Arsenal delete tweet wishing Arshavin a happy birthday following a backlash

According to The Daily Mail, Arsenal has deleted a birthday message that was posted on Twitter for Andrey Arshavin. The Russian player had a successful five-year tenure at the club under the management of Arsene Wenger and was highly regarded by the fans.

Arshavin recently celebrated his 42nd birthday, and Arsenal took to their social media account to wish him well. However, the post received criticism from several Ukrainians due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The criticism stemmed from reports suggesting that Arshavin had made statements indicating his willingness to fight for his country if called upon during the war.

Given the sensitive nature of the situation and the disappointment expressed by fans, Arsenal ultimately decided to delete the post. The club faced continued backlash for what was seen as an ill-timed message.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arshavin was a fine import and it’s sad we cannot wish him a happy birthday peacefully.

The former attacker made a huge impact when he played in over 100 competitive matches for the club and we expect him to get a warm reception if he ever visits the Emirate.

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  1. This article is misleading….apart from the 4 goals at Anfield and the goal against Barcelona his tenure at the Emirates was underwhelming and much of the time he barely looked bothered.

  2. Shame on Arsenal to delete the congrats. But so many brainwashed people around – its so sad.

  3. What an absolutely spineless thing to do from Arsenal FC. You wished someone happy birthday, why would you cave to social pressure? You either meant it or you didn’t, so why change what you meant.

    What a cowardly move!

  4. Why would you delete the birthday tweet? Arshavin is not Putin, he is just a citizen that has no say in what maniac Putin does. The Dictator does what he wants. Anyone Russian that tries to get in his way in Russia or outside might end up dead or in prison indefinitely..

    1. Siamois – je suis la ? The lyric to the Marseillaise is sung at the beginning of every France international so it should be reasonable to defend one’s country indeed. The difference here though, is that Russia is an unnecessary aggressor and Arsharvin, if the report is true, should be more sensitive about the situation. By the way the Marseillaise is the greatest national anthem ever and I wish it was ours.
      Damn fine tune too. It always stirs me.

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