Arsenal defender targets dropping like flies!

Arsenal fans should be used to headlines saying that “yet another transfer target bites the dust” and as we enter the final week of the transfer window we seem to be clutching at straws right now…

We looked very likely to prise Mustafi away from Valencia, but he played for the La Liga club in their 4-2 defeat to Las Palmas last night, and the Valencia manager Pako Ayestaranmade made his thoughts clear when he said on Sky after the game: “Mustafi is not for sale and will not be leaving the club.”

This is thought to be brought on by Arsenal’s refusal to pay Mustafi’s £43.1m buy-out clause, and follows the news yesterday that Alexandre Lacazette will also not be leaving Lyon.

Having given up on Mustafi, Arsenal are then believed to have turned their attention to West Brom’s 28 year old defender Jonny Evans as an emergency replacement, but that now looks completely dead in the water as the Baggies are demanding £25million for a player that they bought last year for only £6million, which is basically telling Wenger to stick his interest where the sun don’t shine!

So, eight days to go and counting, and the rumours of any targets left for Wenger to go after are drying up as all seem to be either too expensive or actually prefer to stay with their current clubs.

Does anyone have any ideas which other defenders Arsenal could go for?



  1. It’s looking bad
    Shame on Wenger for dithering and dithering all summer

    Only a half-hearted attempt at Vardy
    Vardy said he didn’t even speak to Wenger

    And we can’t blame Kroenke this time because Wenger spent £35 million on Xhaka
    Another sad transfer window unless Wenger pulls a last minute surprise (ala Ozil, Mertsacker)

    1. Mertesacker is actually one of the big problems at Arsenal – it is because of him that Arsene is dithering to buy quality. He thinks Mert is good enough. We all know he is not, he is too slow for the way we play ( defense pushed up ) and getting sower. For years Kos covered for him, made him look good. With a quality defender next to Kos we could have had the best D in the PL.

  2. Do you wonder why only Arsenal is struggling to sign any WC player?
    Is it only money or we are not ambitious enough?
    City is close to signing Bravo and they are completing this deal may be with in two weeks.
    I hate MOU but you have to appreciate his business in this transfer window, everyone knows about Pogba, Zlatan and Miki but best thing he has done to sign Bailey. For me he might be best signing of this season.
    And we are searching for CB and CF before start of the window and now only one week left and what we hear, we are still in market to find best player who can improve our team.

    Anyways I was excited when we signed Xhaka so early but it seems to be same groundhog window for us. No more excitement has left and already waiting for this season to over so I can see new manager.

  3. yeah you see that’s what happens when you have no summer transfer strategy whatsoever, and when you do finally formulate one you dither. heads should roll for this.

    1. This is nothing new buddy, every summer is the same story. Heads will not roll in Arsenal for failing to spend money.

  4. Didn’t Debuchy fill in okay a few seasons ago? And Monreal was no slouch – makes me think Wenger has totally lost faith in Gibbs at LB which I don’t really get.

    I don’t think Mourinho would go for it but Wenger could resurrect Phil Jones’s career and he seems surplus to requirements at Man U – especially if they bring in Fonte to sit in his civvies. At the least, Jones could keep his old mate Danny company on the physio table.

    Evans for £25m? Tony is avn a laff. More and more Holding is looking like an absolute steal.

  5. Failure to buy in a timely manner has brought us here. When we went and bought Xhaka quickly and decisively i thought things had changed. Then we had the offer to Vardy and I thought _not the best striker out there but ok- things are moving Arsene has changed this transfer season.
    Then full stop – back to the old ways of penny wise and pound foolish.
    When you dont finish negotiations quickly – the price goes up and you loose the player. Irt is as simple as that. Or you wait until the last hour of the transfer window and get a player from a team that is trying to adhere to FFP but by then you are 5 to 8 points off the top, but hey you saved 5 Million pounds.
    We have become a joke – every pundit including the ones who actually love Wenger think he has completely messed it up AGAIN.
    How is it possible that a person does not learn from the same mistake they make again and again.
    Look at Manchester United they are buzzing again – they spent a lot of money for sure – but no more than the type of money we claim we could spend.
    Look at Manchester City, look at Chelsea they are all strengthening to avoid what happened last year and Arsene has not bought a first team striker or a defender now in three years. In the last three transfer windows we bought Chech – Elneny and Xhaka – all three good players all three do not address our glaring needs.
    Although i have become despise Arsene Wenger, I was still hoping for him to have a good exit and not destroy his legacy, he should have left after winning the FA, for me and a lot of people out there he has finally managed to destroy his legacy as well. It is a shame.

  6. Our club has become the ‘punching bag’ of everyone out there. Pundits, fans of other clubs, former players etc now take delight in throwing shades at us (and rightly so).

    Where’s our ambition? What happened to the once great manager? Where’s our drive?

    These days I am not as eager as I used to be in sourcing for Arsenal news – and it’s sad that everyday more fans are reaching this level of ‘IDGAF’ disposition.

    One thing I know is that Wenger will find his seat hotter than it has ever being, should we be unable to compete this season (again) due to injuries to keys players, failure to win winnable matches, strikers not scoring enough etc.

    1. And oh! One thing I’ve discovered is that I rant a lot these days on anything Arsenal – Arsene caused that too!

  7. That’s what happens when you wait and wait and wait again because you want to pay as less as possible. To top it all off the way we value player seems to be so outdated to the point that it hurts.
    When you drag on a transfer dealing for 4 weeks for a club like Arsenal it is simply not acceptable. You allow other teams to come in, the fee to change, the player to change his mind because he feels not valued or simply wants things settled quickly!
    How many have we lost because of that? How many more until enough is enough!

  8. Wenger should swallow his pride and get Rodriguez and Icardi or that Salami guy from Sporting Lisbon. Sign Evans for £25 mil. He isn’t worth it but with only 8 days left beggers can’t be choosers or get Anyone. Something is better than nothing at this late stage.

    1. I’m now thinking that the only way Wenger can salvage his legacy is to get Griezmann. Yes it will be expensive, but Arsenal can afford it, and for the next four years at least, they won’t lose money on him. He also knows that he works with all the existing players, and there is no risk as in both personality and playing he will simply slot into the existing team, also the fans will see that Wenger and the board are working for the fans and the club, not themselves and their wallets, and they will become united behind Wenger and the club again, whilst the team will receive that much needed boost. It will be a shame if he goes out under a cloud, but he won’t be remembered for leaving 200 million in the Arsenal account.

  9. Arsenal are reportedly weighing up a move for AS Monaco ace Marcel Tisserand as their search for a new defender continues.

    According to The Sun, Tisserand is holding out for an official approach from the North London outfit, having also been linked with a move to Espanyol in recent weeks.

    Tisserand can play both at centre-back and right-back, but has been unable to hold down a starting spot at Monaco and has previously spent time on loan at Lens and Toulouse.

      1. Hahaha, Yes, I understand the sarcasim and to be honest, I haven’t heard of this player either, I wonder if the Sporting Lisbon fan’s are saying the same thing about J. Campbell?
        ? yet, we all know that Campbell was putting in a shift, whenever he put on an Arsenal shirt.

        1. Yes but we are thinking of buying this player ,Joel is just on a seasons loan.The trouble with Wenger is that he is always looking for a bargain that isn’t going to happen

          1. Is the transfer window shut? Is the season over? I love the way you Arsenal FANS just love giving abuse to your team and manager. It doesn’t really matter who he signs or not. You lot will just keep on abusing. What a life you must have, or lack of one!

            1. This is not the first transfer window, this is not the first season, this is not the first time he has failed.

              Look I understand you are a troll, I understand you think you are the only type of fan who cares about Arsenal, I also understand that you understand Frack all about whats going on.

              This is the frustration of many many seasons of not getting things done – this is the frustration of seeing, knowing that we are always 2-3 classy signings away from putting in a real fight to win it all.

              This is the frustration of having Giroud as our first choice striker and Per as our first choice defender for the last four years and everyone, and I mean everyone inclunding our senile manger knowing that they are not good enough and still no signings after 7 and 3/4 transfer windows.

              So excuse us for not waiting the last 7 days of this farce to call it like it is.

              Who cares who he buys now – it is as usual too little too late

    1. Marcel Tisserand … Change the ‘I” for an ‘O” and he would have been the ideal signing! ?
      Edward Scissorhands , eat your heart out! ?

  10. I think it has reached a point where enough is enough.the only way to save our club is if all fans are singing one thing and are together.there is no way we will anything while some guys sing only one arsene wenger and others wenger out.we need to open our eyes and sing one song altogether only then can we propel change that is essential for our beloved club.if we keep going on this road then some fans will cme and regret when our club is officially a mid table team by then it would hve been too late for change.i told guys and will keep saying which club in there right mind would sell a key player of there squad with just days to go before window is shut.its clear we weren’t intrested to invest into the market and yet again the club is showing us how ambitionless they are.sad but true our season has ended before it has even kicked off!!.now if we fail to get anything less than 3 points on saturday then we hve a long season ahead i suggest u buckle up its a bumpy ride ahead

  11. Wenger had an idea that either “we are a top club” or “we were a top club”, both speculation and missives are obsolete because whatever ways you want to take it, Arsenal does not scare anybody on the pitch and Arsenal are not respected as a club… Why? On the later case, Wenger is not respected, especially as a manager.

    Our lack of professionalism has been exposed, again… This time it is an embarrassment and the way Wenger and his “cons” have been conducting businesses is finally taking the heat.

    Well, if you want to built a team with a core of English players (or British), he is doing a great job. The problem is that apart from Holding as he just arrived, the “British” players we have in the squad are all “shocking” when it comes to wear the Arsenal jersey. (If you are talking about level).
    Ramsey is the only one taking “son epingle du jeu”, the rest are a waist of space…

    Again, I cannot see a team with a core of “British” players succeed in the EPL, that won’t just happen, no way “José”, not a chance…!!

    Mustafi will not be sold as the Valencia’s manager stated it, unless Arsenal trigger the release close which is not £25million (Wenger valuation, another one and he thinks he is clever!!! Dope!). They won’t have enough time to find a suitable replacement.

    Evans is apparently Wenger other alternative as well as Tisserand from Monaco…

    Would those signings calm the fans, I doubt it… That would be taking “a piss” and taking us for fools… But hey, he has been doing that for more than 10 years and you still have “deluded” singing his name and having a hard on at the same time?

    1. Hahaha
      Apparently, The so called ‘Madness’ signing was Griezmann but it needed Costa to be sold to Athletico Madrid for that deal to go through… Oh well, another nearly signed player to Wenger’s forever growing list!

  12. always keep it for late. that’s why the prices for the players we are looking get higher and hire. mr. stubborn always keeps it late as when he uses the substitutes during the matches – goner for ever

  13. I think Wenger is hoping for a Leicester kind of “miracle” to win the league…

    Glenn Hoddle spoke up in support of Wenger, daring the Arsenal fans to respect the Arsenal manager… I guess between “failure” they recognise each other ?

    This “miracle” will not happen, like Leicester will not be champion again (may be ever).

    Everybody knows it was a “freak” season (no disrespect to Leicester) and we should have won this one… But even with all the odds with us, we could only manage the second spot, 10 points, yes 10 points behind Leicester… Tell that to someone else and they will not believe you?

    I am sorry that is not the “dream” I was sold when we left Highbury.
    Lies and false promises have been the day to day and year to year business of this club… Disrespecting and treating the fans with contempt.

    This is the only club where the fans are worthless (except for the money extracted) and beneath consideration. That is unacceptable and wrong.

  14. dont expect any top signings at this point. Prepare for another 2012 panic buy frenzy on deadline day. I’d rather get nobody if that were to happen. We waited and waited, and now every club in Europe knows we’re desperate so everyone is even more expensive than they were before. Classy Arsenal.

  15. @fatboygooner. I can believe Wenger has spent all of the window banking on the Costa and lukaku move to get griezman, especially after watching him with giroud at the euros. What a gamble, his back up if it didn’t come off seemed to be assano. Now where are we going to the last week of the window, very worrying.

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