Arsenal DID get good news this week from Man United and City

Although it is pretty hard to take the fact that along with Arsenal being knocked out of the Champions League at the first knockout stage yet again, making it seven years in a row, we did so with a record breaking aggregate scoreline of 10-2, it has not been all doom and gloom for the Gunners this week.

I am not going to try to give you Gooners out there any hope that we could still win the Premier League title, and I hope that Arsene Wenger is not daft enough to suggest it either. Even before Chelsea beat West Ham at the London stadium on Monday that ship had long sailed, but we are still very much in contention for a top four finish.

Yes it is not enough for a club like Arsenal but it is better than finishing out of the top four and going into the Europa League with it’s unhelpful Thursday night fixtures. That brings me onto the good news, because with Arsenal losing away to Liverpool and missing this weekend’s round of Premier League games because of our involvement in the FA cup we could have found ourselves cut adrift when our next EPL game comes around.

As it is though, both Manchester United and their local rivals Man City slipped up and drew games at home that should have been nailed on three pointers, United being held by AFC Bournemouth and then on Wednesday Stoke frustrated Pep Guardiola and his players at the Etihad.

They both play in the FA cup this weekend as well, so with Arsenal’s game against West Brom up first next weekend we could move to within three points of City and the spuds after the same number of games and move out of reach of Mourinho’s team.

All is not lost for Arsenal and after next weekend things could be looking a lot better with us back in the top four and with an FA cup semi to look forward to.

Sam P.


    1. Eddy Hoyte says:

      And what makes you think we wont bottle it against West Brom

  1. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Trying so hard to spice and flavour the soup………. Its sour already Bro
    And we are not stupid enough to be spoon fed rubbish

    Same formula every given year and it’s unbelieveable that many don’t embrace Logic … Always seeking for +ve energy in a -vely charged team managed by a potato head!
    What’s our biz with citeh and manure, the last time i checked we aren’t on the same level and we aren’t even a problem for em….. But trust Arsenal, they would always seek for consolations and excuses…..just to cover our nakedness!!!

  2. khangunners says:

    Why must we always compare ourselves to other teams. This is the reason why we are where we are. Only losers compare with others but a winner wants to be unique and win. Lets be arsenal, we loss we need to be worried ,we win we become happy and look forwards. Now we loss and we then are happy if man u and co loss also this is pathetic

  3. SoOpa AeoN says:

    They slip up…….we slip up…… They do so again….. Then comes a Lifeline…… But we do same again.
    And the ugly cycle continues on and on
    Who’s new to this kinda pattern?

  4. Ronny331 says:

    Sigh writing for the sake of writing!
    Anyone heard the saying you can’t Polish a turd?

    Must admit I’m surprised on here, I like this community but definitely feel like I need a break from my beloved arsenal, absence makes the heart grow fonder?

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Try telling that to Wenger, he has been trying to polish ?? for years!

  5. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Come on Lincoln, get to the bookies tomorrow and lump on Arsenal to be losing at Halftime ?? away-home @25/1

  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Sam P, let’s hope so. All that Arsenal can play for now after been ousted in the PL title race and got knockout by Bayern Munich from this season’s UCL campaign is to fight for a 4th place table finish and to win the FA Cup IF they beat any of the top six PL club sides they likely bound to meet in the quarterfinals, semifinals and the final of the competition.

  7. davidnz says:

    Yep your right Sam the 2-10 massacre
    is already behind us “ref was to blame” 🙂
    Now we are ready for the annual
    glorious last 10 game charge to the Wenger trophy.
    Cue Wenger’s extension.

    1. arsenalfan1 says:

      Oh! My goodness!

      Articles like this must be written by Arsene in disguise. Is Sam P a pseudonym for the great one?

      Arsene would do anything to get that 2 year extension…the man knows no shame!!!

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