Ban Alexis Sanchez for missing Arsenal drug test!

Arsenal agreed a transfer with Manchester United this week to allow Alexis Sanchez to move clubs, and the forward may now be investigated for missing a drugs test.

The Chilean signed a contract which has made him the highest paid player in Premier League history, and is in line to make his debut for his new club tonight against Yeovil Town in the FA Cup.

Before making his debut however, he has come under hot water for apparently missing a drugs test on Monday, when he was supposedly en route to Old Trafford to carve out the finer details of his move this week.

The player is supposedly at fault for failing to announce his whereabouts due to UEFA rules, and he was expected to be training with Arsenal and was supposedly summoned for a test.

A three-strike system is currently in place, and should a player fail to be where he is supposed to be when summoned for testing, he can find himself banned for up to two years of football, and it is unclear whether the forward has been at fault of the same during the last 12 months.

Arsenal FC and the FA have supposedly declined to comment on the situation thus far, and it could still be possible that the club could be at fault for the failure to declare the star’s whereabouts officially, although the repercussions for a club are much lighter should they be found guilty.

It would be highly entertaining if the Chilean was to be found guilty and be banned from playing from the Red Devils for two years, but I’m not going to be counting my chickens before more light in shed on the situation, but how nice would it be to shove that in the face of United and Jose Mourinho should it come through?

Update: Arsene Wenger said today….. “On Monday there was a lot going on, it is a special day for Alexis Sanchez – you have to do paperwork and travel. Was he still our player on Monday or not? You don’t know.

“It is just a bad day for him to be tested. Honestly, on the administration side it would still be our responsibility because he had not moved. I don’t know what really happened.

“I am quite relaxed because we have nothing to hide here, we always try our best to cooperate with doping control.

“The intention of Alexis was not to hide and we have nothing to hide.”

Pat J

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  1. gotanidea says:

    No need to ban him from playing. I predict he would struggle under Mourinho’s system, as he is not as physically good as the other Mourinho’s players.

    1. Guneal says:

      That guy has ripped apart Chelsea’s defence times and times again. That guy is the steelest attacker in the Prem.

  2. Duncan says:

    Much more chance of Arsenal being penalised than Sanchez as the rules states it’s up to them to provide his whereabouts. The more that is made of this story, the more trouble Arsenal are in.

  3. Henrikh Mkhitaryan says:

    I don’t care abt the name Alexis any more, am more concerned abt mihlki , arsenal, new signing if any. Swansea game.

    1. Tas says:

      Inc-bes-es Henrikh= how are you Henrikh

      I agree let’s move on from Sanchez I don’t know why but it’s realy anoying me seeing him playing the piano, knowing our luck when we play United he will score against us and probebly he will kiss his United badge

      Swansea played well against Liverpool but was also lucky not to lose, hope we can lurn from Liverpools mistakes because we also play open game

  4. Sue says:

    He is no longer an Arsenal player…. so I don’t care!

  5. i was a gooner says:

    Can a club be fantastic without being a giant ? yes
    Can a club can be a giant without being fantastic ? yes
    Cheers Arsene for that.. & why care a player who is not in a fantastic giant club anymore ?

    1. Tas says:

      I think you misunderstood AW I think he was trying to say Man-U = Giant club but not so great

      It was a little dig back to Mo

      1. Tas says:

        Great = fantastic*

  6. GB says:

    Just read that Lucas Moura has signed for spurs!

    1. rkw says:

      unbelievable really if true as it is what they are missing and will make them a better team … meanwhile the delusional fossil is preparing to tell us fans that we tried hard in this window but couldnt find the kind of quality needed to improve the team … when the truth is that lacazette welbeck giroud could be a front line trio for any club from mid championship to mid premiership

  7. mark says:

    It would be funny if he got banned, but he won’t. Best we can hope for is his goals dry up and/or he falls out with Mourinho or his team mates. All of which are possible.

  8. Innit says:

    The name Alexis is as liked now as the names Ashley, Robin, Samir, Gael and Emanuel. Alexis is history innit

    Let’s give our support to Mkhitaryan now. He isn’t as good but still talented and that kind of makes me like him even more because he can make a name for himself by working hard and helping the team.

    I think Mkhi could help us more than Alexis may help United if Wenger uses him right

  9. Midkemma says:

    Ale.. who?
    Can’t recall who you all are going on about.
    I’m eager to see if Mkhitaryan can hit the ground running for us, I am not a fan of his but I am open to having my opinion changed and would be happy to be converted to a fan of his 🙂

    Kinda frustrated that AFC are lowballing bids for Auba, thought people was blaming Wenger for the low ball bids and well… Wenger has not been involved in this, it has been Gazidis with Sven and Huss… Yet still the same old pattern.

    Could it be Gazidis all along?

    1. bran911 says:

      I knew at one point you gonna defend Wenger.. it was Wenger all along, he’s the old devil eating our club. He’s already started saying we don’t need Auba coz the team is ok, same old stupid comments, kinda think he has a hand in this as well

    2. Coldzero says:

      It’s all of them – all!

  10. jon fox says:

    A total non story of zero interest to Gooners. The Admin seems not to realise that no one on here cares a fig about Sanchez now that he has sold his soul to the devil for gross wages. The worst that could, but likely wont happen, is a small fine for either us or Man Utd, which would pay about two days of Walcotts weekly salary, all of which , mercifully, we are now saving. Meanwhile back on Planet Reality, most Gooners care about two things; when/if is Wenger going to be sacked AND will or will not Aubameyang be coming to us. As for Sanchez, well I for one am not interested in Spuds full backs.

  11. summerbreez says:

    Very annoying We are dithering around with Auba for a couple of pounds if the reports are to be true particularly when considering a defender was got for 75 millions
    I believe Auba would be the new 14 so therefor I am all for Auba to come to Arsenal he is the perfect singing to carry us through so I hope he would be an Arsenal player by Monday

    1. Coldzero says:

      We won’t get Auba- it’s all smoke and mirrors mate- gets more and more eloborate but all smoke and mirrors.

  12. Vlad says:

    Who cares? Frankly, I’d like to see him play under Mourinho. It will be so much fun when he doesn’t track back or loses the ball for a 100th time, and Mou will bench his sorry arse.

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