Arsenal defender surprisingly beats Virgil van Dijk in Premier League’s 2020 rankings

Shkodran Mustafi improvement this year has been recognised

Shkodran Mustafi’s revival has been a major success story in the reign of Mikel Arteta and it seems his improvement hasn’t gone unnoticed by observers on the outside too.

The German started this season surplus to requirements and he was only given a squad number because Arsenal could not find a buyer for him.

However, when Arteta took over in December, he was given a clean slate and he has taken his second chance at a career at Arsenal.

He has played five league games for Arsenal in this new year and he hasn’t lost any of those matches.

Two of those games have ended in wins for them while they have drawn the others, conceding five goals and keeping two clean sheets in the process.

He has now been recognized by Whoscored as cited by the Express. The London based website has named the best players in a starting XI for 2020 and Mustafi features as the defensive partner of Virgil van Dijk.

Surprisingly, Mustafi ranks higher than the Liverpool defender who is the current PFA Player of the Year as well as the best defender in Europe.

Mustafi has an overall rating of 7.50 in their ranking, 0.2 points higher than the Liverpool defender who is rated at 7.48 for his performances in 2020 as Liverpool have been struggling to shut teams out.


  1. I don’t believe in this analysis let him play for complete full season first with a high performance before we can start rate him ahead Virgil not just played five alone.

    1. When Mustafi first came to Arsenal, he had a long spell of playing very well. He’s lost his say a bit this season, but he’s been great in 2020.

    2. when i team is winning it is easy to be at your best !! The proof in the pudding is when it isnt all going you way and the team are not playing the best !! Mustafi has had to not only prove himself but he has had to do it with a team that has been struggling that is far harder to do !! Especially when Mustafi was getting it from every corner of football Media Pundits fans etc etc every week !! to come back the way he has is amazing and shows the guys got quality !!

  2. Just goes to show you what Belief in a player can do !! Arteta believes in him and look at his performances !! Ok you can say he hasnt played the whole season which is fair enough !! but on the 5 games h has played compare to the 5 Van Dijik has Mustafi is the better player !! fair play Mustafi keep it up !! or just get better 🙂 ,,,,,,

  3. Sorry to disagree with some but I have not changed my mind. We have had Mustafi for a few seasons now and he is just no good. A mere handful of games with no costly errors changes nothing for me.

    In any case this virus and its financial effect , when we eventually restart, which is a long way off yet in my view, will ensure vast differences in personnel for most, if not all,top clubs.

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