Arsenal Debate – Why did Wenger sign a new contract?


I was having a discussion with my fellow Arsenal fans in Nigeria about what drives Le Boss and why he signed a new three year contract. If he wasn’t motivated anymore, I believe retiring after winning the FA Cup last season would have been the best time possible for him to have made an exit, as all Arsenal fans were happy with him at the time, but yet he signed a new three year contract with the same wages.

People argue that his motivation is money, but I doubt it. He has been on the same salary for at least the last two seasons and will be on that same salary for the next three. He could have gotten far better wages at Real Madrid or PSG when they wanted him. Or even possibly for France with a much less workload, so I seriously doubt that he is motivated to stay at Arsenal because of his high wages.

Another argument is that he is content with his job security and doesn’t want to move to another club where he could be sacked at any time. I doubt this also because as much as he has job security here at Arsenal, I doubt a 65 year old manager with his resumé is concerned about job security.

The only motivation I can see for Wenger to sign a new three year contract is his belief and desire that Arsenal can win something major in that time. And by major, I mean the Champions league. He is showing more ambition than he has shown in the last 8 seasons prior by the signings of Alexis Sanchez and Mesùt Özil. He isn’t selling his players anymore. By keeping Cazorla, Podolski and Campbell at the start of the season, Wenger showed us the club’s ambition this season. Why the season hasn’t gone as planned is another discussion, but I do believe that Wenger wants to win again and that fighting for 4th spot is not his goal anymore.

I see Wenger doing with Arsenal what Pep did with Barcelona. Arsenal will dominate Europe for a few years once Wenger’s Jigsaw puzzle is complete. This club will be feared by all by the time Wenger chooses the retire. Then plans will be made for his statue…
And then I’ll wake up!


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  1. Hafiz Rahman says:

    lost legs in 2nd half ??? far from complete……

    1. ArnSam says:

      I can just tell yo sleeping during day time therefore day dreaming…write some thing better when you wake up.
      If wenger didn’t win the CL with the TH14, RP7, PV4, DB10 and the like he will never win it.
      The only reason he signed is money and job security

      1. eznido says:

        Money he could have gotten more from Madrid and PSG. France is job security for at least the length of his new contract.

  2. cheeterspotter says:

    Millions of reasons,to many to mention.

  3. Twig says:

    For Love.

    1. mike says:

      Best response here, IMO. It truly is for the Love of the club. Simple as that. Have any of you taken the tour of the Emirates? An example of his love for Arsenal comes from his direct involvement in designing the lay out of the dressing rooms that fit his philosophy. Just one example, but it means a lot considering how long the Emirates will be used after Wenger’s departure, and possibly after his death.

      As much as his salary is, he could’ve gotten that money elsewhere, and I’m positive that a man like Arsene is making money on the money he’s already made. So, no, I don’t think it’s the only driving reason for him to sign da ting. But, like any human, financial reward is a motivator.

  4. fred cowardly says:

    I don’t know. £8 million a year (or is it £6 million. Can’t remember) is a lot of money.

    Also, I think the only thing he hates about the job are interviews/press conferences. Otherwise, it’s not too tough for a man in mid 60’s or even 70’s like Sir Alex.

    Also, he is very stubborn (all managers are but he is exceptionally stubborn). He wants to prove his way is the way to win trophies. Winning the FA Cup probably gave him a big push of confidence.

    Anyway, we have him for another 2.5 seasons. That won’t change. We need to hope we win trophies during that time.

    I will say that he has given us several trophies and kept us in Champions League for nearly two decades continuously. The latter is an amazing feet considering we had financial restraints due to a new stadium.

    All I can say is that many can argue we could find someone better, but we could find someone worse.

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      @fred cowardly

  5. fred cowardly says:

    To answer the question, “What Drives him?”. I believe it is a car. Either he drives or has a chauffeur

  6. NIKK says:

    Think he was ready to go but promise of a new smart overcoat with advance easy to zip up technology from our new sponsor Puma finally convinced him to sign on that dotted line!

  7. NY_Gunner says:

    Why not ask him yourself…

  8. ButtFlaps says:

    MR Wenger want to win the Champion Leagues the correct way!!!! Not like Men City or Cheslea, they purchase it. MR Wenger just needs to proof it!!!

  9. Budd says:

    Another double,maybe. What drives him? For a start, money. Then is probably the work he put in the club in 17 years. After that maybe the fact that 20 yrs is a round number at the helm of a EPL team. And of course, the European Trophy he was so close to grab twice. Lastly, his legendary stubbornness.

  10. reddb10 says:

    Why would he leave.
    His only target is to get into the CL and spend the exact amount gazidis and kroenke tell him.
    the reward 8 mill a year and no one to confront him on his continuous tactical mistakes.
    if he was on the continent he might be on a couple of million more but he would have to win the domestic league at least or face the sack.
    it a no brainer for him.

    1. ArseOverTit says:


  11. pubgooner says:

    Maybe he is a sadist in disguise. He likes to see real torture and pain inflicted on the poor fans!

    1. Ruthvik says:

      Being an economics graduate, i can say what wenger did to the club with all those financial constraints is marvelous and no other manager can repeat that. People say ferguson is the best manager. In my opinion he is a coward. He left that club in abyss ( in fact was very happy for that).

      Poor fans???? yeah i think that’s the right word for us..

      1)Transformation of Boring Arsenal to Attractive Arsenal and one of the powerhouses in Europe.
      2)Consistency in champions league with all those financial constraints.
      3)We now own a Stadium and the revenue from it.

      Please show me any other manager (of course who isn’t a sadist) who can repeat this.

  12. sam-afc says:

    8 million a year! I think that may of swayed him to sign a new contract

  13. Champagne Charlie says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the very last part off what you said. Except while you seek comfort in knowing we could do worse, I am frustrated at our lack of ambition to at least TRY and get better. We are comfortable.

    Comfortably average for a club with our resources.

  14. SDD says:

    I have no doubt he loves the club and would rather manage them than anything else.

    However, it is very clear his KPIs are very achievable at Arsenal as opposed to other clubs. Moreover, the level of accountability is close to zero given the public statements by the board of directors.

    So forget it is Wenger. Why would anyone leave a job with zero accountability, has achievable KPIs, which pays 7-8 million a year?

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