Arsenal did not even speak to Jamie Vardy!

Arsenal’s quest for a new striker has given us reams and reams of newsprint this summer, with most of it being focused on the Gunners bid for Leicester’s Jamie Vardy when we matched the buyout clause in his contract.

But today the England striker has revealed that it was very easy to turn down a move to the Emirates, and he didn’t even speak to Arsenal! Vardy said: “It’s not been put out there that I’ve always said the boys that close in, the brotherhood is unbelievable.

“For me personally there’s a lot of unfinished business here at Leicester and I think the club’s only going one way and that’s forward and that’s what I wanted to be part of.”

Asked whether it was a big decision to reject Arsenal’s advances, Vardy replied: “I think it wasn’t that big, it was quite easy and this is where I wanted to be.

“I was away with England so [a move to Arsenal wasn’t close]. No [I didn’t speak to them.]”

So although the media made it sound like there was agreements and personal terms in place, there was never an actual meeting with Vardy himself and he was never torn between staying with the Foxes and moving to Arsenal.

So now I wonder if we have spoken to Mahrez yet?



  1. You can also add Mustafi to that too,
    Valencia haven’t even received a concrete offer from Arsenal, yet!… But guess who else is interested in this defender?

    Yep… its Chelsea.

    1. Yes, yes , I agree, Sharing information deserves to be thumbed down ?
      Now come back and fight like the coward, you are! ?

      1. No “concrete bid” from Arsenal?
        Is the the club is so poor we are
        reduced to digging up the pavement
        to buy players now 🙂

        1. rumours arsenal want buyers for theo
          but no takers…cos of his wages

          please china, please.

          i dont ask much, ive not even sampled your women-
          fairs fair

      2. Welcome to the thumbing game, where critical thought and discussion is reduced to almost nil. Is it that hard to put some words if you have a different idea instead of a “booo”? I gues it is. Brought to you (at the public request) by The Bob. Here he comes, justifying the choice once more by democracy. All emotion, zero intellect.

  2. Surely, there must be something in this statement ?↙

    Football pundit Tony Cascarino has claimed on Sky Sports that Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette will join Arsenal by the end of next week.

    The former Chelsea player, who also spent time in France during 1994 to 2000, was talking about the possibility of the 25-year-old making a move to the Emirates Stadium this summer.
    During the discussion, Cascarino appeared extremely confident that a deal taking Lacazette to north London will be completed before the 2016/17 Premier League season gets underway in less than two weeks.
    When asked if Lacazette is the striker that the Gunners need, Cascarino agreed and added: “I’ve got a few people in France who really believe that this deal will go through by the end of this week coming.

    1. hes not enough. good option to have as hes diff to giroud, even though i dont rate him
      but for 60 games a season, we need more

      1. Lacazette or Mahrez?
        Its an intriguing conundrum.
        Lacazette should bring more goals,
        but enough to justify his 35 mill fee
        which would be 3 times that of Giroud?
        Mahrez will he create and score enough
        goals to justify a Sanchez type fee?
        Equation: = risk of buying players v risk of not buying players.
        Chelsea buying one of them might help us decide 🙂
        May be we will get neither and Wenger will sign two unknown
        3 mill quid goal scorers from Bolivia on deadline day.
        Been there before 🙂

        1. If you thought Walcott never a put defending performance wait until Mahrez comes in. This guy was anonymous yesterday now that Kante is gone, the only person able to cover for him at the back. Yes, it is just a friendly but it can show how the things are shaping up. If Mahrez is playing then Arsenal must play every game with Xhaka, Coq and Elneny just to make sure we can leave Ozil and Mahrez upfront.

  3. Told you Arsenal does it every time..fool us into thinking they really after players. they just pretend to deceive the fans, how can you keep saying you’ve always been searching but can’t find, yet other clubs keep finding. I ain’t surprised anyway, i’m prepared for anything

    1. Hahaha ?
      Serves us right for ‘Thinking’ … The bloody cheek of it! ?

      They say that a Dog becomes like it’s owner, some even look like them ??
      My point being, Wenger has owned Arsenal for soooo long that the majority of the fan’s have become just like him! ?

      Errrr…If you Look! at the statistics, you will see that they are mostly egoistic, stubborn, selfish, hypocritical and Totally Delusional. ?

        1. Don’t we all? ?
          my good sides have a big crack going straight down the middle… Look ↖? Can you see it in my blurry profile picture? ?

          I remember these profiles being In HD quality, for like two days… then it was back to Arsenal standards.. again. ?

  4. Oh, Vardy didn’t speak to Arsenal. Maybe Mahrez will speak to Arsenal. .

    Like I said in one of my post, you just don’t know what to believe again.. ..Wenger, media, tabloids, clubs, players etc.. Who is fooling who?

    1. wenger on mahrez questions seemed vopen by his standrads- gave more away than he does
      not like him, plus he left game as soon as mahrez was subbed

      too obvious, is mahrez stuff a smokescreen?

      blimey the boss is an enigma

      1. The average life expectancy of a Gooner would be prolonged at least +10 years if our boss would snap up the deals in matter of days!

  5. Its not Arsenal that put out the stories, Arsene has never said anything about transfers til there was something to say. Its the press and the blogs that link Arsenal to every eligible player so they can get you on their sites reading the adverts.
    We have been linked to nearly 90 players now by people who haven’t got a clue whats going on.
    If it isn’t on, don’t believe it.

  6. I am glad Vardy stayed put.
    He was the most recognizable
    face of the Leicester
    miracle title winning team
    He should stay to help them
    in their first ever ECL campaign.
    Good luck to him and the Foxes.

    1. And PSG gave them a taste of what’s to come in the CL. ?
      Look what happened to Blackburn when they surprisingly won the premier league, did Leeds ever win the PL? Im not sure but I wouldn’t be surprised if Leicester share the same fate as them. ?

    2. Mahrez is the consummate pro
      through all of this by just
      getting on with the job and
      playing for his club. Impressive.
      He is already in the ECL and
      will be payed a great salary regardless.
      He is only 25 so has time to make at least 2 more moves in his career.
      It comes down to whether Arsenal or another club want him enough to
      put forward what the Lyon President terms the “impossible to turn down fee”.

  7. The media start rumors and print stories and when those stories turn out to be false we are upset with Wenger???

    The truth is NONE of us actually know which players Arsenal are pursuing. The media make up stories when there is no info. And Wenger may or may not be speaking to players we have not even mentioned here.

    Yes, it is possible Wenger was never really that interested in Vardy. WE DON’T KNOW because the media are unreliable and Wenger either does not tell or drops false hint to confuse the media.

    Too many Arsenal fans have AGAIN fallen into this perennial transfer rumor trap set by the media.

    Do you remember the Jan. window when Wenger picked up Monreal? He was probably the only player NOT rumored to be coming to Arsenal. Or remember the year Arsenal announced 5 signings as the window closed.

    There will be plenty of time to be furious with Wenger for not signing new players starting 1 Sep. But there is no need to have a kanipshen fit over media-created, mostly-untrue, transfer rumor drama.

    1. @mohawk

      I agree with everything said, on one hand it’s unfair on Wenger as Arsenal get linked with everyone, and when these deals don’t happen, Wenger gets the blame, even when 99% of the time he isn’t even bidding for the players linked. But the reason we get linked with so many, is because Arsenal is a big club, with huge funds, and that we have a real lack of quality in our squad. I feel the overall reason for the fans anger, is that we NEVER have a good transfer window anymore! Wenger never wants to strengthen where it’s needed.

      Wenger signed Ozil when the CAM position was bottom of our list priorities. He spends big on Xhaka, and even though a DM/CM was needed, it was much less of a priority than the CB, RW, and CF positions. Wenger signed Cech, even though we had Ospina, and our outfield was woefully short of quality, and numbers. Although Wenger has brought in three WC players during the three previous transfer windows, it was still three very disappointing windows.

      1. I won’t say we NEVER have a good transfer window.

        But you are essentially correct in your assessment. Fans are too often rightly disappointed with Wenger and transfers.

        1. You mentioned Ozil, you mentioned Xhaka, and then Cech, throw Sanchez in the mix and you have three sensibly priced players who can hold and have held their own at the highest levels of the game and in Xhaka, a player who can looks like he could too. In the case of Ozil, Sanchez and Cech, they were displaced by Rodriguez, Neymar and Curtois respectively, three of the hottest kids on the block but still they won’t be out of place in any of the biggest clubs in Europe, again Xhaka looks like he could too. We thought we missed out on Pedro and Schweinsteiger lol. Say we stumbled our way to the Champions League final and were lined up against Madrid, Barca or Bayern; Cech, Sanchez, Xhaka, Ozil, Bellerin and Koscielny on our team sheet would give me full confidence as they could easily be playing for any one of the three, Lukaku and Higuain will be decent too but not for 75 million pounds though. Lacazette, Mahrez wouldn’t be automatic on my team sheet either just because of their price tags, they can’t exactly be labelled undedogs, but at 20 million pounds each, it’s easy for me to take a punt on them even in such big games. Let’s just say its much more straight forward to motivate Bellerin who happened on us for free to go out there and play his game than it would be if we had payed over the odds for him, the problem we currently have with Walcott and Chamberlain. Its not just enough to pay top dollar for a player, the big question is does he have the mentality to shoulder the burden of his price tag?

    2. @mohawk
      It’s more like the agents are playing on the gullibility of the social media sheep(media outlets included) by creating interest in their players, who have all happened to land somewhere for hefty enough price tags and fees…AFC has been “agent bait” for the longest. Sad many haven’t copped on yet.

  8. new wenger quote

    ‘I work every day with Ivan, believe me he is highly motivated to bring players in,’ said Wenger ahead of Arsenal’s friendly with Chivas de Guadalajara.

    ‘Sometimes I have to calm him down. I believe as well this is a period where everybody wants to dream, and transfers bring dreams.

    ‘But we live in a realistic world and part of our job is as well to rate the players we have inside the club. One of the values of our club is to give chances to players who deserve it.’

    1. Hahaha You beat me to that Copy and paste article ??
      Well played and Don’t worry … I won’t tell anybody about your drunken state, love affair with Costa…. (last night) ?

      Ooops! ?

  9. So like the average fan I scower the internet for any clues regarding transfer all window long and I find Twitter is a great place to start. The only problem is figure out who’s full of it and who’s not.

    I look for consistency in the reporting and if it actually happens like they say it would. From what I’ve seen so far this is the best of the bits.

    Apparently we aren’t even in for a ST, an offensive player but not necessarily a ST. Firstly I don’t even think Lacazette was ever a target to begin with.

    Talks of a fee already agreed for Draxler from Wolfsburg to be converted aka RVP, just waiting for the players decision after returning from holidays. “BUT” we are definitely not the only ones that have avid on the table…

    Next up they said Wenger watch Griezmann the entire Euros and talks are ongoing for him as well. Maybe that’s why Altetico Madrid just signed Gamiero and are going after Diego Costa as well.

    Then there is Mahrez which I’m sure folks have already seen Wengers interview on BT Sports when he was questioned about him. Apparently Mahrez is already a “DONE DEAL”.

    The say this is apparently Wengers final season and he’s planning on leaving on a high. Not saying this is all legit just trying to pull pieces from various sources.

    1. What? ? Wenger will leave after signing Draxler, Griezmann and Mahrez? ….. ????? Yeah right!
      There’s more chance of Arsenal signing all 3 of the above players, within the next two weeks then there is of Wenger leaving Arsenal fc, next year! ?

    2. ha ha. don’t look up with your mouth open. there’s a ………….”gull”………….flying around!

    1. That comment was automatically moderated because it contains a swearword. I have authorised it manually now

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