Arsenal did not plan on Everton scoring!

It looked like Arsenal were cruising to a win at Everton against a team that had won just one of their last 11 matches, but suddenly Everton scored an equaliser and the Gunners simply didn’t know what to do!

According to Arsene Wenger after the game, Arsenal had not planned on Everton scoring and just did not know how to respond. Le Prof said after the game: “We started well and were in control of the game. After that we lost a bit of urgency and Everton made the game very physical. From that moment on we lost some goals we are not used to losing.

“They disturbed our game really, they played a real cup game and at the end of the day we lost on two headers from two defenders. I believe it’s frustrating to lose with five minutes to go on a header like that and the first goal was a header as well. You could expect Lukaku to score a goal against us but not the way we conceded two goals here.”

So basically he was saying that we lost control of the game? “We did. In football you have to defend well. We knew exactly what was happening and the first goal is exactly what we planned not to do. We have to look at ourselves tonight because we punished ourselves by not respecting completely the rules that we put out the night before we played.”

But Arsene, the rules are made to be broken, and considering our recent five games, we always concede at least one! How can you PLAN a game with a rule that you don’t let in a goal? That sounds like a bit of arrogance to me. You must expect every possibility before a game surely?

Darren N


  1. Kostafi says:

    The team did not play badly but did not respond with urgency as Everton upped the physical tempo both after we scored in the first half and towards the end of the 2nd half. Clattenburg certainly did not stop or dissuade bad tackles in the game and let quite a few go unpunished. As much as Coq should have been booked, McCarthy should have been sent off for what was a reprisal tackle. The 2 headers conceded did make me think of BFG but the real question was why nobody was on the line at the back post for the 2nd goal- It was a corner; isn’t it standard to have that?

  2. Onochie says:

    Last night wenger was out of excuses to give,what he said after the was basically told everybody that he doesn’t prepare his team mentally and tactically. What was he doing sitting down and looking when he knew the team lacked urgency,why not stand up and shout at your players,is there a shame in doing so?

    1. bran99 says:

      he’s been clueless for so long now, you just don’t see that cos we are winning frequently. look at those wins also, he just sits there waiting for goals. when we are losing, always blaming the 4th official instead of instilling some new tactics to change the game.. always clueless

      he’ll never shout like how Moaninho does or Klopp, and when he does is just to please the fans that he was involved but always just shouts for the sake of it. Chelsea are cruising, this has been a trend. New comers are enjoying the league and winning it, while the most experienced manager in the league can’t even motivate his players when thing are not going well

  3. Sam, need a striker says:

    This team needs another Sanchez to win this year …

    1. bran99 says:

      true.. a work horse like Sissoko could have added to our forward line the scare factor they deserve..

      hope something will be done in the Jan window

  4. Ramterta says:

    It was as if everton was the team inform and arsenal were the strugglers

  5. sidofski says:

    We were lethargic yesterday but did not necessarily play badly. Should not have sat back after scoring the opener because we allowed Everton to press forward which gave the fans something to cheer about. After that the fans were everything and that self-belief rubbed off on the Everton team.
    They played the game like a cup-final and we looked a bit tired but a great game nonetheless and gives us a reality check before Man Shitty away on Sunday.

    THIS IS NOT A CRISIS!!!!! #gooooners

  6. Pablo Picaso says:

    Our goals have been concealing some of our cracks in most games so far this season.

    Don’t get me wrong whether we perform badly but end up winning the game I am a happy goner. Each time we face a half decent team our performance has not been that great and we were found out yesterday. Talk about games against Lpool, Man U, PSG twice, Spurs, Southampton, Swansea, come to find. Even games against Westham and Stoke though we did win, we were not consistant in our play for 90 minutes and we gave the other team chance to get back in the game.

    Too many lapses in concentration during games will cost us big time, these days its either we start great or end strongly or sometimes the other way round. The only game I saw this year were we went full blooded is the game was against Chelsea.

    We should not go gang ho for 90 minutes, but let us learn to kill off a game first before dropping the level, and by dropping the level I mean playing it smartly, using less energy, keeping the ball well, and wear out our opponents like the way the great Italian teams used to do or Barca at their best. We don’t need playing running all over the place like Flamini for 90% just burning energy, we need players in good positions, keeping the ball well, and playing an educated pass (basic football) when the game is won.

    Anyway some of our players are still young, hope they will learn in time otherwise will keep dropping points against each team that has fight or a decent game plan.

  7. Uzi Ozil says:

    Wenger would have changed the team a bit. Perez would have started Or brought in on time.. holding could have start as well..Gab starting was OK too. Iwobi in, then ox should have been introduced later. Starting the same team that played in the weekend wasn’t really good but I won’t fault Wenger or the players. If we scored the second goal (OZil chance ), we won’t be saying all this. One of those games. Sad not to have taken the three points but let’s move forward. We have manc next.

    Need to start keeping clean sheet asap. That would help us in the champions league. Just saying.. ..anyway, let’s not over react after losing. It’s not always nice when we are so negative when we lose a game.. Let’s back to winning ways..

  8. BUR says:

    I have to say that Arsenal were playing with 9 men for a good part of the game last night. Wallcot and ox were non existent. When the changes were made it was to late. Defending crosses must be a priority, other clubs are going to exploit this failing.

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