Arsenal defender asks to leave? Chambers to step-up?

Arsenal’s Shkodran Mustafi has supposedly told the club that he wishes to leave, and has agreed a move with Inter Milan. The German international joined the club from Valencia in a reported £35 Million deal only last summer, and after a rocky opening campaign, is now being linked with the exit door.

Juventus and both Milan clubs have been speculated as interested parties, but according to the latest reports in Italy, the player has agreed a move to join Inter this summer. Arsenal will have to agree a fee for the sale to actually move forwards of course, but the claim is that Mustafi has made his intention to leave the club clear.

The Gunners will likely aim to recoup the full £35 Million which they paid only a year ago should they agree to his sale, but it is uncertain whether they would feel that they need to sign another centre-back to replace him, or give more responsibility to those already in the squad.

Mohamed Elneny and Calum Chambers both featured in the back three during pre-season, and could well be able to fill the hole left by the 25 year-old’s departure, but with Gabriel Paulista having recently departed the club, there may well be need for another defender.

Virgil Van Dijk is supposedly on our radar, and we are aware that he has already handed in a transfer request this summer, although he is supposedly favouring a switch to Liverpool at present.

Southampton have already made Liverpool apologise for the way in which they pursued the centre-back, and may prefer their star defender to move elsewhere instead, and he would certainly relish playing in a back-three,

Is Chambers ready to step-up? Would Van Dijk be enough? Is Mustafi easily replaceable?

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  1. World cup winner that has got 3 or 4 years to run on his contract must cost at least 60m in this crazy market.

  2. Honestly I’m sick of all the false hope bs. Wenger is insane, can we please all agree on that? He literally is the definition of the word INSANE according to Albert Einstein. We never spend on what we clearly need and as a result we will never win the league. We must spend. Our three best players were all brought in for hefty fees, but hell I dont know where we’d be without them. If Arsenal dont sign a quality midfielder, Mahrez/Draxler, and a centre back, we will luckily make europa league. We are as big as Everton.

    1. Why stop there? Don’t watch on TV either because it benefits broadcasting companies and part of the revenue still goes to the club. Some “fans” who probably never stepped foot at the Emirates make such ridiculous statements that it makes me cringe. SMH.

  3. If player exchanges were more common, Chambers and £25m for VVD would be my top choice. Since they aren’t, we’ve got little choice other than put some hope in Chambers. He’s progressed since his loan to Middlesbrough and the U21s so I’m confident he’ll step up.

    Hard to fathom how this situation could happen so late in the window and after selling Gabriel. Either Mustafi has really f’d us over or our braintrust is truly clueless.

  4. OMG..

    I thought we are looking at selling the deadwood. Now some of our first team are leaving.

    Sanchez and Ozil might leave for free next season.

    Mustafi is leaving supposedly.

    Ox leaving as well..

    Don’t be surprised if Xhaka wants out sooner than later.

    Sinking ship it is.. And judging by the unpredictable Wenger, I doubt he will sign any defender when Mustafi leaves. He will sign a LB. That’s how insane Wenger is.. Oh Arsenal! Not looking good, but someday we will rise again when we get rid of the bad eggs on the helm of affairs.

  5. A sad state of affairs when the only players that want to stay are the ones that nobody else wants

  6. I knew we needed to sell but didn’t expect Gabriel to be one although we could cope without him but if Mustafi leaves; we would be in a mess. Looks like I just wants the transfer window to end now.

  7. Well this is just the beginning. Every player Wii think twice to come arsenal. Everyone and everything associated with this club. Manager, board members, CEO, owner and we fans. I do ask myself if we don’t deserve where we are. Everything with arsenal is magnet for negativity. We win, there is a bad thing to talk about, we drew we complain and when we loss the hell let lose. These players are human and social media too. Some of them have family and at a point they will ask themselves what I’m doing in this hell hole. They will want family safety and comfort and with what is being discussed on every arsenal blogs among fans is enough for some to want out. It not about all that is happening on the field or what has been won or to be won or money. It is also about safety , happiness and peace.

  8. How is it that for a club with money obsessed owners we never seem to sell our players for the right price. When was the last time we made profit on a player we sold ( who didn’t come through the academy obvs)? Mustafi should be going for £50 m + but instead we are only looking to get back what we paid. There has to be something seriously wrong with our transfer team

    1. Good question and the answer is not far fetched. How often do will rubbish our players ourselves. The common term used by us most to refer to our players is deadwood. How do you expect buying clubs to pay top doller for deadwood?

    1. Resources and Remember Resources are the same people I guess.I am Kev.
      So the fact that Mustafi has agreed to move means we’ve agreed a loan deal??Listen bro,I’ve already said that Wenger doesn’t want to sell Mustafi and has told them he’s not selling.I also mentioned that Wenger will only sell if he knows his replacements VVD,Johnny Evans etc. are 100% coming.Unless he’s sure of that he’s never selling.If he ever sells consider one of them in the bag

  9. For me this is very much rumour/speculation.
    But if Theres is any truth in it, it is quite astonishing, that several of our best players seem to want out, whereas we are struggling to sell the overrated ones, even to Championship clubs.
    Chambers is nowhere near good enough to play for a top club, and having a back line with him and Elneny in it would only worsen our defensive crisis.
    What a mess Arsenal has become.

  10. I don’t believe this rumour, but Arsenal do need to address core defensive issues, and firstly, they need to hold on to Mustafi.

    Next, we should sell Ox for as much as we can extort from Chelsea or Liverpool, then take all that money, add another ten million plus Chambers, and do a deal with Southampton to get Van Dijk. I would also take a risk and give some of our hungry youngsters a chance to step up and replace Ox, who is just going to rot on a bench where ever he goes.

    Lastly we should sell Elneny and make PSG an offer for Krychowiak.

    1. Joey Mack,
      Well done 100% correct, very smart why don’t you put your hand up to take over from Wenger, you seem to have the plan to take the club forward with your forward thinking. Getting rid off Ox and putting the $ into Chambers+$ for VVD is great business, selling Elneny he is not good enough anyways and using the money to get Krychowiak unbelievable. He is exactly what we need . Smart man

  11. So sad that I wish my team lose heavily today in order to force a change by this stubborn coach. If we win or draw, in his head, we are fine.

  12. If Mustafi leaves (don’t want him to) and we still plan to play 3 at the back then we need 2 centre backs. VVD and Manolas would be my first choice however don’t see us signing VVD. As a back up I would take Mamadou Sakho (hear me out). Sakho is a leader, no nonsense, physically strong, has presence and is available for £25/30m. I understand he isn’t the most graceful and easy on the eye. He’s out of favour due to a fall out with Klopp, not due to ability. A back 3 of Koscielny, Manolas/VVD and Sakho would be a quality back 3 with Holding, Chambers and Per as back ups.

    1. Sakho excelled for France until the mix up over testing derailed him. He is sometimes skittish but overall solid, aggressive defender and offers a good attacking option in set pieces.

  13. If Wenger is prepared to sell mustafi then he must have someone lined up to replace him not even he can be that deluded!!! Fear the worse against Liverpool think we will get a good hiding and show how far away we are from competing for the prem league a million miles away at the moment!

  14. I get what some off you are saying in wishing we get spanked by Liverpool but I just can’t even think it. It shouldn’t have to come to us getting spanked by a rival for our club to wake up and smell the roses. How can 99% of the fans know what the club need and the people in positions off power at the club not. Kroenke, Wenger, Gazidis, the whole Board off directors are milking the club for money. To them it never is about what is best for AFC or its fans it’s always about the bottom line. How can this manager be getting £10.5 million pounds a year to do what he does, I can do a better job. We need an overhaul from top to bottom. They say a fish rots from the head 1st so it has to start with Kroenke. How can we have a multi billionaire owners who has never once put his hand in his pocket to improve the team. How can we be managed by a man who consistently stuffs up the transfer window and match day tactics, how can we have a C.E.O who in 2011 said “Arsene is accountable to the fans they ultimately. If you are seeing the relationship between the fans and the manager break down over time that is unsustainable” . The form slump last year was meant to be a catalyst for change. He is full off shit. He needs to go . They all do. There is a saying that goes like this
    Well nothing has changed this summer so nothing will change .

  15. Maybe Wenger wants VVD?
    £70 mil price tag?

    Mustafi + Ox at £35 million each is £70 million.

    Wenger did say a lot of business is done at the end and we all know AFC are not shy in getting a last min buy.

    Also reports from France say Monaco will be willing at consider a deal for Lemar rather than keep an unhappy player for the season, could we see 2 last min deals?

    I did read that Wenger is refusing to accept any signing unless it is one of his top targets and if this is the case then we should be moaning at Gazidis to get Wengers top targets, Gazidis is the CEO and he has the power…

    £70 mil from the 2 players covers VVD.
    AFC have between £60-£80 million ish left over from the ‘war chest’ (initial funds + Szcz&Gab sales) which should be enough for Lemar.

    Transfer window isn’t shut yet and AFC are known for getting last minute buys, let us see what happens, we may actually get a quality player.

  16. …if mustafi has elected to leave then he ought not to have come in the first place – knowing that we need our defence its a ‘couldn’t care less’ kind of mindset – for it he should be counted among the deadwood. i certainly don’t appreciate, neither would i miss his attitude – move him, and quick.

  17. So first there are complains because we bought Mustafi for 35mil (quite a sum back then for a defender). Then there are complaints because he underachieved and never really emerged as a solid player for us. And now people complain because we’re selling him? Get a hold of yourselves, people. I’d rather see Chambers/Holding play than Mustafi. And there’s no way in the world Wenger gets rid off 2 senior defenders without replacing them. So let’s just wait until the end of the transfer window and see how it all pans out. Until then I will reserve my judgement.

  18. Well, it’s the last week, so we know there will be no more time after this week.
    I really do not understand or believe the Mustafi story, but if so do not see Wenger selling without having a replacement, I can not see Chambers as his replacement, i have not seen pictures of him involved in Arsenal training, so that s not a good sign

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