Arsenal Debate: Would you swap Xhaka for Christian Eriksen?

This is an interesting Arsenal transfer rumour to keep you amused today. It would appear reports from Italy (interpreted by CaughtOffside) that the ex-Spud is not very happy at Inter Milan, despite only having been there for less than a year, and the suggestion is that we could cheer up Eriksen and offer Conte a swap deal for Granit Xhaka in January.

His boss at Inter is the old Chelsea boss Antonio Conte, and he seems to have frozen the Danish international out of the team. When Conte was asked this week why Eriksen was not starting for Inter, Conte told Gazetta dello Sport: ‘All the choices I make are always and only for the good of Inter not for the good of the single player.

‘Players must be functional to an idea and a project in order to be competitive at national and international level.

‘The modern footballer must be fast, strong, resistant. I take the technique for granted if you join a club like Inter.’

That certainly sounds like Conte is not impressed with Eriksen, but us Arsenal fans know how effective the Dane was over the road at Tottenham, and in fact he may be less of a risk than getting Aouar, who has never played in England.

As for Xhaka, he was persuaded to stay at Arsenal by Arteta, he is never going to be a big fan favourite at the Emirates and has obviously thought a lot about leaving. Also considering he was very keen to move to the Bundesliga earlier this year, perhaps it is a feasible rumour.

Do you think Arsenal fans would accept an ex-Spud? And would you be happy to swap him for Xhaka?

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  1. That’ll be the greatest news. Xhaka is a player who delays counter attacks. He won’t pass the ball quicker, even though we’ve got got attackers of electrifying pace. Xhaka will instead make a back pass. I really don’t understand how Xhaka plays football.

    1. Hell yeah, quality proven player from the old enemy, would take him tomorrow, bring in the young Hungarian as well or bring in Soumare as box to box and let Partey do def mid duties or vice versa, Eriksen Partey, Szob, good combo.

    2. Xhaka at any time, he might not be the best but for the critics have you asked yourself why he is Switzerland captain, he was moncenglandbach captain, why Unai made him captain and still wears the armband under Mikel? He might be slow but we have a good win rate with him on the pitch than without .

      1. Xhaka is quality

        However different fans want different players

        let split the club and have Arsenal A and Arsenal B

      2. Xhaka is a suck-up, a teacher’s pet. Even in a group photo he positions himself next to Arteta. That’s how he behaves, so people without requisite self-awareness like him. He’s also a good player, just not very good and definitely not suitable to the pace of the EPL.

        Eriksen has been getting worse for about 2 years now, but this deal would still make sense IF he agrees on the same salary he has at Inter.

  2. Wow wenger said it now conte as back it up that football has moved away from the traditional #10 like a bergkamp,fabregas and ozil they want players that can run,press and adopt to any system and i think the main changers were first pep but he would use 10s that would become 8s but they ave good workrate but klopp change it completely by playing that a midfield of dms they are good passers but those eye of the needle passes through the middle are done now.

    1. Not really. If you watch carefully No 10 is live and well in the EPL. Liverpool, the Spurs, Chelsea, and United (last week) are using the traditional No 10 more and more. Press and defend is a fad that produces ugly football and will disappear because it requires a lot of energy no one player is capable of sustaining all season long. With the reduction of substitutes during a game that makes it even harder.

      1. lcw, couldn’t agree more, I pay for both Sky & BT Sport and so far it’s a waste of money except for the odd game. I know the lack of fans doesn’t help but the current style of so called ‘modern’ football is so numbingly boring I regularly switch off.

  3. While I am not a great fan of Xhaka I would not swap him for Eriksen who was a very fine player, but no longer is.I would however be happy to sell Xhaka or to swap him for Szoboszlai with a cash inducement of 5m to RBS.

  4. Eriksen would be a great signing and has PL experience. But the point is , will he be ready to join Arsenal and will Xhaka go the other way. As a player, Eriksen is technically gifted, good at dribbling, good at free kick situations and a good forward passer of the ball, not backwards like Xhaka. With Partey behind him and Auba in front, it will mostly work out for us.

  5. Oh God YES! In a heartbeat! What fool would not want a top proven Prem player instead of a slow, immobile, ponderous, mistake ridden, sub par player like XHAKA! People who would not take Eriksen because he once played for Spurs are simple minded and not putting the club they CLAIM to love before their own childish prejudices.

    That being said, this will NOT happen as most on here surely realise!

    1. For someone that prides himself on telling us he loathes lazy players ,I find your post rather strange that you would endorse such a signing ,unless you haven’t actually watched Eriksen play at all in the last 3years ,because if you had you would know that he is one of the biggest strollers in football today .

      1. Dankit, Simply untrue! LESS THAN three years ago from now Eriksen was still starring as a key Spurs player. He lost heart at Spuds but his pedigree is proven and he is not old either. And I do not “pride myself” as you oddly put it at all. I simply tell anyone who is sensible enough to think properly what they must surely already know; that in a team game, a TEAM game(listening Ozil!!?), ALL players have a duty to play for their teammates, AND FANS, as much as their duty is also to themselves.
        IMO Eriksen was always a fine team player at Spurs, til the last year when he lost heart at how he was being mistreated and the club mismanaged, which resulted in Poch getting sacked. I understood WHY he was sacked too!

        1. Under Poch, Erikson improved his defensive game considerably, but one has to ask why he hasn’t been a success in Italy?
          They are still renowned for their defensive play and he hasn’t been able to impress Conte and he says it loud and clear.
          So much so, he sounds like the echo of Mikel Arteta on Mesut Ozil:

          “My players must be functional (insert attack and defend) to suit my project (insert vision) for the good of Inter (insert The Arsenal).
          All the choices I make are always and only for the good of Inter, not for the good of the player.”
          While Eriksen says (insert Ozil) “Obviously, mentally it is hard because I am not accustomed to sit on the bench, but now I have had to get used to it.”
          Shades of MA and MO wouldn’t you say?

          What Jon is forgetting, when describing anyone who rates Xhaka as “simple minded” is the fact that it was MA who persuaded Xhaka not to leave the club!!!!
          He actually said “I think he will stay – the way we want to play, if we can get him on board he can be a tremendous player for the club.
          It is everything – his commitment, I like the way he is, the way he lives, his professionalism and the way he trains – he is a great football player – there are not as many with his quality on the ball and the way he eliminates passes and the range of his pass. I am delighted to have him.” (source: talksport 2/1/20 at 8.48 am.)

          Looks as if he rates him a lot higher than Jon and others on here, so I don’t see him entertaining a swap deal in the near future – never thought of Mikel Arteta as “simple minded” either, come to that.

          1. Point out where you say, which I DENY, I stated that Xhaka was simple minded, if you can! Thats a direct challenge to your lie KEN!




            1. Jon, first of all, it was MA who persuaded Xhaka to stay – the player had already agreed to move to Hertha Berlin, but was persuaded to stay (source dailymail 20/12/19).

              Once MA had persuaded Xhaka to stay, he made the statement I reproduced above on the 2/1/20 via talksport…so no lies there and we can all read EXACTLY what MA thinks of the player.

              If he DIDN’T believe that Jon, why didn’t he just let him leave and for the reported transfer fee of £38,000,000 (source daily mail 20/12/19)?

              On to you r question about being “simple minded”.
              I didn’t say that you said Xhaka was “simple minded”…please read my post again.
              Please read your 10.35 post and digest what you said – I then quoted MA’s rave about Xhaka and how Erikson’s situation is so much like the one MO has found himself in.

              MY conclusion, or opinion, or view, or thoughts were that, if MA sees MO in the same light as Conte sees Erikson, why would he be so “simple minded” as to contemplate an exchange deal?

              Your views on Xhaka as being, “slow, immobile, ponderous, mistake ridden, sub par player” contrast completely to those of the man you see as the one to lead us forward, Mikel Arteta and I was pointing out the difference to you and anyone else interested.
              Plus the reported £38,000,000 already mentioned, doesn’t stack up easily with your description does it?

              Now I could be rude Jon, and accuse you of being ten years old and unable to read a post properly, but I’m not that kind of person, so I’ll let that one go if you don’t mind?

              I have directly answered your challenge, it wasn’t a lie and I trust you will apologize profusely?

              As for not seeing “shades of grey” or being unable “to read between the lines” regarding Mikel’s endorsement of Granit Xhaka, I am willing to be educated as to what I have missed.

              Can you enlighten me a little more please?

              1. Ken, firstly a humble apology, as I CLEARLY DID NOT read that sentence properly!

                Secondly, as I havelong said , MA is a pragmatist to his fingertips and at THAT TIME, he knew that currently at the club there was no player more suitable than Xhaka, who whatever his faults, is rarely unfit. Thanks to the meanness of Kroenke and the ineptitude of both Emery and Wenger, a massive DM hole was a long term problem, not cured by the AW purchase of Xhaka. He has never been the answer and wiser fans have long known this. The fact that MA has played him is down to there being no one better AND available!
                Since then, Partey has come and Elneny has been, apparently, reborn – though that may well be an illusion , as I SUSPECT!
                On your “enlightenment ” point Ken, this comes down to our vastly different philosophy of whether or not one believes as gospel trurh EVERY publicly uttered statement.

                I have oft argued with you on this principle. I see my shades of grey in the fact that many people say things for all sorts of tactical reasons, while not believing what they say themselves . This ia widely accepted in parenting, in business, inpolitics, in most walks of life and it happens in sport, esp in football. You seem, to my mind, not to accept this. But I do! I have many times made this point to you and am getting tired of you constantly asking me to yet again explain away a statment that I question but which you do never do. You either believe there are such things as shades of grey or you do not. Shades of grey are not necesarily lies -though sometimes they may be – but neither are they the whole truth.

                Managers, coaches, owners, players, agents , even the football authorities, often issue statements for reasons of their own; to ingratiate themselves with fans, with team mates, to gain more money, for hopeful career enhancement, for deliberate deceit and for all sorts of other reason(or combinations of reasons) , hence “shades of grey”.

                I do NOT believe that MA, as a highly switched on man, is ignorant of Xhakas limitations and I believe MA wants a better player and in time will get one. But til that happens, he is a pragmatist!

                Hope that helps but on my shades of grey point , sadly I know I will at some time be forced to repeat it to you.

                1. Jon, thanks for the response and apology, being humble was not necessary my friend

                  The reason for the original post was simply because your assessment of the player was so different to that of Arteta and I thought it worth drawing your attention, along with others who felt the same, his thoughts.

                  As for reading between the lines, rest assured I am aware of the need, as one can tell by the conversation with Kstix and Fire regarding Leno and AMN.

                  Anyway, on to the next debate, with no hard feelings.

  6. Eriksen had a pretty effective PL career and if it hasn’t worked for him in Italy I’m sure he’d do well enough in England again.
    I doubt if he’d make an ideal straight swap for Xhaka though as they’re different type midfielders. More likely as a replacement for Ceballos.
    Players who didn’t make it in Italy have had decent careers in England, I can go back to Jimmy Greaves & Joe Baker but also worth noting is how well it turned out for Bergkamp, Vieira & Henry after leaving Serie A.

    1. Excellent points Jax and, apart from Vieria, they were all attacking players in an ultra defensive league.

      The thought regarding Eriksen and Ceballos also seems credible, but we don’t know what Real would ask for Cebs if a permanent transfer was available – more than the £35,000,000 quoted by Inter on 7th September 2020?
      Ceballos is currently valued at £44,000,000 (28/4/20) by Madrid, so with MO going in June, either would be a huge investment, although the salary involved would be covered by Ozil leaving…a really intriguing twist to the story!!!

  7. It is one of the best business Arteta could have done for us following the performance of Ericksen and his excellent free kicks right from his youthful age at Ajax fc and fantastic experience in England and especially when you’ve got a player like Party in the team, he would go very fast for Ericksen and add Domink just at £22millions to him.

          1. Only teasing! Though I am of course devilishly handsome as only I am shrewd enough to realise, I tend to avoid looking in mirrors as it become expensive having to replace all the broken glass!

        1. Don’t think xhaka is leaving anytime soon. As for Ericsson a big no .
          As he is lazy and not an upgrade on our squad. Dominik szoboszlai is a welcome addition to the squad. Tall,quick and good on the ball. good for epl

  8. Conte said …….
    “The modern footballer must be fast, strong, resistant. I take the technique for granted if you join a club like Inter”.
    Well I guess that rules out Xhaka then 🤔

  9. Majority are in support if this but I beg to differ.
    Eriksen is exactly like Ozil and I am surprised people do not know this. He is just about the final ball and dead ball- every other part of his game will not really help us.
    Conte has said it all “the modern footballer” he is the old school number 10, he is not aggresive, not robust and cannot carry a team, if he is not fast and aggresive enough for Seria A, how will he fare in the PL now that he is getting on?

    Xhaka can pass and defend, Eriksen can only pass , Xhaka might not be good enough, but I prefer him to Eriksen.

      1. I was Thinking exactly the same thing ,and look up the post and fans that can’t stand Ozil are actually thinking that it’s a great idea ,obviously they don’t watch football to come out with such garbage .
        Eriksen stopped playing football 3 years ago so I’m not sure what he would bring to Arsenal unless I’ve been watching a different footballer .

  10. No way. Xhaka is the only left-footed DM at Arsenal who can swiftly transition to a left CB or LB in the game and Arteta doesn’t seem to want to play with a CAM anymore, as seen in the way he assigns Ceballos in deep midfield area

    If we really need to use a CAM, I’d prefer someone who can hold the defenders off and good in aerial duels like Bergkamp. Or a hardworking dribbler with plenty of tricks like Ceballos, not the ones who like to hide like Eriksen and Ozil

  11. I think our best midfield combination will ultimately include both Partey and Xhaka as well as a more attacking option.

    Don’t think Erickson is the kind of player Arteta has in mind. Would rather give chances to ESR, Saka et al if he cant find what he wants in next window.

  12. Saw this on Twitter:
    Inter Milan have offered Christian Eriksen to Arsenal as part of a swap deal for Granit Xhaka. [Corriere dello Sport]
    The reports are true, Arsenal are open to the deal, Inter are pushing for a permanent deal but it’s looking like a loan swap for the remainder of the season #AFC

    Wow, I’m surprised at this…

    1. Sue, I read it a little differently to you, in as much as the report says that Inter are to PROPOSE a deal involving Ericsen and Xhaka.

      The site,, goes on to say that a willingness to offload Xhaka seems unlikely as the Swiss captain has been backed by MA and his form has improved ten-fold under the Spaniard.

      From the quotes attributed to MA regarding GX, it would come as a massive surprise if this did happen – but in today’s world, anything can happen!!!!

  13. I dont like the swap deal because i see Xhaka as tge most consiatent player since MA took over.Everybody,evrrybody had tgeir upd and downs but Xhakas been consistent.Ya he has his faults but he is not the problem right now.

    And as for Conte,I prefer technique over hardwork anyday.And i dont think class players like Ozil,Eriksen who are often called lazy would have amazing technique if they didnt work hard in the first place.

    And as of tge modern game,it has got very intense but not beautiful or entertaining.

  14. With Xhaka and Party at the base of midfield and a creative player in front
    of them say Aouar or Dominik from Salsburg, I believe it can be a good team and having Elneny for games requiring sitting deep

  15. Isn’t it kind of a like for like with Ozil, or worse? Eriksen doesn’t offer us what GX offers, and he will just be a revolving door in the midfield. If the deal happens and he flops, then people will again slate MA and the management for taking on another reject from our rivals, though indirectly this time, LOL!

  16. We need creative and fast players like dominik and Soumare not Eriksen,

    Arsenal should stop with over used players.

  17. Erikson for Xhaka? Please Please Please. It’s a no brainer as our US friends would say. Mind you though it’s not much of a comparison.

  18. Conte says players must be fast strong and resistant .. xhaka doesn’t meet any of those criteria … And that’s before we get to lack of control no vision poor passing … Conte is no idiot … Might strike a swap deal with Barnsley manager if we are lucky

    1. Not Ozil supporter but common, Ozil does not fit in the system but we are talking about Eriksen. Anyone think
      of Mata too for just $350k/pw

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