Arsenal definitely not getting Jonny Evans, but surely we need a defender?

Arsenal were heavily linked with Jonny Evans in the summer, and even more so this winter when Alan Pardew made it clear that the West Brom captain was available for sale this January.

Even the bookies had Arsenal down as odds on to buy Evans, as it is no secret that the Gunners have lost many many points due to defensive errors this season, but it will definitely not be happening, as Pardew said this evening: “I have nothing to complain about, as I stand now I have a good squad and I don’t really want to lose anyone,”

“We do have one player who we think might go out but it’s not Jonny Evans or James McClean.”

Pardew had put Evans up for sale because he needed the funds to get a striker in, as the Baggies have been good defensively but awful in the ‘goals for’ column, but Pardew has managed to get Daniel Sturridge in on loan until the summer, and he is very happy about it! “The cost of Daniel, to perhaps another striker is a lesser cost and puts less risk on us if the worst were to happen and this club gets relegated, because that is the danger we are still in and we can’t take our eye off that,”

Pardew even thinks that Sturridge is one of the best English strikers in the League. “You would have to put Sturridge in the same category as Harry Kane,” Pardew said. “Harry has had a great spell in terms of fitness and is at the top of his game, and I think that’s understandable that he’s probably ahead of Daniel.

“But Daniel has the potential, particularly against teams where you need goals and you need to break them down, he has individual flair that not many players can match. So if we can get him fit and anywhere near his best, then I’m pretty sure Gareth (Southgate) will be taking a close look.”

So he sounds happy, but what about Arsenal fans? Given the problems we have had in defence this season, and the age of best back line, what do we think about Wenger not getting in a defender in January, or do you think he may have a surprise up his sleeve?



  1. antiwenger says:

    The only thing left this season is for us to get knocked out of the Europa league and there’s nothing left to play for. After that we’ll go on a hot run of form that will see us just miss out on a top four place. Of course this run of form towards the end of the season will convince Wenger that the team will definitely challenge for the title next season and that we don’t need to sign anyone, might even get him a contract extension. Story of Arsenal

  2. Muff diver says:

    Pay Kostas Manolas 30 million release in full as Roma have asked , get Max Meyer for a reduced rate from schalke as he’s free in the summer

    We have the money. Admit you built a shoddy unbalanced team and rectify like anyone would have in the summer

    And save our fecking season

  3. gotanidea says:

    Even if Arsenal bought Virgil Van Dijk, he would not solve the defense problem, because the real problem is Wenger’s system. One world class defender cannot solve the issue, Liverpool has learned it after paying so much for Virgil Van Dijk.

    This transfer window is almost closed, so it would be better if Arsenal chase defenders for the next season, not for this season. I believe Lazio’s De Vrij and Atletico Madrid’s Gimenez would be available for bargain prices.

    1. Hademe says:

      Agreed but if we can get at least one like Meyer or David Luis,that will help USS our top four target. Really,Wenger’s style of play is odd and outdated.

  4. Sue says:

    How the hell did we get PEA?????

  5. Mk494 says:

    It’s done! Wahoooo welcome Aubameyang!!!

  6. Dammy says:

    Signing auba is cool and all but we have too many issues at the back..
    Plus We don’t have a single good winger ..

  7. McLovin says:


    1. Alkali says:

      I’m not even excited, the defence is our major problem.

  8. Coldzero says:

    This season is a write off- we won’t get top 4 and will be lucky to get top 6.
    AW has got to go and we need a fresh approach – his tactics are dreadful and he has no plan B- he barely has a Plan A.

  9. ThirdManJW says:

    Funny how we’re linked with defenders, and buying attackers, yet NOTHING on a DM? Classic Wenger!

    I just cannot believe how bad things have got at Arsenal. We’ve just spent £60 million on a prolific striker (and I’ve wanted Aubameyang for years), and I couldn’t care less! In fact, I am angry! Because it’s just MORE money wasted, as long as Wenger is coaching these players. I don’t want Wenger spending a penny, let alone £60 million!!

    And for all those fans getting excited, and thinking Aubameyang can change things, nothing will change! We signed a prolific striker for £50 million in the summer, yet we’ve got worse! Now we have two prolific strikers, and Wenger only plays one upfront. So it now means yet another player in the wrong position!

    1. Phil says:

      Yeah absolutely right.We must play with a 442 but need a Top Quality DFM.Zhaka cannot retain his place in the side any longer.How bad must he continue to play before he is dropped?Play AMN.The boy looks a very good prospect and deserves a chance.Ramsey continues to prove he is not anywhere near Jacks class and offers us nothing against a defence that sits and invites us on.

  10. Hademe says:

    Too bad a defence like a basket that can’t hold water,what is wrong with accepting Luis for Giroud exchange like we did with Alexis/Mkhitarayan deal,this defence will make our effort worthless.

  11. Grandad says:

    You are so right Thirdman. Now that we are out of contention for a place in the top four, the time has come to give youngsters like Chambers,Holding and Maitland Miles a run of games to prove themselves.Play Chambers and Holding together in a flat back four with MN at defensive mid flank ed by Ramsay and Wilshire. They simply could not be worse than the likes of Mustafi and xhaka

  12. Malcolm Townsend says:

    From goalkeeper, right through the defence they all want clearing out in the summer

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