Arsenal defended for redundancies as players are more important to the club

Jason Cundy has defended Arsenal’s decision to put some members of their staff into redundancy after they came in for widespread criticism because of their action.

The Gunners have just announced that 55 members of their staff will be placed on redundancy as they try to cushion the effect of coronavirus on their finances.

The club has been heavily criticized for that move especially after their recent windfall brought about by qualifying for the Europa League.

They had also asked their players to take pay cuts earlier in the year because of the same covid19.

Their recent action means more people have now lost their jobs because of the pandemic and that doesn’t sit well with a number of people.

Piers Morgan has criticized them for sacking staff on small salaries while keeping hold of the likes of Mesut Ozil who is on mega-money, yet not playing for the club at the moment.

But Cundy believes that the players are the most important people at the club.

“I’m not defending what Arsenal have done, but the footballers at the club are the ones that make the club tick,” said the talkSPORT host.

“No one is ever going to say, ‘Willian and Aubameyang should not get their money because the cleaner needs an extra £5 a week – nobody is ever going to say that.

“The most important people at the football club are the players. It’s not fair, but that’s just the way it is.

“I hope my club doesn’t go down this route because it doesn’t look good, but when another industry does it why can’t Arsenal do it?

“We’ve seen some of the biggest industries in the world struggle. Football is no different to banking, airlines – I mean, Virgin Airlines have just filed for bankruptcy!

“There are two work forces at football clubs – the people behind the scenes that do the administration, the catering, the tickets, and then there’s the playing staff.

“Don’t confuse the two.

“No football club is going to take away from the playing staff. The behind the scenes staff rely on the first team.

If the first team don’t perform, don’t get European football or win trophies, they’ll have to make staff cuts somewhere, that’s what football clubs do.

“What sticks in the neck for everyone, and I understand this, is the huge wages.

“But businesses up and down the high street across the world are going bust and having to lay people off, so why do people look at football clubs as if they’re so different?” 

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  1. Somebody makes sense for once & he’s ex Sp*ds weird lol doesn’t everyone know if we could get rid of Ozil we would have done by now, he’s been a weight around Arsenal’s neck for a while now, it’s unfortunate staff have lost jobs, on top of the 55 we are shifting 13 or so scouts as well, what stinks is Raul & Vinai stating the cuts are necessary so we can compete at the top again, that’s BS as £2M isn’t going to pay most players annual wage, KSE have many franchises where cuts have been made so it’s not just our beloved Arsenal, the staff are without a job as there isn’t work for them so makes sense atm, I’m just hoping they get their jobs back when things go back to normal in 2021/22

    1. deano, I have now had the chance to read a number of you posts on JA – and, BTW, am I right that you are fairly new on here – and am massively impressed by your clear sightedness and wisdom on AFC matters. I am known on here for speaking my mind, whether for good or ill and no doubt will from time to time disagree with you, purely on the law of averages, if nothing else! SO FAR I HAVE MUCH AGREED WITH ALL YOU HAVE WRITTEN.

      But be reassured, I find you a great addition to this site and fervently wish your shrewd Arsenal intellect were more widely shared by certain others. BTW, I am approaching seventy and have been a Gooner since 1958, when first attending regularly.

  2. I really dislike the reality that Cundy states but recognise it is true . Arsenal are a football club and so the most important employees must be footballers ANDthose directly involved with players, such as coaches. And MA of course!

  3. I no longer know where I stand on this one to be honest!there are valid arguments on both sides and on top of that new details are coming out every few hours,or am I simply too stupid??

  4. Footballers make or can make massive amounts of money for this club, the rest are just workers and dont bring value to the club. Harsh but true.

    1. Reggie, so true and in any field of life, those with great talent, will always get thrlions share on wealth.

      That may be sad, it may be unfair, depending upon
      your life views but it is certainly true and unlikely to change while humans are as we are.
      I guess too that most lesser talented fans, at football anyway, will accept that fact, PROVIDED that the talented ones give their all!

      Did someone mention OZIL then! Not on THIS site surely(he lied!)

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