Arsenal ‘declare interest’ in keen Cazorla replacement

Pablo Fornals has put the brakes on a deal to join Valencia, after supposedly hearing of interest from Arsenal.

The 21 year-old is enjoying his second season in the first-team having broken through the ranks last term, and has notched up six goals in his 29 league outings this term.

Fornals is claimed to be of a similar ilk to Arsenal key man Santi Cazorla, who left Malaga to join the Gunners back in 2012, coincidentally the same year that Fornals joined the club from lower-league side CD Callejon.

The attacking midfielder was supposedly close to joining near-rivals Valencia, but is now claimed to be holding out after Arsenal made their interest public.

Fornals is believed to be available for a modest £10 Million due to a release clause in his contract, although the terms of the clause are uncertain.

Cazorla has extended his contract by another year, but after consecutive seasons dominated by injuries, the Gunners have been forced to look or a long-term replacement sooner rather than later, with another injury possible in the coming campaign.

The 32 year-old is claimed to have been a huge blow to Arsenal’s last two campaigns, when they had expècted to do much better, but his absence cost them hugely.

His replacement may well have been found, and with only two years remaining on his current deal, and a supposed willingness to move to Arsenal makes this move seem all-the-more likely.

Can Fornals be the player we have needed to replace Cazorla in midfield? Could Santi mentor him during his first season with the club before taking over his role?

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  1. JPS_AFC1 says:

    Isco . Why are we always shopping in the pound shop. We need proven performers not potential

    1. sanmi.marvellous says:

      ….And if you are Isco, who is gradually gaining ground at Bernabeu, you will leave for Arsenal,?
      What will be your motivating factor, especially now that you (Isco) are the beneficiary of Bale absence.

      1. lord wafflebury says:

        Actually hes not….isco realises his days are numbered at RM…the lad that subbed him last night is due to be first choice next season ahead of isco

  2. bunga bunga says:

    Thumbs up = draw against Yanited
    Thumbs down = loss

  3. HA559 says:

    Don’t worry there is no need for this guy. Ramsey and Walcott are the future of Arsenal, Ramsey with more attempted backheels per game than Ronaldo, and Walcott with his disappearing act, these guys are untouchable. Lets not forget up top Giroud, who is such a stylish player.

    There is atleast 10 players who need to be let go of in the summer, if that means getting only 5 top players as replacement then be it. It all stems from Wenger though doesn’t it. This is his team, he continually backs rubbish players season after season, this year they let him down further by not getting top 4. Let see if he still keeps them.

    1. Drayton says:

      I do think Wenger has finally realized that he’s been let down. Unfortunately for him, it’s years too late. It’s his fault he keeps trusting this rubbish, and it’s his fault we are at this crossroad and caught in complete limbo over our future. I don’t think he or anyone within the club has the answer. The only thing I can come up with, outside the obvious sales of the worthless (and yes, this includes Ozil, Giroud, Walcott and Coquelin), is hand Thierry Henry a 5-year contract and let him recruit players with his popularity and charisma. He knows what it means to wear an Arsenal shirt, and we desperately need this mentality restored to the club.

      1. Jonm says:

        We need a proven manager. I do not want to remember Thierry as a failed arsenal manager.

        1. Drayton says:

          I can agree with that. He would inherit a mess. I’d love to get Diego Simeone and instill some passion and fire to the team to hopefully negate our passive tendencies. And yes, he’s more than proven himself despite the occasional suspension.

  4. John Ibrahim says:

    We need proven players…

    Someone big name and big tag

    Not another no name no tag no game fornals, carnals or nonals

  5. Espion_arge says:

    Kelechi Nwakali is having a very good
    season at MVV Maastricht.

    1. stubill says:

      No thanks, he’s African, which means if he’s any good we’ll lose him for a couple of months every two to the pointless AFCON competition.

      1. sanmi.marvellous says:

        don’t worry. the new CAF president has promised to change the AFCON periods to once in every 4 yrs just like that of their counterparts in europe and south america.

      2. Gworm says:

        er, I think we already have him, African or not. He’s out on loan.

  6. adi says:

    haha I love how arsenal fans wants wenger out too, otherwise Arsenal wont sign big players. Do fans even understand who handed wenger the transfer budget? DO you think Wenger is the one that decided their transferbudget and wage? lol silly people

    1. ojay says:

      Oh shaaat the board decide tactics formations or lineup.give these same so call deadwood players a better manager and you would be very surprised

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