Arsenal did enough to go through – Nothing else matters!

So it wasn’t pretty to watch as Arsenal went 2-0 down to CSKA Moscow, and it was looking very precarious until Danny Welbeck pulled one back to give us a little cushion, but isn’t the most important thing that we did just enough to ensure we went through to the semi-final?

Petr Cech certainly thinks so! He said: “There’s a big responsibility for everyone as we know it is difficult in the league,” he is quoted as saying by The Sun. “Someone would have to have a meltdown in the last seven games to give us an opportunity to sneak into the top four.

“This is our chance to book our Champions League spot. But not only that, you play a European competition for a cup – and one the club has never won. So this is a chance to add a great trophy to the cabinet. You need to keep the progression by winning things.

“The start of the game [against CSKA] was not what we planned. But in any European competition, you just need to play well enough to go through. This is more important than beautiful football.”

To be fair, ending up with a draw over in Russia is not such a bad result and certainly not as bad as losing to the minnows of Ostersunds in the last round, but the fact is that both of those games ended up with us getting into the next round and getting us closer to a place in the final.

So now we have to beat Atletico Madrid to get over the last hurdle, and I don’t care if we lose one of those games either as long as we get to the Final.

Onwards and Upwards!

Darren N


  1. gotanidea says:

    That’s right and Arsenal beat CSKA Moscow in Russia with beautiful open play goals, not through set-pieces goals, penalties or controversies

    The way they played last time was still not flowing and brave enough, but I blame our supposedly creative midfielders (Ozil and Wilshere) for that for not being able to control the tempo and the flow

    The hardworkers (Welbeck, Elneny and Ramsey) did what they could do without the support of the “creators”. Elneny, the DM, even created two unpredictable through balls

  2. Sue says:

    I have to say after we went 2-0 down I couldn’t watch! I honestly thought they were going to score a third. But then I should have known we’d get going in the second half (Well after 75 minutes!) Like we have done on numerous occasions!!
    We did well to come back, I was glad! I should have carried on watching ?
    Hoping for more goals & a good performance tomorrow ? COYG

  3. Grey in Kenya says:

    Love that. Who cares. Just squeeze through to palms on the cup. The rest is immaterial. COYG

    1. GB says:

      Yeah Sue

  4. chinaka1 says:

    Most important thing was going through and that’s what we did.
    Atl.Madrid it is next and I’m optimistic we will overcome the obstacle and go all the way!

    1. Collins says:

      You are indeed a great fan, a courageous one,a true gunner, we will over come Atlantico Madrid believe me.

  5. Innit says:

    Yes that’s true. Getting through is all that matters. Not how you get through

    But we will need to play at a higher level to beat Madrid.

    1. Phil says:

      We got through in Moscow because we played an average team who were no better than a lower Premier League Club.And we all know how we have struggled against them this season don’t we.AM are a different level to every side we have faced in Europe this season.To win this tie over Two Legs is NOT beyond us.Player for Player we are at least on par with them.The trouble we have is that we are facing a TEAM that is MANAGED and COACHED to get RESULTS.Wenger will need to somehow overcome these factors which is something he continues to be incapable of doing in the bigger games.Dont bet your Granny on him being able to do this.

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