Arsenal disappointing again as top-four advantage disappears

Brighton have deservingly beaten Arsenal 2-1 at the Emirates to leave Gunners’ fans imagining the worst.

Our team went into the international break with the clear advantage in the race for the Champions League places, but two successive defeats have seen us drop to fifth in the table.

Today never really looked like it was going to be our day. We had zero luck in trying to gain control of the game, which may or may not have been down to Mikel Arteta’s selection, having decided that a midfield three of Lokonga, Odegaard and Emile Smith Rowe could deal with a packed out midfield including Yves Bissouma, with Granit Xhaka filling in at left-back for the injured Kieran Tierney.

While Martinelli was showing some bright sparks as he looked to run past players, we failed to really look in danger of scoring in the opening half hour, and when Lee Trossard was found in space in the box by Mwepu to smash the ball into the net, you got the feeling that it just wasn’t to be our day.

We did get a glimmer of hope just before the half-time whistle when Gabriel Martinelli headed home after the visitors failed to deal with our corner, but after long deliberations it was chalked of by VAR for offside, and that passionate celebration drained out of us right at the break.

I had hoped to see a fired up side emerge from the dressing room after the interval, but there wasn’t enough to make me believe that we was going to be able to get a win today.

Brighton were enjoying more than their fair share of possession, and simply looked the more dangerous in attack, and when the loose ball fell to Mwepu on the edge of the box to half-volley it home, our fate appeared to be sealed.

The boss threw on both Eddie Nketiah and Nicolas Pepe in hope of a turnaround, and we came so close to getting one on the board when Martin Odegaard smashed his free-kick off the bar, with the rebound falling to Bukayo Saka who also smashed it off the woodwork.

We did manage to pull one back on the stroke of the 90 minutes with the officials holding up six minutes on their boards to give us a glimmer of hope after the Norwegian midfielder’s long-range effort clipped off Welbeck to beat the goalkeeper, but it wasn’t to be, and to be honest, we didn’t deserve it.


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  1. We were poor today. We came to life after Ode scored…

    I mentioned earlier that we make teams struggling very good. Brighton scored two goals today after just scoring a goal in 7 games….

    Our thin squad will cost us right about now..

    At this rate Arsenal may not even make Top 6. That winter window bad business now biting hard

    If Arsenal fail to finish 4th from here, It’s gonna be hard on the fans after believing due to the good run we had recently. Will Arteta be sacked if we don’t finish in top 4 or allowed to just run his contract? Or maybe should we still trust Him?
    I m gutted. We ain’t serious to make that top 4. We were spursy today. I hope Villa do us a favour today..

    1. Told you guys many times that a sixth place finish is the most realistic expectation

      As for the top four race, Arsenal threw in the towel when they couldn’t beat Burnley and decided not to sign a new CF in January

      1. It was a bad decision to pin hopes on 2 forwards who will be leaving in 2 months neither of whom have been prolific for the club. The recruitment has to be very very good this summer.

        1. That’s true, but i think the biggest issue is how thin the squad really is. The first team is top 4, even with suboptimal strikers, but one or two injuries is incredibly damaging.
          That said, I do think arteta deserves criticism today – everyone could see xhaka at left back was a bad idea. It both weakened out defence and our midfield and was completely unnecessary. It happens with every manager, but I think it was a very bad call, and might just have made the difference.

          1. It appears that both tierney and partey should really be our second strings in their positions, they have both now shown to have serious injury issues which will mean they will not complete a season, if this continues better to sell both in favour of more reliable options

      2. Gai, I know Top6 is the most realistic especially with our thin group of players and a no CF. But there is no harm in dreaming. For how long are we going to keep celebrating a number 9 that is not scoring goals for all the work ethics, no team win a match without scoring goals. And then I wonder why Arteta has refused to bring in Holding when it is obvious Gabriel or White are becoming tired legs. Noe the matches left are not any easier and if the boys do not find a motivation and pick themselves up even Top6 would be dicey.

        1. I think Arteta focused too much on the players’ technical abilities, hence Magalhaes and White are always prioritized

      3. I’m afraid you are right GAI.

        Following zero point against Palace and Brighton we look a lot more like top 6 than a top 4 achiever. It’s a big blow.

        Tomi, Tierney and Partey out with no goal scoring CF in the squad doesn’t look good.

        Spurs are clear favourites for the 4th spot as of today.

        On the positive side there’s still 8 matches to play and with 2 or 3 consecutive wins the situation could change again.

        The team will need to bounce back very quickly to keep our hopes alive.


        1. If I were Arteta, I’d replace Lacazette. Because Lacazette seems distracted with his unclear future at the club

          Our young CFs aren’t as good as him, but I believe they can train harder and they still have several years left at Arsenal

          1. Not sure who you are referring to?
            Or Martinelli as a CF perhaps?
            There’s very limited options in our thin squad.
            I still think Laca is the best option but it could be worthwhile trying something different.

        2. About the consequitive wins, this is actually what bothers me. There is clearly a pattern where in the beginning after each break, we play atrociously, and then we slowly start speeding up again. I think we will start playing better, but it will be too late. Hopefully Tottenham will not keep their current form til the end.

          1. Yes we’ve been inconsistent. So far after each bad run we’ve managed to bounce back so let’s hope the team does it again.
            The NLD will be a 6 points game if we’re still in the race by then.

      4. there are not many quality strikers in the market in January

        unless the club willing to part 250m for Haaland or 300m for Mbaappe

    2. Last article I told we have 7 very tough games out of 10 and it unlikely turning to be true. 2 lost . If it goes on like this we will lose points in 5 more games. It seems the games we were lucky to draw in 1st half of season are producing the real results as CP and Brighton game we got lucky to draw last time. Overall we have not improved at all so let’s be satisfied in Europa league as we only deserve it by our standard

    3. In an ideal world Arteta would be sacked in May and Ten Hag would be brought in. That will never happen.

      Ten Hag guy is actually experienced with nurturing and playing youth players. Exactly what we would require.

      1. Games like that show why Vieria was a better choice than Arteta. Gutless first half, something you don’t see with Vieria’s Palace.

        Shambles all around. Laca toothless again, a suspect midfield when healthy looked pub league today.

        Arteta out smarted this game also, and no answers to bring any life into the side.

        Man management again; whether freezing out players, managing minutes, and risking a thin squad by shrinking the squad in January, Arteta still hasn’t or won’t learn.

        Games in hand gone, pressure increased, and team is collapsing not surging toward finish line.

        Is it fair to question Arteta now? Asking for a friend…..

          1. 9th with an inferior team, while Arteta and well over £200 million of Kronke’s money is looking gutless, timid, and lost quite frankly.

            Vieria gets his team fired up with nothing to play for, Meanwhile with top 4 on the line Arteta can’t inspire his guys to fight or even fight back.

            Let’s see where Vieria led Palace finish with a pittance of the money Arteta had to spend. 8th or better?

            Vieria in 9th over performing and Arteta finishing 8th twice underperforming?

            Arteta can’t hide this year. Can’t blame covid, lack of spending, thin squad he created, no excuses after 2 and 1/2 years.

            1. Durand
              I wouldn’t have hired Vieira based on his previous track record however much I loved him as a player.

              That doesn’t mean I’d have employed Arteta either having had no previous experience and that equalled a big risk

              To state that Patrick is the answer is premature in my opinion Two very disappointing results proves nothing except that our squad is fine when fully fit, but very short when key players are out. This was clearly a “known” but was a risky strategy and it looks shaky now.

              Vieira may do very well at Palace but it has taken him quite some time to get his foot on the ladder.

      2. @DaJuhi
        That’s my “ideal world”…
        Folks on here mouthing off about trusting a process. What process?
        How much did we spend on new players? And how long have we only had 1 match a week to play?

        Dude has until the end of the season to show what 2 years of “on the job training” has taught him and turn this situation around for the better…IJS

    1. Partey is out, so Arteta’s genius idea is to destroy the midfield and play Xhaka at LB? Really?

      Only Arteta was surprised that amateurish decision didn’t work.

      F’ing Brighton destroyed the “midfield” we had today.

      So Tavares benched for poor showing, yet Laca has been trash for 4 games and walks into the lineup?

      Don’t want to hear about his “leadership” because where was it today? Where was it against Palace?

      Tony Adams or Vieria would be roasting teammates for 2 limp performances, yet this lot take it in stride, and some fans accept it as well.

  2. Honestly, I believed we could make the CL places this year. But if Spurs defeat Villa later today. Our chances have evaporated. But we are Arsenal, we should stop giving up until the end.

  3. Arteta wilting under pressure after letting go his only true goal scorer and playing with a thread bare squad. Now that’s proper management.

  4. We have this expression in my language which basically goes:

    “Play retard games, win retard prizes”

    That applies to Arteta. He chased Vlahovic whole January despite him not wanting to join. MA had no intention to even look at other targets.

    Spurs were after many targets, but couldn’t get them. But they still settled for Kulusevski and Bentancur. That’s why they have catched up on us.

    MA spent the money.
    MAs choice to play the season with Laca.
    MAs choice to cast out Auba.
    MAs choice to play the season with friggin Elneny, Xhaka and Partey for whole midfield.

    1. Spot on. Here I’m thinking Aston Villa will do us a favor and they conceded in the first 4 mins of the game.

    2. Auba was trash for 18 months – what makes you think that would have changed if he’d stayed?
      Aside from that, I don’t disagree with what you’ve said. Lack of squad depth will ruin the season

      1. Auba was trash yes, but looking how he is at Barca, no doubt because he had problems with Arteta. Shouldve been replaced at least!

        1. Agree he should have been replaced 100% (ideally last summer imo) – I think he needed the move regardless of arteta, though

    3. Vlahovic was probably the only option within the budget

      its not like there heaps of strikers in the market in January

      Most fans would have prefer we throw 300m at Haaland and sign him …to show ambition

      then summer window spend another 1 billion

    4. You are spot on. The bad news is we are still stuck with a clueless manager. Finishing outside top four is really a bad result as we had spent the most money this season in the pl

  5. This match was jus ta copy and paste of the Palace one. Its just that we were at home and our performance was worse. We were tactically outclassed. I’m so happy Tavares, Nketiah and Pepe weren’t involved from the start as they’d have been easy targets for today’s average showing. Some of you have also decided to cheapen the truth that you think criticizing he team means you hate the manager.

    1. @kev
      I said last week, every team that plays us after that match, will come at us in the same way….

  6. How right Dan kit is. He saw through all our paper over the cracks win. When you think losing 3-0 to Palace is bad for a team who wants to play CL. What do you have to say about conceding 2 goals against a team that struggled to score in the their last 6 matches and lost to them. Since I realized Arteta is our Moses and he will never like him takes to promised land. I have become numb to anything Arsenal related to the extent I’m missing Dan’s weekly games predictions. Over to you Dan.

    1. Adiva yeah Dan Kit didn’t fall for it like most of us did. I doubt anyone will rise to the bait again. Top 4 gone this team and manager simply not good enough, I can’t see us even getting 2 wins out of whatever remaining fixtures we have.

      1. Kev, im sure there are still at least one or two who will still fall for it and try and defend what is going on.

        1. Yeah, the ego bruised fans will try to live in denial now and pretend we didn’t just lose 2 games we should be winning. Many of us like Dan Kit, Reggie, myself and a couple of others knew disaster was waiting to happen. In one article that predicted what we’re currently experiencing as far back as when we were on a good run. I believe myself and Dan kit were the only ones that defended the article. Majority came for the article writer for being negative when he was just being realistic. Now reality has set in and it hurts to see arsenal in this position because of the absolute love I have for the club. So no one should go calling us negatives because we see through the papered cracks. We want this club to do well absolutely. But we won’t go anywhere with Arteta. The earlier we realised this, the better.

          1. Didn’t I say something about a circle since arteta was appointed? Good run of wins, then revert to type, then pick it up again and once more revert to type. Without doing anything significant in the process. Last season, at this point it was the crazy villa Real formation and being dumped out of Europe. Don’t we see a trend here.? We’ll get back to winning ways again at some point and then we will be back here again.

    2. I never fell for it. He should have gone Christmas last season , he should have gone at the end of last season, he should have gone after the Everton game this season. How the duck he is still here is beyond me?

      We play like he played… ffs it’s like I’ve gone back in time and am watching Arteta and Denilson possession football all over again. Side to side, back to defender and repeat.

      And to make matters worst… the spuds have just gone 2 nil up. Shoot me now

  7. I hope arteta grows some balls and switch to a 3 man defense for now with two strikers up top…cuz it’s been evident for the past few games that nketiah and laca up top is better than a lone non-scoring striker….

    The earlier he switches the better, cuz we can’t depend on saka and ESR goals alone anymore….

    C’mon Villa, counting on u guys for now…

    1. Villa couldn’t even hold Spurs for 3mins, quite sad…well they gat a seasoned coach

  8. We still have to play against Chelsea, Utd, Westham and Spurs. Top 4 is gone for sure.
    I am looking forward to see whether we could get 6 points from Southampton, Leeds, Newcastle and Everton to get our points tally to 60.

    And Son has opened the scoring for Spurs.

  9. Collapsing when the pressure is on, players and manager.

    Looked like Arteta decided the game plan and lineup last night around midnight.

    Had how many days to practice knowing Tierney and Partey are out? For a supposed tactical genius where were the tactics?

    First Vieria now Potter outwit Arteta.

    Before anyone blames Lokogna like Tavares, let’s remember who froze them out for months.

    Not even sub minutes over those months,. Thought Arteta was supposed to be a savant with young players?

    Thin squad, ego, automatic starters like Laca are hurting us know. Avoidable issues that are entirely self inflicted.

    Now we HAVE to win against Utd, West Ham, Chelsea, and spuds because we lost to Palace and Brighton.

    Completely unnecessary position they have placed themselves in. Utd leaving doors open but we’re too busy getting our junk caught in our zipper.

    1. Durand, i thought todays team, formation and tactics showed a total lack of ideas. A manager should get the best out of what he has at his disposal. Ours today, showed us nothing. We play like robots and the lack of invention from the pitch and the manager is hurting us badly.

      1. We looked scared and shook from the first whistle.

        Even pundits here in the States were questioning the static positioning and lack of movement.

        1 game a week and honestly we didn’t look prepared for Palce or Brighton.

        Too easily Vieria and now Potter have out smarted Arteta, who again had no answers.

        Concerned we’re are collapsing under the pressure rather than seizing opportunities.
        Some mock utd results while refusing to see our reflecin the mirror.

        I’m sorry but Europa isn’t good enough for a finish.

        Well over £200 million spent, complete control over players, and leaving us with a thin squad. Sitting 4th with 2 games in hand to this.

        Miss 4th and get sacked. More money, patience, & forgiveness than either Wenger or Emery.

        Lower expectations and expect lower results. Ten Hag off to Utd, we should be after Vieria this Summer.

        Honestly Vieria was the better choice 2 years ago over Arteta, as he is over performing with Palace. His philosophy and Style crystal clear after a couple months unlike Arteta.

        Diversity hits and Arteta looks like he is drowning, yet again.

  10. It took Spurs 3 minutes to score lol

    Bye Arteta. Thanks for useless 2 years in Arsenal history

  11. It’s gone from having games in hand to now hoping other teams will do us a favour .
    As for todays game ,nothing New ,same old crap different season .

  12. Arteta is actually an inferior manager to emery .. who most were glad to see the back of … simply no grounds for keeping arteta on at end of season … sill talk of multiple top teams seeking his service was always lake news … he needs to go the same route as xhaka lacazette nketiah …and perhaps white or Gabriel .. both too plodding for the modern game and error prone

  13. Arteta is clearly out of depth tactically and lacks in the technical side of the game, not ignoring his man-management ability too. I was screaming for him to switch to a back-3 25 mins into the game at Palace, but it took him 45 mins to realize the need for that tactical switch. Today, I was screaming that he should introduce Pepe and utilize the full width of the pitch, but it took him up to the 70th minute.

    This is Arsenal FC not Man City or FIFA where you get all your targets signed by the board. There would always be injuries to first-team players as well. Where Arteta seems to thrive to me is as U23 coach not a first-team manager where he needs to manage first-team senior players on a day-to-day basis.

    The last 8 games is the best opportunity for the board to whether he will turn the team’s performance around or not. This I highly doubt.

    I feel the board should initiate some contact with Patrick Viera and the discuss possible transfer profile he wants. I believe he is a better fit for the job at Arsenal. I had some reservation initially before his stint in EPL and given how he was sacked at Nice, but watching his team shows he knows how to get the best out of the players at his disposal coupled with the delicate balance he has struck between physicality and technicality with his team.

    This is an Invincible captain, world cup winner, and multiple league winner. What I simply want is a manager with a winner mentality who can get the best out of the players at his disposal. Arteta is a Guordiola wannabe who can only coach world-class players and teams with great financial riches.

    Arteta is better as a U23 coach not a manager. His man-management skill leaves a lot to be desired. I’m afraid he can’t handle players with big personality, the way Viera or Zidane will do. These are legends any player will listen to and respect the moment they step into the dressing room.

    Appointing Viera will definitely go a long way in getting the best out of the French players at Arsenal – Guendouzi, Saliba and even Pepe.

    I feel the club and fans alike should look into the future and make the right appointments. Top 4 would be great but even if we achieve that we would have hit the ceiling and risk not qualifying again, similar to Solksjaer at Man Utd, with the extra games and the lack of experience of Arteta.

    I’m afraid Arteta is the man for the job on the long-term. Viera to me deserves a chance.

    1. Gouendouzi has left Arsenal, given away for peanuts and im sure he is happy playing for CL club and near the top of their league. But agree with your premise.

    2. I would not want Viera.
      Palace only turn up against the “big clubs” and we need a manager that can deliver consistency throughout the season and not to entertain the fans at home matches.
      Pepe is not French either…

  14. “I want people to take responsibility for their jobs and I want people who deliver passion and energy in the football club”
    That would also include the man who said that – the manager himself.
    His petty attitude towards some players has left us with a threadbare squad and its really caught up with us.
    Would Man City or Chelsea be talking about the loss of a central midfielder and left back the same way that Arsenal have?
    I like to see people do really well but I also want to see Arsenal show major improvements. I just question whether he is the right man for that. He just seems so limited tactically. The loss of those two players and his whole system of play breaks down. He had no answer for Brighton.
    We are still in it according to the table but truthfully I don’t see us getting in either European competitions.
    Arteta does not have the answer to anything when it goes wrong..

    1. He is doing a lot of what wenger did. The problem is, it was the wenger Arteta played under, not the successful one.

  15. I wonder why some fans expect arsenal to make top 4 finish with such fragile team. Arteta has succeeded in destroying the team. When some us complained, we were called names. Players we could have used and prosecute the season were either loaned out or sold outrightly for personal reasons. Seventh is the most realistic position for us. We are still trusting the process after two full seasons.

    1. I think it is the hope that they will make top four that is probably more realistic.
      When it is within touching distance and they then perform like they did this week with no passion or desire like it doesn’t even ******* to them – and it probably doesn’t to be honest when you are paid tens of thousands a week where is the incentive to do anything?
      To be honest most people had little faith in them to reach top four – Spurs are simply a much better team all round than Arsenal and will get top four but its the “way” that they just could not be bothered…
      And waiting for the pathetic excuses that make you feel even worse..

    2. Arteta has made the first team better, he has done some positive things, however the squad has been thin all season and any injuries were always going to be excessively damaging – he can take some blame for that, and some decisions he’s made, but i do believe we’ve seen improvement, looking at the season as a whole, and I do believe we’re closer to being a top side than we were 2 years ago.

  16. Arteta’s stubbornness and lack of man management skills, will cost us the top4 position.
    Other teams were looking to strengthen in January, but we only weakened our team.
    He gave out Auba for free, without any replacement. Sent out the likes of Maitland Niles and Chambers, who could cover up in case of injuries.
    Also refused to give our back up players any game time. Now the chicken has come home to roost.
    Top4 is out of the window. If we continue playing like this, even West Ham will catch up with us.
    Over £150m spent, over two years gone, yet we are unable to beat the likes of Palace and Brighton.
    Can we still trust the process?

  17. The club is a joke run by amateurs. Had one game a week no distractions of Europe or cup games yet they looked burnt out. Credit to Arteta for trying but he’s never going to be a top manager and the longer we proceed with him the longer it will take for this club to get back to the top which is already a long long way back.

      1. Yeah no doubt but couldn’t care less Reggie I’m fed up with the same crap season in season out. Surely the majority of Arsenal fans are worn out by it now?

        1. I know i am, its all getting monotonous!!!!! Its like a bad nightmare we cant wake up from💤

          1. You can imagine how it’s going to feel when Arteta gets a new contract Reggie… Possibly 3 more years of this rubbish and worryingly Arteta seems untouchable.

            1. If he gets a new contract I’m selling my season ticket and buying a years subscription to Alan Shearers podcasts (if he has one)

  18. I have been reading comments here for about 9 years but as from today I’ll start sharing my opinions.
    I’m Ikaleda. Business man .

    First and foremost ,
    Why was emery sacked ?

    If someone here can tell me how arteta is better than emery I’ll never post on here most of us here are just scared to say the truth ! Patience y’all don’t have for unai emery y’all giving it to arterta ?

    Why couldn’t the medical staffs fix carzola injuries? We are claiming all our key players every year injury prone but I think there’s something not right with the arsenal medical teams !! They all needs to be sacked y’all should do ya research. There’s something going on it’s like they are not capable ..

    Fine ! Guendouzi has displinary issues is it arsenal new tradition ‘ we should froze them out ? (Ozil,aubameyang, guendouzi, and the rest) I’ll tell y’all something today and you might not like it !!!

    We are our own problems

    this type of matches are matches we can win comfortable just with key players y’all keep underating , this is the type of match elneny, aubameyang, torreira, pepe , ozil , will prevail even guendouzi! Apart from hazard disgracing coquelin can someone tell me who has done the dirty works like coquelin in this present team ? It was only flamini I can say win his duels too in recent years .. apart from the legends then

    Ok partey , tierny is out injured but I don’t think that’s arsenal problems !!! At all.. even if partey , Tierny plays don’t be surprised if we might still lose this match !!

    1. 👍 One rule for Unai Emery and another for Mikel Arteta, as well as less patience, support and transfer budget.

  19. It was fairly obvious after 10 minutes that we were in the doldrums
    The sideways passing and lack of movement was so boring. No spark at all.
    As the bloke in the queue at Highbury and Islington said, we only woke up when 2-0 down. More to the point, it really livened up after our goal. Why not earlier? Slow build up, no real urgency and a totally wasted opportunity

    1. But why Sue, it was only Brighton? Not a top 4 or even 6 or even 10 team. Poor performances against better teams are partly acceptable but not against inferior teams, who out smart us.

      1. It was poor
        It reminded me of the way Emery’s first season ended. All to play for and we go down the pan
        I understand your reasoning regarding VAR but that was at a crucial time in the game and for the life of me I can’t see how it can take that long
        A glum train ride back to Leicestershire I’m afraid

        1. Brighton had one win in ten and hadn’t scored for 7 games ,a team hoping to complete in the CL next season should not be losing these games ,Imagine what the best teams in Europe would do to us .

      1. So disappointing Kev82 after the rubbish dished up on Monday
        Chelsea proved a point against Southampton after their crushing midweek loss
        We only got going in the 88th minute and that final corner on 96 minutes spoke volumes

        1. After watching that today I see no evidence we can reach top 4 none whatsoever it was another limp performance but not entirely unexpected Sue, we all know we have these performances in us especially when the pressure is on and funnily enough wasn’t it Palace and Brighton that saw off our champions league qualification charge under Emery? The club should be refunding fans who witnessed that today just awful.

          1. I went with my season ticket holder son using his mate’s ticket who drew the long straw and went to a wedding instead. Lucky fellow

            I can deal with losing. No team has the right to win but going out with a whimper is soul destroying

            1. That wedding came at the right time he saved himself from watching a pitiful performance. Oh I totally agree every win should be earned through hard work but I think what we saw today was not that, they just looked to be going through the motions, I think I described it earlier as like a pre season game, you’ll probably have seconds thoughts about returning again this season Sue.

                1. Your a brave woman Sue, I said to my mate earlier even an atrocious man Utd team will take today’s Arsenal team apart. Well I suppose it’s a day out if anything else 😂

  20. Too lightweight, not enough quality and showing the weak underbelly again when the pressure is on (manager and team)

    Another season goes bye bye 👋

  21. How can lacca give us those crap performances and not get dropped??? Tavares must be fuming. Lacca has been at best poor most of the season. Crap or dog crap the rest of it. I like arteta but I’m sick of his favourites getting in the starting line up week in week out.

  22. So predictable that after two bad perfs all the anti MA self entitled “children” come out of their holes and restart their half season long perpetual daily rants against our manager.

    YES, I also thought his formation wrong and so it proved.

    But unlike the “children,” I REMAIN TRUE TO THE CLUB AND THE CHOSEN MANAGER.
    It is what TRUE supporters rather than simply fans , actually do and they do it each day, each week, each year.

    These rabid, vitriolic taunts against MA disgust me ,coming from SUPPOSED ARSENAL FANS.

    1. Jon
      I was there today hoping for a much better effort. It was absolute tripe for over 80 minutes and the up shot is that there was precious little to enthuse over.
      No, I’m not calling for Arteta to go as I’ve seen good things emerging. But this week has been hugely deflating

    2. Ok Mr true supporter JonFox. Hip hip hurray to you and your “chosen” manager. Arteta mistakes are layed bare for all to see from the get go of the season. who have eyes to see, let them see. Pedestrian passing. Passing from defense to keeper back to keeper about 10 times before it makes its way to the half way line. Go down the left with Tierney crossing to no effect” yawn am getting bored just like arteta repetitive lame football.” Playing Laca to link play. I mean a forward that only link the play. WOW. LInk what play, guess the media works wonder in our head these days. A midfield that lack a real big game changer.this team have been getting results at times but we knew it would eventual catch up where we would be found wanting. We the so called fans saw it coming and have been saying it quietly. So sorry that the true supporters don’t have eyes to see. But who am I,guess am just an arsenal fan ranting

    3. Just seeing anything you post makes me feel the same as your last sentence JF, hence why I stopped posting whilst wallies like yourself wallowed in your false dawn.

      Sometimes I wonder if you are a a true fan as the flannel you regularly post is nonsensical.

      NB aged 4.5

    4. Jon MA has had one game a week, if his team had Europa or conference football they would be nowhere near top 4, if your happy with mediocrity then fair enough but don’t judge fans who want more from a club they love.

  23. Thank God Tavares or elneny play today. Fans would have eat them alive.
    At the end of the season, here are the list of what we will celebrate.
    Our coach is the new klopp so let give him more time.
    We have the youngest squad in the league.
    We are the youngest team fighting for top4.
    We are rebuilding.
    We are on a process.
    All in all, don’t stop trusting the process.
    A real fan always back his team regardless of anything.

  24. Cedric..Gabriel..Holding..White..and..Elneny..Xhaka…..what was wrong with that….bad tactics from Arteta

  25. We were missing the midfield pair of Partey and Xhaka. I know some people will disagree, but it’s the fact. These guys brought the steel we were locking today. Our squad is thin. Missing certain players badly disrupts our play. It’s not about the coach, it’s about our squad depth.

  26. The only problem I notice is continually using Lacazette as CF.. he has no height.. not a complete striker… the idea of using him as CF in premier league is old…. Nketiah is far better than him as CF even matinelli… Lacazette is the only problem.. we will surely bounce back if he can bench Laca.

    1. We were awful over the past 2 seasons until laca came into the side. In both seasons, his return to the starting lineup coincided with a massive improvement in results and performance. We wouldn’t even be in the running for top 4 without laca this season – to say otherwise (notwithstanding signings we could/should have made) is ridiculous.
      He’s off form now, that’s clear, but one of our problems is that he’s always been the last resort under MA, so if he’s not on it, we’re screwed. Saying Nketiah is better than him, let alone far better, is just mad – if that were the case, he’d be starting games, no problem. But we’ve been there before, Nketiah is not good enough at this level.
      This is the dance of arsenal fans – absence always seems to make the heart grow fonder.

  27. Man, all this stuff about the team improving is utter horse$h*te!

    On pace for 57 goals scored and 45.7 conceeded, in the exact expected range as the last two years.

    8th 8th and 8th would be an immdiate cause for firing if our club has any ambition at all.

    Damn team only came alive in last 10 minutes, Mikel just needs to play hungry players in the positions they play and get the F out of the way, let them PLAY!

  28. not one arsenal player would make the spurs bench there years ahead of us

  29. This is soul destroying… looks like the Chelski game has a little more riding on it now…🤬

  30. Spurs are joy to watch, can’t lie. Scoring for fun. Conte once again proving he’s a world class manager. He needed one window and 2 players to take Spurs from 7th to 4th.

    Arteta hasn’t taken Arsenal anywhere in 2 years. Unbelievable the gap of quality between the managers.

  31. Spurs will definitely grab that 4th position. They are in form in the run in. They have runners in the team and goal scorers. That loan player from Juve have been impressive. They have Conte too. We now have to defeat manu and spurs for hopes…

  32. Once upon a time we were laughing at spurs and things can changes in a twinkle of an eye. Oh Lawd

    1. Like Chelsea last season who was underperforming with a manager not capable, they changed their manager to a top one to get success. We stick with ours and things will stay the same.

      1. Chelsea – Brentford 1-4
        Southampton – Chelsea 0-6 (15 shots on target, 4 rebound goals!)

        Palace – Arsenal 3-0
        Arsenal – BHA 1-2 (one shot on target)

  33. Spurs are a joy to watch! Here is the goals to games ratio for the Top 8 teams.

    City 2.3
    Liverpool 2.6
    Chelsea 2.1
    Spurs 1.8
    Arsenal 1.5
    WHU 1.7
    Man U 1.6
    Wolves 1.0

    Aside Wolves, that have scores a measely 33 goals all season, Arsenal ranks next with a ‘massive’ 45 goals in 30 games.

    Implication: Next time Arsenal plays, don’t expect less than 1 goal to be scored.

    In all honesty, players of harry Kane and Son Min ilk should be playing Champions League football.

    It’s high time Arteta play the players that are hungry and stop acting like a tactical genius. He needs to step back a bit and let the player do their jobs.

    The hallmark of a good manager is playing to the player’s strength not overthinking tactics and confusing the players. You watch Son score week in week out but it only requires a simple tactics. Play the ball to his feet and let Harry Kane drop deep to link up.

    Imagine a manager trying to alter Son’s style to play with his back to goal. It’s only going to end badly. Arteta needs to be more flexible with his tactics and let the attacking player play with freedom. The team must be able to transition the ball quickly to the attackers in the positions they can hurt the opponent and based on their strength.

  34. The problem is Arteta has over run the team, Saka looks tired, Smith Rowe also, no leadership from Lacazette or Xhaka. Nkeitah has done more in the last two games as a sub than Laca has done for the last four games. The players are young, and are mentally and physically tired, Arteta has shown how inexperienced he really is, Spurs have doubled their goal difference over us, we can kiss goodbye to CL football and may struggle for EL.The team is too thin, the lack of transfer activity in the winter has bitten us in the behind. Conte has transformed Spurs and originally he wanted the Arsenal job, along with the ST increase it is not looking good for us. Arteta has destroyed Taveres putting Xhaka in his position must have felt like the last straw. Arteta’s management is really terrible. Brighton six defeats in a row out played us and out muscled us, Southampton away where our record is not the best, when you are having a poor run the team you want to play to stop the rot is Arsenal. Trying to get behind Arteta is so difficult, trying to work out his vision is also hard. European football at the moment will kill us next season as we don’t have a strong enough squad, look at the fact we have lost ten games, four at home without European football, what do you think the losses will be playing in Europe. There has to be massive investment, remember he has already spent a fortune already

  35. You raised a lot of valid reasons to be concerned about the direction the club is headed.
    What top teams do is hire proven manager, give them huge contract, get as many top players they request and then the bucks is left at their feet.

    The board has fooled us with the youngest squad tale. Signing young good players is commendable and good for the future of the club. But handing the huge task of managing them to a rookie is just a facade to avoid taking responsibility for failure.

    The only solution is to get a proven manager in next season, but one ready to blend in the younsters. The challenge is there are very few available ones.

    I believe Viera would have done a better job if he was given the same amount of time Arteta has had. Arteta is full of abstract ideas and Football Manager tactics but can’t imprint it convincingly on the players.

    In all sincerity, I’ve been impressed with how Palace took 4 points off Arsenal and Man City and gave other top teams a run for their money. Those were the type of games we capitulate, not once but over and over again.

    Like Henry said, average player makes thing complicated while world class players make things look easy. I believe the same applies to managers. The ease with which Viera does his job at Palace is commendable. Class is truly permanent. What we enjoyed of late was form, but lack the class to carry on under Arteta. I’ll be for him to lay his hands on FA Cup this season.

    Partey’s injury is no excuse. Same for Tierney as they are all injury-prone players who were not managed properly.

    What annoys me about Arsenal is not scoring goals for fun like we’re known for. Mind you, Palace has scored 42 goals and conceded 38 this season while operating on a shoe-string budget and without any real star player aside Zaha. Arsenal on the other hand has only scores 45 while conceding 36 goals. Those statistics speak volume!!!

  36. we should go to three at the back and two strikers:

    Laca can hold-up and Martinelli make runs.

  37. Not when they are increasing ST for next season, there are so many knock backs fans can take, watching hapless Lacazette and Xhaka play is a struggle, losing to a team that had lost six games in a row, watching Vieria on a tiny budget transform Crystal Palace, imagine what Vieria could have done with the money Arteta has had

    1. Arsenal hopes of finishing top 4 were over after tierney and partley were out don’t have anywhere nearer the same quality to come in and do the same job will just continue to get get beat and be lucky to finish in top 6 season over depends now whether board continue to back Arteta and give him sufficient funds to strengthen in the summer will be interesting to see!

  38. Been supporting Arsenal for 15 years, today I have had enough. The last time I am going to let myself down over these spineless rich boys, goodbye.

  39. I started watching Arsenal when they had Henry, Berkamp, pires, viera, adams etc – proper players.

    Now we have the likes of xhaka, lokonga, tavares. Quick one; All players on loan have done way better than they would have at Arsenal

  40. Went to the game today. Arsenal were terrible. No movement, no pace in the passing. If I’m honest they looked clueless! We are supposed to be fighting for a place in the champions league. Playing the way we did today it will probably be a blessing if we don’t finish in the top 4 as Europe’s elite will destroy us.

  41. Bad by the team but atrocious by Arteta:
    – Dropping Tavares for Xhaka then GM has not only totally destroyed Tavares at Arsenal but moved two influential players away from their best positions
    – a midfield of Sambi ESR and Ode has been shown before not to work and will be overpowered by virtually any midfield in the EPL
    – Ode moved from his best position to one where he is virtually useless
    – Continues to play Lacazette who no longer presses or runs or enters the area. Like Auba he is the invisible man, meaning the CBs can and do ignore him and double team our wide players.

    Too much tinkering with positions, ostracising players, no plan B, no player rotation to rest key players and give fringe players match practice, too stubborn to admit or learn from his own mistakes. Sound familiar? It should – it’s what we accused him of last season.
    The team barring Laca 5/10, Arteta and Laca 0/10 today.

  42. Arterta must stop giving excuses and takes the blame for the line up he chose.

    Xhaka at LB ??? Enough said.

    1. Is anyone really surprised by yesterday, we have been average all season and the idiots on here saying “trust the process” can you justify that crap now

  43. I still have faith in those Arteta supporters..We are watching to see the end of this dangerous game some fans decided to take by supporting an inexperienced manager with a squad he himself reduce to this thin squad.Even a foolish person knows that it’s a good bench that wins the next half of EPL games.. Arteta was wise right to let aubameyang, gneudoze, go without having a credible look at how we are struggling …Pls keep supporting ARTETAs ego forgetting that if the club fails,it’s us the fans that will stay with the consequences and Arteta will move on..I am not here to judge him but after the next 5 games am sure those fans who are blind will start seeing the light again.

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