Arsenal discover two problems with major transfer target

Arsenal is one of the many teams that want to sign Dominik Szoboszlai as he continues to shine for RB Salzburg.

The Hungarian youngster is set to be the next star out of Salzburg following the likes of Sadio Mane, Naby Keita and Erling Haaland to a top European team.

Several European teams have been looking to sign the always improving 20-year-old.

There is a possibility that he will be sold in the January transfer window like Haaland was earlier this year, and Arsenal has been looking closely at the player that they want to sign.

The Athletic claims that the Gunners have now discovered two issues of concern to them about the midfielder.

It claims that the Gunners are worried that he might not be suitable to Mikel Arteta’s style of play.

This is because the London side isn’t so sure about his ball retention and defensive abilities, two things that Arteta values.

It goes on to add that the Gunners are now wondering if they should make a move for him or sign a midfielder that is more experienced.

Arsenal has been struggling with creativity and their axing of Mesut Ozil from their team means that they will need to sign another creative midfielder, it will be interesting to see what their final decision on Szoboszlai will be. 

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  1. what a joke “suitable to Mikel Arteta’s Style of play”?
    What style? playing like a relegation team and park the bus and still concede and lose? Giving chance to every team from 1.-20. place to win at the emirates? not having a single clue what his best team is after a year at the club?
    I never feared of relegation not even at the worst of Emery and with Arteta I still dont think we will relegate because this team is luckily for arteta too good to be worse than 17. but i do think he would be relegated with a team like brighton or something (not to be harsh on.. we are equal to brighton right now and i wouldn’t bet on us to surely win against them)

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Am still laughing, style of play? This club Arsenal are living in denial, the board,the the coaching crew, the players and the fans. We just turned ourselves into a laughing stock before the other teams. Before every match some fans will be clamouring on Joa willock, Nelson AMN and some other championship material players as if they are talking about Xavi and Iniesta. What a sad story of Arsenal football club. once you are not in good terms with the boss you are out. I saw this with Martinelli and Nketia before he got injured in the training.

      1. Arsenal bought Ozil in 2013 as a super player from real Madrid, the best 10 in the world as that time but for years he was surrounded with mediocre players like walcot, wilshere , iwobi Gibbs and the list is endless. I can see the same thing happening to Thomas Partey soon.

        1. /yep and yet he still had 19 assists in one season when Giroud was the main striker.

          Sometimes you have to have a player who is different from the rest, a player to have freedom to play outside of the rigid structure everyone else has.

          Barca under pep had a rigid structure but Ronaldinho and then messi had the freedom to play and create but then they had arguably the best midfield behind them to allow this freedom.

          We are a total joke of a club atm.

          Its obvious that MA knows bets because we’re in the best position we have been in in years right? lmfao

  2. When we had chance to keep a good, bold, confident and commanding keeper we just let him go because of someone’s pride. It took us months to trigger the release clause of Partey. As for Aour we kept chasing shadows. As for those who are really serious about their club they bought and bought really well. It’s so hard not to fall in love with the likes of Chelsea Tottenham and liverpool when they play, you will even admire Wolverhampton and Aston villa more than arsenal these days and somebody says style of play. Another thing that is disgusting is that arsenal only will possess ball when they are busy passing ball back to keeper. No taken, no dribbling and no creativity any more, haaaaa I miss Hleb and Rosicky, Anti canzola…. thanks for your time at this club. What do we have today? group of robots who don’t want ball or don’t know what to do with the ball at all. Book of lamentations

  3. Firstly, Arteta was a mediocre midfielder at Arsenal as a player. Secondly, he needs to understand that every position on the field demand of the players specific roles primarily. To exhibit other duties outside of this demand is a plus for both players and team. Therefore to claim that Szoboszlai is lacking in defensive quality is nonsense. He can improve in that area over time ,but, he is needed now to spark creativity in the midfield, provide assists and score goals. A team that don’t score goals cannot win games. So,if Arteta is unable to strike a balance between attacking and defending, Arsenal will remain a mid table team. Arteta must allow our attacking players to express themselves and have the freedom to switch positions when required, so as to enhance their creativity. His robotic style of play has become too blatant. Arsenal needs more skilful players with pace up front in attack. Teams are too comfortable playing against Arsenal, as,they are not pressured by our attack. Arteta stop your victimization of Nelson, Saliba and Pepe.

  4. The problem is not the coach but the board because from wenga to arteta now none of those coaches was fully financially supported like wenga at one point wanted cr7, mata, xabi alonso harzad and many more but they stuck on wily, wal, welb and free agents so there is no worry thateven arteta wanted aouar, partey, and many more good players but the board went on to get those that suited their thoughts and pockets eg free agents so what do u think that the coach will do.For arsenal’s problem is Kronke who wants to reduce loses than buying players that win titles and be in another level. Eg chelsea and tot they all released money. Let Kronke pull money like £150m for buying players. Lets say if arsenal is sold to another determined owner then we shall see results there and the coach to be given full rights on player purchase.

    1. Completely agree Kronke the main problem club has done no good since he became biggest shareholder why o why didn’t he let the Russian take them over when he wanted too I don’t think Arteca is right manager either Ponchitto is still available give him ago.

    2. Those decisions werent down to money it was down to bad scouting and decision making. Besides for Hazard, all those players were in our price range at the time, we just went for bad players over them. Money is not as big of a problem as it’s being made out to be. Awful scouting is much more guilty.

  5. I think you have a point there, he may not suit MA’s current style of play but he does something none of our current midfield are capable of doing, he makes assists AND scores goals. We need an aggressive dynamic midfielder like him and I guarantee he’ll be snapped up in January probably by RB Leipzig who are coached by a young and dynamic coach, Julian Nagelsmann.

  6. I know the players have being at their best level but major blame lies on the manager and the board. MA seems lost in his playing style, seems loosing the dressing room and too strict without giving freedom to players. The board have two big issues, they are not releasing money for best players for the needed positions and also scouting mismatch players needed for the team. AFC would have gone all out for Zaha instead of Pepe. Had it been that was done we wouldn’t have needed Willian

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