Arsenal decision could cost player his international future

One of the most promising players in the Arsenal youth team now is Marcelo Flores and they are keen to see the 18-year-old develop into a top player.

The youngster is already a member of the Mexico national team system, and he has played for their youth teams at different levels.

He was expected to be a part of the squad to help his country’s under20 secure a place in the next World Cup.

However, Arsenal stopped him from linking up with them because they want him to be available for pre-season, according to La Opinion.

However, the Gunners did not take him with them for their tour of the United States.

The report claims omitting him from the squad has angered the Mexican football authorities and it now means the attacker might not be invited for national team commitments again.

Just Arsenal Opinion

It is normal for his national team to be angry at Arsenal, especially as their campaign went badly and he has not been taken for preseason as the club claimed.

However, it doesn’t mean he will not be asked to represent Mexico again. If he builds a good club career, they will come knocking on his door again.

He just needs to focus on breaking into our first team now.

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  1. I am sure Arsenal have a great reason why they didn’t let a young lad represent his country.

  2. What the fudge? We denied him the opportunity to play for the national team but didn’t even take him on for the preseason?

    What the hell is going on? I hope Hutchinson departing won’t start a mass exodus.

    IMO Hutchinson, Flores, Ballard and Hein are /were the most promising youngsters in our U23 team. Now we’ve sold 2 of them for peanuts.

      1. Patino I hope as but on about 3 stone since last season because he looked like a player you would see in an under 15 team last season .
        A lot of hype around him but I didn’t see in the few games he played ,looked lightweight and easily blushed off the ball ,something we already have in abundance already .

  3. I am more worried about Flores himself being annoyed at not going on the tour.
    Arteta took Leno, who won’t play in case he gets injured before sale. Bellerin who is desperate to leave. Alex Runarsson (???), Pablo Mari who is leaving…
    But promising Flores left at home, while Marquinhos who is now his competition was there?

    If I was Flores I would be annoyed!

    1. Well said Admin. Is it true Arteta took 5 GK to the U.S. in the squad?

      Simply foolish and stupid to take Runarsson and leave Flores in England. We could showcase Flores for a possible loan, but again poor man management from Arteta.

      Mari is another wasted body when academy players would benefit more in my opinion.
      Yet more missed opportunities for players, I had hoped to see Arteta take advantage of our rich academy, but instead squandered preseason games on players with no future at Arsenal.

  4. On the surface it looks like squad mismanagement – I’m sure these kids talk and you have to wonder how much this affected Huthinson ‘s decision.

    On the other hand, we’re not privy to everything that goes on inside the club. It’s not unusual for players to collude with their club to avoid unwanted international duty but that’s usually friendlies whereas this was U20 world cup.

    I’m not clear on the age limits though. The FIFA site says those bron after Jan 1 1999 can play in the WC, but Flores was born Oct 1 2003.

    That seems way too old, so unless there are different rules for the qualifiers… either way, it seems as though Flores would be ineligible for the finals, which might explain a degree of apathy on his part?

    1. Scratch that, the rules seem to be:

      “Players born on or after 1 January 2003 and on or before 31 December 2007 will be eligible to compete in the tournament.”

      After I submitted the post above it rattled around the old grey cell for a while and I realised that players born in 1999 would be nearly 23 now. I found the text above on Wikipedia, not sure what I was reading on (what appeared to be) an official FIFA site.

  5. The squad brought to the US is full of bizzare choices. Unless Patino, Azeez, Flores are close to loans/unvaxxed/injured, why are we bringing players that have no future and wont kick a ball for us ever again? Runnarson? Torreira? Even Bellerin is a stretch, the guy has said he doesn’t want to be here anymore and wants to go back to Betis. I think arteta has made some strange decisions regarding our youth players lately. Does he have any intention of using them? Is Norton-Cuffy unavailable rn too? Thought we’d at least see him training with first team.

  6. There must be some underlying issue for AFC to stop him from joining up with his country, there has to be more to the story. Or it could be because they want to safeguard a loan move for the lad if there isn’t a medical issue

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