Arsenal DEFINITELY want Petr Cech

The Chelsea keeper Petr Cech has made it clear that he will be looking to leave Chelsea this summer, and the Blues have already admitted that he would be able to have some say in where he plays next as a sign of respect to his years of loyalty to the Blues.

According to the respected Football journalist Matt Law, a move to Arsenal would be a match made in heaven for both parties, as reported on SkySports. When asked if Arsenal are interested in the goalkeeping legend, Law replied: “Yes, they definitely want him. They’ve had a look at him and enquired about him last summer when they saw Thibaut Courtois was coming back.”

“If they could get Petr Cech that could be a really big signing. The move would certainly suit him because he can stay in London and it gives him another shot at titles. It’s whether they can convince Chelsea to allow him to do that.

“With the service Cech has given Chelsea over 11 years I do get the feeling that they will let him have his pick.”

“It would be a really big signing because I don’t think they’ve got a top-quality goalkeeper which sides that generally win the title normally have,”

“Ospina has been better than I thought he would be but I don’t think he’s a top-quality ‘keeper for a whole season.

“The mentality of someone like Cech, who has won everything at club level, in the dressing room would be huge for Arsenal.”

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    1. World class he is no doubt, for me ospina has done very well just think he lacks the reach of a top top keeper, still a very good number 2

    2. while we are busy makking mathematical calculations about who wins the title, cheLski just keep escaping narrowly, and the chesters just couldn’t manage a draw…… We are busy debating Cech who might at last head for miLan

  1. Szceszny must be sold and bring in Cech who at 32 can still give us about 4 to 5 years of top level goalkeeping like when Van Der Saar moved to United at 34

  2. The fact that Chelsea / Mourinho actually said that they would allow him to go where he wants , suggests to me that Cech favours a move to somebody they would prefer him not to go …..

    You don’t make the statement at all if Cech is half way to a fenerbache !

    I’m praying he comes to us , he would be a massive signing !!!

  3. both Ospina and Sheez will not be happy on the bench……when Cech signs for Arsenal…

    both will leave as they need regular football for international call up…..its a matter of time…

    1. Are you insane or what?
      Where do you get all this $hit comments from.
      There must be something wrong with you? Or you are Spurs fan on Arsenals website

  4. if Cech is world class why is he on the bench???

    Is Chelsea signing a world class GK?

    why would they let Cech go if they do not have a world class number 2 backup??

    1. Because Courtois is already immense. Why play an ageing keeper when you have another world class keeper 10 years younger who’s only going to get better? Chelsea can’t keep Cech there against his wishes after the loyalty he’s shown them for so long. They’d buy a backup keeper in the Summer.

    2. Hafiz that isn’t how depth works

      Usually you will have a world class starter in all positions and very competent replacements should one of them get injured. The replacement should be of such quality that the drop off in quality isn’t considerable and as such he can come in capably without diminishing the quality of the overall team but he is generally not good enough to demand an immediate starting position.

      A general rule is the better the club the smaller the difference in quality is between the starters and replacements. Elite clubs such as Barcelona, Madrid and to a lesser extent Chelsea have replacements that would start at most other clubs, case in point.

      The problem Chelsea have is that they have 2 world class Goalkeepers both of which would start in all but probably 2 or 3 clubs in the world. Courtois who at 22 is one of the best keepers on the planet has already a La Liga title to his name and more likely to add an EPL title to his name and Cech who has numerous titles and has one just about everything a player can win at club level.

      From a business perspective Chelsea’s only option was to start Courtois, he’s only 22 and has at least a decade left in him. Cech who is world class probably has at most half that time. As such Chelsea’s omly real option is to let him go. It isn’t because he isn’t quality why Chelsea can’t keep him. It’s because he has too much.

  5. This Petr Cech debates is debatable. What I think we need now are concentrations and prayers for Arsenal as their title challenge and retaining the FA Cup is from this weekend reaching a defining moment. 3 big games, 1 at Wembley for us, 1 at Stanford Bridge and 1 at our Emirates Stadium the other week could shape the goals of our season.

    1. 1. De Gea is a guaranteed starter at all but two clubs in the world, that’s Chelsea and Bayern. If De Gea is leaving in the summer we will not be able to outbit Real Madrid for his services.

      2. A move from United to Arsenal is currently largely lateral. United know the asset they possess and would lock him down to a contract.

      1. @ Truegunner12

        Don’t waste your time explaining to Hafiz , only someone who is insane or who is full of $hit just like Michael Owen . Or you never know it could be Michael Owen changed his name to Hafiz for this site

  6. i’m gon ask y’all…….. When was the Last time cheLski sold a player 2 us?….they couldn’t even trade the said mediocre “Demba Ba” whom they never really wanted to keep

    1. A lot of the rumours out there aren’t to be believed. That rumour claimed we wanted to loan out Ba when Chelsea only had Ba Torres and Eto’ which for any top 4 club competing in the CL makes no sense.

      As for your question the closest we came in recent seasons was the loaning of Yossi Benayoun

  7. DM, Striker and backup LB are bigger priorities

    But if Wenger wants to get a WC GK then I won’t complain. Anything to improve us.

  8. Arsenal want him right… The question is do Arsenal need him? I say NO! There is no difference between signing Cesc when u alrdy have Ozil,Cazorla,Ramsey,Jack and signing Cech when you already have Ospina and Szczesny…

    Except of course u loan Szczesny like Chelsea did to Courtois.. But by the time Szcz returns Cech would still be around as goalkeepers like Cech get better with age.

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