Arsenal desperately need a top class replacement for Cazorla

Since Santi Cazorla has succumbed to a long term injury for the second season running at Arsenal, it would seem obvious that the Gunners should have been pursuing a top class replacement in the meantime. Wenger has tried various other players in his role including Mohamed Elneny, Granit Xhaka, Aaron Ramsey and even Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, but none of them have even come close to Cazorla’s creativity on a regular basis.

As the Gunners legend Martin Keown said: “They need to sign one of Europe’s best midfield players.

“Granit Xhaka is improving but he is not putting fear into the Premier League’s top teams.

“Arsenal need a player who can dictate the play. They have felt the loss of Santi Cazorla greatly and it has massively affected the group.”

Even Arsene Wenger highlighted how much the little Spaniard has been mised when he said this week about the team’s failings this season: “It was a turning point at Everton and Manchester City where we lost two games on the trot just after a Champions League game. It took our confidence away from us a little bit. Away from home, maybe even more than home, Cazorla was a very important player for us. He contributed a lot last season but this season we lost him very early.” he said.

So even Wenger agrees we need a similar sort of player with that extra touch of class right now, but it is also obvious we should have got one last summer.

Who could we tempt this summer when we can’t even offer Champions League football?



  1. John Ibrahim says:

    We need Bakakoyo


    This guy provides strength aggression speed and steel

    a very hard and tough player

    Isco can become a good replacement for Carzola


    Ospina, Ozil, Giroud, Sanchez (Sadly he wants to leave), Walcott, Ramsay, Campbell, Sanago, Wilshere, Monreal can fund for more signings

  2. Taxi4Wenger says:

    Isco the disco for me.

  3. Vanpayslip thought of the day: Ask Arsene, he ain't understanding this, cuz 99% of AKBs don't exist says:

    A new manager first then the club should think of players. This scatter gun approach that Wenger uses is no good. No point in buying Elneny and then Xhaka only to end up needing a player still. Same goes for defence. Chambers, Holding, Gabriel and Mustafi and yet still no better off.

    He is too tied up in his own hype to even realise that in the end he has wasted money given the team he has eventually built.

  4. Dr Livingston says:

    Is Isco even a realistic option? Can’t see Madrid selling him at all and even if they did he would be a replacement for Ozil if anything.

  5. Nebsy says:

    I’m afraid we’ve stopped being an attractive destination for top players and not-yet-top-but-ambitious players.
    Never forget that Kroenke openly said he doesn’t care for titles at all. Every footballer will know that when deciding whether or not to join the Gunners.
    I reckon we’ll continue to go down the slippery slope of mediocrity until Dangote decides to buy Kroenke out for a hilarious amount of money.

  6. Imran says:

    I would take isco, Vazquez ,parejo and suarez/benzema from la liga and offload Walcott,Sanchez(as he wants out), Ramsey and welback.
    Also, offloading Monreal and Gabriel and bringing in saed from schalke and Keane from burnley.
    Last but not least cdm gueye or william carvalho for elneny. If possible Barkley for Wilshire..

  7. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Van Dijk is going to Chelsea
    They dont mess around

    I know one manager who messes around

    1. Guneal (English Arsenal fans are gullible) says:

      I know him too and I have got balls to call his name, Mr. Wenger………………

  8. Fatboy Gooney says:

    We need more than just a Cazorla replacement.?
    Seriously, Half the team needs upgrading including a new keeper.
    But then again, I doubt that anything would change much, all the while the deluded is in charge.

  9. legend henry says:

    who is this jembutarsene guy ?

    His comments don’t make sense
    I think he is a troll
    He comes here to abuse people

    You make yourself look like a fool from your senseless comments

    No hard feeling, just a friendly reminder

    1. Gooner Craig says:

      Plenty of trolls on here!

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