Arsenal defence crippled by Sausages!

I know Arsenal’s defensive problems are no laughing matter right now, especially as Arsene Wenger has now told us that we will have to do without Larent Koscielny for yet another month, but I just had to laugh when I saw Wenger saying that Koscielny’s achilles problem was caused by a spicy French Sausage!

Wenger said in yesterday’s injury update: ‘He has not started running outside, so you cannot think he will be available in two weeks,’

‘He will not be available for three or four weeks.’

french-salami‘There is no need for surgery. His achilles on the scans are quite good. It’s just inflammation. Too much French salami,’

‘You miss him every time you concede a stupid goal. You think, “Oh, if he was there”, but we have conceded some with him as well. Could we have stopped goals without him? I say yes.’

All I can say is that I seriously hope that French Salami is banned from the club canteen if it can cause such serious damage!

With David Ospina, Debuchy and Arteta also taking no part in tomorrow’s game against Swansea our lack of defensive options is yet again highlighted, but Wenger also revealed that Theo Walcott will need more time to get a starting spot in the team. He said on “In our job, every time you have a big injury, there is a bigger chance of having another,”

“Overall he has been taken care of very well.

“He is now ready to play again and we just have to leave him in peace and give him the time needed to come back.

“He has been out for 10 months – I don’t know if you realise how long that is. People think it’s like mechanics.

“Players are not machines, they are human beings and to get back into the rhythm of the top, top competition will take time.”

Yes it will take time, and of course a well-managed diet. Just make sure he doesn’t go near any French sausages!

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  1. Thando says:

    This is what you call punishment for not buying that cb and it will get worse

  2. vijaygunner says:

    don’t we have utd at home after the international break?! oh well falcao vs monreal should be fun.

    1. Tas says:

      We can always hit them with French Salami

      1. Tas says:

        And we now know what happened to Ozil German Frankfurter sausages they can raly cause you injury.

    2. Mesut O-grillz says:

      I thought Falcao had an injury

      1. vijaygunner says:

        k then van judas and rooney vs per and nacho.

  3. Archangel says:

    I am not at all surprised..he’s best mate Giroud got into troubles by his spicy french sausage last year before Everton game…

  4. says:

    If the french sausages is proved to be the source of causing injuries or agreviate it for the Gunners. The early it is banned at Arsenal the heathier would the Gunners become. On our CB and the CDM reinforcements, I think the boss can reinforce his CBs with his acquiring Chris Smalling from Man United by all means. William Calvaho has been tailored for a long for our CDM position reinforcement. I don’t know if the boss will still bid to sign them or not. But if he doesn’t, I am sure he will sign other top quality players that will not be less the qualities of Smalling and Calvaho.

  5. Greg says:

    We need a quality centre back wenger! When will it take you to understand, that your stubborness not to bring in a cb and dm has cost us dearly so far!

  6. Greg says:

    Im very sadden that koscielny would be out for a longer period of time!

    1. Mesut O-grillz says:

      no one should be shocked by this honestly. It happens all the time in the AFC.

  7. Sumo says:

    Get a gut feeling that Liverpool will sneak a win.

  8. CraigZWE says:

    Debucy Chambers Kos Gibbs
    Ramsey Wilshire
    Theo Ozil Sanchez

    Can’t wait to see the team.

    If only they were all fit

  9. fred cowardly says:

    Come on Liverpool!!!!!

  10. Daedric_Lord says:

    already 1-1

  11. CraigZWE says:

    Hope Chelsea win.

    Lets face it, we not fighting City or Chelsea.

    We fighting Pool, United, Southampton and Spurs.
    That’s what we have become, a club hoping others do the job for us.

    Now Westham, Swansea, they can beat Chelsea and City for us.

    1. GOONSTER says:

      City are pants.. We have all got a chance if we sort ourselves out.. I am not convinced with city..

      And I think Chelsea are overrated, nothing special, it’s just hype because the other teams are just playing bad, but if you attack Chelsea they look weak.. Some teams have shown this.

      I don’t know why but I don’t rate Chelsea, I think if teams can organize themselves quick then it’s still on..

      I might be sounding deluded but that’s how I have been feeling all season… They are not Madrid or Bayern, those 2 are just too good..

      1. Mesut O-grillz says:

        To me it seems like Chelsea get several goals from dead balls. Like the PK against us. Then their deliveries from set pieces by Cesc are perfect (the only time I know that he’s been in this game.) And Chelsea have enough tall players to give any defender a challenge.

    2. Mesut O-grillz says:

      naw F that. I’m rooting for the Livers.

  12. rkw says:

    watching chelsea you can see what a weak manager wenger has become…in last 10 years he has been unable to bring the kind of power and organisation that mourinho brings to his teams and is critical to any team that actually wants to win stuff….and with fabregas and hazard chelsea have added the creaivity factor….there are no excuses anymore for the frog bullshiter…he just has to go

    1. Sumo says:

      Ha ha ha. Complete agree. Very true. Very. Fabregas has been outstanding vs Liverpool.

  13. Trudeau says:

    I’ve got a real sinking feeling about Koscielny and this injury. I don’t see it going away. Even more reason to spend large on a CB in January.

  14. Mesut O-grillz says:

    Hazard gets waaaaay to much hype. I’m taking Sanchez over him every single day.

    1. GOONSTER says:

      To me I think Sanchez is a Ronaldo while Hazard is a Messi… Ronaldo and Sanchez are hard workers and talent, hard work sees them through while Messi and Hazard are just natural talents.

      1. Mesut O-grillz says:

        you think Ronaldo works hard?

  15. GOONSTER says:

    But Sanchez gives more to the team apart from his talent…He will score, track back, create, hustle etc.. The guy does not stop running for each 90 minutes.

  16. Sumo says:

    Willan may just lie down and cry to his mom. Motherfcuker play, stop looking for a foul.

  17. rkw says:

    hazard plays largely on wing…how does he compare with walcott and ox…am sorry but he is a different level of class…he also works harder than our whippet

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