggest they count the number of times he has actually skipped past defenders since the start of the season … It’s about as frequently as the whippet …

  3. LENOhappy says:

    Am very sure fabregas will even take a pay cut to end he’s glittering career with us,it’s funny when you look at it how,I think fabregas even win more trophies than arsene wenger,just saying though

    1. Dan smith says:

      No he didn’t

  4. LENOhappy says:

    Believe me @Rkw,Ramsey will get a big club,regardless how we may feel about him,he’s the kind of player most too coach want

    1. Enagic says:

      Who are those coaches! Or you just make stuff up Ramsey is not a player Arsenal will regret let go is just another overrated player I would have swapped him with Ruben Neves any day and minutes we need to clear out all those Wenger’s dead wood – gone are days when we used to be linked with couples of players for almost entire season and no body came in and lastly you have a Manager come out and say we didn’t find a good player on market and at the same time you still have Walcott!! Give me a break

      1. Angus says:

        Chelsea would love him. Cahill is looking to move in Jan if he doesn’t get game time and Fabregas is 31. Behind that they have Barkley, Loftus-Cheek, Moses and Christensen. Loftus-Cheek is not quite up to standard yet, Moses has made just 2 sub appearances and Christensen at 22 is getting impatient for regular game time and speaking to the media about pushing for a move so they have real issues with HG players to be honest. Chelsea do ofc have numerous youngsters on loan or in the reserves but there is a reason those players are not with the squad currently. It’s quite saddening what a big deal this would be for Chelsea given their problems with HG players. They already got Barkley insanely cheap. Getting Ramsey cheap too helps solve what was fast becoming a crisis for them. One that they would have had to spend 60 mil+ per player to fix.

        I wouldn’t rule out Liverpool either with the age of Milner/Lallana and Oxlades continuing injury issues, they also smartly have tapped up Oxlade in the past mostly I suspect to weaken us as they see us as their main threat to top 4 dominance long term, Ramsey is better than Oxlade so I suspect they are part of why he has such high wage demands. If United decide to back Jose and sell Pogba to Barca then Ramsey makes MASSIVE sense for them but that is a lot of ifs and unlikely. If Barca can not get Pogba though then Ramsey is a cheap stop-gap option that they know will gel with the club why they signed Song/Vermaelen in the past. Outside that Everton/Milan for sure but they are unlikely because Chelsea will 100% want him with their HG situation currently.

        Solving a rivals expensive crisis for them on the cheap whilst weakening your squad is not good no matter how you try to dress it. You have to have 5 HG in the 22 man direct rotation so they will play a fair amount of game. Ramsey is our best HG currently regardless of others potential.

        1. Enagic says:

          Whoever put breaks on Ramsey contract is my hero!
          We need to get lid off all Wenger’s players they used to get extension due to their loyalty to him even though some of them were on treatment table for few years Diaby, Rosicky just few to name, and that’s not how you run a big club like Arsenal there were quite a few of poor decisions were made since everything from who was coming in/out plus players contract was down to a single person and at some point, same person brought in some players and they end up going out on loan for few years and Arsenal fans were paying a price dearly we really need to bring in quality players and not to look at someone’s passport – we really need to do entire overhaul if we are to compete with big clubs again when we play Fulham is 5 to 0 but City, Chelsea we are 2nd best.

    2. Ks-gunner says:

      He is not good enough to be a starter at any biger club. Everton he might be a starter

  5. John Wick says:

    I still think we need a winger maybe Leon bailey or someone like that, we still haven’t replaced Cazorla Ozil just doesn’t cut it, I would flog him in January maybe bring in Pablo fornals or someone like that anyone with a bit more passion than Ozil! I hear we’re linked with a Paraguayan guy from Atlanta utd not sure about that one but won’t complain either

    1. Enagic says:

      Banega is a clear front runner to replace Carzola in terms of his price and quality on pitch

  6. LENOhappy says:

    I want Ramsey gone like everyone but i don’t think Ramsey will end up in an average team

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I don’t want him gone. I know people who don’t want him gone, I agree with Keown goal-scoring CM’s don’t grow on trees and we’d prefer to keep our longest serving player.

      1. Enagic says:

        Keown is going backwards he said same thing to about Wilshere club need to do what is better for fans not to cling on players who are not good enough and that have been proven for the pas 5/10 years no improvement! Nothing

    2. Tas says:

      I agree, we are too quick to dismiss one of our players and looking to swap with another teams flop in a heart beat, I belive Aaron is highly talented player and can fit in to any team in any league, he just needs a shake up and if he don’t leave he just might improve his consistency under our new coach

    3. RSH says:

      Many people aren’t getting that. His stats are good for a CM, he has a good reputation domestically and abroad. Most of the Ramsey hate is actually just on this site. Many fans like him and want him to stay. doesnt look like thats happening tho

      1. jon fox says:

        I don’t know anyone who”hates” Ramsey. I do know many who dislike him as a player though. English is a rich and wonderful language . Why bastardise it by using the immature and childish “hate” instead of not rating his football talents. Quite seriously, I ask , is English your first language? If it is not, I can more understand your misuse of English. If it is though, you(AND MANY OTHERS TOO) really should use it properly.

      2. jon fox says:

        I don’t know any fans who “hate” Ramsey. I do know very many who do not rate him as an Arsenal level footballer. English is a rich and wonderful language so why bastardise it by childish misuse of the very silly”hate”(which has a far more sinister and dreadful meaning , than merely not rating a footballer) I want to ask you, is English your first language? If not I can understand your misuse. But if it is, may I respectfully ask, for reasons of proper and meaningful debate , that you use it properly and drop “hate.” I t means nothing, as you use it.

  7. Harold says:

    This year the Premier League title and top four positions are to tight to call.Therefore, I cannot see any of the top teams in contention doing business with Arsenal. No top players will be allowed to move between these teams.

    Regardless of weather Ramsey stays or leave in January that is not the point. Arsenal main objective is to strengthen their weakness, which is clearly the wide areas, for the exception of Iwobi no other player is prepared to attack fullbacks on one and one situations.

    A winger with good dribbling skills decent close control and the ability to hold the ball up in wide areas preferably left footed is essential to balance Arsenal narrow attacking game. Adnan Januzaj with premier league experience and played well in the world cup is a player who fit that description.

    Arsenal should buy him in January his wages and transfer fee is not high.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      we are 2 or 3 players from winning the title

      same statement every season

  8. ACE says:

    Almiron, the Paragyuan youngster from Atlanta
    United possesses bags and bags of talent in his locker and would be more than worth a $15M
    punt by Arsenal in January. I’ve had a chance
    to watch a few of the lads games in MLS
    and although the league is a significant step
    down from the majority of Europes best, MA
    has consistently dominated the competition
    since coming to the states last January. He
    is a fantastic dual threat attacker that also
    excels in the pressing game that Emery is
    patiently attempting to implement. I wouldn’t
    compare him to anyone currently in the
    Arsenal 1st team but see him as a Ozil/Ramsey
    hybrid. He possess the technical acumen of
    the mercurial German and the tireless work rate of the Welshman. Ilike most AFC fans do
    have some concerns about his ability to cope
    with the physicality and rigors of the Premier League but considering the minimal financial expenditure required AFC would be stupid not
    to sign him up.

    Again JMWO! ?

    1. Durand says:

      ACE you are 100% correct. There isn’t better talent available for that£12 million price.

      I say sell Ramsey and bring in Almiron. End result; upgrade in talent and make millions as well. Rather Almiron play for us than go to a rival and torch us.

      Supreme talent at 24, and bound to thrill at the Emirates.

      1. ACE says:

        I absolutely love the way he competes, it
        appears that he genuinely despises losing
        possession or misplacing a pass. Pep would
        of loved him at Old School Barca the way he
        desperately attempts to win the ball back with
        tireless pressing and transistional play.

        Watched a few of his highlights from this MLS
        season and his play as a #10 or inverted
        winger is currently something Emery doesn’t
        have @ his disposal.

        Pay the fee and, feature him in domestic cups
        as well as home games against bottom tier
        teams and watch the young man’s talent
        evolve before our eyes.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          I agree with you that the Paraguayan international Almiron looks great value for money and ticks a lot of boxes.
          If Arsenal are looking for a swap for Ramsey, why not Ramsey to PSG (Ramsey has expressed a desire to play in Europe and Emery hopefully hasn’t burnt any bridges) in exchange for Rabiot? He like Ramsey has not signed a contract renewal.

          1. ACE says:

            Would be ecstatic with that piece of business
            OzzieG, however I see Rabiot as more of a
            Xhaka replacement than the Welshman. If
            Emery were to ask the board to pursue the
            Frenchman in January it would imho signal
            the end of the Swiss international as a first
            choice midfielder @ the Emirates.

  9. Break-on-through says:

    Ozil’s contract has totally bolloxed the apple cart. The difference in Aubameyang and Ozil’s salary, just the difference, is more than what Ramsey earns. Auba is 200k a week, Ozil is an extra 150k a week more than that. This Ozil salary isn’t just bad news for Ramsey, its easy to see why he’d want more. But when Laca and Auba are banging in goals winning us games, its gonna be an issue then too. Laca is 180k I think, Ozil is just shy 10k of doubling his salary. This will become a problem down the road, Ramsey is just the first one but I don’t even think he’s asking for anything near Ozil’s wage. Big players we try to sign, they’ll want close to parity so I don’t see us signing too many.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Auba is on a reported £200k a week but it is also reported that he has some nice bonuses as well, £50k per match that he starts and we win… If we do well then Auba is picking up at least £250k a week, if not more if we take his loyalty bonus into this.

      Unfortunately we do not know the details for sure.

      Same with Ozil, he may or may not get just as nice bonuses, I’ve not read reports to indicate he does but not everything is reported.

      Ozil is reportedly our biggest shirt seller. Ramsey is reportedly our 8th biggest shirt seller. I think this played a factor in Ozil wage and Rambo not being offered the same, Ozil helped us get more from Adidas than Ramsey in some ways. Ozil has been a big shirt seller for a few years now which I feel contributed towards his wage being accepted.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        ?Midkemma, Ozil is massively popular in the Middle East and Asia; thus his salary is offset by the Arsenal shirt deals. If you don’t have high profile players like Ozil then Adidis won’t offer the same money for the shirt contract.

  10. Tony says:

    I’d swop Ramsey for my Grandma!

    1. jon fox says:

      Can he knit and bake cakes as well as Granny though?

      1. Tony says:

        LOL Mr.Fox no probably not

  11. Midkemma says:

    Refused new deal, running out of contract, knows Emery. Talented player with years ahead of him.

    Ricardo Rodriguez?
    Monreal isn’t getting younger and Rodriguez is also good friends with Xhaka, could become good comp for Kola and maybe even considered an upgrade?? Maybe Gazidis would like Rambo to join him and offer to pay his wages? Maybe cash and Rambo? Either way, it gets us a LB to compete with Sead after Monreal.

    Yes I said this before but as outlandish as it may seem, he ticks the boxes that a lot of people are asking for… Wide right attacker who can score goals. 46 games and 23 goals last season, 9 games and 4 goals so far… Yes high wages but he could very well earn it if he continues to score at the rate he has been for City. We have scored the 2nd most so far, 1 behind City even though our right hand side has lacked a natural wide attacker. Knows the pressing game from Pep, could fit into our new playstyle quite nicely.

    EPL experienced, 29 so not going to last a decade and block young players like AMN, puts in the tackles while has a good level of Stamina. Maybe Rambo would like to team up with Theo again and share Evertons physio room? Maybe cash and Rambo… but I think we could save in the long run due to wage difference. Everton may be able to offer him the wages as well with their owner.

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Midkemma, I agree re Rabiot as a good swap opportunity.

    2. RSH says:

      Sterling would be perfect. Dont know if City would sell to a rival, even if he has one year left on his contract. Surely Sterling would have a ton of offers abroad as well.

      1. Midkemma says:

        To be honest I doubt they would sell him unless Pep still likes the idea of having Ramsey, reports when he was at Bayern was claiming he was interested and he was reportedly interested in Ramsey while he was at Barca.

        Will be interesting though, would City sell him to us over losing him for nothing? City are current EPL holders and well… I would find it interesting to see how City deal with contract issues and compare that to us.

    3. jon fox says:

      Outlandish, for Sterling, is not a bad word. Better ones would be totally unrealistic or fanciful!

      1. Midkemma says:

        Why unrealistic?

        Wasn’t Auba unrealistic? That is what people was saying before we bought him, he wouldn’t want to come to us with no UCL football on offer, the idea of Auba signing for us was unrealistic to some people.

        Sterling wants a bigger payday than City has offered, we could offer him that payday and if we show the right ambition then he may believe in our project, how is that unrealistic?

  12. Declan says:

    Miggy from Atlanta.

  13. Innit says:

    Rameyyyy on a Dailyyyy

  14. achaks says:

    Overrated player

  15. Christopher Loum says:

    Who else would you think of other than Aouar or Christian Pavon, but I believe Aouar would be the best replacement, at his age he plays more mature game, confident and take on defenders. He is worthy going for.

  16. Grandad says:

    We do not need a direct replacement for Ramsay who i would keep ahead of Ozil.AMN is an excellent young talent who will be a full international before too long.What we need are upgrades at fullback and centreback.Iwobi is improving leaps and bounds under Emery and Smith Rowe could well turn out to be a Rolls Royce of a player.

    1. jon fox says:

      I have come round to the opinion that we need to get Ozil out of Arsenal. Firstly, as he refuses to give 100%, which is always a damning reason for ANY player. Secondly, because his wage is harming us and preventing us buying other top players. Thirdly, because human nature being what it is, existing players want unrealistic new contract deals which we cannot afford. Or rather, we CAN, but Kroenke will never sanction. Mostly though, because Ozil is just not worth a place any more and contributes little and regularly so too.

      1. Midkemma says:

        I think you need to go to specsavers Jon.
        Ozil refuses to give 100%? Do you not watch the games?

        Average distance ran per match:
        2013-14: 10.7KM
        2014-15: 10.9km
        2015-16: 10.7km
        2016-17: 10.4km
        2017-18: 10.5km
        2018-19(ongoing): 10.4km

        In the 2016-17 season Ozil was our 2nd highest on distance covered, the list leader was Monreal.

        I know average distance isn’t everything but it does show movement, if he was refusing to give 100% then I doubt he would have covered the 2nd most amount of distance from our team.

        Some people put effort into their game in different ways, not every player is the high intensity type… It doesn’t mean those types are refusing to give 100%.

        Seriously… Does someone have to run around like a headless chicken to get you acknowledging their efforts? Can’t be that though as you moaned about Theo who was called a headless chicken… Do you flip a coin to decide if you will support a player who wears our badge?

        1. jon fox says:

          What utter bilge! I realise you have a personal agenda with me and whatever I say as you have amply proved, but this latest nonsense really takes the biscuit. If you think, as you do, that OZIL GIVES CONSTANT EFFORT , THEN YOU INHABIT A DIFFERENT PLANET FROM ME. Also, JOGGING AROUND BUT NOT CHASING HARD IS HARDLY EFFORT IN SENSIBLE PEOPLES BOOKS. Ozil is bone idle and many have said exactly that. Yet YOU seem to think i am alone in saying it. You are the one who is almost alone , if you are self deluded enough to think Ozil works hard. How sad for you!

  17. Replacement for Ramsey, Perussic of Borussia Dortmund the answer

    1. Ackshay says:

      I think you meant pulisic

    2. Angus says:

      Yeah Pulisic is A.) HG and B.) Available for less than 100 mil. He’s status as the 1st genuine star of the USA as well sky rockets his commercial value not to mention the long term value of securing American fans in a growth market. Even without just being an extremely talented 19 yr old who is one of the stand out performer for the team currently top of the Budesliga.

      1. Angus says:

        20 yr old*

  18. Dan kindly have a look at Perusic of Borussia Dortmund. The guy in number 22.
    I rate him very high. He is an American

    1. Ackshay says:

      Very good right winger, young pacy and already trained in pressing game at dortmund.

  19. geariod de burca says:

    i think my aunt fanny would be a better replacement for ramsey , being honest.

  20. aubamezzette says:

    Kosci ll be back soon to form a formidable partnership with Sokratis with Holding as back up.
    so Eric Bailey can wait till the summer.
    for CM we should get Banega to replace Cazorla n add something extra as regards setpiece specialty.
    he was also the anchor for Emery’s Sevilla side for years.
    …so Fabregas is not needed

    However, we could swap Ramsey for Martial ,who also hasnt renewed.
    Utd might want to play hard ball n offer him abroad cos of d fear of a Salah/Debruyne incident ,so we should add a few quid.
    where to get the money from? sell Mustafi to the highest bidder n get at least 20m.
    20m plus Ramsey n get Martial.
    if Emery handles Martial we ll have our own Mbappe.

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