Arsenal destroy Sheffield United with six goal demolition job

In a crucial encounter at Bramall Lane, Arsenal took to the pitch with a clear mission: securing a vital victory to sustain their title challenge. The tension that surrounded the match quickly dissipated within the opening minutes as Arsenal promptly asserted their dominance.

The breakthrough came just five minutes into the game, courtesy of a clinical finish from Martin Odegaard. This early lead set the tone for what turned out to be a first-half masterclass by the Gunners. From that moment onward, it was a relentless onslaught from the lads, with Gabriel Martinelli, Kai Havertz, and Declan Rice all finding the back of the net. Sheffield United’s Jayden Bogle unwittingly added to the misery with an own goal.

As the halftime whistle echoed through the stadium, Arsenal had already amassed an impressive five-goal advantage. The first 45 minutes showcased a complete demolition job by the Gunners, leaving Sheffield United in disarray. Arsenal’s fluid attacking play, clinical finishing, and midfield control were too much for the home side to handle.

The question now lingered: not if Arsenal would secure the win, but how many more goals they would add to their tally. With visions of double figures not beyond the realm of imagination.

The second half began somewhat similarly to the first, albeit lacking a quick goal. However, it wasn’t too long before Arsenal secured their sixth, courtesy of an absolute stunner from none other than Ben White.

Worryingly, we lost Martinelli in the 63rd minute due to injury, and the severity of it remains uncertain. However, there was a silver lining as Thomas Partey came on, replacing Jorginho, delivering some positive news for the team.

Arsenal maintained control for the remainder of the game without overly exerting themselves. While they had opportunities to add more goals, the six-goal haul and a clean sheet likely exceeded Mikel Arteta’s expectations for the match.

This was an outstanding performance from Arsenal, and despite Sheffield’s woeful display, the dominance exhibited by Arteta’s side was truly devastating. The way the team played this evening would have proven challenging for any opponent.

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  1. Those Arteta out fans with yet more egg on their faces!

    Brilliant again, and what a team performance. Partey looked very rusty, and let’s hope Saka and Martinelli are ok.

    1. 7 shots on target against in the last 7 including playing Liverpool/Newcastle. If this was City or Liverpool doing what we are currently the media would be in meltdown on how good it was.

      1. Havertz is beginning to resemble the young player who impressed me so much when he performed in the Bundesliga.His control in his assist for the Ben White cracker was sublime.Partey ,not unexpectedly, looked rusty but will gain from the outing and I thought Jesus looked very sharp on his return.Last but not least, our Captain was simply terrific.

  2. Wow what a convincing way to answer and critics. This could have been tricky. The other four teams within range all won, so some kind of pressure but on with the roller coaster.

  3. The Kroenke’s must now strike the rod whilst it is hot, and hand the gaffer a brand new four year contract

      1. Gundown, that’s pushing the envelope a little don’t you think?
        But in life rules out nothing 🙂

  4. It was a game that should have been comfortable but the worrier in me thought that SheffU might have shown a bit more and I could only feel a degree of sympathy for their plight in the end.

    It was thrilling to see the Arsenal so comprehensively command the match. A couple of really poor errors by Sheffield for a couple of the goals, but when you are languishing at the bottom of the league then mistakes get punished – and how they were!

    SheffU must have felt like they were being steamrollered.

  5. Business as usual, happy for the team performance and deserved win, Precious three points bagged coupled with healthy goal difference, all attention moves to this weekend’s visit of Brentford, another tough game!!! COYG!!!

  6. Brilliant and comfortable win, we march on. Game per game. Just entertaining to watch Arsenal play , beauty at it’s best

  7. I agree by the way that it was flatter but the perspective is that half finished 2-0 with no shots on target for Sheffield.

    1. Don’t think the aim of the comment was negative, think it was an observation that maybe needed some clarification.

    2. Wasn’t trying to be negative just my own thoughts about how the substitutes weren’t that great and how I would have liked ESR given 30mins instead of Party as he is more likely to influence games. I don’t think it is negative to want the team to play as well as it can all the time and it’s called constructive criticism but all of us on here have different standards for which I personally mean, if we play Man city or pool I would be happy winning 1-0 but when you are 5-0 up at half time against the worst team in the division I expected more goals especially for goal difference. But I am very happy with the win

  8. Superb display and to see our back four in line, backing up the midfield and attack while midway in the opponents half, was something I’ve never seen before and it was thrilling to see.

    I agree with those who say the tempo wasn’t as high in the second half and Vieria was the only disappointment for me once again…. but that’s just my opinion.

    Great to see MA using his subs and I hoped to see ESR and Ramsdale given some time.

    Can’t praise them enough and it’s excellent news regarding Saka and Martinelli – hope their fit for the Brentford game.

    Merci Mikel!!

    1. Vieira is back off injury playing out of position not fair. Fast forward 3 weeks and then comment when he subs or CM’s. Timber who I cant wait for needs the same protection, can take 18 months post fitness to hit previous levels with that injury.

      1. Actually Angus, I’ll comment when I want to – not when you want me to.
        But thanks for the advice, I’ll keep it in mind.

        1. I did not suggest you should or shouldn’t comment and your response is quite offensive. I suggested Vieira was back off injury if you want to debate that debate but do not insert your personal feelings clearly towards me in what was clearly an innocuous comment.

          1. I said Vieria is back off injury judge him in 3 weeks comment then, you said ill comment when i want to thank you very much without even mentioning Vieira or Arsenal in general. Why?

          2. Angus, your telling me when to comment – I’ll bear it in mind.
            “Fast forward three weeks and then comment” sounds like an instruction to me, innocuous or not!!
            Now let’s enjoy the result shall we?
            Did you think his corners were any good for instance?

            1. I was speaking on Vieira you turned it personal and presumably based upon my general reputation. If you ever in either response mentioned Vieira or Aresnal at all you might have a point. to the only weird relevent point you’ve broufht I’d suggest corners in a small sample are impossible to accurately evaluate any which way.

                1. Angus, I’m not in a dressing room am I?
                  Look again at his corners and I think you will find not one got past the near post.
                  If, in three weeks, he’s improved, I’ll follow up your request – shall we say after the city game (if he gets any playing time)?
                  Not sure what reputation your on about, but let’s discuss him in three weeks time.

                  1. Maybe 6-0 is not the time to go after a player who has just come back from injury who played his 1st minutes back but thats just my opinion. Maybe I’m wrong.

                    1. For context. If we are talking goals and assists currently this year per 90 xg/a is Trossard/Saka/Vieira. Expected assits per 90 is Vieira/Nwaneri/Saka/Nelson/Odegaard

                2. I don’t think Ken has posted anything negative towards Vieira whatsoever. He’s made a constructive opinion. I’ve never known Ken to be negative in a negative way if you get what I’m saying. I was delighted to see Vieira, Partey and Jesus receive some match time. I would hate to see any changes made for the next match against Brentford. Aaron Ramsdale will definitely come in for David Raya against Brentford. I can see changes for the 2nd leg tie for the Porto match being a different competition and played in the totally different tempo. But eyes will be on the Brentford match. As for Vieira, the ball is in his court to improve. It’s up to him. He’s with a side breaming with confidence. He needs to feed off that confidence from his team mates. By rights, that will be from the training pitch. He has to work his skinny little butt off. And when he’s given match time, he has to impress. He has to give Mikel Arteta a headache when it comes to match selection. Players are coming back from injury at the right time of the season. You never want injuries to arise in the first place,, but the way things are unfolding right now is so encouraging. Take one match at a time and each match on its own merits,, as no match is never the same as the last. There’s sure to be twists and turns leading up to MATCH 38

                  1. Don’t think ken is negative in general either but i responded to the comments he made as made at this time now. “Vieria was the only disappointment for me once again…” thats not just today but “once again” and clearly targeting Vieira on the back of a 6-0 winunless i’ve lost all command of the english language.

  9. Absolutely brilliant performance.
    Sweetest part of the victory is the fact that we didn’t have to go beyond 3rd gear to do this demolition job.

    This team is so deceptively dangerous & whoever discounts us now would be doing that at their own peril.
    Once could be termed luck.
    Twice could be termed coincidence.
    But three, four times on the trot?
    Nah! Someone’s got to take notice.

    The Arsenal juggernaut rolls on.
    On to Brentford and Porto next.
    We’ve got this🎯
    Onwards and Upwards!

    COYG 💪

  10. Job done, easy 3 points. The only real minus is, we stopped trying second half. Liverpool play these in three weeks. The wont stop, if they find themselves in a similar position. And they easily could. One of the worst teams, i have ever seen in the prem. Great to see Partey back.

    1. I don’t think we stopped trying. It’s just a reality we need to conserve energy when we can. The game was 5-0. Keeping a clean sheet, resting players was the priority at that point. I think the team has learned from last season to not risk burning out, or going in for lunges, tackles that aren’t necessary. Our schedule is going to get very busy very quick next month and the rest we are getting now I think is going to go a long way.

    2. Liverpool can be high intensity monsters if they want. That is just their style but they also have had the craziest injury list out of the top three as well and their schedule is about to get even crazier than ours. Europa league as we know is such an energy sapper.

      1. You are right but i still think, they or city, wouldn’t have took their foot off the gas. Only a minor quibble and hopefully doesn’t matter.

  11. Good solid display with excellent finishing on the whole from the team against a poor Sheffield United intent on a draw. Arsenal can only play what is in front of them and showed how to beat the low block.
    The intensity of play displayed since the return from Dubai, with the continuous running both in and out of possession, needs to retained till the end of the season. One game at a time, with maximum points and Arsenal will succeed. Only 2 points between first and third, with Liverpool benefitting from an officiating mistake saving 2 points against Nottingham Forest. Such luck cannot be relied on to win the League.
    Hopefully this Arsenal turns up to destroy FC Porto at the Emirates to continue the journey in the Champions League and continues to accumulate maximum points in the League one game at a time.

  12. For a long time, even before Arteta and as far as Wenger’s days, we weren’t known for huge score lines. I’m very glad this is no longer the case. May it long continue!

  13. Great performance with an especially devastating first half.
    It was also useful for players returning from injury to get playing time.
    Sheffield were terrible in the first half and the difference between teams at either end of the league appears to be greater than ever.

  14. Congratulations to the team. Am so happy that Arteta and his coaching staff have started doing what we have been saying and it has been yielding great results. Another improvement on goal scoring is amazing. I maintain that goals win matches and not defense. Just hope it’s sustained.
    Good 3 points. We can only play what is in front of us. Congratulations to all of us.

  15. Bored on a train so I had a quick peek at Garth Crook’s team of the week. Odegaard is the only Arsenal player listed. Pundits hey, where are their heads at? Still let’s drool over the goal feast and grow those fingernails for some nail biters to come. Feel good about taking it to City in then days time.

    1. He’s always hated Arsenal and is a muppet…the end write up was also about Pogba on the team of the week????? Even what he writes about Arsenal is always having an underhand dig at us.

  16. Shame poor Sheffield, really have no chance this season.

    Great to see Partey getting some minutes under the belt! Very chuffed

  17. I agree with the subs, However, I think Arteta wanted Partey and Viera to gain some match fitness…. the score line helped in that regards too

  18. Just when we’re getting our players back from injury, Martinelli takes a hit on his foot. There’s no info other than it’s a cut and will be assessed today or tomorrow. Cut’s usually heal quickly, so hopefully he won’t miss any games.

  19. What a match that was, i was as excited with the sharpness and movement of our players as well as the scoreline.
    Partey coming back is a good bonus, Jesus and vieira too.
    Bring on porto and Brentford

  20. Last season we lost the league as we lost Saliba and Partey. This season we have Timber, Zinchenko, Partey, Tomiyasu, Jesus all coming back. A different proposition. If Man City and Liverpool draw….the sky is the limit.

  21. Great performance, great tactics, well done to everyone with Arsenal.

    Loved seeing all the subs, use the roster and rest the starters.

    Partey and Vieira good to see them play, the rust was no surprise.

    Big question; should Havertz keep starting at striker, and Jesus wait for his chance?

    Personally no way I’d start Jesus over Havertz now. Havertz is scoring goals, attack is purring, I’d wait for Havertz to dip in form before playing Jesus.

    Havertz has been far better as a striker than a midfielder

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