Arsenal defender blamed for ‘pretending to be injured’ which cost his side defeat

Arsenal lost 1-0 at the hands of Southampton at the weekend, and Dion Dublin has claimed that Ben White was seen to be ‘pretending to be injured’ on the sidelines in the run-up to the match-winning goal.

The Gunners failed to capitalise on Spurs failure to beat Brighton on Saturday when going down to lose to the Saints in Hampshire, and the team has come in for increased criticism in the wake of that result.

While Ben White has already been blamed for failing to close down the goalscorer by Ian Wright, Dublin believes he was feigning an injury which cost him.

“It’s a strange one,” Dublin told Premier League Productions(via HITC). “Ben White finds himself off the side of the pitch. He is pretending to be injured and then thinks ‘Oh no, I better defend’.

“Then he comes onto the pitch too late. He could have got closer to Bednarek if he stayed on the pitch and not pretended to be injured.

“He would have been okay and they wouldn’t have conceded. Put it this way, he would have gone to bed thinking ‘I could have got a bit closer and I am not going that again’.”

It is frustrating analysing the defeat, and while it is easy to blame White for the defeat, our failings at the other end are what ultimately cost us. You could argue that the opening goal was always going to have a huge bearing on the result, and who knows how things would have gone if we hadn’t conceded when we did, but we have very little time to get over our failings ahead of Wednesday’s big game with Chelsea.

Hopefully White and all the players are ready for the challenge ahead, and that these silly mistakes can disappear so we can finish the season with a flourish with so much at stake.

Will White have been looking at himself for his mistake at the weekend? Do you think he would have been pretending to be injured?


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  1. OT Well done Fulham, back in the big time.
    One could pick any player during a game and be assured that he will make a mistake.
    I’m looking forward to seeing if MA brings in Salibas and pushes Ben further forward next season.
    The chelsea game will see him under even more pressure, as I expect Tuchel to bully our two central defenders.
    As White is one of Mikels most expensive signings and our defence is still leaking goals, he will come under the spotlight – let’s just hope he can handle it.

  2. This seasons top six hope for Arsenal just came a little closer as United are as expected beaten at Anfield 🙂

  3. The defence which was doing well has suddenly become easy meat.Football is a team game.No doubt injuries have taken their toll but still the others must buck up.
    We have many wonder boys or gems but unless they are blooded,you won’t know if they are gems or worthless stone.
    If MA plays it tight,1-0 to Arsenal

    1. It shows you how Tomi was making BW look good, it’s that simple.

      Tomi bombs forward less than most fullbacks so BW has almost had another CB assisting him most of the season, until the injury.

  4. No proven striker has cost us, no steel in our midfield has cost us, and playing the same players week in, week out with no real leadership has cost us. If this team sticks together with some added players we will see the fruition of Arsenal

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