Arsenal defenders talk Benteke and battling for big win

Unless there is a fitness problem with one of them, the Arsenal centre back pairing to face Liverpool this evening is almost certain to consist of the usual suspects Per Mertesacker and Laurent Koscielny. Whether you agree with him or not, it is clear that Arsene Wenger is happy with them and would probably play them in every game if he could.

Both the German and the Frenchman have been talking in the build up to the game about what they think will be required of them id the Gunners are to record a vital win and it appears that both are expecting a bruising encounter.

Mertesacker knows that the Gunners need to be a lot more on the ball than we were in the first home game against West Ham, when all the positive energy built up over six months went out of the stadium like a deflating balloon. But also because it is an early test of title credentials for us an our opponents.

He told The Guardian, “It’s the first test against a title contender, so it’s a chance to see how good we are. We need to turn up, especially at home, with the right intensity and a kind of aggressive nature we maybe lacked in the first home game.”

Koscielny was a bit more specific in a report on the Arsenal website, pointing out the power, stature and aerial threat of Liverpool’s new front man Christian Benteke as one of the things he most needs to be in control of. The France international admits that he has not always stood up to the physical nature of the game in England but he has improved massively and now feels confident of coping with anything thrown at him.

He said, “I’ve improved my technique, my physical strength, my position on the pitch and my duels with the striker. I feel I’ve improved every year, each season I’m better, so I hope it will continue like this each year.

“My biggest development has been in aerial duels. For a centre back that is very important when you are playing against a lot of long balls. We need to win these duels, find our feet to win the ball back and play, so maybe this is my most important quality. But everything is important.

“Psychologically you have to be prepared as there is a lot of pressure every game because we always want to win. All the games are important so you need to be ready in your body and in your head – so the two parts are important.

“We had a good game against Aston Villa in the FA Cup final but the other games against Benteke will be harder. I know him and every game is hard against him. He’s a big professional who gives his all for the team and to score.

“He loves the duels and he loves the goal so it will be harder this time. Just because we won by three or four against a team last season doesn’t mean you will again. We can do it again, but each game you need to improve yourself so you are ready to win.”

So they know what is needed, but will Arsenal’s centre backs be celebrating a job well done at the final whistle tonight?

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  1. pls who knows how many weeks it takes to fly from the spanish capital to the heart of London?……..L()L

    1. Jeinny Lizarazo is being cruxified of Twitter……….Her B**bs are all over the places…… Hahahahahahahaha

      1. What’s the name again???? Muzi Uscan/Oscan (really don’t give a f**k how his name is spelt), together with other “super reliable” sources, reportedly said somfin big was gonna happen sometime around this time at Arsenal. I’m on twitter, but I never, ever go for Arsenal rumours at all, I nearly ran mad last season doing that. I’ve limited myself to blogs and most of those stupid blogs I don’t visit anymore, for my good. The one that almost killed me last season was when Caughtoffside reported that we’ve signed Kheidira and that he was gonna be unveiled on a particular Monday (just like the nonsense those idiots said about today). It got to that Monday, noffin happened, and I stupidly waited till 11:59 to accept I’d been fooled.

        Karim Benzema
        @ Benzema
        For all those clowns who want to make
        believe things at my fans. Here this is my
        home ! #HalaMadridYNadaMas

    2. @KickAssFan………….. Yea muzzi ozcan is having the Last Laugh ……. But of em all…… Agent Ed got my admiration (He stated Last month that Benzema’s role in the madrid team will be reconsidered, but he won’t be sold this summer) ………. He claimed two days ago….. Southampton has signed virgil van dirk…… It’s not been confirmed yet……. But eventually….we shall all see

    3. Here is me Hoping Agent Ed and this muzzi ozcan are super reliable……. Thus i won’t have to Listen to the Emanuele guillanellis and jeinny Lizarazos of this world::::… L()L

      1. Not even the late Octopus Paul could tell who Arsenal will sign.

        I think I shud start peddling my own rumours.

    1. Get over benzema. The deal was never ganna happen. The reality is that we won’t sign anyone. It’s giroud and lecoq all the way.hope lecoq won’t pick up any injuries. Shiiiiiiit ain’t happening on the transfer window for us

  2. Well for anyone who even had an ounce of optimism left in them regarding the Benzema transfer, he has just taken to twitter to put this to bed. C’est la vie.

  3. This article have totally replaced “ZEMA” in the “BEN” with “TEKE” …………. It’s pretty quiet in the Arsenal camp…… L()L

  4. Which Arsenal Rumuor will ever be true? At least Benzema has put all of us out of our misery after the TWEET. And pls shut it All Guns Blazing, Who are we going to sign now? GOD HELP US!!

    1. wish Benzema had done this alot earlier………. These pills could have been saved by many! L()L

  5. It is better to close the Benzema case today than the end of transfer window…perhaps Benz twitted it earlier..anyway we must move on…Bring on Liverpool….

  6. Emanuele Giulianelli ‏@EmaGiulianelli 13m13 minutes ago

    No clown or fraud: that’s just how transfers go, things can change. Perez at the end decided to take Benzema when it was all ok.

    End of story

  7. Benzema: For all those clowns who want to make believe things at my fans. Here this is my home ! #HalaMadridYNadaMas

  8. Well its been a week since i posted on this blog and i keep reading comments. Well benzema just broke a couple of you’ll hearts not mine because i knew sir Arsene is a joke Of a manager therefore i have already drawn comfort from the fact that we will be fighting off liverpool for 4 th place but you know whats funny some Of you guys that says wenger is a genius Will call for his head but DISGUSTED1 and HAFIZ are the only two fans that as constantly call for wenger to go.

  9. Which top striker do we really have a chance of gettin now ..cavani is the only decent and realistic one that we were linked with. so as always at this time of the year we gunners live in hope

  10. Maybe Benzema will be the clown!? Who knows. Perez may like a £55mil bid from PSG…

    Anyway, on to the next grain of hope!

    Cavani/Ibra anyone?


  11. Sorry guys i was wrong. @alexisdun85 closed his account. He made a fool of me and everyone else. Either ways i hope for the best and let us hope that we do indeed sign someone and have a good season ahead. COYG Goodbye everyone #nobenzyfrenzy

    1. Respect for at least showing your face again, well your name again, now you know if it’s not bbc, sky, espn, dream about it but don’t believe it … the end is near my gooner friend and number 9 is still free, so if we get someone, HE WILL WEAR THE NUMBER 9 😉

    2. Actually there’s no need for you to leave. We already knew that Benzema deal wasn’t gonna happen because of obvious situations. But there were claims from Twitter everywhere, and some fans took it quite seriously. I mean, we all were desperate to see a new striker, a new face that would add something new to our attack, that made our minds to dream about it for a moment. The only fault of yours was that it you took it way more seriously than everybody would ever take.

      Now since the case is cleared, and I assume that you realized your mistake about believing on false claims was nothing more than wasting time, and you promise not to repeat such mistake again, we can approve of you staying.
      I know Admin is a good guy. Why, because despite all type of articles be it bad, be it good, be it Mail rumours, etc. he still allows them because everyone has been given freedom to write articles and if he decides to choose among them then some Gooners will think that admin hates them. He allows all types of opinions to be published, be it positive, be it negative, etc. he knows that everyone has his own perspective and he lets all users to voice their opinions.

      He would want new Gooners coming on this site, reading articles, phrase their comments, praise or sometimes criticize our players, but at the end of the day they support Arsenal fully, whoever be the manager, whoever be the players. For example, we all know Hafiz Rahman will always bang his drums about spend, spend, spend, assuring bad day at offices, not expect hammerings(the most positive I have seen from him). But we still love him as a Gooner(not sure in what way he supports, curious to find out). So are the other guys and they have their own qualities(Yeah I am saying qualities). But we all are Gooners at the end of the day.
      So you staying wouldn’t be a loss. You leaving would be.

    3. @all guns blazing….That Look on ur face when u gaze in a mirror……. Oh dear! Would u ever be able to forgive urself for this? L()L

    4. Come on all guns blazing.
      No need to leave budd. I mean it was kinda funny especially for realistic folks like me who knew this would not happen.
      But you know what, being wrong on a deal once is better than ridiculous AKB’s who have been wrong every season for the last 11 seasons. At least you don’t worship Wenger or his love-children blindly.

  12. Just bring in draxler and bender … 40m … Improvement if not quality that can take us to top though I think draxler could deliver more this season than many believe

  13. @alexdun85 is now @alexisduncan85 and is either utterly deluded or taking the complete p*ss.

    Still ranting on about Benz…a coming to the Arsenal, even after the official Tweet..

    Fascinating to watch, and a good smokescreen for wily Wenger to sneak a top drawer signing in while no-one is looking…we hope..!

  14. Did we not buy a defender in jan? Far better and quicker then the BFG I just don’t understand AW. We have our lad at West Ham who I think can play along the back line but no AW lets him go again. For me to have big players at the back is a must. We have Gibbs but AW don’t no what to do with him. We don’t need a world great at the back because we paid for a very good player who AW won’t play? It’s about time AW went upstairs at the end of the season or get kloop as his number 2 to take over next season. We won’t win the epl this season end of. TW needs to play it’s a must for me and let him run the front line in and out side to side but again AW has no clue. Score tonight 1-2

  15. So…Wenger WAS right…?
    No availability from Benzema..?

    hahaha wonder what the Wenger slaters will say now LOL

  16. Per is saying the right things and I hope he helps implement them. Kos too sounds confident enough ..COYG we need this win. Nerves are starting to kick in, butterflys and fingernails next.

  17. Our Defenders, Skysport pundits and even Wenger are all talking about Benteke and the threat he possess. But no one has mentioned anything about Our Beloved Giroud.

  18. Muzzi was right about this (Benzema staying @ Madrid).
    I’m hoping he is right about us getting the signing of the summer

    It will take a lot to beat Pedro, Sterling, Schweinsteiger, Depay and Schneiderlin

    If it is the signing of the summer it would need to be Cavani, Reus, Greizmann, Lewandowski or Gotze

    BTW: Giulianelli, FU up the A lol

  19. The Benzema Tweet is a Fake! Benz would never utter words like “clowns”. He is articulate enough.

  20. Logic can help us out to go through the bs the media tends to feed us.

    Why would a person leave one of the best teams in the world for a 4th place team who arent even the best in London? Only the cash can make the diff, but that cash others do have aswell.

    What we can hope for is a player in Cavani. Its up to PSG to sell him off. They have Now Di Maria on the wings, and on the other side Lucas Moura. No Room for a Striker on the wings. Its Cavani or Ibra, one of them will be off, or see the bench for a long time.

    There are still many players we could buy from.

    Draxler, Wanyama. Are 2 player for example who are better then Ramsey and Coquelin. Dissagre all you want, but fanboisem alone wont bring us far. Class does.

    1. I agree about the fanboisem thing but Wanayama better than Coquelin, and Draxler better than Ramsey.. ??

      1. Dont fall into this hype we fans love to creat about our players. I simple know that whatever Coquelin can do, Wanyama can do better. He is also 1.88 tall and very powerfull. Plays also better footy then Coquelin.

        Draxler is a genius. Him over Ramsey on the wings for sure. I dont even know what Wenger sees in Ramsey anyway. He is not Zidane for crying out loud, and its utter pathetic annoyinhto see him on the wings, knowing that we do have a 140k Walcott on the bench, and the Ox who can put Ramsey and Walcott at sleep, so much better he is then both of them.

    2. you can say that about pedro, ozil, ect ect… its about being a big fish at arsenal rather then a small fish at madrid, a benzema can make the difference between competing for first place in the worlds best most competitive watched leaque and playing in Spain… He would feature at AFC…

  21. dont see the concern, we have OGs 13 Goals/Prem season to rely on, (his average over 3 yrs) that should cement a top 4 finish.

  22. Bytheway, we are talking about Arsenal vs Liverpool here and not the signing of Benzema. We mustn’t allow ourselves distracted from the business at our hands. And, must Arsenal sign Benzema? Don’t we have players that are good and good enough to win 1 trophy, and got placed 3rd in the table last season to play Ucl proper? And have won 2 pre-season trophies and also won 1 trophy already early this season? So, why this optical illusion? We are not Benzema possessed, are we? Let’s focus on the collection of the 3 points that are soon at stake at the Emirates Stadium playing field in less than 2 hours time. A good win for Arsenal will see them go 4th in the table. This is the issue that matters for us now and not Benzema. The Gunners will beat the Reds soundly before the eyes looking of Brendan Rodgers, Roberto Coutinho, Martin Skrtle and Christian Benteke. The Gunners CBs will not quack but remain solid. They will deal successful with any kind of threats the Reds present. And the Gunners attackers will put the ball past Mignolet’s line not less than 3 times.

  23. Well just heard that Per and Kos are out due to injuries. So those who have been clamoring for Gabriel and Chambers, here you go. I thnik this is a blow for Arsenal against Benteke. We shall see.

  24. Bad news(according to some): Ramsey starts again
    Good news(I guess everyone):GABRIEL GETS HIS FIRST START….. WITH CHAMBERS

  25. I have no idea what the score will be … No idea … What kind of f ****** club are these people running??

  26. I told u all wenger will screw us in transfer window. Wenger knew benzema won’t leave so he made an inquiry to sign benzema just to show he is trying everything to sign top players. The faster u wenger fans realize the better is for u. Wenger out

  27. Just reading some of these comments is bloody pathetic. Saying we should lose tonight! Call yourself Gooners? Pathetic!

  28. Am really getting tired of seeing Ramsey in arsenal shirt … May as well have “try to catch me am in 4th place” plastered on back of jersey…On the question draxler or Ramsey as an attacking option there is no discussion the kraut is way better but so is ox… We obviously have a deeply unbalanced squad though … Hoping that santi ozil and Alexis are in the mood otherwise we r f*****

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