Arsenal desperately need a solution to our left-back problem

Arsenal’s Left back problem; we need a solution now! by Lagos Gooner

We should not ignore Arteta’s cry over the limited options we have at the left back. With serious injuries to Tierney, Bellerin and Kolasinac, anybody would see how vulnerable we are at the left back. When Arteta agreed to manage Arsenal, I am sure he never envisaged a situation where he would have to cry out and ask for reinforcements; little wonder the Spaniard made his point clearly. According to recent stories online, Arteta was reported as saying Arsenal were already playing with full backs that are not full backs. Playing wingers and central defenders at full back, is not want Arteta wants, hence his complaints.

Arteta told “But we can ask Ainsley a lot of things, but he’s not a full-back. Bukayo is not a full-back. They’re trying to adapt as quickly as possible and they try to help the team as much as possible to do that, but these things are going to happen.”

Well, according to, Arsenal are currently in talks to bring in Layvin Kurzawa, the 27 years old French international, to the Emirates. PSG, the current club of Layvin, are holding out for a transfer fee of between €5 million to €7 million in order to let Kurzawa go now.

The price PSG is asking for the defender is not much for Arsenal to pay. If truly PSG are willing to allow him go for that amount, then Arsenal should not waste time in buying him. Going by his age, he is a cheap buy. However, for PSG to be willing to let him go for such a little amount, leaves a lot to be desired. Why would they be willing to let him go for that low? Is he good enough to command a first team shirt in Arsenal? Would he be fit to play enough games and not go the injury way? Whatever their reasons for letting him go is, the important thing is that Arsenal is taking advantage and strengthening their own team.

I look forward to the season where we will play the whole number of games with a lot of our players being fit. We have been dealt serious blows by injuries and we have not been able to fully find a way of coping with these injuries. I look forward to a January transfer window where we won’t buy players to replace injured players but sign players to complement or add to the quality we already have at the club. I look forward to watching our team win many games and trophies with fit and mentally prepared players.

If we truly complete the transfer of Layvin Kurzawa, it will be a good development; he would surely add something to the team. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. I wonder how many goals we have conceded in the league
    this term directly as a result of a left back mistake?

    1. I think saka is a better solution at left back than AMN is at right back. If I was Arteta I would be trying to get Meunier from PSG as well, as he is in the same contract situation. Meunier is also a decent centre back.

      However,I also happen to think that Swanson and Bola would be good options.

  2. I think Arteta wants a new LB because ours are not consistent in offense. However, LB is not our biggest problem because Kolasinac would likely be able to play at Stamford Bridge

    Our main problem is the front spine, which are the striker and the no 10. They have been uncreative and unproductive in several matches

    If we can’t ditch the no 10 position, we had better get a ball winner in front of him. By having a proper target man, the other forwards will have less pressure from the opponents and the no 10 will benefit from the target man’s hold-up play

    1. And the Only player I see suitable for that role is Ceballos” You gotanidea have seen what the Lad can do when his more confident.

      Ozil shouldn’t be playing more than 45mins anymore.
      Luiz should boss the DM role allowing Torriera roam about winning balls..
      Ceballos should be the link between Ozil and Luiz.

      Since we can’t spend more fund on a player, I honorably think hijacking Kouyate from Crystal Palace would be ideal closely 3-4years.
      He’s been a proper DM for a long time from he’s days at WestHam..
      His even more uptight than Ndidi.

    2. Gotanidea
      Well said. My concern is that Arsenal’s recent coaches seem not no the kind of players they actually need to sign or is it the recruitment crew.
      Even the departed Wenger during his later days in Arsenal didn’t buy players that could fix his defensive issues. Arteta should take a clue from Liverpool Klop who went for the players that could change his team performance. This kind of players doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive they only need to be identified.

  3. I personally think that Arteta would seriously consider offers for Lacazette and still might. If Atletico came back offering Lemar and partey in a straight swap, he would sanction the move.

    I basically think the club have said to him that there is no cash for permanent signings, unless he offloads, which is difficult as the players we want out no one really wants.

    I would not be surprised to see a big clear out again in the summer, with only a few players genuinely safe.

    Personally, if I was him I would just set a target of 42 points to virtually guarantee safety then focus on the Europa League. That is our best hope of CL qualification and his best chance of getting money to spend.

    1. Target of 42 points for Arsenal? No way, we’re bigger than that. Let’s target top 6 at least. That’s achievable. Top 4 is a stretch coz I see the top 3 being Liverpool, Man City and Leicester. That leaves 4th spot open for Chelsea, Man Utd, Tottenham and Arsenal. I think Wolves and Sheffield will fizzle out. All those 4 teams vying for that 4th spot are capable of dropping points as shown this weekend so it basically boils down to who can win consistently.

  4. We have 2 natural left backs plus a stand in who has done very well.We have one natural right back who is battling back to fitness plus a stand in who also has done well.Given these circumstances I would have thought another right back was needed rather than a left back?We have 4 centre backs none of whom is top drawer yet you consider a new left back a priority?

    1. My point too Granddad. Why have 3 left backs (Tierney, Kolasinac and Kurzawa) but only 1 right back (Bellerin)?

  5. Saka is excellent cover, even maybe just excellent at left back (reminded me of Ashley Cole ) if yesterday was anything to go by. Injury is making LB a problem not players. RB is a different animal, amn doing ok ish but not impressing, Bellerin has not looked good for years, even when fit. Kerzawa is definitely not needed, dont waste time and money on him, RB more important. But even more important is midfield, it just isn’t right. Ive made my point so not repeating it. The engine room is running on three cylinders.

  6. Saka did alright yesterday,he is a promising youngster and i would love to use him as a wing back.
    Even maitland niles will have a good future as a wingback.

    MA will have to switch to a back 3 in the near future because of our fullback problems.

    And we can make top 4 this season,our performances are getting better.And we should have won 4 out of the 5 games played under MA if not for the stupid biased referees.keep believing gooners.Some may speak like they are realists arguing my point.Positivity comes with life experiences and thats what makes my day beautiful.
    For some i may be a self fooling gooner and i would keep on being one.
    Sorry @jon fox

  7. Kinda OT,

    I happened to be channel surfing late
    night and stumbled upon a Bundesliga
    tussle between Schalke and Gladbach.

    Schalke was extremely impressive in
    dominating Marco Roses side 2-0 and
    two players in particuluar were men
    amongst boys for Wagners side in

    #8 Suat Serder B2B
    #4 Ozan Kabak CB

    Serder reminded me of young Gundoghan
    when he dominated the BL while
    starring for those amazing Dortmund
    teams a few years back. The young
    German was everywhere on the pitch,
    physically bossing the Gbach
    midfield, snapping into challenges
    and scoring a wonderous curler from
    20 yds out. An ABSOLUTE monster on
    the pitch and MOTM.

    Kabak, at a tender 19 years of age is
    easily one of the, if not the top
    young CB’s in world futbol. He was
    predictably outstanding against MGB,
    effortlessly controlling the likes
    of Thuram, Embole and Plea. His
    physicality, reading of the game and
    technical proficiency at such a young
    age is simply astounding. I rate him
    above Upamecano, who I LOVE as a

    These two young STUDS are the type of
    players that MA and company should be
    targetting in the summer window. Both
    would WALK into the starting 11 and
    bring a much needed passion and
    aggression that has been sadly
    missing at the club for YEARS.

    If you get a chance watch these 2
    youngsters, I promise Gunners
    worlwide wont be disappounted.

  8. It took Kokas to get injured to realise we need a left back with Tierny who simply can’t be considered, arrived injured, not in team til April fool???

    Dude, what about RB? Arteta didn’t notice neither? Bellerin out, it is no option since we sold Jerkinson who was actually doing well in pre season , coming back from loan!

    I guess Kroenke needed to recoup money while he could. Doesn’t even know what’s a RB nor if Jerkinson was one and may be missing. There’s 23 players to pick from, right…

    We play with young player who accepts to do so,. Doubt they would ask, impose this to Ozil, Auba, Laca, Torreira, Xhaka. Oh maybe Pepe, be great, he can run forward then!

    It is no team in any leagues without a back up for each position, most actually put competition between 2 at same position! Even in championship teams this is verified!!!

    Wenger send a great message; that Arteta will need a lot of support! He knows it is none from owner for a fact, over a decade of trickeries!

    He means fans support, not have him kicked out with signs to give a reason, pretext for Kroenke to fire him! There’s no support from Kroenke, board and staff are his employés who come and goes!

    Reality is that we can only be worst than last year because we already needed to improve team; Emery did good with what he had, asked in prority insisting for 3 players : Maguire, Partey, Zaha! Kos was mad asking for a top CB to pair him with in order to be able to compete. That simply wanting to win titles and not again be in such a mess! Left!


    Bellerin Kos Maguire Tierny
    Partey Ceballos
    Zaha Laca Auba

    Willock, Niles, Saka, Nelson, Martineli, Chambers, Holding…If we w

    Partey and Ceballos in , meant Torreira & Xhaka out! Common sense!

    That was first team he had in mind. If anyone here can blame Emery, indeed there’s real lot ignorance among us, or more Kroenke playing everyone as fools!

    Same for Arteta, asked for Koulibaly, but he should then accept to let Kolas and Torreira go to Napoli in swap, get rid of Xhaka who is wanted, get Serri 15M and Rabiot available on loan, and options for fullbacks, many available for 5M! Thats works for cheap dady Kroenke but to Arteta to see this and make right choices & moves!

    Koulibaly is value is 70M but Torreira and Kolas are valued at 45 and 20 = 65! Just add 20M and shot this deal! Sale Xhaka wanted, for 30M, by Seri for 12, remaining 18M on 2 fullbacks and Rabiot loan! That’s 20M spent, perfect for our cheap Kroenke but it takes Arteta to make changes in team as in hs current formation, can’t keep playing the losing team!

    Bellerin Koulibaly Holding Kurzawa
    Serri Rabiot
    Pepe Laca Auba

    This is how we can and should look! No xhkha Torreira same old non sense, but fresh motivated players who can improve team! Hope Mikel gets it fast enough, he is good for the team and club for sure!

  9. Sylvester, the reason why Kurzawa is so cheap is because he’s got 6 months left on his contract. PSG would rather get whatever they can get for him rather than letting him go for free. It’s basic business.

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