Arsenal discover Champions League fate with slightly tricky draw

The Champions League draw has finally been done, and are draw could turn out to be trickier than it looks.

We have been drawn alongside Bayern Munich, which is obviously not the nicest team to come up against, but Olympiakos and Dinamo Zagreb are two of the teams you would be happy to see drawn in our group.

The Greek side look like a nice draw, but on the three occasions we have travelled to their Georgios Karaiskáki stadium, we have lost, although we did win each of our three home matches against the side also.

We start our campaign in three weeks away to Dinamo, the Croatian league winners who stayed unbeaten as they went onto win the title by 13 points, a feat only our beloved club can boast in England, but a major feat for any top tier side.

We will then entertain Olympiakos, and any less than six points from the opening two matches could prove costly.

We will of course being expected to lose to the German champions, but we proved we are more than capable of matching them, highlighted by the fact we have drawn and won our last two matches away at the Allianz Arena.

I expect we will qualify for the knock-out stages, as we have for the last 12 years consecutively, I just wont be relying on an easy ride to get there.

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  1. So wenger has basically said he will wait until the last day of the transfer market. For bargains that No1 else wants or am I taking it up wrong

    1. This window has destroyed us fans, all I dream about at night is a damn transfer. I guess it will never happen. I’m affraid if Wenger doesn’t spend it will be his last season in charge.enough fourth place

      1. #Seancali;
        My friend Wenger and greedy bastard owners have plotted this plan 11 years ago.
        According to this plan, the target is 4th, and ECL only to advanc to the next round and if they loose no problem, they already played 6 games in group stage and 2 in last of 16, that is 8 game at Europe level with big TV audience, and huge revenue.
        Winning the ECL and EPL is not in their plan. Fans and supporters are NOT matter at all, becuase they figured us out already. Every year they raise the ticket price, sell jersies and other shopping items, and fans keep supporting them no matter what. Loosing 8, 6, 5, and 3 gails against the top tems and humiliating the fans is their least problems, as long as money keep flowing to the bank.
        Every year at the end of the season, some top ranks of Arsenal like Gazidis Godzilla, and some hints by Wenger himself announce that they have lots of cash to spend. Like this year some said 70 M and even 200 M is mentioned. why they do that!! to sell season tickets and other sales, but at the end like this year, they spend 10M on Che, and sold quite few players, released some and Loaned out a bunch, brought the salary and wages down even lower than the year before, yet they lie like a dog that they are still in the market until the last day. Last year he spend the last day to Vatican Charity game and this year is his wife’s birthday!!!!! liars are liars, and cheaters are always cheaters.
        The situation only changes if we the Arsenal fans rise to the occaision and put an end to this circus, and kick the sorry behind of Wenger and company out of our great club.
        Wenger Out for ever.

  2. We have a tough group I’d say. Let’s not get comfortable and say we can beat this team etc, we need to have learnt our lesson from Monaco. Go in to the ties level headed and not to assured we have won before the first whistle.

  3. Olympiakos and Zagreb are very tough to beat at home, we will have 3 tough away games. Under normal circumstances we should come in second. Meet Barca in the last 16, loose at home, and away, but show good cohesion and team spirit and concentrate on winning The Arsene Trophy.

    Oh btw, Arsene definitely, absolutely, without a single iota of doubt, should leave at the end of the year. This movie has gotten old and stale, and its really not fun anymore.
    We have a good squad, good young players, there is a need for a one or two more class players in the Sanchez, Ozil mould. Cavani could be one, Hummenls can be another, and with a new manager I really think we can challenge.

  4. A tricky draw indeed! But we must not let that intimidate us, we must show heart, fight and determination if we want to win this group!

  5. Yep if you’re in a nite club that’s the recipe for going home with the ugly desperate girl while you buddies score with the hotter girls earlier.

    “Fair heart never won fair lady Mr Wenger”

    He’d probably take her out for a meal and make pay.

      1. Well spotted – I wish we could edit our posts

        Between careless spelling and predictive texting I’m a disaster.

  6. I bet Wenger was one of those school kids who’d not do their homework at the start of the summer holiday, and then rush through it in the last days. Kinda seems like our transfer window :D.

    1. I used to do the same thing when i was young homework but as i grew up I learned from that mistake but the 66 year old Mr Bean never learns.

  7. LOL..Boateng saying bayern always love playing arsenal that london is goodluck to them.. Thiago Alcantara being glad and happy they facing us.
    Guys!! shouldn’t teams be scared of us?? look at what wenger has turned us into, this man has completely ruined what he built, and he’s still ruining the small that is left

  8. Arsenal has drawn a very
    decent group.
    It could have been
    much worse. Yipeeeeeeeeeeee.
    Chelsea has a soft group.
    Man U a tricky draw.
    Man City again have a horror draw.

  9. as long as sanchez ozil cazorla coquelin koscienly and cech are in our team I have no worries even if we face a premier league bundesliga or a la liga best xi

  10. @tatgooner and 61 are you Chelsea fans?I can’t believe why you delusional people(akbs) still have faith in the good for nothing he goat.

  11. Arsene will sign a top quality player by next Tuesday. It was predicted by the Muzzi

    He said to be patient and that it WILL happen

    Just have faith for 5 days. Not a lot to ask.
    If he doesn’t I will tear into him myself
    We definitely need a Top scorer to have any chance at the title.

    In Muzzi I Trust
    (he is right 99.9% of the time.)

  12. I agree i dont understand why the majority of Arsenal fans are happy with Wenger and 4th place trophy. As long as Wenger is our manager same thing will repeat every year.

    1. Maybe cause its better than what we had before wenger.
      I know old fans and even when they recognize tradition they can’t deny wenger out us in the big clubs map.
      Now…thumbs down pls hahahahha

  13. Common fellow gunners fans lets get together and protest against Wenger. We have the people power to get rid of wenger.

  14. If fourth place and early elimination from ECL then however I like Wenger, he has to go, no excuses. A plan needs to set up in motion from now, on how to make Wenger understand that he has to retire. So many excuses; while early in transfer window he had good opportunities to sign up excellent players.

  15. We have 70 mill
    to spend (200mill)
    if you believe
    Loopy Lord Harry (and I do) 🙂
    Besides Claude from Arsenalfantv is saying we are
    in for two players from one club (probably Yeovil town) 🙂
    “If we find the right player we will try and do it” says the Gaffer.
    Good old Arsene got us sh#ting all summer
    the torturing son of ###fffxxx.
    At least he is not reffing a charity match
    at the Vatican this time….. or is he?
    Maybe we better send him tickets
    for a flight to the Rio beaches again 🙂
    He did some good business down there.
    “Last day 23:59 another Arsene special coming up.
    Transfer madness where would we be with out it 🙂
    Best thing is we go through it all again next summer.
    and don’t forget the January bonus window. 🙂

  16. LOOOOL!!!! Some of the comments on here are pathetic!!! Same thing every window, people crying, shouting Wenger out, talking about protests etc etc then they finally get their wish of new players and then they all revert from AOB to AKB LOL have a bottle of milk and get back in your prams!

    I’m laughing as I scroll through aha

    1. Lol.
      Yes mind you when
      you keep people hanging
      from a thread so long when u actually sign someone
      not surprisingly some get a rush of Wenger we love you.
      Happened with Ozil people went ballistic
      then they went “who”?
      “Oh um not a big striker but um he ahh he ahh
      ahh yes he will attract the worlds best strikers”
      That’s why we have Giroud Wellbeck Sanogo and Campbell :(/ 🙂

    1. Good question.
      People don’t remember that we have actually beaten AL these temas recently and it was only due to math that we didn’t go through

  17. bayern in london is a draw. if we win in bavaria, we win the group. bayern are susceptible to struggle against fast counters.

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