Arsenal Debate: Wilshere or Walcott to start against Swansea?

Why I would choose Wilshere over Walcott! by AT

According to the latest team news, it seems as though Arsenal will be without both Aaron Ramsey and Danny Welbeck for Monday night’s clash against Swansea as they are yet to resume training following minor knocks. Considering that the Gunners have very important games like Manchester United at Old Trafford and the FA Cup final against Aston Villa, it is very unlikely that Arsene Wenger will risk them. But looking at the fact that the British duo are the first and second-choice options for on right flank, I can’t help but wonder who will take that position against Swansea.

With Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain still injured, it seems as though Arsene Wenger has two options. The first one of course is to bring Theo Walcott into the side in place of Ramsey and play with an out-and-out winger on the right flank. The second option would be to bring Jack Wilshere in place of the Welshman and play him out wide on the left, moving Sanchez to the right. For those who aren’t aware, Jack has played on the left flank for Arsenal on numerous occasions and is pretty efficient out wide.

So who should Wenger pick to take Ramsey’s place in the side? If you’d ask me, I’d definitely go with Jack Wilshere starting this one on the left and moving Sanchez to the right. The justification for my choice is quite simple, the team will need wide players who will track back against Swansea as they have very dynamic wing play, the biggest threat being Jefferson Montero, who skinned Callum Chambers on several occasions as the Welsh side won in the reverse fixture at the Liberty Stadium.

While Theo will definitely be more of an offensive threat, I really think we need defensive stability in this game and let’s face it, the England winger will not be particularly keen on tracking back and putting his foot in, something I’m sure Wilshere will not mind doing at all. Having said that, I really hope to see Jack starting against Swansea on Monday night. Perhaps Theo can come on in the last 15 minutes or so if the team needs a goal.



  1. WaLcott over Wilshere (not about favoritism)…. Dunno what you think, but there are a lot of players playing in wilshere’s position

    1. take it u didn’t read the article, just the heading..its about who should start at Right Wing since Ramsey not avail..

      1. That was a bad Tackle on rambo. That an Ankle breaker. Naturally Theo should start as he is naturally a Winger. But I have read and Article about Acl knee injuries and players have missed 3 to 4 years of football due to poor management. Look a jay Rodriguez. He is yet to kick a football and its now 2 seasons.

        If we push walcott too much and he has another break down we shall all jump on Arsene and say why did u play him? I want walcott to be gun blazzing for next season because this guy can score 20 goals a season easy from the wings. We need to manage theo well and give him a good pre season. So far Arsene has done a fantastic job.

        Ronald koeman said Jay rodriguez can play but it is better for him to be built for next season. I don’t think all this managers are stupid. There must be a reason.

      2. Would you rather play wilshere at the right wing instead of walcott/ox/welbeck?…. There you go again

        1. all those dumb asses are not better than Wenger.
          come on they need to play players out of position in role that don t suit them just because they like them.
          Wilsher even in his best position was a near disaster now they want him to play rw when we have Welbeck,WALCOTT FIT.oh dear,no surprise ARsenal is a looser team.

  2. I don’t like the option of moving Sanchez to Right – He is a big part of the winning formula that shouldn’t be changed..plays at his best on the left..
    rather start Theo…

    1. Keep Sanchez on the left. Wilshire can play on the right as well. I suspect Wenger will go for a like for like substitute for Ramsey. Although personally I would love Theo to get a start – maybe start him up front and give Giroud a rest.

      1. agree start them both…last chance for the whippet…he always claims to be a natural striker and we know that size doesnt necessarily matter…barca 3 have scored 111 goals with no big guy…if he cant prove his worth in 45 minutes against swansea there should be no question about putting him on the market…the guy certainly has a point to prove and he has been back now for 6 months and claimed to be faster than ever at one point…so lets see it in action…i have no expectations but lots of others are still gooey eyed over this guys one decent season….45mins or bust

  3. Start Walcott we need his pace,our record against Swansea is quite poor we need to rectify that!

  4. Start theo, jack just came back and theo has been waiting. In the wings 4 a while now; if we r 3 goals up; jack cld come in… But I thought segre was back

  5. Play an Right wing specialist on the RW???
    What a preposterous idea!!!

    Seriously, now is the time to give Walcott a chance
    If we need him then we need him.

    I would play like this

    Alexis, Ozil, Walcott

    If Walcott doesn’t work, we can always push Ozil to the left and Cazorla in cam and Alexis to the right. But I think Walcott will do fine.

    At the moment I would not start Wilshere. He hasn’t earned it yet.

    1. I agree.
      Walcott is fantastic when he is on TOP form. I believe one season he was our leading scorer.

      We have yet to see Alexis, Ozil, Walcott and Giroud play together ALL on TOP form.
      It’s pretty scary prospect for other teams.

    1. Hello Bruce, an honour.
      “I will cry if Wilshere walks in to the yeam.”
      Why don’t you get Robin to kidnap Jack till the end of season?

  6. There is absolutely no reason why Wilshere should start over Walcot. Walcot scores goals. Wilshere does not. Walcot makes assists. Wilshere does not. Walcot is a natural winger and has played that position for Arsenal for ten years. Nobody knows the right wing like Theo Walcot. Wilshere does not even come close. So much is made about tracking back but I see it differently. If Bellerin stays back and avoids bombing forward, we will be fine. Theo is a striker not a defender. This is Swansea, not barcelona. An attacking trio of Sanchez, Giroud and Walcot will skin them alive, with Ozil and Carzola feeding the runners and spraying passes all over the pitch. Jack has only played one competitive game since he recovered. Walcot has been on the bench for months now. Let us not pretend not to know that the main reason Walcot has been benched is because of his contract situation. If you want him to sign up, benching him and playing midfielders in his position will not help our bargaining strategy. A few seasons ago, Walcot was our most dangerous player and highest goal scorer. He couldn’t have gone from that to a terrible player overnight. Yes we wanted to ease him in after being out for almost a year. But he has been back for months now. Wenger has punished this boy enough. He deserves to play. Even Rosicky deserves to play ahead of Wilshere. Why oh why is Rosicky on the bench while Jack gets games?

  7. All you guys fretting about player labels/tags and “natural” playing positions would have hated the Invincibles; Lauren, Toure and Cole all converted midfielders/forwards, Henry a converted winger, Silva a converted CB, DB10 most of his prior years as main striker and debuted as a winger etc etc. Its what Wenger does and he ain’t gonna change now.

  8. Jack for Rambo is a like for like replacement. Put any money on that being the change. TW14 won’t start. Not with Hector on the right. Jack will have the same instructions Rambo had and positionally plays in a similar way…he cuts inside, doesn’t hog the flank and gives cover for Hector as well as space.

    You simply cannot play TW14 with Hector…an outfight wingback with a right winger invites problems (too much space behind them – and in the right channel – in attack making the right side vulnerable on a counter).

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