Arsenal dig deep to earn hard-fought victory at Leeds United

Arsenal held on for a 1-0 win at Elland Road against Leeds United thanks to Bukayo Saka’s first-half winner.

Before either side could get into their stride, the match was stopped. Due to electrical faults in the stadium, the referees communication and VAR equipment proved to be inoperable, and the game was delayed by over half an hour, with both sides needing to warm up for a second time before we could get the game back underway.

Thankfully it was just the one stop however, as a hard-fought battle ensued on the pitch. We dominated much of the possession, but in reality there was very few clearcut chances for either side in the opening half, with both defences giving away very little in their own halves.

A crucial through ball into the box from Martin Odegaard did manage to give us the opportunity which we needed. Bukayo Saka managed to unleash his strike into the roof of the net from the tight angle to beat Olivier Meslier in the Leeds goal to clinch our lead, which ultimately proved to be the winning goal.

You wouldn’t have known it at the time however, especially watching the second-half…

Almost immediately after the break, it seemed to have been levelled. Bamford was penalised for supposed contact on defender Gabriel in front of goal before retrieving possession however, and to be brutally honest, I think we were extremely lucky to have gotten away with that one.

Our rivals then had a penalty for handball, with William Saliba unlucky in failing to withdraw his arm on the turn, but thankfully Patrick Bamford sliced his effort wide of right-hand post.

They moved to continue to have a strong half, continually putting pressure on our side, and this time it was our defence who had to work hard to keep our rivals at bay in contrary to the initial 45 minutes.

At the death the game looked set to be turned on it’s head however, with the referee’s assistant giving Leeds a penalty and Gabriel Magalhaes picking up a red card for supposedly kicking out at the Leeds striker, but after a very anxious wait whilst the ref overlooked the video evidence, he overturned both decisions in favour of a foul on our defender instead (and rightly so!).

It certainly wasn’t the kind of excitement I had hoped for today, but that could well prove to be an incredibly important three points in our bid to keep tabs with Manchester City, who we can now watch face Liverpool knowing we will not be usurped at the top of the table.


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  1. Leeds made us look ordinary but at no point did I think we were going to concede. This and the Bodo Glimt match are the kind we would’ve lost last season. Maybe it’s the champions luck? Hahaha but once again some players were exposed but I guess it’s all good if we win. Arteta should learn to make subs and change tactics quicker  These are the kind of matches that we will remember if we achieve something special this season. This match was a movie. It made feel like we reversed that Birmingham result.

    1. We are not proud of Arsenal at present bcoz we sit top of the table but for the performance we had. The points collected are the deserved one and showed we are a better team and challenge any team. But the more we play the more we are looking team of past, the more we are becoming Emery’s team. We can have lucky point in one game or 2 game but not through out the season if we want to sustain challenge on title. Today was just a disgrace, we can’t get ball of our own half, player’s too slow and naive despite resting most of them in Europa. Any funny side is we want to challenge mancity for title!

    2. Yes the gaffer need to be able to change tactics quicker, but that’s easier said than done.

      The gaffer need players with with a very keen understanding of how he wants to play and who are highly technical, in the present set up Xhaka and Odegaard are the perfect example.
      For all the negative criticism against Xhaka notice when he’s not in the team.

      Any mistake in making such early changes could make a bad situation worst, so most time such changes will come after a break.
      And it’s for these reasons the Tielemans don’t fit in his program and he will quickly choose a player from city who he knows will carry out his instructions.

      But the time is coming quickly when this very issue will be addressed

  2. We were lucky to win the very nervy game. Saliba made two big mistakes, luckily Ramsdale was superb today

    Our recent performance decline showed the big gap between Man City and us. Saka made an excellent goal, but my MOTM was Ramsdale for his great performance

    1. What type of fan are you? Must you mention Man City in every comment you post here? Were you expecting a walkover in Elland Road?

      This is the same team that beat Chelsea 3-0 and you are still not happy that we won? Pessimism has really eaten deep into you SMH.

      1. Many fans expect Arsenal to be a title challenger this season. But they must realize our recent performances showed that we’re not that level yet, despite the three consecutive wins

        I want to bring our expectation down to a top four finish or EL trophy, so our players won’t get too burdened

        1. Keep your own expectations to yourself…

          I can guarantee the players don’t read your comments and are not burdened by you. 😉

      2. Angela, brilliant man you are. Why moan when we won over a team that beat Chelsea 3-0 and completed the sacking of a man who won them Champions League beati g Man City.

    2. Rubbish take from you as usual, our “performance decline” as you put it is solely because of the Thursday night games we have to play. All the guys that played on Thursday that Played today were very poor, they looked tired physically and mentally. Even saka that that got the goal didn’t threaten Leeds that much not to mention odegaard and saliba .

      1. Hopefully playing at home on Thursday will boost our players’ confidence again, before travelling to Southampton. If we can’t improve our performance, Soton could score first next week

    3. For your info, Man City just lost at A field. You look so funny with all your comparisons. 😂 Go Arsenal go.

    1. We can’t. We have never been good enough at pressing to play like Leeds. Somehow the word on the street is that Arteta plays the high press, maybe because he was under Pep at City and people assume he would play the same way, but after watching every single game under Arteta, I have never seen us play the high press effectively

  3. 2 ugly wins in a row. We cannot make this a habit as our luck won’t last with performances in like this in the long run.

  4. Well Pat was slightly off with his prediction but I think even the most pessimistic gooner won’t believe the second half display.
    Many our players played badly but
    I hope Gabriel Magalhaes never plays for us again. He has zero composure and is the weakest link every week.
    Three points in the bag but we need to thank our lucky stars.

    1. Yes, Gabriel Magalhaes should never play for us again. This guy is simply brainless. 92 min and we are leading one nil and this stupid ass is trying to win a penalty against us.

    2. Sincerely, i don’t understand some fans, we won, some were not happy bcs we didn’t play well against hungry and angry leeds team who has played almost 5 games without a win, and you guys expected them to play us in their own house without fight or putting an effort or impressing their fans….. How will you guys feel, if you play 5 games without a win, then we play city or Madrid in our home and we won’t put on a fight against them?
      We won today bcs of the hardwork of the guys( arsenal) and more resilient of them. Bravo guys, I am really grateful and appreciate what you have done… COYG…

  5. Got away with one today ,3 points all the same though .
    No one really stood out for me and a lot of bad displays especially from the back line ,VAR was definitely on out side today .

  6. This is the sort of victory that will hack off the big six, Arsenal winning again great character when not playing well 💪

  7. Arsenal fans gonna have so many heart problems 😭. What a wild game. Matched the intensity 1st half, TOTALLY dominated by Leeds in the 2nd. All our outfield players just fell apart and Ramsdale essentially got us 3 points on his own. Far too many decisions left in the refs hand again today. Gabriel, what is going on with him this season? Every match he is giving away a goal and very lucky it didn’t happen again today. Saliba off the pace too today. Really everyone just couldn’t handle the 2nd half. A big guy occupying our CB’s troubling us makes me really fear when Haaland comes to play. Job done though. So have to give credit to just sticking in there when the going got rough.

    1. How we didn’t concede in the Bodo match and this one is beyond me. It’s the champions luck you know hahaha. Even though we didn’t play well what this says is that the small teams will struggle to beat us . It’s like they have to be as exceptional as Leeds today to actually beat us.

  8. Fading in the second half is becoming a theme now.

    The days when our attack scored 4 and looked like scoring 14 seem to be a memory now. Could be that some players need a rest already.

    Maybe it’s that thing about “playing the league leaders” – opponents either capitulate weakly or they play their heads off.

  9. I will take the 3 pts. Not our best performance but to be champions we need such luck at times. We can’t play all games firing in all cylinders so this is a good result. Leeds deserved a draw I must say. Oh, thankfully the PK was missed..

  10. Once again, Gabriel is becoming reckless and keeps losing focus too much. That was the 92 minutes FFS! In an alternate reality, that decision goes against us, there was no need to be that silly raising his studs up even if it didn’t hit Bamford and it was a foul on him.
    Like I’ve been saying, be needs to sit his ass down and learn to use his brain. He’s older than Saliba FFS.
    He’s heading towards Xhaka’s error season.
    This is our first poor league game this season, and we got the win, that’s good.
    Hopefully we pick up our performance against Southampton

    1. Bit unfair to single out Gabriel when the VAR decision was spot on in ruling out the penalty (there is no world where that is a penalty, he might still have got red but no penalty in any world) given Saliba made multiple mistakes, not just the clear penalty Saliba did give away but the sloppy back pass that Ramsdale dealt with.

      1. Agree Angus. Gabriel was actually very good today, whereas it was probably Salibas worst game so far.

              1. Ladies and gentlemen thanks for your patience and now the old team is producing what we dreamt about. It’s winning games in which opponent dominated and a CB continuously lose his marbles. Gabby Megalles is older than Saliba but not by much 3-4 years tops. But I want to remind you that patience is very useful.Gabby has been making faults like he is paid to do that but I think it’s temporary thing and soon all will be well.

              2. Thanks, I don’t understand some fans, Saliba, Gabriel made mistake but the couldn’t utilize it. Every goal is a mistake from the opponents or how did we score if there player( Rodrigo) didn’t make mistake.
                Are you guys expecting our players to be perfect all the time? As if all of you here are perfect in all your work.
                We won in a very difficult and tense game in which either city or liv would have found it difficult to win too. So why the complaint or checking mistakes or error of our players as if mistake is/are not part of the game?
                Please let’s move on bcs we have gotten the most important thing we needed…

      2. It’s not about this game Angus. Like I said, it’s our first poor league game, and that’s the truth seeing how Ramsdale is the MOTM.
        Everyone was poor, for Gabriel It’s not about this game, it’s about how he keeps making silly mistakes and putting us in tight situations.
        Yes that wasn’t a penalty, my problem was the red, and you think there’s nothing wrong with that? Bro in another world, the red stands even if the penalty doesn’t, and you realize we’ll have struggle with him missing 3 games?
        He’s been having bozo moments all season.
        Everyone was poor

        1. My point is Saliba made the worst mistakes today and more of them too not like it was his first either, the headed own goal? Not sure why Gabriel has become target number 1 whilst others make the same mistakes.

          1. he’s not saying Saliba didn’t make mistakes. He’s pointing out the very clear pattern of Gabriel’s rash decision making that has almost cost us points several times already this season.

              1. List Gabriel’s mistakes/rash decisions this year and I guarantee I can find an equivalent example from Saliba.

                Not saying Gabriel can’t improve saying he hasn’t stood out as bad the way some pretend.

                1. Oh dear, everyone everywhere knows Gabriel is rash and reckless, why do you think opponents target him?

                  He loses his temper too easily, and doesn’t display the composure we see in Tomi and Saliba.

                  Saliba is far from perfect, had a drop off in quality today, I thought Gabriel was the better CB on the day.

                  But come now, are you really trying say Saliba is equally as rash and reckless as Gabriel has shown? Losing argument I would say.

          2. Scapegoating Gabriel and making excuses for Saliba is unfair. The whole team had a bad day, reason why Ramsdale is man of the match. If our attack and midfield hadn’t collapsed there wouldn’t have been so much pressure on the backline to warrant so many forced errors. All great teams have their off days, it’s the ability to grind out results in such circumstances that makes winners or champions.
            More negative comments and unfair comments gets to these players and could make them loose self confidence.
            No more Xhaka and Arteta to vent on. The Scape-goaters are desperate to find a replacement. Pls let it not be Gabriel, the guy had been very good overall. Sometimes what he looses at the back he gains it back in his contribution to our forward play and attack, he has scored crucial goals to.
            Let’s all enjoy our winning streak while it lasts including the players. The games are coming thick and fast this month, they need our support to get them through, not over criticism over every little set backs. COYD!!!

  11. Back to the days of lucky Arsenal. I don’t know what went wrong but the four centre halves ploy didn’t quite work and the midfield fell to pieces in the second half. Still Leeds away was always going to be difficult,so you can’t argue with three points. I think we’ll stumble into the World Cup break neck and neck with City and then hopefully we can get Zivchenko and Smith Rowe back to fitness along with mid field reinforcement in the next transfer window for a strong end of season push.

  12. Winning away from home no matter what and saying top of the table with 9wins put if 10 tmin the opening 10fixtures of the season. 1st time I believe too for the club 👏

    We may not win the title but we are showing that we can win ugly or beautifully but the main thing Is we are winning, still TOP with a possible push for the league BUT Top3 was the target and we are well on course for that.

    Europa League is next v PSV and top spot can near be guarnteed with a win on Thursday. Let’s now enjoy this win but come tomorrow focus of that game in Thursday! Earliest qualified means rest for alot of players and young guns get much needed game time!

    Well done Arsenal let’s keep this momentum going!! COYG

    1. Well said Sean. And I don’t get it when people complain about the performance while we won. And Man City lost to Liverpool makes this win even more important and sweeter. We are now 4 points clear at the top. Arsenal is rocking

      1. Couldn’t agree more Eastgunner 👏
        4 points clear, all big players injury free and Saka is hitting form at the right time indeed… PSV Thursday & Away to Southampton on SuperSunday.

        And also City were the last unbeaten team in the league and that’s gone now so play like we do until the World Cup Season we have as good a chance as any plus have January Window to add if needs be.

        News I want to hear out of the club is new deals for Saka, Gabi, Thomas & Saliba.

        Best start to a season in the top flight in our history, its nice to see this transformation as records tumbled the last few years in the wrong direction but this is a different Arsenal & That’s down to Mikel (&staff), Stan & Edu so hats off to them all.

        Shouldn’t be any complaining at all from any us gunners.

  13. All I fear is now other teams know how to play against us. For a moment it seemed like Wenger’s Arsenal. They were physically toying us. As much as I admire Arteta, I hope he finds a new way for this type of matches..

  14. Did Leeds have 15 players on the pitch, they pummelled us. Thank you VAR!!!!
    This definitely 100% is one of those games where the points are the most important things. We played so badly in that second half and our decision making and shape was poor. Thank God it was Leeds and no decent strikers. On the plus side, it was another 3 away pounts and we cant play that badly again. Jesus looked dead on his feet, right from the start for some reason and Ramsdale was easily MOM.

    1. Yeah has to be Ramsdale MOTM he covered the mistakes in front of him and was good with crosses/corners. Reflex save in the 1st half alone was match winning before the 2nd half onslaught from Leeds.

  15. The overwhelming feeling like most I imagine is one of relief! We got the job done. A bit reminiscent of last year where we’d sit back on our slender leads but do think Leeds deserves credit they were at it and their fans were making noise.

    The best start to a season since we’ve been in the top flight. The joint best start overall including lower-tier football matched with the 1903 season. Top of the league for another 2 weeks at least. So plenty of reasons to be happy.

    Got away with one today perhaps but I do think it is telling that we’ve played Spurs/Liverpool/United already and this is the 1st time we were on the back foot for more than 10-15 mins in the league.

        1. Worse game of my life dont ever want to sit through something like that again. I think the fact that we played Europa league are causing us problems already, the team looked tired.

  16. First time ever Arsenal won 9 out of the first 10 games, I believe.
    Not bad at all, but of course you need luck for it to happen and today we had luck on our side.

      1. Yeah 🙂 The Pires dive gave us the draw against Portsmouth. In VAR world that would be automatically overturned. Often joke that Wenger used up all his luck on that season.

  17. Great win. We were lucky today, but 3 points nonetheless. Leeds outplayed us so much in the 2nd half that they were the better team overall. Tomi should not be used as LB against teams that overlap well. Ramsdale kept us in the game with a MOTM display. Arteta needs to remind EN and FV that when they come on as subs and our team is overrun, they need to press and hustle more to help us compete for the ball. It pisses me off when I see players who have been on the pitch since the start of the game put in more effort to win the ball than the subs

    1. I completely agree with you. I was angry seeing EN casually watch Xhaka pressed the player he was supposed to press. Not sure Viera presses well. Odegard was pressing before leaving but he was just misplacing passes.

    1. Partey is a practical lad- things that are useful. He is also clever chap who does not exaggerate but do what’s required of him and a bit more to make it sweet. Let’s support them not nit pick their mistakes. We all make mistakes and more so sportsmen and women reason being they do things at high speed. Things they do needs quick thinking and acting at the same time which collide and cause trouble as that we have seen Megalles do lately. Just be patient all will be well.

  18. It was ugly win, but let us not forget that this team beat Chelsea 3 nil not too long ago. Jerzey match seems to know what he is doing. As far as I’m concerned it is the Thursday games that is having its effect on the boys.
    We move #coyg.

  19. Where the heck did that second half debacle come from? For me our first bad EPL performance and by far our most appalling 45 mins of the season. The lucky result (I’ve always liked VAR!!!!) cancelled out the Man Utd game. Some very poor performances (Gabriel, Saliba, Partey and White for me) and many average ones, rescued only by the superb Ramsdale. Ok guys, we forgive you that one, but no more please…

    1. Many of us fail to see that the loss at Old Trafford was a blessing in disguise. Our high defence line and Rashford counter punch that left us all over the place teaches us humility and to know that we are not finished article. Lots of people need to improve and we need to keep working otherwise we will remain the useless we don’t wanna be.

    2. Hope it becomes a rallying cry for any future complacency setting in,” remember the second half at Leeds, when we were completely played off the park.”

  20. Hang on, let us not forget the impact of that 40 minute pause. Also, even historically, we have famously struggled after Euro Thursday matches away.

    So, not an average ordinary day or match. Fair play to Leeds, they played a blinder.

  21. It’s a win, but Arteta has a lot of analysing to do on that game. We probably need to buy in the January window if we want to carry on playing in Europe, because I don’t think we have the resources to do it. On paper we should’ve done better than that.

  22. Our season will get on a lot more better if arteta will learn to change tactics and make subs quicker. Odegaard was on the pitch for too long and White had off day.
    All the same, the three points will be very crucial in our too 4 push. Congratulations boys.

  23. That wasn’t just 3 big points won today, that was massive
    Hope we didn’t use all our luck up on this one today but boy with a combination of bad finishing, bad decision making, pure luck great goalkeeping this game has taken years off me.
    Another win and we move on
    Well done boys
    On any other day Leeds would have done us and any other club in the prem
    Do hope this result proves even with GJ in the team we need more then just him in the team to win games

  24. Saka, the boy the martinelli fan boys love to hate. He’s scored our last 4 goals and won us 9 points in the process. Well done to you Saka, even though some so called fan will still love to see you benched in the next game.

    1. What? Can you please refer to me some of these fans you described? I haven’t seen anyone say anything of sort

    2. TTS
      What a strange comment.
      All I have seen are a few suggesting he should be rested. Not because, we can do better without him. Just the opposite.
      And Saka versus Martinelli? Who thinks that is a debate? We need both.

    3. What the heck are you talking about? I haven’t seen anybody here slagging off Saka because they love Martinelli. And tbh any below par game from Saka are almost always blamed upon him HAVING to play every game. Please stop unfairly criticising fellow fans.

  25. I became nervous and jittering throughout the 2nd half of the match as Leeds pressed us insane in the 2nd half to score a legal equalizing goal to cut us short on points collection today.
    But alas! This was not to be for them as they kept scoring illegal goals in the game. Which yielded no any dividends to them in the match at full.-time.
    In summary, us have our stars to thank as the VAR looked to have twice came to our rescue in the match with their big decisions in the game that went to our favour.
    So, we thank God! And absolutely thank Him for His making it possible for us to collect all the 3 valuable points that were at stake in the match. Which kept us at the top of the League. Irrespective of the outcome of the result of the ongoing big game match that’s being played between Liverpool and our fiercest EPL title win rival team Man City..

  26. I agree a hundred percent. You can never be excellent day in day out. Some games will turn out like this and the most important thing is to get the 3 crucial points even if it means winning ugly. Hopefully we learnt some lessons too on game management. Arteta is really too long to make the necessary subs. Otherwise 3 very important points in the bag.

  27. I felt that Arsenal played three halves. The first half was delayed by 40 minutes, in the second half, Ars scored and in the third half the energy level was dropped which encouraged Leeds to attack and attack.
    I observed that Gabriel’s level of stupidity is increasing game by game. Therefore, it is up to Arteta to give him a rest so that he will regain his old strong self.
    All in all alot of controversies coupled with ref. repeated consultation of VAR tested Arsenal’s resilience. The win is therefore so sweaty.

    1. Shape and transition, i have been saying it for ages, there is something wrong with our set up when we lose the ball. Nothing to do with counter attack. We dont defend as a team, it individuals. Today it has mattered little, we are top of the league. I was called negative when i stated the obvious, will these tactics stand up to pressure? We will find that out but today we are 4 points clear!!!!!!
      We was last season fighting for something else and it didn’t. It isn’t just a change of personnel that can make it work under pressure, its tactics. It hasn’t and maybe wont be shown up for a while, or not at all but to win something, we need to be able to play under pressure.

      1. @Reggie
        RealTalk…Anothwer thing, our B team has got to be given more match mins, if they’re going to be able to have any kind of impact when called upon. Our A team is starting to look jaded…IJS

        1. Which B-team players are you referring to? Tomiyasu, Tierney, Lokonga, Nketiah, and Vieira have all had substantial prem minutes and Europa, especially considering the injuries to Tomi/Tierney. The only B-team player who is perhaps lacking minutes is Cedric. Outside that Marquinhos/Nelson/Turner/Holding have all had Europa minutes, most would agree they shouldn’t be starting Prem games. Elneny and ESR have been injured.

          1. more minutes for Nelson/Marquinhos midweek is what I hope. We’re at home and a lot of the players just played three high-intensity matches in a row now. Saka and martinelli need a rest. Need to trust in the B-squad and let them show what they can do. Xhaka has the most stamina is the squad and should be the only regular midfielder/attacker that plays against PSV.

          2. @Angus
            And yet, they were subbed off during those Europa matches to make way for A team players due to their lack of match fitness, which showed during said matches…IJS

        2. NY, personally (and im not his greatest fan) but Nketiah needed to come on at half time for Jesus for starters. Jesus was not at the races today and it was obvious. I keep saying it, Tierney needs to start LB and Tomi right. There are other things but they are opinions and i dont want to upset people who dont respect an opinion. 🤣

      2. As if we haven’t played under pressure before today? We have dominated 9 out of 10 games this season, because we are set up to be the ball controlling team. Today was not a good performance, but no team in the World plays 100% in all games.
        There are all sorts of reasons to point to, but could it be the most obvious, we have just come off 2 mentally exhausting games against Spurs and Liverpool + an EL game North of the polar circle?

        1. In my mind what you have written is totally correct 👍 plus Leeds
          Played well, no Drama we move on……..

        2. Anders, we have had games where we have won and it was only obvious if you looked at it objectively. It was plainly obvious against utd, when we lost, it was plainly obvious second half against Bodo, again against Leeds, all away from home and 2 we won. But it was also evident in games we won but it wasn’t an issue because we won. We only look solid when we are playing in the oppositions half and when we press with success. When we dont i think there is a problem that needs sorting if we are going to win something.

  28. All moaners will actually treasure this points as Man City are currently losing to Pool. With 4 points gap, we’re still guaranteed top spots

  29. 1-0 Liverpool FT, 4 points clear!!! With United’s draw to Newcastle, we are 11 clear from 5th too! Despite their win, Liverpool sits 14 points behind us. None of us would have believed this would be the state of the play right now at the start of the season!

  30. So glad their unbeaten run has ended, and our Invincible season is yet to be repeated by another team.

    For fans here who always belittle our every win by mentioning how ‘invincible’ City are, go support them and leave this site for reasonable fans to celebrate and engage in meaningful convos.

    1. City were never going to do an unbeaten. I don’t know why people ever thought they would. They look beatable and Newcastle should’ve been the first to beat them. It’s all in people minds they way they overrated teams. It’s just an excuse just in case we lose to them which is a shame because people don’t believe in our team.

  31. Great that Arsenal win 9 of ten games. We make club history.
    1st half was okay, but we were really poor in the second half. We didn’t touch the ball for many seconds before Leeds were attacking again
    We were clearly not as hungry as Leeds United. Strange, cos we really have something to fight for this season though. It concerns me that we could’nt make our usual combinations.
    We were lucky today and I am sorry to say, but Leeds U derserved to win. The table does lie. Leeds are better than rank 15. Today at least. 🙂

  32. But is it arrrrrgh! To Man City? Who ate not only 4 points now behind us Arsenal in the table today at the quarter-halfway mark into this season’s campaign. But have also now see their pipe dream of to have an unbeaten to the Epl season title win campaign this season now gone and has evaporated with their 1-0 away match loss to Liverpool today. Their arch rivals for the Epl title wins for the past five consecutive seasons.

  33. It’s so pathetic how fickle he is. He feels like he’s ‘got an idea’ about the game and tries too hard every time to prove it. I don’t have any issue with anyone airing their opinion provided it doesn’t belittle our collective support and camaraderie as supporters of this club. Criticisms are welcome but it should be well-thought and well timed, not after a hard-fought victory and at a time when dropping points would have hurt our ambition of finishing Top-4 and possibly giving City a run for their money.

    I am just starting to savour our victory against Liverpool. Imagine facing the front-4 of Firmino, Salah, Nunez and Jota and losing to them at the Emirates. It would have left a really bad taste in our mouths. Thanks to the intelligent gaffer, who is doing such a great job considering his age. I so adore his courage and his deep understanding of the game. I never doubted him as I already knew of his prodigious coaching ability since his playing days and how highly rated he was by managers.

    I Imagine myself in his position. Say a non-tenure professor who just got employed by one of the best universities e.g., Stanford University to solve a complex problem. Knowing he has 5-years to achieve a full-time tenure track, he knows he has a tough job on his hands.

    Long may he continue to bring us the wins and trophies and solidify his status in the future as a legendary manager.

  34. Beat pool, win on the road in Iceland, on turf to a super strong home club, and at Leeds all in the span of a week!

    Go AFC and long live the Invincibles!

  35. Typical fickle idiotic pathetic Arsenal fans,..going after Gabriel now. once giroud,next xhaka and now Gabriel. Anyone can praise when someone is doing well, and anyone can criticize when someone is doing badly. A true fan stays by his man through out,..if he sees he is good enough to play for arsenal, better stick with him through thick and thin..last season juventus wanted him and no one wanted him out , a few bad Performances and no one wants him anymore,…shame on u losers,..and when he does well again ,u will say,..oh how wrong was I,..I’ll eat my humble pie.
    Pathetic bunch

  36. You’re so spot-on with your comment on how fickle fans behave and how transactional their support is for club. It’s easy for anyone to come out and claim to have eaten the humble pie when they look back and cringe how short-sighted and unempathetic they have been.

    I remember how some so-called pathetic fans were vehemently asking for Arteta’s sack few months into his reign, ignoring the fact which was obvious that certain clique of players were working behind the scene, like they did to Emery to lose games and turn their fickle loyalist against Arteta. Just take Aubamayang as an example as proven by his leaked comment. I was probably one the first set of fans to call for his head due to his lack of application and disinterest during those difficult moments when results were going against us.

    Thank goodness the club owners understand what was going on behind the scenes and on the training ground. They had no doubt about the huge talent Arteta was even before they poached him from City and they bought into his idea of positional football he was trying to implement. But these deluded sets of fans who feed on negativity and bad energy were out with their knives demanding the head of Arteta.

    Anyways, as they say the rest is history. To be a supporter is to be tribal, loyal and even delusional sometimes about the team in the hope that they do well. Unfortunately, loyalty on the part of players and fans is rare these days. Fans would rather want support spur-of-the-moment decisions with no long-term perspective in mind.

    1. @Dendrite
      Talk about being deluded I’ll say you’re the number 1, the very first in line. How dare you insult others for having a different opinion from yours? All of us watched the match, we saw the struggles, even with a narrow win it’s obvious the boys have to up their games for the journey ahead. People voiced out their concerns and you’re here calling them terrible name. You really have to grow up ffs.

  37. What fickle fans are you talking about? The performance was dreadful, we won the game and two or three players were shown up by the opposition. Why the silly fan boy subservience. Had we lost no one here would have stopped supporting the club.

    1. Some can’t wait to bash fellow fans for their opinion.

      Rather than ask a question about their opinion, they go straight for bashing and tossing stones.

      Suggests perhaps they were never interested in debating just insulting instead.
      If someone disagrees, then express how you see or believe differently, as many here do.

      Insulting someone is often seen as beginning to lose or already lost the debate.

      1. 👍spot on. What is this site for, if it isn’t for opinions of all sorts. Bin the boneheads, who just get personal, they are just bigots.

  38. A win is a win no matter how you get it.. just get it… some of us have forgotten that these players are humans too just like everyone here… I see no reason to debate on their performance… MA said they had little time to prepare for leed cos of the Thursday EL match and trip from norway… so just support your team even if they win ugly or even if they lose…you can’t expect things to be going on perfectly whole season… every team will have their time and sure arsenal will have a time this season that they will lose and everyone should remember every team lose too even man city and liverpoool that have been dominating the leagues for some years now lose games in the season they won titles… I think most people here just want perfection all the time forgetting that the players are not a machine or robot that have been programmed

    Just support them … win or lose that’s life


  39. I think we were tired and leeds had all the energy in the world in the second half … they won the one on one’s … I think we need fresh legs else scenario will be much different after World cup

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