Arsenal Debate: Would you pick Emery over Ozil?

I Pick Ozil Over Emery! by Dan Smith

I accept it was a sickness bug that kept Ozil out this weekend, but in general it’s clear the only way the midfielder has a future at the Emirates is if there was a change of manager. I’m not saying the German doesn’t have his faults, I’m not arguing about his lack of work ethic, or the point that he lacks consistency to be considered World Class. It’s just what the two represent.

Ivan Gazidis said that Uni Emery was the first choice out of a 30 man shortlist, due to sharing the club’s long held tradition of free flow attacking football. Yet he insists on a back 5 with two DMs. The few times he doesn’t he plays 3 DMs. Even against a side bottom of the league we sacrificed an offensive talent for a defensive one. It’s not like he’s improved our defence, and on the eye it’s not fun to watch us play anymore. Ozil at least has a footballing brain, takes care of the ball, can do something wow in the final third.

Emery more and more is looking like a defensive coach. This is a man who also told the board that Ramsey wasn’t worth the salary that has been agreed. So he’s willing to lose a goal scoring midfielder but reward Iwobi with a new deal? I’m not so much arguing the merits of Rambo and Ozil, more not trusting our boss to replace them. We know Ozil’s flaws but with a limited budget do you trust Emery to get any better? The fear is now he prefers hard working, functional talent over any one with flair. He’s getting rid of our star names while our owner refuses to bring any in.

Very soon, opposition will look at the team sheet and have nothing to fear.



  1. Mobella says:

    I will not pick Emery over Ozil and won’t pick Ozil over Emery but I will pick what is best for Arsenal ATM which includes Emery treating all his players fairly and equally, putting out a balanced team on every match day to get the 3 maximum points and never I mean never ever make me go through that emotional trauma I went through after pool and city games.????

    1. Leke says:

      I will support the coach because he understands that the results is vital and he tries to get maximum points whenever it is possible. He also puts out the formation that he feels can win us the match as we saw against Chelsea.

      @ Mobella. We have been going through this trauma since 3 seasons ago and i cant remember the last time we won liverpool.

      1. Mobella says:

        Leke I know and that isn’t any sort of a dig at Emery. I was just expressing my wish as such defeats are embarrassing. As a matter of fact I was of the believe that with Emery I will never experience such as high scoring defeat again. That is how much I trust him. I do believe he has the quality and experience to ensure that with all the help he can get from his players and the owner while he also make the right decisions. My support and allegiance is always and will always be for the club first and second to everybody that represents the badge.

  2. Jamesbrowney says:

    “Very soon, opposition will look at the team sheet and have nothing to fear.”

    …. Lol, who still fears Ozil in this time and age? No one does. This Ozil issue has been overflogged already. It has been said from various reports that the executives at Arsenal do not want him here anymore. At this point, it’s beyond the coach.

  3. Lupe says:

    Dan, can you please name a manager you want to replace emery, who will be willing to come under our financial restrictions even though the team needs a massive overhaul to compete again at the top. I am not an ozil hater, i think he’s one of the most talented players to play for us and i think he should be playing more right now so i blame emery for that but having watched ozil over the years playing for us, i think it’s time for both parties to move on in the summer. I don’t see ozil improving in the future and he has been very inconsistent even when played regurlarly like last season under wenger, so i’ll definitely choose emery as he needs time to shape the team up. Also, under this nonsense self sustaining model, i don’t think we can afford to pay a single player 350k a week, i just don’t see how we can manage that no matter how good the player is, so no matter all the arguments and debates we have, kroenke needs to either sell the club or invest so we can afford star players again.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree. I don’t think Arsenal could afford that amount of salary for one bench player for a long time

      I believe they just extended Ozil’s contract to sell him, but no real interest on him even before the mega contract extension

      1. Will says:

        I think this makes no sense, why would you extend a players contract at £350k per week when no other club in the world will pay this and a transfer fee for him? It essentially means we are stuck with him for the duration of his contract as we have priced out any potential suitors.

        I’m a huge Ozil fan and think there is still a very decent player in there and it is Emery’s responsibility to figure out how to get the best out of him. I’m sure most other elite level coaches would be licking their lips at the prospect of linking up Laca, Aub and Mesut I find it strange that our coach has not made getting the best out of this attack as his priority.

          1. ken1945 says:

            Will, what a GREAT POST that sums up EXACTLY what UE should be doing with OZIL.
            Seriously Will, what you say is completely true and I admire you for being able to say it in such a clear way.

            Your point on other coaches / managers wanting to work with Ozil and linking up with Lacs and Aba is so true.

            No one has asked why PSG wanted him in the January window, just too wrapped up in vilifying him for their own agenda.
            If he had no backbone, didn’t give 100% and was mentally frail, why would PSG, let alone Arsenal, want and play the man?

            This alone is why there are questions about UE and his treatment, not only of Ozil, but also of not using the combined abilities of all three players together for the benefit of our club.

            1. TW14-TH14 says:

              Ken have you seen this? I know you have a good heart and would love the best for one of our most outstanding professionals and servants of the last decade.

              “Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has signed a four-year contract with Juventus worth over £400,000 per week, according to Sky sources.”

              Haters won’t be so pleased.

              1. ken1945 says:

                TW14-TH14, I haven’t actually, so thanks for letting me know.

                If this is factual, what a lot of red faces we will have on this site!!!
                Wasn’t he one of AW’s terrible signings, the dross, weedy, overpaid primadonna who didn’t do anything except silly touches and an occasional FA cup final goal?

                Wasn’t we told that he would never play for a top club, wouldn’t get the salary he was, supposedly, asking Arsenal for and was really only chosen to play because he was an AW favourite? A bench warmer i believe he was called.

                Isn’t this the same scenario that we know see being played out with Ozil?
                Too much salary, can’t do anything on the field, one of Aw’s favourites,no backbone, mentally fragile, doesn’t give 100% and earns his money sitting on the bench doing stretching exercises?
                Yet PSG, just like Juventus, see what a group of fans on here don’t appreciate and try to destroy by using language like that above.
                That’s why I always smile when the same “haters” attack Ozil for being a waste of time and money!!

                Ramsey was foolish for holding the club to ransom and his agent was the main culprit.
                To think that we lost this man for nothing and it wasn’t even AW’s fault!! That must upset them even more!!!

                I wish him all the best at his new club and thank him for the years of dedicated service to our club and wonderful fa cup winning goals.

                1. TW14-TH14 says:

                  “Emery inherited a mess”. A 400k a week worth mess.

                  1. Maks says:

                    ken1945 and TH15
                    I am so sorry for you two, your beloved limited wenger’s ramsey is leaving for free cos nobody wanted to buy him… nobody!
                    and let’s wait and see what he will really earned at Juve… you can let us know cos I think you will from now one track Juve more than Arsenal. Let’s start with a map! Where is Torino?
                    While you are looking I am celebrating! Symbol of Wengers fall is out of the club! Hell Yeaaah!

                    1. ken1945 says:

                      Maks, so pleased your happy, it makes me feel glad all over.
                      Just a little question for you that just might have not occurred to you…why BUY a player valued at £20,000,000 to £45,000,000 when you can get him for absolutely nothing?


                      As for travelling to Torino, that’s probably nearer than the 1200 mile round trip I make for every home game.

                      And you are a symbol of what exactly?
                      Certainly not a financial wizard and probably only been “supporting” Arsenal for the last two years, if that’s how you view AW.

                      Never mind, Ramsey will laugh at you all the way to the bank with his reported £400 grand a week and playing CL football with the likes of Ronaldo rather than Iwobi..HELL YEAH WHAT A RESULT FOR ONE OF ARSENE’S FAVOURITES AND A UNAI CASTOFF YES SIREEE WE SURE ARE CELEBRATING!!!

        1. enagic says:

          That’s where Mr. Wenger coming in on this, and remember the decision to awards Ozil that kind of money wasn’t down to current regime, but was Wenger and Gazidis rubber stamp it to try to prove a point we were capable of keeping our big names players after we messed up to deal with Sanchez and now Ramsey for this one at least over 70million pound was thrown out the window and the same mistakes were about to happen with Chamberlain. When Sven came in we had a huge sale of Giroud, Coq, Gabriel, Gibbs, Walcott, Ospina, Campbell to begin with and coming this summer we need at least to rid of more than 10 players to be able to compete again this year 2019/20 season. A least in final days of Gazidis he was honest and said Arsenal had a poor infrastructure/setup and Wenger needed help although Wenger himself was against Raul/Sven publicly.

        2. Simon Williams says:

          Think he’s tried everything –

          Made him a captain, played him, etc. But eventually he didn’t see the changes in performance he requested –

          And he gets my total support if he believes that another player will help us get the win more

      2. Pat says:

        Gotanidea, ??? are you serious? We extended his contract so that he can be sold? Anyway to a more serious point. I hate whenever anyone treat others in a way that is humiliating. And this is what Emery is doing to a player who has served the club more than Emery. So my loyalty remains with the person that has given more. And by the way Emery is a divisive figure. He has divided we the fans more than bring us together. And he is not doing a great job as our manger. Until he improves the team somehow my loyalty remains with the person that has given more.

    2. Malcolm Townsend says:

      changing the manager. you talking out of your ARSE for god’s sake give him a chance too many clubs are willing to change their managers too quickly look at Chelsea there already talking of change he as only just got there TIME give him TIME

  4. I says:

    Wasn’t this act of dropping underperforming players the wish of most of us when Wenger was failing?

    Emery inherited a half hazard team. He is making adjustments based on players available to him in face of unlucky injuries.

    Ozil’s contract renewal is one of the worst decisions Wenger and Gazidiz took while in Arsenal.
    You said Ozil has football brains. I believe football brain is largely about doing the needful.

    Watching City play, you can hardly tell when they are using players in areas that are not their natural positions. People hardly noticed that they don’t have recognized left fullback. And attacking minded midfielders playing from deep.

    It is not Ozil’s birthright to start marches for us. He has to earn it.

    1. McLovin says:

      I would say renewing Özil’s contract was brilliant, but not for that ridiculous 300k! I wanted Özil to sign but I would’ve never sanctioned anything over 200k. We almost tripled his wages, and for what? 18 months of good performances.

      And no one really fears Özil, he’s soft.

      Not a huge admirer of Emery (not yet at least) or what he has done at Arsenal but I pick Emery over Özil any given time. Both are replaceable.

      1. l says:

        Yeah, I meant the wage aspect of his contract is a huge mistake.

    2. JOHANNES OTIENO says:

      i tend to agree with u to that extend that it was amistake to agree ozils demand of 350k.hes agood player but unreliable.And coz of ozil ramsey also was demanding higher pay.
      Teams should not fear loosing players with exobitant demands.secondly
      i blame emery for not paying ozil.even if he wants to sell him who will buy aproduct which is hiden under the counter?they will not know his worth,so let emery use ozil spairingly and who knows his value might go up or he might improve to astate where arsenal are not ready to sell again.

  5. ozziegunner says:

    Dan Smith, how do you know that it was Unai Emery who made the decision that Aaron Ramsey wasn’t worth the money he wanted? From what I have read on this site, there are many who support the decision to not meet Ramsey’s demands.
    With regard to Mezut Ozil, what has happened to “no player is bigger than the Club”? Although this also applies to the manager as well, the agenda of some people on this site, particularly considering the issues he has inherited such as the injury toll and Mezut Ozil, has been ridiculous.
    I am going into hospital on Friday for a hip replacement, due to oesteo arthritis from many years of competitive sport. Due to the air of negativity pervading Justarsenal at the moment, I am taking a break.
    I have enjoyed the posts of the many reasonable intelligent people on here; however rightly or wrongly I have come to the conclusion that many others have never played team sport at any level, let alone coached, from the small minded and nonsensical comments posted.
    At the moment I just have more important things on which to spend my time.
    Thank you

    1. ozziegunner says:

      I guess my view of being an Arsenal “supporter” ie supporting Club, coaches and players, not necessarily being non critical, but offering positive comments, is different to others.

      1. Sue says:

        Hope your surgery goes well Ozzie and you recover well. Look forward to reading your comments again soon ?

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          I’d also like to say good luck with the operation Ozziegunner. I’ve noticed over the past few years that a lot of my friends who have had hip operations have been sportsmen throughout their lives, no sign yet but still waiting for mine. That’s the thanks you get from nature for keeping fit all your lives. Maybe that’s one favour for the couch potato’s who sit at home with their head stuck in their computers even though they maybe three times the size of the rest of us. There you go, positive’s for everybody.

      2. Mobella says:

        Happy a successful hip replacement sir. I will be looking for to read your insightful and unbiased comments here.

        1. Mobella says:

          Sorry I mean to wish you successful hip replacement.

    2. Admin says:

      Hi Ozzie, I really hope that everything goes well with the op. Fingers crossed we will see you back soon, and I still believe we’ll make Top Four, despite the negativity! Get yourself back on your feet again. Some things are just more important than football mate…

      1. ken1945 says:

        ozziegooner, hope all goes well with the op.
        will miss your measured, thoughtful and precise knowledge regarding our club.
        Take care fellow gooner, your still a young chicken!!

    3. jon fox says:

      Ozzie, God bless you and my sincere best wishes for your speedy and successful full recovery. May I add that you are a credit to your fine country too!

      1. Phil says:

        OG-speedy recovery and get back on this site as soon as you can

    4. Ingleby says:

      Best wishes for that.
      Had a heart bypass myself some years ago so know what hospitalisation is like.
      Get back in the swing as soon as you can – don’t forget that Arsenal need you.

    5. Things are changing says:

      Ozzie, I hope the procedure goes smoothly and allows you to engage in physical activities without discomfort after your recovery. To me, physical activity is a treat and can not be taken for granted once you hit a certain age, and living without it for any reason is difficult both physically and mentally.

      Looking forward to your return both “out there” and on here.

    6. Maks says:

      Get well soon OzzieGunner!

  6. Dan kit says:

    I would pick Kim kalstrom over iwobi

      1. Phil says:

        I would pick Kim Jong-un over Iwobi.He certainly has a smaller arse

        1. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Blinder Phil lol

            1. ken1945 says:

              I’m getting worried about your obsession with mens backsides Phil!!
              Love to know your views on this hypothetical conundrum Dan has decided needs debating though.

              1. Sue says:

                Haha Ken! Phil would have loved watching Man City yesterday – with Sterling’s big booty!! ?

    1. Maks says:

      I would pick (sick) Ozil over Iwobi!
      and loan Iwobi for a year.

  7. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Dan Smith I share your views regarding Emery’s style of play and our defensive approach and I also believe Ozil hasn’t been fairly treated this season like the others, everyone got a second chance and is Ozil is not allow to have that.
    While some on here will call Ozil names and different kinda stuffs, some of us would rather blame the board for offering him that amount, I’ve said it a few times that if the chance comes up and a club comes for Ozil, I’ll gladly take the money and let him go, my only problem with the club is how he has been treated. What club will come for him when he doesn’t even play?
    What Emery needs to do is to find a balance to his approach, I don’t buy all these injuries and defense crap, City’s attack gave so much threat that their defense had little or nothing to worry about.
    I just wish we stop leaking goals, something Paul Merson kept pointing out since August, even though he’s always harsh with his words, people got carried away with that unbeaten run and bashed Paul, reality check!! That man’s assessment has been so right that it pisses me off.
    Do I want Ozil over Emery? No, that’ll be putting a player above the management, do I want Emery over Ozil? No, that’ll be like supporting Mourinho’s treatment of players.
    The kind of situation I’ve always wanted is the type of relationship between OGS and Pogba at Utd, this is your team!! Get the best out of your players, not treat them like cancer

    1. gotanidea says:

      Emery doesn’t treat Ozil like cancer, because Emery gave Ozil the opportunities to start in the big games earlier on this season, but now he is ill

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Really??? How many big games did Ozil start this season?? City and Chelsea, you’ll really dit there and tell me you believed we would win those games given it was Emery’s first and second??

        So we lost those games, therefore Ozil should sit on the bench forever? How many starts has Ozil gotten this season? Can you guys always talk up with straight facts and without sentimental attachments please?
        I’d love you to answer my question, how many starts does Ozil have this season, and before he was dropped was he playing terribly the way you guys point it out to be? was he involved in lots of important build ups to our goals in crucial moments or not??
        Mhiki and the rest can start a thousand games even when they play badly and Ozil is to be the scapegoat because he plays badly too??

        1. gotanidea says:

          Ozil started in a few games, then came as substitute because of his bad forms and his physical condition

          Now he is sick. Sometimes he is not suitable for Emery’s strategy on some occasions, because he can only play as a no 10 with inconsistent performances

          Emery treats everybody fairly. No matter how big the player was in the past and this applies to the pricey players as well

          1. Mobella says:

            Number please. What does few indicates? Eddy has a valid points there. Mustafi, Kos, Kola, PEA, Miki even Iwobi had have matches where they played poorly yet they still get to play next matches but not Ozil. He has being given too many chances some say and now there is a question to prove how many chances Emery had given him and you just come up with few which means insignificant number of times. Iwobi played so poorly against Mancity and he got to play our next match against Huddersfield. Why can’t Ozil get the same treatment. Why not Ramsey. Give all the players fair and equal treatment. Miki came back from injury and he got selected straight way. How long did it take Ozil to get game time when he came back from his back injury. I support Emery and will support him till he is no more our coach but I won’t shut up when I see him making a questionable call.

            1. Eddie Hoyte says:

              Gotanidea, you haven’t answered my question. What is a few games?? I asked you how many games has Ozil started this season?? Give straight answers and valid ones please.

              Mobella, they won’t give you the facts and come out clean

              1. jon fox says:

                “They”? How many and WHO PRECISELY ARE “THEY”? Food for thought for YOU too, Eddie!

                1. Kenny Rolfe says:

                  Eddie Hoyte and Gotanidea, comparing football discussions with cancer. I thought we all agreed not to do this anymore. Oh and by the Eddie, Merson and all former player that berate Arsenal to get on in the media world piss me off too.

                  1. Kenny Rolfe says:

                    Corection: By the way Eddie.

                    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

                      Kenny sorry for the use of cancer, but I’m sure you know it was just a term I used and it has its literal meaning, would I say treating someone like virus? well maybe that’s still not fair to say, let’s just leave it here cause we both understand it means treating someone like he/she ain’t part of something good and should be cut off

                2. Eddie Hoyte says:

                  Lol…Jon Fox stop trying to be all witty and all that, they know themselves, I won’t call names..and if you don’t mind Jon since you’re a realist and was of the view that everyone be given second chance under Emery before judgement day arrives…do you mind telling me how many games Ozil has started this season? and I’d like to know your views if that’s been a fair and equal treatment if you consider the fact that a lot of our poor players this season started and played a lot of gamed, and they’re still doing so

                  1. jon fox says:

                    Eddie, First things first; I do much respect your passion and there is room for ALL clean writing styles on here; just as there is for all other types of difference between humans from our common human race. That being said, which I feel sure you will concur, having strong though respectful disagreements on our shared obsession is healthy and desirable. Personally, I never think less of someone merely becaue I disgree with them , even if I almost always disagree-which in your case I do not. So I value your regular posts , as I do with most regulars on her. Anyone who is passionate and brave enough to put forwrd their own honestly held views on a public forum to be knocked down , as all are at times, no matter from whom, earns my respect.

                    On the Ozil question we disagree. So what? It is thankfully our privilege to be ABLE to disagree and not fall out. Time will tell what will be. As to me being “witty”, I do not set out to be so. I merely write as I think and in the same way that I would speak when face to face with people I respect. I urge you not to let my ultra honest writing style,
                    of course that means honest AS I SEE THINGS, concern you over much. We are all individuals and no one surely would wish it any other way. So, much respect to you Eddie.

                    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

                      Jon definitely there’ll be disagreement, it’s part of life and I believe even though we have different thoughts most of the time, we both want what’s best for this club even if we take different path, it’s the result we are both looking for that matters, and I do respect your views also and it’s healthy for me too not just you, having to rub minds and discuss what we both think best for the club, I don’t think we’ve had a fall out, and I don’t think we will.
                      We respect each other enough to know we are merely having a debate and it doesn’t have to alter how we see each other. Like mentioned, we are both passionate fans, we only want what’s best for the club, doesn’t mean we have to take the same carriage just to get there, so much respect to you also and your honest views too

            2. ken1945 says:

              Mobella, brilliant post that asks all the pertinent questions that those that make these misleading quotes fail to answer every time.
              I just wonder where they get their “facts” from?

              It’s like saying he’s mentally frail…who has the audacity to claim this when they’ve never even met the man.
              Would Arsenal risk playing such an individual?
              Complete nonsence as usual in order to make their posts even more vitriol and divisive in their contents.

              1. Sal says:

                i’ll jump in and answer some of those questions ken/mobella/eddie 🙂

                1) is ozil mentally weak? yes he is
                why? as he as runs as much as everyone else, and we have seen him work his socks off for the team, did you see that display when we gave him the C?

                yes but he doesn’t do it consisently one day he tracks ten days he doesn’t.

                so he is a person that can’t motivate himself on a daily basis, this to me is a weak mentality, also the way the saga with germany developed and racism this and that…and his story and the way he will never play again for them blablabla, to me diva which shows a weak mentality don’t mouth off to the press do your talking on the pitch!!

                also man-mark him and he hates his life, while others relish this kinda of challenge, well the ones that are not mentally weak try to man-mark Silva or KVD and you are in for a long afternoon. and yes why wouldn’t I compare them to these two who have surpassed him in the last two years, trust me i know how good ozil is/was so why isn’t he showing it?

                here is the final nail in the coffin to really convince you why he is frail at least in his mind, ozil needs players around him to make the runs…he needs his teamates to work their socks off so he can shine with that beautiful vision and slick passing. he won’t change the game by himself don’t think i’ve ever seen him do that, maybe against Qarabag but really Qarabag for a player of his class. he even jokes in some of his vidoes that he doesn’t score he i’ll translate what that means to me, i’ll give you the beauty pass but teamate you have the responsibility to put it in the net ( that is shifting responbility to someone else however you want to see it, not beleiving in yourself enought that you will change the game, that’s what i noticed from him these past few years, how many times did he go for the pass when he had the shot himself?

                WC players want to leave their mark with goals and assists, not only assists. the reason why everyone has said he needs to add goal scoring to his game a few season back, so why can’t he? well ask the mind again who is more suited to pass the responibilty 😉

                2) how many games has he played this season? and is he being treated fairly?

                he has played 14 times this season scoring 3 assiting 1..he has made an average of 45 passes per match huge drop from the past few seasons it was in the mid 60’s before, but that to me is due to the new system of high-press no more tika taka, his tackles percentage is the lowest percentage in the past 3 years but that is due to not playing in his prefered no 10 ( some might question those tackle stats, i beleive he got better at placing himself, he is in better defensive positions, so this stat to me is irrelevant) , distance covered has increases ,and recovery has increased, but now with this system he is not effective anymore, i predicted one of ozil or miki losing their spot when the season started , i’m quite surprised that both of them haven’t adapted and aren’t good enough for the high-press.

                is he being treating fairly? yes he was!! but, and i like big BUTS and i cannot lie!!

                that was untill i watched the game against H, no sense whatsoever in playing 3 at the back no sense whatsoever in not going for posession in that game 4-2-3-1!! we had the players for that formation, emery has defenitly done him wrong there no other way to see it, we needed to rotate as well. long season!

                to me other than forcing him out of the club, or proving to the board that he needed replacements this winter for the players that aren’t fitting in the system, there is no reason to do that to him!!

                and even with these two maybe’s in mind …a player on a 350 k week contract needs to be utilized, it’s just bad business and bad management not using him at all, yes i will admit that!! emery your agenda does not come before the team, as good as he is at tactics and coaching some players respond to the carrot not the stick, especially the ones that are as weak mentally as ozil. to me when he gave him the C it meant just that, so why the sudden change of behavior? something is definitely brewing behind closed doors ( losing sven as well mid-season not normal for clubs something big happened for sure!!), and it worries me!!… but i’ll still back manager before player anyday of the week!

                so just to try to cut this short, everytime i type this happens sorry guys 🙂

                in my humble opinion this manager will give us a good base to compete in the future, like when mourinho made chelsea a power defensively untill today it’s rooted in them!! 6-0 excluded but in general chelsea are good a defense, at least the past 10 years…this guy will make us good at attacking and defending together, basically working in unison like clockwork, team that works for each other ..that approach again in my opinion will be immense for the club in the long-run, if ourt players get that stamina up and are used to this situation we will be very difficult to break down, the creative part and the passing or like a called it before our twist…that will come with time and familiarity and of course the right purchases!!

                i’m sure there are other unanswered questions , but this actually drained me lol , hope to hear what you guys think 🙂

                ps: ozziegooner good luck with the operation, wishing you the best mate!!

  8. gotanidea says:

    Watching Emery’s Arsenal without Ozil play is still fun. Proven by the two well-crafted open play goals against Huddersfield and the other team goals in the other matches

    I can’t remember the last time Ozil orchestrated a beautiful open play goal for the team. I think it was at the Leicester City match and it has been a long time

    Let’s support Emery’s decisions. Because of the hardwork of his gritty players and him, Arsenal have a real chance to finish in top four and challenge for the Europa League title

    1. Midkemma says:

      “I can’t remember the last time Ozil orchestrated a beautiful open play goal for the team. ”

      Just saying that phrase and instantly I think of the Kola pass, I know he has been involved in more buildup play since which has lead to key chances but that pass to Kola was visionary to say the least. How can you not remember that?

  9. almaria says:

    Get rid of the owners

  10. Almaria says:

    Ozil is a brilliant player and it is obvious the club does not want to pay any decent wages any
    P more. as was the case with Arsene Wenger who had to sell all his best players
    You can see Emery is getting fed up as he his hitting his head against a brick wall, that was why Arsene Wenger went.

    It is the owners who want getting rid of so we can have someone who is prepared to put the cash in and not send it back to the american soccer club

    It is the same old story Arsenal is doomed without a new owner

  11. adrian says:

    Emery was chosen as the arsenal manager as he would not rock ‘stans boat’. He has continued the youth policy whilst agreeing to stan’s fiscal policy for recruiting new players. Fans may have to get used to this new reality as the big spending days are over. Stan wants to use arsenal as his cash cow so his enterprises across the pond are financed.

  12. Mike Lim says:

    I will pick Ozil. Emery’s record showed he never dealt well with any super star players.Emery is slowly transform Arsenal into a junior team where most of star players such as Ramsey,Cech,Kocielny are all going to leave.Ozil,Elneny,Monreal,Mithrayan and maybe Aubameyang is the one to leave this summer if Emery still in charge.The important point is ,do you feel Arsenal is better???Number six in the table with worst defensive record(almost every match goal conceded)! We can say the squad is not creative,bad defensive organise!

  13. pires says:

    I would pick anyone over Kronke!!!! The biggest problem of this club is the lack of money available.We’r finding scapegoats every now and then but the plain truth is there to be seen

  14. Adajim says:

    If Ozil were Messi or cr7 both of whom could inglehandly motivate their team to win without much impact of a coach in d dugout, there wouldnt be any contest. Ill choose him straight.
    But this man Ozil lack those attribute of a leader, he doesnt have that capacity to carry the whole team on his shlouder, a player who only depends on others brightness to shine. Am not blaming his personality, i reckon thats his way of life, so based on those, i cant chose him over the coach.

    Enough of this ‘boring football jabs’, we all complained our defense leak goals and the coaching staff are trying everything possible to remedy the situation including sacrificing an extra attacking man, yet we complain. It might not be working now but ,the fact that the problem has been recognized shows solution is near.
    A question for the author, would you rather take beautifull football over the 3 away points we got over the weekend?

    Due to change in management after 22years, common sense should tell everyone that it will take a while for us to get a balance team, where we will get maximum entertainment with max points. Unless we want to sacrifice one for the other. Attacking football and getting points like MCT will be too much to ask of UE, Pep didnt achieve his team overnight even with the backing of bottomless funds.
    U may argue its only Huddersfield at the bottom of the log, but dont forget thats what makes the fixture harder, with our away records, playing a struggling team at second half of the season is even harder

    1. Leke says:

      You are so spot on with this. If only Ozil could be a Messi or Ronaldo or even a Van Persie in 2011/2012 . But currently I can only see one beautiful pass and everyone says he deserves 350k weekly.

    2. Miz says:

      ????? you nailed it mate!


    I think emery should start playing ozil now.he must not forget that ozil is still on arunning contract and paying him without playing nis more costly than keeping him.secondly ozils wage is another hindering block for teams who might be intrested to him.thirdly if he conteneu snubbing ozil his value will go down and it will be adouble loose concidering his age.

  16. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Oh and wait till you read about some of the events going on at the club and behind the scenes.
    This whole Ozil treatment stuff has Emery all over it in the open but behind the scenes, the club and some of its officials really want to treat Ozil this was to push him out, reliable word is ”People at the club never wanted Ozil to be given a new contract while some wanted it, some believed we couldn’t afford to lose Sanchez and Ozil within the space of a month, which clearly we all knew and we all wanted one of them to sign but Sanchez chose the door. Some wanted him to sign but not up to this amount he’s earning and stuff, and as a self sustaining BS the club is looking for ways to gather funds so Ozil is being treated like this just so he’ll decide to leave in the summer, He’s being treated like this so he’ll decide to take a pay cut to go play elsewhere, and while some other words and theories spreading around the club is Ozil is being treated this way because they fear if he plays and he performs well, the fans would want him to stay a d the fans will call for more of him thereby creating a problem if they want to free his salary. ”
    Loads of revelations by Ornstein, man pointed out Emery wanted Ozil at PSG back then, and the rumors were there before he signed the new contract..
    So my problem is why is Emery helping this club pull such stunt?? Who gave Ozil that contract in the first place? Did I give the contract to him? Did Ozil himself point a gun at the board and demanded for such fee???
    So why treat a human being and player like that just because of a mistake the club made?? So Emery’s helping in pushing him out too.
    When you come on here and stand up for the treatment Ozil has gotten, you’ll have people call you names and all sorts of stuffs, hypocrites who would never pray to be treated the way the man is being treated.
    So much for the whole “We are with Ozil during these trying times búllshit, we want him to feel at home here and want him to know we love him and he has our support” load of crâp.
    They’ve turned this club into something else

    1. Especially after the way he was treated and made a scapegoat by his country Germany after the World Cup. Ozils treatment by Arsenal has been shocking. He has limited opportunity this season with few starts and is rusting on the Benchley in the stands. After what he has been through with little support I am surprised he even wants to kick a ball since Sqawker stats started in 2006 till to date Ozil has created more chances than any one in Europe and Emery refuses to use him and we have become totally impotent in attack.
      Personally I don’t think Emery has the ability to get the best out of his players. What makes great managers is the ability to make good players better and top players even better as Guardiola does. I wouldn’t trust Emery with a £ 100 mill spend to bring in the right players

    2. Lupe says:

      But eddie, i still don’t understand why you feel so strongly about how ozil’s be treated, is it because you love him as a player, because i don’t see you doing the same for elneny. I inderstand you want him to play more and i agree with you on that but a of players are treated similarly to ozil, even worse if the manager doesn’t rate them. I don’t think emery hates him, he just doesn’t trust him for the big games, and the games in which he plays him in, he gives him the captaincy. Elneny plays less than ozil but i see nobody complaining because we all don’t rate him. Ozil is payed evey month whether he plays or not so i see no problem with that, treating a human being like ozil terribly would be to refuse to pay him what’s in the agreed contract.

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Lupe, You’ve never seen me call for Elneny to be sold have you? the selected few times that I’ve ever mentioned him, never have I called for his head, because I know even if he’s not playing he’s a good squad player.
        People will tell you stuffs like he’s no good and there’s nothing special about him, but they won’t tell you that he’s not terrible or bad either, they won’t tell you that when you need extra fresh legs or someone to cover up for a little time that Elneny fits the description.
        I don’t scream for Elneny to start, and I also don’t scream for him to be sold, like I used to say, everyone has something to offer to this club, Ozil, Elneny, Jekinson and including Ramsey while he’s still with us.
        I don’t think we are Manchester City and that we can have world class players on the bench, so I’m Okay with Elneny being here and being used as extra cover.
        Difference is Ozil was a big part of this team and an Influential player then so it’s normal I call to see him play when we play terrible.
        We don’t have a world class first eleven neither do we have world class players on the bench so you don’t entertain the idea that the player that we have that is close to quality be called to play??

        1. Lupe says:

          Like i said, i agree ozil should be playing more and i also agree it’s normal we should call for him to start more. The problem i have with is the way you approach ozil’s situation. You claim he’s not be treated fairly as a HUMAN BEING to which i disagree. I don’t see any crime towards him except if you consider emery not trusting a player a crime. If you look around, it happens at different clubs, isco and asensio aren’t been used by madrid’s new manager, suarez who we just loaned wasn’t trusted to play at barca, it doesn’t mean they are been treated unfairly, the managers just prefer ro play others. Whether it’s the right choice to play ozil or not, that’s another debate. I guess we also differ from what qualifies a world class player because i don’t think ozil is world class because even though he has the ability, he is far too inconsistent especially in the big games, but that’s just my opinion.

  17. Kiwi Gunner says:

    The past few seasons have been some of the hardest to watch, in my 42 years supporting Arsenal.
    We’ve had worse teams in that time, but I have never seen so many mentally-weak players, as in the past decade.
    The likes of Walcott, Ramsey, Bendtner, Wilshere, et al were more interested in their hairstyles and cars, than hunting glory in an Arsenal shirt.
    It’s little wonder that when Ozil arrived at the club, he knew he didn’t have to graft.
    He would have looked around the dressing room and thought: “Meh. If we’re going to be competitive, I’m going to have to carry this lot on my back. Bugger that”.
    So, while the jury is still out on Emery, he has every right (and, indeed, an obligation) to rid the club of these lightweight fanny-dancers.
    I can accept not winning, as long as I can see everyone in an Arsenal shirt is giving 100%.
    What I can’t accept is over-paid prima donnas, who don’t know how lucky they are, taking the club and their position in it for granted.
    If you’re not going to fight and give your all for our famous Cannon badge, then you can bugger off.
    I don’t care who you are.

    1. jon fox says:

      A truly splendid and truthful post full of realism, maturity, sense , wisdom and above all a wonderful antidote to the plethora of panicking stupidity about Emery by so many on here. Mostly , as one would expect, from greenhorn fans but a small amount even from “round the block several times” folk, who have not the excuse of youth and inexperience. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS . It has shown how down to earth many of us still are on here. I was beginning to think that we MANY sensible fans were being outnumbered by those hysteria driven panickers.

    2. Ingleby says:

      Totally agree.
      Rumoured at the time that Ozil didn’t want to be here.
      Same with Morata at Chelsea.
      Both players too soft to get stuck in and make the best of it but happy to accept the money.
      As you said – either commit 100% or clear off.

  18. Adajim says:

    If Ozill treatment is harsh and unfair, how did he treated the club to get his ludriculous wage, we can all blame Gazidis for offering such high wage but we would have even blamed him more if he refused to extend ozil contract that season because we could have lost both Him and Sanchez . I believe no fan would have wanted this.
    Fact is, football revolves round the players this days, its not as if management could force player to extend contract, most players now try to run down their contract to force management to take rash decision or offer lucrative wages. Its not only an arsenal thing, it happens in other clubs.
    So i think if the management ban him to reserve team, its not too much , nevertheless it has not happen yet, its just a gimmick to force Ozil to probably force his way out of the club or renegotiate.
    @Ozziegunner, i wish u a succesful op and a quick recovery

  19. Graham Clacher says:

    This to me is the problem, Emery is not a big team manager and because of his treatment by Neymar at PSG, he couldn’t cut it there and he is not going to cut it at Arsenal. We now have a manager who knows exactly where our problems lie but is not interested in solving the issues but instead is only concerned in getting in players that he can manipulate. As far as giving Ozil a chance, be honest how can expect a player to perform consistently unless he plays consistently. He plays Iwobi consistently and it has not improved his game much. He has an excellent CB in Mavraponis but doesn’t trust him and keeps plugging that hole with Mustafi. At right back we are playing AMN, not good enough, we have a player in Jenko who has done very little wrong this year and yet we are playing AMN who just wants to get up field and score, neglecting his duties as a RB. These are the players he will play week in and week out without change, so is he any better that Wenger?
    When we were on the run of wins and Ozil was playing, check his demeanor and smile, I have not seen Ozil that happy for a long time. He was part of the team, creating and scoring. As with the German side even if he is not playing he remains the scape goat. I personally think that Emery is not big enough for this job and Arsenal should be looking for a replacement. Don’t forget he is only the head coach and not a manager and will never be able to stand up to Kronke and his henchmen like Wenger did.

  20. AndersS says:

    Giving Özil a new contract with an exorbitant salary was a huge mistake by the former regime.
    I am confident Emery’s only objective is to get as many points for us as possible, and at the moment, we are doing much better points wise than last year.

    It has been clear for a number of years, that our biggest problem is leaking goals thanks to a culture where no player except the actual few defenders had any defensive duties and the team lacked organization. I think it is right Emery tries to change all that as his first priority. No championships have been won without defensive organization, and once we have improved this, I also believe Emery will be able show better attacking football. His record shows it.

    As for Ramsey, it was clearly also a mistake by the former regime to allow him to get in a position, where he could hold the club to ransom, almost like Sanchez & Özil. We can do well without him.

  21. Mikelando says:

    This is ridiculous of a coach of this calibre. Emery is an average coach which doesn’t knows how to manage is players! You don’t have depth in your team then you decided to drop two attacking midfielders to the bench! Okay, what has he changed since appointed as a new manager? Nothing ; against top 6th what have arsenal played! Nothing ; please what pattern is emery playing? I know of man city (ticky tacker) Liverpool (high pressing) Chelsea (sarriball) man utd(counter attacking)

  22. Grimlar says:

    Arsenal had problems before Emery arrived. Its why Wenger needed to go, because he couldnt or wouldnt see and try to tackle those issues.
    Ozils inconsistent performances were one of those issues. Not that he’s bad, but he is not performing to the standard that he has previously shown, or the money he is being paid suggests that he should.
    Emery is not perfect either by any means, but I do think he needs to be given more time to coach/buy solutions to our problems, and some of those solutions might take time to settle in and develop into the players we want them to be.
    We still have a chance of finishing in the top 4 and or winning the Europa League this season. Either of which we would have gladly taken at the start of the season, so it would seem premature to yell too much at Emery yet.

    As for blame for Arsenals problems, Kroenke may be at fault for some things, but the finances dont seem to be one of them. Arsenal do have a lot of money in the bank, (£200m or so I believe,) but the underlying revenue/costs figures are not good, Arsenal are likely to make a loss this year before taking transfers into account, as they did last year. So a lot of that money will be held in reserve to cover standard expenditure and those losses if they happen.

    The poor financial situation at Arsenal is mostly down to two things, 1) not being in the champions league, 2) inflated wages in contracts signed over the last year or two. Kroenke may not pay anything in, but at the same time, I’ve not heard of him taking a lot out either. (If you know any different Id love to hear about it.) There was a payment of about £3m a few years ago, but out of a total annual revenue of £300m-£400m thats a drop in the ocean roughly equal to one squad player for a year.

    As for a top manager who might consider Arsenal even with their problems and budget… well there are rumours that Benitez has had enough of Mike Ashley at Newcastle and may leave at the end of the year. I know some people dont rate him, but hes won both the Europa League and The Champions League amongst other honours and managed a number of larger clubs both here and abroad. Arsenals problems might be a welcome change for him after Newcastle.

    Having said that I dont see Emery leaving any time soon unless something goes badly wrong.

  23. jon fox says:

    DAN, does this article headline truly reflect YOUR personal view in wanting Ozil to stay above Emery? I ask because as you know, Mr Admin has an unfortunate way with hype on some headlines and some are less than truthful, as you have found out in previous of your articles headlines IF it does, then you and I are on totally differnt planets . And I AM DEFINITELY ON PLANET EARTH. Not sure about you or anyone who thinks likewise though. I find much of the hysteria and woefully misplaced criticism of our FINE manager, repulsive ,untruthful and alien to everything I stand for. Nuff said. For now!

    1. Dan says:

      Hey Jon
      It’s not that I’m pro Ozil, I’m anti Emery
      Really don’t rate him
      As much as I see Ozils flaws, I question managers judgement to say Iwobi is better

  24. AlexLaca9 says:

    I laughed so hard when I saw the headline of this article. Then I click on it and the first line I see “I pick Ozil over emery” lol my gosh… I pick arsenal over both. Wonder if the author will change teams when ozil FINALLY transfers away from arsenal lol such an emotional post for an unaffective player

  25. Goonster says:

    I just hope the Ozil fan-club can accept that Ozil is overrated and done as a serious footballer.
    The man has had more than 5 years here to show some of us that he is not overrated, but seasons after season we have been having the same old conversation about his ability as an individual in the EPL.
    Same old criticism and same old praises from our divided Arsenal supporter base.

    Ozil has only ever made more thab 10 assists once in the whole of his Arsenal EPL career. 19 assist in 2015/16 but apart from that he averages about 8 assists per season.

    1. jon fox says:

      I am so with you Goonster, in being frustrated at how so many, including some more experienced fans too, who OUGHT to know better, constantly fool themselves over Ozil and support a vastly overpaid player(for which I blame the previous regime, NOT him and his agent). He is clearly well into decline and was never a mentally or physically robust type. Foolishly they seem to constantly mention just that one season, now some years ago and overlook his constant unreliability and constant “injuries”. Injuries that seem to mysteriously vanish by the next game which he fancies playing in. Whatever anyones opinion of his mind , it cannot be sensibly denied that he is unreliable at best , bone idle at worst and not destined to be here much longer. As in gone next summer. Only self fooling types – of which regretfully there are many – convince themselves that he has a future at Arsenal. He clearly does not. Primarily because the manager, being an arch realist, does not indulge HIMSELF in self fooling AND because the club are trying to remove his obscene and intensely damaging wage from our outgoings. As they should, are doing and must succeed in doing. Players , no matter who, be they Messi , Ronaldo or whoever, who are NOT prepared to sweat blood for the shirt, week in week out, are poison to any top club. Our club AT LAST realises this and is acting accordingly. The villains are not Emery, nor Sanllehi. They are Gazidis and Wenger.

      1. Dan kit says:

        It’s not about ozil and what he can and cannot do ,it’s about who the fck do we have who can replace him in the team because from where I am watching there is not a lot of talent in our team unless you are happy watching iwobi ,or some average loan player replacing him .you being a realist and all that, most be able to see with you’re own eyes how bad we have been the last 6-8 weeks .so you must be happy watching this dross week In week out

        1. jon fox says:

          STRAIGHT ANSWER TO A STRAIGHT QUESTION IS THIS: I AM ALWAYS MORE HAPPY SEEING ELEVEN PLAYERS WHO TRY FULL OUT THAN TEN WHO DO AND ONE WHO DOES NOT. That one invariably being Ozil, who whatever you think , will be gone from Arsenal this summer.

  26. Kehinde says:

    I have not watched our games since westham. Our play isn’t interesting anymore. We can’t even defend to save our lives.. Our attack is so profligate too. Sometimes I just wonder what emery is doing with the boys in training. How could he have signed a 35year old to deputise at right back? All players can’t be as talented as dani Alves. Maitland niles isn’t a defender.. The boy is too slow on the ball. Play him in midfield while you get jenkinson playing with the needed confidence. Arsenal is our club. But the performances of today aren’t what we are used to. Ozil isn’t an island. He has robbed us of consistency.. He plays well today and badly tmao. We want players who are proud of our shirt. Look at guadiola’s city. They play as though they are from another planet, United have their players playing well again. Y can’t our players give us consistent performances to make us happy again??

  27. sol says:

    I will pick Ozil over Ramsey….Unai is the coach

  28. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Ozzie do and get back here man, wishing you a successful Op and speedy recovery. You’re part of just arsenal family, always know that!!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Thank you all very much for your kind thoughts. Hopefully after this one, I’ll be right to get back into physical activity; now that both hips, heart and one kidney will be operating well.
      I’m afraid that a lot of the negativity on here got me down a bit, but just remember:
      “Nil bastardum carborundum”

  29. ken1945 says:

    The original question, to paraphrase, was would you choose UE over Ozil?
    Whilst agreeing with most of Dan’s sentiments, I have to concur differently as to his conclusions.

    If the club want to sell Ozil, for whatever reason, why don’t they come out into the open and say so?
    That’s what they did with Ramsey, taking back his agreed contract and saying thanks, but no thanks.
    They also made it clear to Wilshere that he was better off going elsewhere for first team football and it seems the same fate awaits Danny Welbeck.
    I see the Ramsey, Wilshere and (to a lesser extent) Welbeck examples as a club getting to grips with its players demands, the kronkie self sustaining model and life under the new regime.

    As far as my memory goes, the club (doesn’t really matter who it was does it?) offered Ozil his present contract because they wanted to keep the player and saw him as part of the future of the club.
    The fanbase were delighted he stayed as it indicated we were still a “big club”.

    UE’s dossier must have told him what kind of player he was and accepted that.
    Ozil didn’t demand whatever it is he is currently on, but accepted an offer from his employers.

    Now, whatever ones views of the player, his binding contract has another two years left on it and the club have to fund that or sell him.
    Ozil doesn’t want to leave, hence he turned down PSG loan move in January.

    The current system of play does not suit Ozil’s style of play, so it’s either change the style of play or accomodate him.
    That’s the choice that UE has to make and it’s his decision alone.

    We can no more have player power at our club than any other club otherwise we have anarchy…the absence of any guiding or uniting principle.
    I don’t care who the player is, if one lets this happen then we are on a slippery slope towards disaster.

    What needs to be done is for the club, the manager and the player to sit down and discuss what each party want from the other.
    I believe both UE and Ozil are honourable men and will do what is best for the club and them personally.

    In this hypothetical situation, UE would get my backing 100% if we are told the facts and all avenues have been explored.

    UE is going nowhere and neither is Ozil, at least until both their contracts run out or terminated, both at a huge cost to our, sorry, kronkies, club.

    1. jon fox says:

      The obvious answer to your first sentence Ken, is that , just like Corbyn who tried to pretend( in order to stay as Labour leader) that he voted Remain but actually is a firm Brexiteer, the club are thinking tactically and correctly. To shift Ozil on ALL THAT MONEY, whilst admitting their clear strategy to move him on this summer would be naive and foolish. As you know, I personally cannot wait for the club to sell Ozil or at least get him gone. The club are clearly thinking as I do and behaving accordingly. The level of naivety on here from some, even some senior people, always amazes me. For good or ill – and I think ill – we are in a cut throat business run world with a rat of an owner who cares only for the financial bottom line. CLEAR THINKING FANS, WHILST WE MAY DEPLORE THIS STATE , AT LEAST RECOGNISE ITS TRUTH. I know that you also do and have often said so. NB, I am no fan of Corbyn but he is well clued up, from HIS OWN PERSONAL point of view, on the Brexit mess. Like the club he supports, he is playing the longer game. Business and honesty rarely go together. It is naive to assume otherwise. To be clear, I, like most of us, even all of us, would FAR rather total honesty from all clubs to us fans was the norm. But we are at least 25 years too late for that; since the Prem began in fact. If you choose to still support a formerly honourably owned football club which plays in a murky and largely corrupt business run world then you take the consequences with your eyes open. That is ASSUMING you wish them to be open. PERSONALLY I DO. BTW, “the club” under Gazidis / Wenger and “the club” under Sanllehi/ Emery are to all intents and purposes two differently run clubs, tactically and financially wise speaking. Same wicked owner but we now have clued up people under that level.

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        Jon you keep saying he’s mentally frail, lazy and all sorts of stuffs and yet Emery wanted him at PSG, and yet when Emery came he named him as an important player to his plans…
        man stop being so harsh from the outside, just like the rest on here I do question the treatment Ozil has gotten this year despite the whole debacle that happened between his country and other sport brands with the rest of the world. Yet this man came back to the club, willing to move on, work and willing to prove something to Emery. I’ve read reports of him training hard for the past months and willing to fight to get back into the team, I’m sure you’ve read all those too, how can you label someone despite everything he has gone through within the last eight months of his career is still standing here, willing to work. How can you calk that lazy??.

        BTW word is it’s not even Emery he has the problem with, it’s with the board. The selfish board and owner we all know, the board wants to take off his wage, and Emery’s being made to treat him this way to force him out, the club is treating him this way so he’ll decide he wants to leave. Now you can ask if he’s really important to Emery like I claimed or if Emery really wanted him, why is he helping the club in pushing Ozil out. I’ll tell you Emery wanted Ramsey also and said he wants to build the team around Ramsey because he’s important to him!! Then the club withdrew negotiations with Ramsey, Emery did nothing to stop it also… so now Ramsey, Ozil are being treated this way just because the board wants to get them off the wage.
        The selfish board and owner you, I and everyone know is behind all this treatment Ozil has been getting, all because of the money.

        1. jon fox says:

          Eddie, I do love how you so passionately defend your point of view. I WISH ALLWERE AS STRAIGHT AND HONEST AS YOU. I much agree that the whole regime , including Emery who, IMO, is fully onboard with them, ARE trying their best to get Ozil to leave this summer. I ask myself why, even though I agree with their plan . And the answer seems perfectly obvious; it is to get his wage bill off our back and use that money, along with many others who will be offloaded too, to bring in fresh and mainly cheaper waged players. Had the regime considered Ozils perfs value for money they would not do so. But they see, what I see and many others too; a naturallly gifted but very unreliable player who no one ever knows WHICH Ozil will turn up on the day. They know that no successful club can keep paying £350k eack week for that low level of usefulness. It is true that Prem football IS a cut throat and often vicious business. Most huge business in or out of sport are run that way. That is corporate life. Not nice, not cuddly, not even ethical but just how it is. It is the real world, as distinct from Enid Blyton land . All top level players, Ozil more than almost all, are hugely and obscenely overpaid and thus financially protected from the hardships of life and it is us fans who indirectly, pay them. That gives us all a moral say in how they should or even whether they DO earn their money. Whatever you I and other Gooners think, is largely irrelevant. The club has, in my view already decided to offload him this summer and their “treatment ” of him is consistent with that decision, again imo. If you want full ethics Eddie, then Prem level is not the one for you. You either do as we all do and either give up following top level football OR accept the inevitable tragedy that football sold its soul for obscene money when the Prem was formed, back in 1992. Your choice. The real truth is that we are all addicted . It is like a pleasurable but ultimately harmful drug. That is surely the real truth!

          1. Eddie Hoyte says:

            Jon you do know I’ve always stated if the chance comes up to let Ozil go, I’ll gladly take it.. let’s say in simple English, to get rid of him there was no need to treat him that way, like Emery did With Wilshere, we could’ve just told him to move on and find a club, I bet Ozil is a gentleman and so is Emery, proven by the way he handled Wilshere, getting rid of Ozil can be done without this type if treatment…
            by the way, what do you have to say concerning Ramsey earning 400k per week over there at Juventus from next season?
            He has agreed and signed a pre contract, like I said before Jon, I don’t think Ramsey will be a squad player at Juventus, now the agreement only confirmed it. Juventus won’t pay him such amount if he would sit on the bench.
            Money is ruining football TBH

      2. patH says:

        Those clued”p people that you mention were fully aware of the”self sustaining model” that the club operates under when they accepted the job offered by Kroenke. I believe that Liverpool operates under a similar model and they have just posted of record profit of in the order 120 million. These people are paid a considerable salaries to make profits which can then be returned to the club for player purchases and the like. Contrary to some peoples beliefs Kroenke does not, as already mention on another post, take money from the club and Arsenal Holdings was not a leveraged buy out. I for one would be overjoyed if Kroenke would put millions into the coffers, but Realistically this is never going to happen in the foreseeable future. Football clubs world wide are big business and the days of billionaires owning clubs for fun are mostly non- existent. The major problem has been poor financial management,the under exploitation of our brand, and the reliance on champions league revenues to support unjustified massive player salaries. I think it is time to stop all recriminations about what happened in the past. We are where we are with the players and the manager that we have. I just hope that those clued up people can make a better fist of it than their predecessors. Only time will tell, hope its not to long.

  30. Tom says:

    I wrote how we are becoming a generation of fans who are continuing the Wenger in or Wenger out type fan support culture.
    Now I see this emery or ozil getting air time.

    1. ken1945 says:

      Tom, how right you are.
      I know Dan loves to come up with subjects that will encourage debate and division, that’s his aim.
      But, as an Arsenal supporter, I do think that sometimes the need to do this is detremential to the fanbase.

      It brings out the kind of comments that one wonders what people want or do in their lives.
      Some posts seem to be driven by hate, accusing someone they’ve never met of being mentally frail, no backbone and not giving 100%.
      This about a man who is a world cup winner, lauded by professional managers and players.

      Furthermore and even more relevantis the fact that UE has said on many occasions that he is part of his plans, but no, that’s not good enough for those who think they know better.

      All this over a purely hypothetical situation that gives them the opportunity to blacken someone’s character, reputation and physical health.
      Sigh-Sigh and even more sighs.
      Yawn-Yawn and even more yawns.

      The realists on here want to discuss real situations, not Dans make believe world of what ifs.

      1. jon fox says:

        I have never met Donald Trump. But I know he is mentally frail. The concept of not knowing the truth about someone who performs in the public eye regularly , UNLESS YOU HAVE MET THEM, is for the birds! You arev right though in that Dan tries to polarise opinion. That is how most political and sport related site manage to keep going. I just thought it needed reminding some folk of its truth, unpleasant in many ways, though it undoubtedly is. Discussion, even with strongly held differnceds is healthy. Secretive organisations are not, except perhaps bottom line financially healthy. Hence the ethical difference between big business and truth.

        1. ken1945 says:

          So your views are correct and mine are for the birds.
          No discussions , no reasons why, just the assumption that others not of your persuasion are dullards.

          How you can say that someone has no backbone, mentally frail and does not give 100% when that same player was wanted by PSG in the January window and of whom UE has said is in his plans, while his team mates have said how important he is to them, is arrogance so complete, it takes ones breath away.

          If you were a physician, physiotherapist or even a personal trainer, your attempt to destroy this man might hold some water.
          But as you have not informed us that this is the case, despite claiming many other attributes us mere dullards do not possess, I can only assume this to be the case.

          Your attempts to belittle others on here is something that I just do not accept and I cannot believe that you feel the need to do this to fellow gooners who have a difference of opinion.

          I find it astounding that you regularly give these, basically, rude retorts but then become very upset when someone gives it back to you.
          If you can’t take it then don’t give it out!!

          We obviously see footballing matters in such different ways, along with the way we respond to other peoples views.
          For all the above reasons, plus my own peace of mind, I have decided that it is pointless to keep discussing topics with you.

          As lifelong gooners we both hope to see our club one day become champions again and let’s just leave it at that.
          I wish you well.

          1. jon fox says:

            You “flatter” me to a ridiculous level to imagine that I, little me, who is a football nonentity, could have either the intention or the one hand, or a hope in hell on the other hand “of attempting to destroy Ozil”. Frankly an insult not worthy of your intelligence Ken. As for all the rest of your post, let it stand that I am in total accord with your last two paras and am also happy to leave it here. I wish you all you wish me and thanks for that at least.

  31. GB says:

    Would I pick Emery over Ozil? Don’t know really as have never seen Emery play ?

    1. arsenal314 says:

      Hahaha.Emery was an average footballer,guess that’s the reason he keeps having issues with star players.

    2. Sue says:

      Nice one GB ??

    3. AndersS says:

      But have you seen Özil coach??

      1. Sue says:

        Yes he’s brilliant ?

    4. sol says:


  32. enagic says:

    Wenger ran arsenal on the ground before he was sacked, Walcott was on 140k a week! Chamberlain was almost awarded 180k but his mind was already made up to leave for Liverpool and Ramsey had 200k on the table before Raul put a break on it, can you believe this Jesus Christ!!! and Ozil now on 350k, I tell you what guys you gotcha what you paid for! We were told Wenger was an Economist, for these messes he left behind he simply needs to return that Degree for that respected College. And we matched what Sanchez is making now to make him stay, another!!! 500k

    1. enagic says:

      Wilshire did us a favor for not staying, Wenger was just a drunken sailor.

      1. ken1945 says:

        enagic, how muchmoney do you think AW made for the club during his reign?
        His salary was paid for for twenty of those years just by finishing in the top four of the CL.
        The last two years his salary was paid for by winning the fa cup against Chelsea, an estimated £33,000,000 (source The FA itself).
        spuds earnt £50,000,000 for qualifiying for the last sixteen, so work out pro rata what went into the coffers when we did that.
        Add on the money for finishing in the top four, other fa cup wins, three trebles and sponsors who wanted to get on the gravy train.

        By all means have a go at the most successful manager in the clubs history, but at least do your homework regarding what money was rolling into the club whilst under his stewardship.

        So what salary do you think the club will have to pay in order to get a player with the pedigree of Ozil and what will he cost?

        What you mean by a drunken sailor I have no idea, but comments like that really bring a note of understanding to the point your trying to make.
        Perhaps you could expand on your thoughts for me?

        1. enagic says:

          No winning champion league cup for over 22 years you call that success?
          Liverpool did with Benitez, Mourinho with Chelsea and even Emery Europa Cup with Seville 3 times, Ozil is just a big name left but no football ability, that pedigree you just mentioned, then he should have been playing for Madrid, and good thing I like about Spanish big two they don’t have time to babysit any mediocre player for so long and that’s the main reason that Europen championship Cup has been exchanging hands year in and year out, In the past when Wenger joined Arsenal, yes he brought some talent and sell them with handsome profit no question about that, but also we can’t live with past glory till this 21st century, and also it’s not true he did all those great things by himself everybody played part in that including arsenal fans who have been lying to for the past 15 years with false hope that we will be bringing new players for next season and the only excuse was he didn’t find a quality players while at the same time he was stack up with mediocre players like Walcott just one to name. Those good things you just mentioned was a reason he was given a chance for so long with the hope he might have changed but that never happens until getting sacked when those hierarchies couldn’t see the way forward anymore.
          Does any opinion please from you?

          1. enagic says:

            Ozil deserved a good contract and good pay raise below 200k and not 350k and people who were involved awarding him that kind of money they did not do their home either, and now it’s a huge embarrassment for what we expect from him, we could have got 3 good players for just his wage alone.

          2. ken1945 says:

            enagic, before I answer any of your points, can you do me the honour of answering mine.
            Your statement that AW run Arsenal into the ground for starters.
            Just an observation for you to consider, everything that AW did correctly was not just his work,while everything that went wrong wasjust his fault?
            Also, if you just measuring success on european trophies, how do you try and explain the Invincibles and their double winning exploits?
            Were they failures in your eyes?
            Anyway, I’ll wait for your replies on my first questions.

            1. enagic says:

              “Invincibles” is not a trophy have just answered your question about Wenger. lets just not live for past glory. it was got worse for the past ten years and I don’t have anything good to say about Wenger and in my opinion, he was running Arsenal at some point as an Academy, play some players out of position for the sake of saving some money and it worked with Flamini at LB, in the past but Nacho is not a CB and Chamberlain is not an LWB and he got frustrated and decided to leave the same thing happened with Van Persie, Henry, Nasri, Fabregas and most recently Sanchez for luck of strengthened and brought in good players to help Arsenal win and lie time and time. I hope I tried to answer your questions Sir!! and forgive me if my explanation didn’t satisfy you but I need your expertise on football and lets put money thing aside for a while.

              1. ken1945 says:

                enagic, please read my posts correctly before trying to answer them.
                I did not say the Invincibles was a trophy did I?
                What I was asking you was how you saw this squad of players who failed to win any european trophy?
                Does that make them failures as you define their manager?

                Benitez and Mourinho certainly didn’t go the complete season in the toughest league in the world without losing a game did they?
                Neither did they have a twenty year run of top four and CL qualifications either.
                What was the hardest to acomplish?

                So you don’t want to live on past glory, but find no conflict in the very same sentence saying it got worse in the last ten years…so ignore the good ( 3 fa cup wins, 8 CL qualifications and eight top 4 finishes ) and concentrate on the bad ( 2 seasons outside the top 4 hence two seasons of no CL ). Double standards wouldn’t you say?

                Let’s look at your claim that AW was only interested in saving money.
                Well, just like UE, he was given a transfer kitty to spend.
                Just like UE he was limited to the level of player he could buy.
                Just like UE he said he would only buy players he thought would improve his team. He tried very hard to do that.
                For example, Ronaldo states that he was ready to sign for Arsenal under AW, then Utd stepped in and offered the money that we didn’t have.
                If you follow the “names” that we were linked with and lost because of transfer kitty demands, the list is endless.
                Mata, Griezmann, Cahill, Ronaldo, Suarez to name just a few.
                Of course he bought some real bad buys, name me a manager who hasn’t?
                UE will suffer the same frustrations with the money that kronkie offers and it is not a new situation is it?
                This has been the case since kronkie became a majority shareholder.

                Next you claim he put players in positions they didn’t fit into.
                Yes he did play youngsters in different positions.
                Nearly every young professional player hasn’t developed enough to know his best position and it, surely, is the managers duty to find that out?
                One of the best examples of AW’s success with this philosophy was encouraging a young Thierry Henry to believe in his goalscoring abilities.
                Sometimes it was due to injuries as well, just like the reason AMN is being played at right back under UE.
                Of course he got some decisions wrong, but he was doing what UE is doing, managing the players as he saw fit.

                Can you give me the facts and examples that he lied time and time again and for what reason?

                Next, I am an ordinary fan just like you, with views that differ from yours, so please don’t call me sir as my name is ken and I know you as enagic.

                Finally, I only wish I was an expert on football!! Then I would understand why you want money to be ignored.
                If we sell the players that you want to sell, what do you expect the replacements salaries to be?
                If we are to strengthen, what will these players cost?
                Do you sell one player at a time and replace before or after that sale?
                Or do you sell them all and hope to get the players you want with the budget UE has?
                We certainly can’t buy before we sell can we?
                Lots of questions enagic, but that’s what debating is all about.
                I hope I’ve answered all of yours.

                1. Midkemma says:

                  This is a good read.
                  Nice post Ken.

  33. Midkemma says:

    As others have said, I choose Arsenal over one or the other.

    The problem for me is that I find our current football boring and predictable, only the scoreline is a mystery… well, other than the belief we will not keep a clean sheet so ‘they’ will get at least one.

    I do not know if we will give our CF many chances in a game, I honestly do not think we will have many chances and if we get enough chances… I don’t trust Emery to provide the team with options in attack.

    For the people saying “Who else”, right now… I would take Arteta!

    I am getting that bored of our play out from the back BS. I accept building up play from deep to move it around and set up an attack but to pass it back so far when we do… Please stop it. Look how Huddersfield pressed us and caused us problems, the manager shouldn’t be putting the team in that danger by insisting on his way over and over… Try a F Plan B! I don’t mean a different formation, I mean different tactics.

    I never thought I would ask to see some long balls at Arsenal but FFS! Emery has me wishing for just some!! Mix it up a bit when we are being pressed hard, we have pacey forwards, use that pace to make the pitch as large as we can and make the opposition double guess what we will do.

    While this is about Ozil and Emery…

    Ozil didn’t have a pair of DMs behind him for Wenger and now for Emery he is being asked to play a different game to what made him, we haven’t put a team out with a pair of solid players in the base of CM and Ozil in the number 10, flanked by wide forwards, all with pace…
    No, not this season before some say it, this season he has been asked to play a different game to what he excelled at, press more and be more in the oppositions face. He drifts into pockets and being in their face means he isn’t slipping in and out of those pockets where he causes the most damage.

    I have said for ages that I believe this team is capable of finishing third, if Emery can’t get us UCL football with the talent he does have here then I would be happy to see another candidate given the task… Hopefully one who can adjust to our free flowing attacking style but add some grit in defense. That was all we was missing with Wenger, the defense (of the team) to keep clean sheets. Now we are also missing the free flowing attacking football.

  34. Olaitan Kayode says:

    *Ramsey Signs✍ Pre-Contract With Juventus?*

    Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has signed a pre-contract agreement to join Juventus in the summer in a deal that will earn him over £400,000 a week.

    The 28-year-old has agreed a four-year contract that will see him join the Italian champions as a free agent, ending his 11-year spell with Arsenal.

    Ramsey passed a two-part medical in January, having picked Juve following talks with a host of European clubs.

    He will be the highest-earning British player ever based on basic salary.

    The Wales international’s Arsenal contract expires on 30 June and the Gunners will receive no fee when he leaves.

    Ramsey, who joined Arsenal from Cardiff City in 2008 for a fee of around £4.8m, held preliminary talks with Barcelona and also received an offer from Paris St-Germain.

    Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and Real Madrid also showed interest, with Real forward Gareth Bale understood to have encouraged his Wales team-mate to link up with him in Spain.

    1. enagic says:

      I am very glad is leaving we need to try a different kind of players, he was ok as a player but not world class like Modric, Iniesta etc and he would get you important goals here and there but, consistency was a huge problem, he tried some flicks and most didn’t come out good and at some point he looked like he was learning how to play football! physically he was good the opposite of Ozil!!

  35. enagic says:

    Our last game with Huddersfield say it all, all those chances Iwobi had if it was ManCity attacking line It could have been 6-7 goals but we really have lack of quality and I don’t blame Emery until this coming summer where he will decide who he wants to be part of his plans. Ozil, Micky, Kozy, Kola, Nacho, Lits, Auba, Mustafi, Cech, Elneny, Jenks all these need to go. Brazil, Spain, France, Portugal, Holland, and Belgium have a lot of good players at a reasonable price. England some good players too, but the biggest problems here are selling clubs. Mahrez was rumored to go to the Arsenal in the past and the fee was 35mln but end up going to City for 70mln and don’t even touch Maguire and Chilcott are very good players and deserve to play for big five in England.

    1. Sal says:

      harry maguire is overrated whilst chillwell is underrated, my humble opinion 🙂

      1. enagic says:

        True, Chillwell and sorry for misspelling his name, He is a big thing to come out of England for a long period of time but I am sad he might end up on those mediocre clubs who don’t want to let him go and play for better clubs, they might demand a crazy fee as if is world cup winner. And I really hope Arsenal bring in Monchi on board because he sold Liverpool a goalkeeper for a huge profit and also he brought in Cengiz for 10mln and he might end up selling him for over 50mln in summer. Sven has gone I am not sad at all Emery is the one who should call the shot – if he needs Marcos Senna as DM, give him Marcos Senna, and not Lee Cattermole!!

    2. Aardvark says:

      Did you actually say in a post a few up that “Ozil has no football ability” ??
      Then in another post you say eleven players need to go!
      I think you lost all credibility with just those two statements.

      1. enagic says:

        Yes, I did! what credibility are you talking about if all those 11 players are average and overpaid can’t even beat Huddersfield and we lost games playing other lower table teams and lost and you still think you have a better team? you might be on the wrong game if you can’t see that Liverpool and Mancity they are up there because they have good quality players and you advocating what we have now? I just can’t see this current team beat Manu, Mancity, Liverpool even Tottenham!! share please your football knowledge.

        1. patH says:

          I wonders where we will find 11 better players than those you mention to be moved on which give cost effective quality and long term value. It should also be noted that many players who meet these criteria would not be released by their clubs unless large transfer fees are involved and more importantly would they want to come to Arsenal anyway. I agree that certain players could be sold in the summer but upgrades cost lots moneys. Also when setting out a wish list with what people think is the asking price that is only one part of the deal. Remember agents fees and wages must considered in any deal. I would think that a maximum of five will go in the summer but my crystal ball is to cloudy to determine who.

          1. enagic says:

            Five will go for free, and we need to sell another 5 or six and we should be able to come up with that number i am talking about here, Emery did wonderful job at Seville and they don’t have money compare to Arsenal but, in our case for the past long period of time had been recruitment – bring in players who are not good enough to play for Arsenal or bring in one or two good ones and, when they get injured were are back again to squire one (squad width) has been a problem for long time at Arsenal Manu, City and Liverpool and Tottenham that is not the case here. What do Mustafa and kolasinac need to do any more to convince people in this forum they are not good enough to play for Arsenal? will that be a problem to replace them with better players? Nacho, Kozy, Lits, Cech they are not younger anymore even Xach can’t spell his name not good enough and Auba will 30 and is losing his legs that explosion run is gone and is pretty lightweight getting knocked off the ball pretty easily compare to his days at Dortmund. Iwobi is not ready to play for Arsenal and Laca is the only one who has skills and class right now. Another big problem we have is playmaker since Santi left we don’t have anybody to fill that position Toreira and Guondouzi they for the future. A big fee doesn’t guarantee you a classic player ie Morata, Arrazabaga, (Chelsea) Lukaku and Fred (manu) With Emery/Raul experience with Spain/Europe and South America market we should be able to get some quality players with a decent transfer fee and Raul’s experience on that side we should be just fine and that’s something Arsenal didn’t have since David Dein left.

          2. Enagic says:

            We have been also linked with Brahimi and hector Herrera from Porto and both will be free agents next summer and they are they better and dominant in their position compare with what we have and they can be big help for at least two seasons. Lastly, we have linked with some good unknown players Grimaldo from Benfica and Leandro Trossard from Genk and Wesley morales and are all within our budget

  36. khitb77 says:

    You can’t pick a player, any player over a manager who’s been in the job a few months.

    If, say it was a choice between Thierry Henry in his prime or Arsene Wenger in his prime, what would you do?

    Players have a short career at their very best and Ozil is 30, he’s past his best now anyway.

    Emery hasn’t had a chance to build his own team yet, the truth is we can’t say either way how we’re going to play as a club, until he’s got his players on the pitch, playing his way.

    The criticism both Ozil and Emery get is crazy, but I’d pick Emery over Ozil, simply because Ozil was invisible while playing under Wenger for countless games. Wenger loved Ozil and bent over backwards for him. So if Ozil can’t be a consistent, world class player while playing for a manager who gave him repeated opportunities, then why would he perform any better if he plays for Emery?

    We must make sure we sell Ozil in the summer. Let Emery get his players in and then and ONLY then can Emery be judged fairly.

    1. Enagic says:

      Spot on !!

    2. Midkemma says:

      “If, say it was a choice between Thierry Henry in his prime or Arsene Wenger in his prime, what would you do?”

      Wenger came into Arsenal and respected our def play, he worked hard with the current defenders to not only prolong their carer, to help them achieve more as a team.

      Emery has came in and thrown out our free flowing football.

      Ole respects UTD tradition and didn’t try to force his way. He has done well since taking over from Jose who tried to force UTD to play his way… and failed.

      If you are going to liken Emery Vs Ozil to anyone then I feel it would be better to liken it to Pgba v Jose.

      1. khitb77 says:

        You didn’t watch much of Wenger’s last season or so if you think we were still playing “free flowing football”.

        We were pants.

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