Arsenal destroyed Man United but let’s not get carried away…

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Well Well! Happy weekend everybody. What a way to end your Sunday having Man United destroyed at the Emirates, and then go off to the pub to have a well deserved drink and mock those United fans. I mean when you are a foreign fan, there are usually more Man United fans around than there are Tottenham ones and you just hate United more than anybody else.

It was thumping win. It was by far the best attacking performance I can remember in a while. Those first 20 minutes highlighted exactly what I’ve been moaning about on this site for a while. We sacked the possession football and went for pace. We were quick, lightning quick, we used fewer touches on the ball and used pace. Walcott, Alexis, Bellerin, so much pace and when you have that pace there is places where Ozil can put the ball.

It was a marvelous win that surprised everybody at the Emirates, even Louis Van Gaal. It’s not something he shouldn’t have expected. But I have to say Walcott was brilliant. Sitting just on the offside mark, making runs, going wide when he needed and that desire to take the ball from Schweinsteiger is exactly the desire you want to see when you pay immense money to see a football game.

Alexis is a beast. He scored two amazing goals. The technique on the first was sublime and the second needs no comment. Darmian was chasing shadows in the first half, he was so bad he got replaced. Now imagine The Ox on the right and Ramsey moved to the middle. That means we have tons of pace and football is a game of Athletes. Physical superiority and pace are something you can turn to your favor.

We mocked United by just walking around after minute 20. We literally stopped playing. United were poor. Terrible in defense as I mentioned before even though they came in with the joint best defensive record. We spared them, let them off easy. Ramsey should’ve put a fourth in in the first half. Then in the second Ozil, the Ox and Giroud all missed good chances and we really should’ve scored more to put vengeance on that horrible defeat few years back.

Anyway, let’s not get carried away. It was the first real performance we put in this season and although I’ll come under fire I’ll say it again. Wenger has to go. Do not jump into the short term thinking. All the top teams changed managers in recent years. Ferguson left. The stage was set for us to dominate the league. We had the money, the opportunity while others are down, for us to stand up – and Arsene blew it. He had the experience, the stadium, the money and all he needed was a few more players and a solid game play.

We have it again now and Arsene again didn’t sign anybody but Cech, but boy did he make a difference. Why was he benched against Olympiacos is beyond me. I mean if you are a player and you look at the team sheet and you see Petr Cech in goal you are happy. You know that there is a calm, world class keeper and Cech made an enormous save against Martial. I mean if it was 3:1 you might smell something, but no, 3:0 game over at half time. It also says something when the fans cheer every time your goalkeeper collects an easy ball!

He made a couple of great saves in the second half too. I mean if Wenger ever drops him again in a must win game, he just needs to go into an asylum. And the pressure did the job too. You see, Wenger started to get angry because he’s usually used to have his word like a law. But pressure got the best of him and he came out fighting, so did the players.

In the post match interview, Wenger said that when you spend so much time at a football club, you start to get acknowledged with everything around the football club which directly meant “I am practically everything at Arsenal”, which is not good, but of course when you thump United 3:0 nobody will come up to note that.

Elsewhere in the league, Brendan Rodgers got sacked at Liverpool which makes sense even though he got a tough point at Everton. Look at the League. Champions Chelsea are 10 points off top. United are rebuilding, Arsenal are shaky. If you are the Liverpool owner, you might see an opportunity here and the decision is spot on.

It might be Klopp or Ancelotti. Whoever it is, he’ll find himself in a tough position, but the new manager effect might work and their squad is not that terrible for a league as inconsistent as the Premier League. Advocaat got sacked too, which is no surprise either.

Now is a time to celebrate a much needed win, but we have to look at the long term, the bigger picture which is still unclear. On Tuesday, Arsenal were a crisis team, now they are all of a sudden champions? No, not really. Unless we show the desire of yesterday’s first half over the whole season, we’ll not be contenders. And I’m not saying this to be negative.

I believe that if we hoover round the top within a touching distance by Christmas and we buy another player or two, we might be in the race. If we drop the Champions League it might be easier. We might end up in Europa League which always makes it tough, but with this roller coaster of results in the league you never know.

In two weeks time, Chelsea might find themselves close to the top 4 if they actually win 2 games in a row. It’s funny to see Mourinho giving post-match interviews in which he hopes he lives to see another day as Chelsea’s manager. Even more amusing was the fact the refs spared Chelsea two clear Southampton penalties and he still complained about the ref.

Overall a fine weekend for the Arsenal fans. Enjoy.


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  1. I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and flush everything after paragraph number four– as opposed to blocking the NewsNow link to the site.

    I was happy to revel in something special for at least a day– not to be dragged into the writer’s obsession with the manager’s status.


    1. The opinions expressed in the this or any other articles are not necessarily the opinion of I may disagree vehemently with MANY opinions expressed here, but I will defend to the death their right to express their opinion unless they involve illegality, personal abuse or bloodshed, or even SWEARING lol!

      1. I understand censorship. I don’t condone it wither.
        What I’d like to promote is common sense in the content.

        Then your contributor has offered up a huge buzzkill less than a day after what could honestly be called the greatest AFC victory in more than a decade.

        He CAN write it.
        But SHOULD he have?
        And SHOULD take into consideration the relevance of the content submitted prior to posting it?

        Really, in what reality does yesterday’s amazing performance on the field–
        mandate that the Manager should quit? That it should be a part of today’s conversation?

        Sophomoric obsession on the writer’s part.
        If that’s the level of writing you’re good with– This post won’t be of consequence anyway.


        1. what jw1 said. spot on. this maniacal desire to harp on the negative is good for no one when coming after the best win we’ve had in the prem in maybe a decade. and yes, some of us do know km’s position, but cummon mate, give it a rest for this international break. the most important thing about winning is enjoying the taste of victory so you have something to strive for again and again. let’s not taint the taste. I think any arsenal fan with common sense generally agrees and are beyond the point of frustration at what happened this past summer. But the old man is near the end of his tenure. accept his faults and, at least for now, look to the possibility of tasting more sweet victory’s this season.

      2. You aren’t the only one @admin. That’s what the politicians have been doing for a while now. They overreact when someone says something wrong, but when the bloodshed involves actual blood, they look away.

    2. You must be new here… because if you see Konstantin’s name attached to the article, you know there’s gonna be hate and bashing of our club, certain players, and of course the manager. And that’s even after a win like that, when all we should doing is basking in the rays of sunshine while talking about dismantling of the Mancs on Sunday. Konstantin probably asked Wenger for an autograph a while ago, and never got one. Only something like would explain all this negativity towards our legendary manager.

      1. He is new here, and obviously is not used to the JustArsenal philosophy. Like jw1, I disagree completely that Wenger should be sacked right now, but if he has a year of complete failure I may change that opinion. But Konstantin is a long standing contributor and writes his opinion in a reasonable and descriptive way, and i BELIEVE every single Arsenal fan is entitled to air their beliefs on JustArsenal. Whatever his reasons for his opinion he is entitled to them, as you are, and you will find probably more pro-Wenger articles than negative ones, depending on which way the wind blows….
        What we don’t accept is people who abuse others for disagreeing with them. We are all equal, we are all Arsenal fans….

        1. Actually, no sir– I’m not new here.
          I’ve been reading this blog for the better part of 2-3 years.
          (And a US-based Gooner since ’05– so I’ve been through the worst without having experienced the best!)
          I simply don’t comment often.

          When I come across an article that I disagree with– I ll continue to the end if it’s relevant– and stop if it’s not worth the read.

          The first four paragraphs of Konstantin’s post was spot-on and enjoyably descriptive– a pleasure to read along with– and experience the vitality of the day we all experienced.

          What it turned into? IMHO? Was a topic for another day– maybe even as early as tomorrow.
          But why kill the euphoria of something special– something really special– by injecting the one thing into it– that is as I described– a huge buzzkill?

          My point then to is this– I click through to your site among the dozens that offer AFC content– because I value much of what I read here.
          I click and profits.

          On a day like today– that should be all ‘white light and choir music’?
          It’s the contributor’s opinion that we should all be ‘feet planted on the ground and dour.’

          So then tell me please? When do we get to simply enjoy what transpired yesterday? Which brings me back to my original jag– of giving the benefit of the doubt today.


          1. Exactly, like who wants to pack up Christmas the very next day. Some people just revel in misery’s their comfort zone ..whine & moan. Best just to avoid these people as you would if situated near.

  2. So you wouldn’t want Arsenal fans to enjoy the win and be optimistic about the fact that we are just 2 points off log leaders, despite too badly officiated games that saw being robbed? Granted the result did not suit your Wenger out agenda but that is none of Arsenal fans’ business. You keep shouting Wenger out while Arsenal fans revel in the aftermath of a massive win.

    This is not the first game that Arsenal produced a stellar performance this season. The performances that culminated in wins against Crystal Palace and Leicester were also scintillating. Arsenal the best form team in Europe between January 2015 and May 2015 are doing what Arsenal fans know the team is capable of hence the fans have every right to dream about all they want concerning Arsenal’s final league position come May 2016.

    1. Do you really read the articles people try to post here? i am amazed how often people change opinion based on one result instead of looking over a period of 10 years. If your judgement based one result is what should define everything thank ok, but in reality it’s not.

      The author not once said he’s not happy about United being thrashed, he just hopes that in the long term we’ll have a manager that will not repeat the mistakes Wenger does every other game. Just because you are an AKB, doesn’t mean other people cannot express their opinions freely on this site, which is exactly it’s purpose.

    2. This is the thing. We lose – blame Wenger. We win – Wenger is not mentioned.

      Before and after winning the league in 04, we have made a top four finish each and every season (with no funds to buy top players and no funds to keep our best players). Since 2013, when we actually had funds to spend on top players, we have won 5 trophies. Statistically, we are improving.

      Yet since 2004, we have seen Chelsea, Man United, Liverpool and City all drop out of the top 4 finish.

      The problem is the WOB cannot distinguish the years of financial drought from post 2013 ( when we bought Ozil). Every time we lose, they keep bringing up 10 years without an EPL title. In essence, they are throwing the baby out with the bathwater. What they need to realize is that Arsenal were handicapped prior 2013 and to make a top 4 finish was overachieving if anything.

  3. The FA will review the video and Alexis could face a long ban for using Rockets in a soccer game. Man utd players be like ” It’s just a game we ain’t here to kill nobody”. COYG!!! see ya in two weeks

  4. Slept with a smile on my face last night, just being so proud of my “gunners” putting man u to the sword with some awesome display of attacking lethal football!

    1. Yes, so proud my brother, because we (Arsenal fans) are the only ones roaming the street in my locality talking about BPL. Chelsh*t fan don’t even mention the letter “c” in the presence of people, and Manure fans (that made a whole lot of noise before the match) are in hiding.
      What put more shame on the Manure fans is that there is no excuse as their best player (Mata) agreed that they were beaten to pulp.
      I have never felt like this in a long time. And its a long week before next game.

  5. Great week for us “gooners” destroying man u yesterday, putting us into 2nd place! But my biggest joy chelsea losing and way down into 16th place! Who’s crying now mourinho?

    1. Absolutely. Other than the obvious I never had any particular animosity toward Chelsea. (ManU is the real enemy for me).

      But with Joozhey The Horrible in charge I celebrate every tiny setback they experience. He is a despicable human being and is pure poison to the league. So if Chelsea losing every game gets him out of the EPL faster, I am all for it.

      (Next target for permanent removal = Mike Dean)

      1. When i wrote after the Chelsea game that they could not beat anybody these days without the referee’s help….i believe no one took that seriously…since then, just watch what happen at their newcastle, southampton games….its no more a freak result…We were blatantly robbed that day and we could have drawn or won the game playing 11 vs 11 Men (costa off, but dean still in)….
        I am still sore that the media and pundits alike in the uk continues to give prominence to the media queen BS….and yesterday one reporter from bbc sport wrote radamel falcao blatant dive in the southampton game as a strong penalty claim…this is just one example bias reporting that have been going around in the uk media for quite some time now…i dont know whether he send them wine every month so he is constantly favoured by them or they simply are afraid of being bitch slap by him if they were to write something negative about him…
        Sorry for taking so much space to blow off some frustration….

  6. Of course it is true that this was just one game. Arsenal played great but ManU were frankly very poor.

    But I think we can all get excited and celebrate this one great performance without doing any damage. And it is a great way for fans to go into the international break.

  7. So instead of constantly promoting the Mourinho home undefeated streak ……..

    will the media now promote and celebrate the Mourinho home losing streak?

  8. Teacher : Do you know the reason Manchester United lost to Arsenal Student :Manchester United lost because their defenders were Young, Small and Blind

  9. For the first time ever against a big side, Arsenal controlled the game for the whole 90 minutes.
    We will tear through defences if Walcott keeps playing like that! Giroud is actually a great impact sub for when we need a big man up top.

  10. I was an all time arsene defender.
    After the two disasters in UCL I called for his resignation or being sacked.
    But I stated: he should first fix this chaos..then he can go. And by fax, I wrote, I meant win UCL and league.
    And then go. Not fair for any other coach to come right now, and apparently he has begun well.

      1. Well like I said. He D be o the way of the good strt vs manu.
        I have been an AW fan before some fans were born.
        I followed him at monaco and arsenal even before
        But I stand by my opinion…he gambled too much and by top much I don’t mean Ospina people who read here often know that.i was one of the not let Ospina go club and was happy that he stayed . Too much means too many players changed for those games.
        Gibbs is not our best he had choices.
        If he puts this 11 not fixing WHT isn’t broken my hat off to him again.

        So Tú sum up…if he beats bayern twice. ..which h can do…and then change again to get beaten. ….what say?

        1. Yes, if he changes away to get beaten then I have also no reason to be happy with him.
          But I think we both know Wenger, he would try his best to qualify for next round if it also means to play best XI, because he wants to go further in CL as much as we want. We sometimes discuss here how much we are disheartened by that CL final loss.. Not like, we didn’t gave our best performance, but we lost in that manner. Do you think anyone would have got hurt more than Wenger?? If he was not that passionate of going further in CL, maybe we couldn’t have got these type of results

          3-0 win over AC Milan
          2-0 win over Bayern
          1-1 draw with Bayern
          2-0 win over Monaco(the meanest team in CL, and a clean sheet too).

  11. To the writer of this article…in hindsight, it is easy to say Wenger should have done x, y and z before the Olympiacos game, but I think we were all quite happy to see Ospina in the lineup. It is not like he is a poor keeper, on the contrary he is probably better than every keeper we have had after Lehman (other than Cech obviously.) Wenger had started a decent team that quite frankly didn’t pitch up on the day and that is why we lost. The players also need to take responsibility sometimes. We were exceptional against United. Who do we praise for that? The players or Wenger? Both. Wenger was spot on with his selection and strategy and the players deserve ups for showing passion and determination.

    For example, look at Chelsea. They won the league last season and were impossible to catch. Same manager this season, yet they are bottom 6. Players or managers fault?

    We are lying second in the league and if Wenger can get that type of passion out of our players each game, we can win it. Not too phased about the CL this season, I think we need to take one step at a time, this season we get the double. Next season (hopefully after Wenger has made some additions) then we can focus CL.

    1. Look at the players Chelsea once had but unwanted and thus let go by ‘the best manager they ever had’ …debruyne, mata, david luiz…players on the up before he came in…and he brought 2 players on the way down, chubby fab, which is unwanted by barca and arsenal, and falcao, unwanted by monaco and manu….
      No wonder his team lack creativity now….What pisses me off most is that he always grumbles about man city having the best players but the fact is that he also had the best players but he simply don’t know how to use these them because he is simply, first and foremost, just a good defensive coach. To put it bluntly he is just another tony pullis but with much much better …

  12. I want my ramsey back although he had an excellent game yesterday he can do better, if he regains his form he could be our trump card. Ever since he started growing that beard his performances have dropped, he needs a shave to gain that fom back, lol. And i will never complain about him starting on the right because other than walcott he’s our best option,because of injuries.

    1. hahaha and i thought that i was the only one who was sad, that ramsey bulked up and grew a beard xD

  13. Those first 25 mins made me so happy that i have rewinded that for 5 times. We were just too good and caught them off guard.

    But I agree with this article, let us not get carried away. As I was re watching those 25 mins , I was thinking this is not the real Manchester united of this season. Yes we were good but my god they were poor and were fast asleep. This is why I was frustrated we didnt score 6 or 7 , we may never get this kind of chance. Manchester united did come back but the game was over by then. But we should not get carried away and call me crazy but I am disappointed we didnt annihilate them. The worry part is when they upped their game, we sat back (though a smart move). But wont read too deep , will just enjoy this moment but we cant write them off, they will come back stronger. This is an unpredictable season, let us stay grounded and not go to ahead.

    As for MOTM, I will go with Petr Cech, that save of martial was just crucial and cemented our victory, if they had scored that then we could have screwed it up. Cech for motm

  14. Even if we are top of the league with 12 points ahead, we aint winning the league, u AKBs need to refresh your memory on past experiences over the years. wenger managed teams knows how to crumble when it matters most, wont be surprised if chelsea at 16position after 8 games finishes above arsenal. so #wenger out

  15. missed the first 40 mins to my annoyance as on the road so only caught second half…seeing the score line was a massive pleasure rush but it must have been a jekyll and hyde match cos in the second half man utd had the bulk of possession and attacking threats (though these were tame other than a brilliant save by czech from martial at end of half) and it was business as usual as far as i cld tell walcott hanging around posing no threat whatsoever and refusing to make challenges os any kind, ramsey out of position and merteshaker looking like a sunday league player but other defenders looking really accomplished and comfortable (gabriel lost out on an ocassion but the guy is quality)…sanchez looked sharp and ozil does things that no other player in epl does (but remains lazy and we cant play him and walcott together as neither tracks back)…am sorry i missed the high tempo start but soccer games last 90 and we up againsyt a rampant bayern next

  16. We were unbeaten in an entire season and we reached the Champions league final, Wenger knew he had to take the club foward by improving the stadium and still managed a top 4 finish. Im sorry all you wenger out idiots will eat your words.

    1. uve been eating yours for the past 10 years if.i can remember, i wonder when your.stadium excuses gon expire, wen? 10 years time, twenty, is it coz of stadium we cudnt spend a damn on a outfield player last sumer? keep deluding yourself

  17. I have never understood the stark rift between Wenger loyalists and Wenger haters. There are many of us who do not fit neatly into one of these 2 groups.

    Many of us are frustrated with Wenger’s many obvious failings but also recognize how lucky we are to have a loyal manager who has delivered so much. It is possible to criticize Wenger for his mistakes and still appreciate his value to Arsenal. It is NOT just one or the other.

  18. Positives thing from last match is like Santi said the lads change their mentality.

    I am pleased with Walcott more involved in defending, and Ramsey with how to stand up to Schwein’s bully.

    It’s the lost fear factor that went missing since Viera gone.

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