Arsenal defenders must take their own advice for Man Utd

I know the Arsenal and Brazil centre back does not speak very good English yet, but maybe he could have a word with himself in Portuguese because he needs to start taking his own advice. And you could say the same thing about Per Mertesacker as well, apart from the Portuguese of course.

I am sure that I´m not the only Arsenal fan who is getting sick of hearing various Gunners talking before a big game about what the team needs to do and how to approach the game, only for it to be seemingly thrown out the window once they run out on to the pitch.

To be fair to them, both Gabriel and the BFG have accepted that the performance against Olympiacos on Tuesday was far from being good enough and they have accepted their share of the blame, but then both went on to talk about what needs to be done to bounce back against Manchester United on Sunday.

Our German vice captain told Arsenal Player, “First of all, we are disappointed because we started quite well, especially on the break after they had set-pieces.

“We lacked that concentration and it is not understandable why we drifted and did not do the job we are used to doing. That is not acceptable and we will be punished [for that] in the Champions League.

“We need to get behind the ball and play better defensively. We lacked discipline, even when you get a goal back don’t rush yourself. Get your discipline back and with possession you get your chances. If we are not disciplined and do not chase the ball we have got no chance.

“We have got a couple of days to look back on that performance. I think everyone will have regrets and it is good to take that away.

“It will take a couple of days to recover and to think about Manchester United and play in a different competition, which will be a good opportunity to come back to the Emirates and play our football with possession and dynamism.”

Possession and Dynamism! Just make sure you remember that when it matters this weekend Per!

Gabriel was quoted on the Arsenal website as saying, “We just need to be calm. We have to work hard and focus on putting in a good performance [against Manchester United].”

Calm you say? This from the man that failed to not react to the winding up of Diego Costa and could also have seen red for that sliding studs up tackle on Tuesday. We love his aggression and battling qualities but we really cannot afford another sending off on Sunday.

So will the Arsenal defenders listen to their own words of wisdom this time or will we hear the same old thing after another poor performance?

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  1. Our defenders needs to be focus and not easily intimidated by the opposition! Being mentally strong and focus is the approach we need to adapt on the field at all times, that is the key!

  2. Cech
    OX / Ozil / Alexis


    Walcott / Ozil / Alexis

    1. No point in playing Ozil,
      This Is a Big Game ?
      He always does his Where’s Wally impersonation in big games… so leave him on the bench,
      at least we will all know where he is ???

  3. Well said Bob ?

    The clowns from the circus are at it already ?
    Its sooooooo f’ ing annoying!!!

    Like you rightly pointed out, both players were being hypocrites and contradictive ?
    Its as if they were talking about Ospina but covering it by saying WE … instead of blatantly pointing the finger!

    I wish someone would stop them from talking to the media before games!
    And another thing … When we do actually win a game!
    The way our player’s take to the social media networks and celebrate as if they just won the world cup!
    I don’t see or hear any other player’s from other clubs doing that ??
    Maybe they should quit football and try their luck at becoming movie stars or something else that matches their egos!

    1. when i hear mertesacker say the word “aggressive”, all i see is him ducking out the way when he conceded that goal last season. its not in their dna. wenger buys players based on tippy toe play and now we have loads of those (coquelin, sanchez, paulista excepted).
      they should stop talking to the f***ing media: shut up and practice instead.

  4. To be realistic….

    dont expect us to beat Man Utd at this stage…….

    a draw is a big bonus

    1. Which stage? ?
      Our boys egos are bigger enough for any stage,
      It’s just a shame that their actions/Performance doesn’t match it.

      Even when they were playing ? when Moyes was in charge of Utd and we were in form, we still couldn’t beat them at the Emirates!… So stage is irrelevant my friend.

  5. W made BFG always just talk after loss to say that they must fix the errors?

    action speaks louder than words, if he rarely made unnecessary errors all the time and repeated it again, he just be quiet and let his best form shown.


  6. Jurgen Klopp is travelling to England to visit clubs amid growing speculation linking him to Liverpool, according to reports.

    Klopp is currently a free agent after leaving Borussia Dortmund at the end of last season.

    And with pressure growing on Brendan Rodgers, reports have claimed that talks are underway with the German’s representatives about taking over at Anfield.

    Bild newspaper refute those claims, but add fuel to the fire by saying Klopp is coming to England to hold talks with interested clubs.

    Earlier in the day, Bild suggested Klopp has rejected the Mexico job earlier this week with Liverpool a more likely destination.

    Man, I wish he headed for Emirates to see Kroenke.

    #KLOPP IN.

  7. We have been here before. Defeat to Dinamo (champions league)’ then lost to Chelsea in the league before winning Tottenham and Leicester. We just lost to Olympiakos (Oh Gosh)’ We gonna face Manchester United on Sunday @ our home (Our home form this season is worrying). Manu will be feeling high now after winning Wolfsburg (Wolfsburg played really well in the 2nd half though).

    Hoping we win on Sunday but I won’t be vexed if we draw. All this talk from our players after we lose a game we are suppose to win and before a big game is really annoying. We tend to lose all over again after all this talk’. I hope the talk gives the players morale boost but I don’t know. We have the players but most of our players don’t play with their heart. Dortmund/Athletico Madrid don’t necessarily have better players than Arsenal but they play with their hearts. Even when they lose’, they give their all. Its ok to have a ‘blip’ but Arsenal case is just the same mistake over and over again. Well, I’ll support the team on Sunday and hopefully we win!….

  8. the players must be happy to play for wenger knowing he cares more about their feelings than being ruthless about winning silverware. i’m sick of the milquetoast wenger. i want to see someone new. its stale and boring year after year and just when u think he’s turned the corner, he goes back into his shell and fails to improve the team. i support AFC, not wenger. sorry dude, your time is up.

  9. It is all about Wenger’s mentality folks, It is Man United and Wenger shakes in fear when he hear their name. This match will be the one I watch knowing the outcome, DEFEAT!

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