Arsenal carried on their scintillating form today with an excellent 6-0 win over Lyon (by the way, do you like the title? Think about it….) and they are building a good head of confidence leading up to the massive Community Shield game against Chelsea.

The best thing for me is that there were six different goalscorers – and it could not have done Olivier Giroud’s confidence any harm by scoring the first, and the other five were added by ALL our starters that were not defenders. It was a promising game from young Iwobi and it surprised me to see Mikel Arteta take the field. In fact I can’t see anything but good news coming out of todays performance…

But back to the title.. I am saying that Arsenal are on form. Three pre-season games have so far produced 13 goals but if you also include our last League game from last season and the Cup Final, we have a massive 21 goals from our last five games. That is phenomenal form no matter how you try to disect it.

We go on to face Wolfsburg tomorrow and we still have a very fresh team to start, with Cech, Gabriel, Chambers, Monreal and Bellerin staying on the bench today and I am sure they are itching to get some time on the pitch tomorrow. Wilshere willcertainly start tomorrow after being left out of the squad, while Walcott, Arteta, Akpom and Cazorla all played less than 30 minutes today so will not be tired either. I am looking forward to yet another massive win to get Mourinho and Chelsea quaking in their boots ahead of next weeks game…..

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Massive Community Shield game. Hahahaha. In no way is that game massive. If we win Chelsea will say it was preseason, and same vice versa. Because it is a pre season match. I do think beating Chelsea would give us some momentum going into the season, but let’s not BS ourselves haha, the community shield isn’t a “MASSIVE game”

    1. It’s massive in the confidence the players and Wenger would get from beating Mou.

      Losing will just reiterate the dominance Mou and Chelsea have had over us.

      So yes it is FKN MASSIVE.

      We beat City 3-0 and then beat them in the league, lets do it to Chelsea.

      1. oh my Arsenal……….why did u have to do that to Lyon?…….. Wenger won’t spend a dime now! L()L

      2. I didn’t expect anyone on here to actually be intelligent enough to grasp that. You think Mourinho is going to let that count? I already said it would give us confidence. But it will do next to nothing to Chelsea because it doesn’t actually count. Still have to beat them where it counts

        1. Eeerr….it is a title….it is an official trophy.
          Defined between the wnners of the top two competitions in England.
          Just sayin

      1. i dare wenger to beat mourinho with the current squad which he has never done and i will stop yapping striker, striker all over…i dont care how wenger just beat mourinho and i will trust in you again

          1. hahaaaaa…its a common misunderstanding in these site…mr admin please make an article defining what an arsenal fan is…is arsene > arsenal or is arsenal > arsene…do i have to be an arsene fan to be an arsenal fan???…if yes then that means that if arsene were to go then i shouldn’t support arsenal because logically am an arsene fan….answer my question and i will explain further

              1. Kinda pitied Jenssen………. The OX had him running all day……i fear he’d be running and panting in his dreams Tonight … L()L

            1. I will draw your attention to the name of our site. We are called JustArsenal and NOT JustArsene!
              When I first started to go to Highbury our manager was Bertie Mee, and George Graham was just a talented midfielder. Arsene will be known as an Arsenal legend just like Bergkamp and Henry, but ARSENAL will always be here, as will the fans….

              (Can you imagine a website called JustMee lol!)

            2. hahaha…that is a smart train of thought.
              It also depends on the end or outcome to what you support. Most likely if you support Arsene these days it is more likely that you are content with not being the league champions and not winning the UCL.
              For me I am not a fan of Arsene Wenger until he delivers the EPL at least. 12 years is a long time for a club like Arsenal. Same thing goes for Giroud, if he can deliver the EPL or win the EPL golden boot or even make the shortlist for player of the year in the EPL once then it would make me believe he is talented enough of a striker to lead Arsenal to glory. But its been 3 seasons now.

      1. crap!!!….ozil and ramsey were top class today all game…sanogo scored 4 goals last pre season it doesn’t mean he was our best striker last season

  2. Couldn’t see the whole game because of stupid super sports channel not broadcasting the match. Rene Adelaide looks like a classy player along with iwobi. I don’t get where all the hate for our new away kit comes from, I really like it.

  3. Couldn’t see the whole game because of stupid super sports channel not broadcasting the match. Rene Adelaide looks like a classy player along with iwobi. Also, I don’t get where all the hate for our new away kit comes from, I really like it.

  4. Just back from the game. I don’t care what the Chinese say, this is going to be the Year if the Ox!

  5. good win for us especially with our midfield assasins(ozil and carzola) scoring one again. just put sanchez bak in the team and probably a new striker and another treble(after this preseason treble) will come our way,COYG

  6. Ozil needs to do a Pirez and add more goals to his game. He looked sharp today….Ramsey as well. If Sanchez plays as good as he did last season with Ozil and Ramsey scoring a good amount of goals then who knows we might just make 3rd instead of 4th. Except a miracle where Theo Walcott as the regular starter suddenly scores 24 goals in the league, Sanchez scoring 16 to 20 and Ramsey and Ozil contributing 20 together (all WISHFUL thinking), we will NOT win the league without signing the ST we desperately need.
    That being said I would love to see this same performance next week against Chelsea or especially when we play them in the league. The 6-0 thrashing handed to us on the big 1000 still lurks in my head. Once we have thrashed Chelsea and Wenger has beaten Mourinho in humiliating fashion, then I can start reading into this season a little bit more. Then I can take some pride.
    Btw….I doubt Mourinho’s Chelsea are quaking in their boots to play a Wenger Arsenal even if we score 10 tomorrow against Wolfsburg.
    Creative title though. I like it.

    1. Giroud is way too underated. He contributed so much today. He is the heart of all our attacks.

      1. Yes, I hope we sign no one too.
        Meet me back here May 15, 2016 and tell me how awesome you think Giroud is. He’s actually more overrated than underrated. But I am glad that club legend, Henry and other knowledgeable pundits rather than some fanboys who barely watch any other teams play know exactly what Giroud can’t and cannot do for Arsenal. He is great if we are aiming to maintain 4th and qualify for the champions league but not for winning the EPL and/or the CL.
        You don’t understand…its the same sh*t every season, every preseason…nothing changes. Hype, hype, hype….People are too short-sighted. Trust me I don’t know if you were here last season but the same things you have said a lot said last year around this time and then the season happens and reality hits. Its like people have their minds reset every July.
        Believe in the hype after we have added the world class ST or a young hot prospective striker or someone like Reus. For now, read into nothing.
        We don’t have to sell Giroud but we must get a better striker who can do a Strikers job and has all the tools (pace, off-the-ball runs, dribbling, trickery, technique, finishing). Giroud will be a good backup and alternate plan to have.
        Its ridiculous…he scored a goal luckily with his shoulder today and he is already being hyped and overrated by people like yourself. No offence intended.
        What of the iwobi goal? What about Ramsey and Ozil who played very well and were the best on the pitch? Chamberlain also.

        1. I’m not saying he’s world class, yes I think we need a world class striker but all I’m saying is that he’s a hell of a striker. He is proved it many times. And if we were to sign a WC striker he would have to help him out in the striking role. He can’t do it all alone and he would need girouds help. I’m welcoming a wc striker to come over and share the task with giroud.

          1. But he isn’t a hell of a striker also. And many times how? When it matters, he hasn’t performed. The Monaco game at home was the most recent game that mattered. I don’t want to go to that crucial 2013/2014 season where we had a chance to win the title and point out games also where it mattered and he didn’t perform. A hell of a striker is a compliment you use to describe a Harry Kane or strikers who play unbelievably well but not yet world class and will for sure get there or almost there. You see why he is more overrated than underrated?
            He is a good striker and just ok just like a Graziano Pelle or Peter Crouch but I wouldn’t like to see Graziano Pelle or Peter Crouch at Arsenal.
            The striker that comes needs to displace Giroud from the starting line up and yes on occasions they will team up together.

    2. You must either be deluded, cynical, foolish or all three combined! Other than insulting our team what is your purpose? You certainly are not an Arsenal fan by the tone of your writing. What do you hope to achieve by such cheap antics? If you don’t like a team why come to its website? This is not politics and propaganda but sports; so stop being disgusting. Support the club of your choice and leave those who love Arsenal to do so. The good thing about Arsenal is that it does not buy success but struggles hard to achieve it through class and stylish play which has become the envy of many soccer lovers worldwide. Those like you who are malevolent will not change Arsenal’s progress to greatness once again. Your gritting of the teeth will not change Arsenal’s fortune in any way.

      1. @davidrusa
        I support Arsenal and there is nothing you can do about that. I actually watched Arsenal lose a game and officially became a fan. You don’t get more supportive than that. No one convinced me to support or love Arsenal. I have a mind of my own. I wasn’t influenced by others like you probably were.
        Deluded, cynical and foolish fans are fans who have experienced many downs with this club and still have no hunger for the club to push further or achieve great things and win titles.
        Delusional, cynical and foolish fans talk exactly like you.
        With fans like you…I will have to wait 20 more years and be in my mid-40’s before we win the EPL again and 30 more years and be in my mid-50’s before we win the UCL. I think its fans like you with no hunger for the club to succeed, content with 4th place and profits without caring about the pride instilled in fans that come from winning trophies and enjoying sitting on mediocrity who are disgusting.

          1. Which is why we have to win it now for you!
            If we have to wait another 20 years for the EPL title, I doubt we would feel as happier then than if we won it now. I would rather be telling the young then the great things we did now rather than still waiting then for great things to happen.

  7. Great performance by the team today. Hope this is the sign of things to come.
    Also hope that this doesn’t mean that Wenger doesn’t spend at all. 😛

    Remark of the day- Arsenal’s shirts seem to be getting tighter each season, probably next season they will be sprayed on players. 😀

  8. This msg is for u Lacazette……..Not that u are bad, Not that u are mediocre….perhaps just unlucky…… But Next time you are linked with Arsenal …… Pls don’t fLatter urself….. We’ve had some very bad prospects in the past who have been lucky to play for us (need not mention names)….. Arsenal is a massive upgrade compared to Lyon….. And if u wanna see how good u are…. Dare to play for the arsenal…… Cuz it looks like failed the audition……ur partner “Fekir”…..was he even on the pitch today?……..90mins of humiliation is what you get playing against a decent team……..And oh!…don’t u just love the view from the emirates? ……..

    1. Well the way lacazete got off the bus and entered the Emirates was like he didn’t give a damn about our beautiful stadium and how big of a club we are.he was like who gives a damn. Now that they got hammered today I bet he left thinking what the fukkk is he doing playing for a team like Lyon. It’s true it was just a pre season match but overall we are the bigger club with bigger history and bigger fan base. It would only be wise for him to move to the Emirates. Hope today had some effect on his decision!

      1. Him and his teammates may as well recall….. A team of youngsters(Adelaide, iwobi etc) had em beat……Trust me!……this defeat will Linger

    2. Maybe he is finally convinced to come and enjoy the services of Sanchez, Ozil, Ramsey, Cazorla, Walcott, Chamberlain,Wilshere etc.

    3. @Soopa AeoN,

      You took the words right outta my mouth. After seeing Lacazette and Fekir’s failed ‘audition’, Wenger’s stock rose and I fell in love with Arsenal all over again.

      And Cazorla? One word – GENIUS!!!

  9. From all indication, all players are useful. It’s the work of the coach to tinker the squad to meet the opponent’s strength. Having said that, I’m not expecting Giroud to start all our games hence we need another and preferably a better upgrade on Giroud. I hope you’ll noticed Lacazette look so ordinary today. Doesn’t mean he’s bad though.

    1. So that is a close up look at Benteke, Lukaku and Lacazette in our last 3 matches – the all-time fave raves of so many. Like you say doesn’t mean they are bad, all decent, but a bit of context and a small dose of reality.

      1. Well…isn’t that why its bloody obvious?
        Look at the teams they play in. Aston Villa, Everton and Lyon don’t have the same midfield resources as Arsenal. You want to know how good they are, put them in our line up and see what they will do.
        If a striker can’t score 21+ in the league with our midfield, they should not be a starter at Arsenal.
        The fact that Benteke and Lukaku have a better scoring record than Giroud in the past 3 seasons while at clubs like Aston Villa, West Brom and Everton with relatively lesser creative midfield and supply quality proves how good they are and will be at Arsenal.

        1. in the prem giroud has scored more then both lukaku and benteke for the past 2 year.

          hence you must be a troll. at least get your facts straight.

          1. Karim Benzema, 15 goals from 29 La Liga appearances.

            Olivier Giroud, 14 goals from 27 Premier League appearances.

        2. You really are quite dense. Henry, RvP, Wright had 14 seasons between them where they didn’t score 21+. Take out the penalties and they only managed 21+ in 5 seasons out of 23. Adebayor, Wiltord, Bergkamp and Kanu had one 20+ season between them. I see in another post that you are in your mid 20s – I gave you the serious benefit of the doubt because I had assumed you were just a gobby pubescent teenager. You should grow up and change the record.

  10. i am very impressed with OX, his physique is amazing, probably our most muscled guy at the moment, his desire to beat players and finishing are all improved, only one thing is worring, he sometimes loses focus and give ball in very dangerous areas, something Ramsey did 3 seasons ago, but i guess thats due to lack of experiance.

  11. After todays performance, I m just worried like some of you out there that Barca or Madrid will come in with huge in fact massive offer for Giroud that will be too much for the board to turn down!

    1. hahahahaha
      He was absolutely astronomically world class. He is a hell of a striker. It will be very sad losing him to Barca and Madrid if they come with a huge offer.
      You know well NIKK. There are a lot of f*cking idiots who don’t want this club to ever be great again. We will have to wait a bit longer.

    2. @NIKK
      After the way Barca just got whooped by ManU, I’d say they’ll be puttin in a bid for Olivier tomorrow morning…

  12. Guys – there is no nedd for Arsenal fans to fight over Giroud. It is no longer a can he or can’t he argument. He has played 3 full seasons in the PL and we all know what he is capable and incapable of. He will have his good games and he will have his bad games, just like every striker.
    The problem is that when he is good, he really is not that good,like no hat tricks or dominating games good. And he is mediocre/bad more times than he is good.
    It’s not only his stats, we also have all watched him play. So i dont think it is genuine to discuss Giroud anymore.
    I think all Arsenal supporters would like to see a better striker starting for Arsenal. Even Arsene has tried to upgrade Giroud but failed. Henry has said it, Cazorla has asked for more goals from our striker.
    Most importantly if you look at the squads of the top teams in Europe, Striker is the main position where our quality is definitely lacking, every other position I think we are competitive.
    So, the question is no longer did Giroud play well and the suckers who dont like Giroud ate their words etc. He might score 12 or 15 05 18 goals this year, which is all good. But the question is; is Giroud the striker that will take us to the next level or do we need a more proven striker to lead the team.

  13. i thought it was interesting how arteta replaced ramsey and not le coq maybe wenger does not see arteta as back up to le coq and if flamini goes we might buy the dm that we need or could just be wishful thinking lol

    1. No Coquelin replacement was Hayden. I think he will be groomed into CDM. Coquelin,Arteta,Hayden, Bielik.

  14. Six nil, irrespective of how the teams lined up, is pretty impressive. I can`t help thinking what it might have been had Sanchez been involved. The young strikers are letting us know they are about and should be given every opportunity to prove their worth. I`m beginning to believe we can leave the money in the bank.

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