Arsenal dithering – How long do other EPL teams take to replace a coach?

It’s been over a week since Arsenal sacked Unai Emery and it remains fairly quiet on who will replace him. If there is one positive after the Brighton defeat maybe it pressures the recruitment policy to be a bit quicker.

For some of you who think I pick on the Kroenke family, surely this is the ultimate proof of their lack of ambition. For comparison, Daniel Levy hired Jose Mourinho less than 24 hours after giving Pochettino the boot. That by the way is how most clubs do their business.

While publicly they will never admit to secret talks behind the scenes, everyone knows coaches get tapped up. It’s rare for any chairman to replace a coach without a rough idea if their ideal replacement is interested. Most of the time, all terms/conditions are agreed.

Now don’t think our Americans haven’t tapped anyone up based on their moral compass. They are going through a short list only now simply because they do not care. They probably, most of the weeks, don’t even know what our results are. If they did, the moment there was first doubts over Emery they should have identified their chosen one.

Some are saying their list of candidates go up to 12, ranging from experience, a different ethos in how the game should be played, etc.

Even when Arsene Wenger gave them a couple of months’ notice that he was leaving they took another 2 months to make up their minds. It still hasn’t been explained how Arteta was seemingly days away from replacing Mr Wenger but now, when he has more experience, still we are indecisive.

Any other board in this country I would trust to have a plan, a vision.

I truly feel we are taking this day by day and literally going to see who impresses the most at the interview stage, like this is The Apprentice.

The longer this goes on the more I’m worried that there is zero idea what to do next.

If Allegri was realistic, surely you would have spoken by now and surely both parties would have come up with their terms and conditions and know if they agree to them? The longer our winless run goes, why would the Italian want to walk into a crisis in the middle of a campaign.

That goes for most elite names, surely you wait till the summer?

I can’t imagine how anyone can defend our American owners anymore. They have the resources to make this a post so appealing. They were paying Wenger one of the biggest salaries in the world, now there is talk that the money to replace a coach could be an issue. How much have we saved on the wage bill in the last 12 months? Our net profit in the transfer window was less than 20 million.

We are owned by a Billionaire, one of the richest men in the world. Make no mistake, he could pay the going rate, he could give a realistic summer kitty to invest in players.

Instead if you become Arsenal manager in 2019, you have to worry about a toxic fan base, employers who won’t back you, and your two best players running down their contracts, even though we were promised that wouldn’t be allowed to happen again.

How do you get someone who doesn’t care to care?

So when some gooners wonder why are we considering the likes of Vieira, Arteta, Eddie Howe or Nuno Santos; it’s because the criteria for the job means you will only get an individual so honoured to manage such a huge club they will tolerate the rubbish …..hence an Unai Emery.

Why would a Poch or an Ancelotti work in those conditions?

So, this is the moment the Kroenke family prove they don’t care. Just to show you how in the minority they are, I have done some research on how longer other Premier Leagueteamstake to replace a coach……

After reading below how can anyone defend our owners anymore?

Liverpool – sacked Rodgers 4th October and it took them only 4 days to tie up a deal for the out of work Klopp.

Leicester – Sacked Puel and in only two days identified Rodgers as their first choice, made it clear they were not waiting for him till the summer and got their man.

Man City – Announced with 4 months’ notice, with Pellegrini still in the job, that he would not have his contract extended that summer, at which point Pep Guardiola would be taking over.

Chelsea – Announced Sarri was leaving and spent the week waiting for an agreement to be reached by both parties on paying up his contract. As soon as they did, they asked Derby if they could speak to Lampard.

Man United – As soon as Jose was sacked United gave fans clarity, saying that Ole would be the caretaker till the end of the season as they didn’t think there were viable options available at that time.

Spurs – The change of Poch to Jose happened within 24 hours.

Palace – Quickly decided they had made a mistake in giving a chance to De Boer, day after he left in came Roy Hodgson.

Sheffield United – Nigel Adkins sacked and Chris Wilder appointed and announced on the same day.

Newcastle Shock -Mike Ashley is the only man to rival the Kroenke’s on how long it took to replace Benitez, 17 days. Although that was in pre-season not in the middle of the busiest time of the year.

Burnley – Sean Dyche Joined on the 30th October 2012, Eddie Howe had left on the 12th

Bournemouth – Eddie Howe returned to the Cherries due to family reasons so he was hired the same day his departure from Burnley was announced. Paul Groves was sacked 9 days previously.

West Ham – Had always said Moyes was coach until the end of the season before the board could discuss full time options. They picked Pellegrini.

Aston Villa – Sacked Bruce on October 3rd, Dean Smith hired a week later.

Southampton – Ralph Hasenhuttl brought in 3 days after the sacking of Hughes.

Everton – Wanted Marco Silva as soon as they sacked Sam Allardyce, but Watford dug in, making them wait a couple of weeks.

Norwich – Alan Irvine sacked and replaced by Daniel Farke on the same day.

Watford – The masters of sacking / hiring managers. The announcement of Garcia leaving and Flores returning made on the same day.

Dan Smith


  1. Top managers would most likely want to manage Arsenal, because there is no pressure to get a major trophy

    They just need to save Arsenal from relegation. Which should be easy on paper, because of our players’ quality

    1. I have to agree with you gotanidea. Arsenal’s new manager will think there is only one way and that’s up. Very little pressure considering our current position.

  2. Bump from previous article to a more appreciate thread ;

    Managers, players blah blah blah add infinitum.

    I fear until there is a change of ownership, board and playing staff in fact a complete purge from top to bottom we have become and will remain “also rans” !

    Likelihood of the above …… zero !



  3. The real reason no new manager has been appointed is because the Arsenal board do not have a clue who to get the names change every day as to who is favourite for the job Emery was sacked cos of fan pressure and the board never had any plans in place who they were going to get hence we are still without a manager club is a complete shambles from top to bottom!!

  4. I see relegation as a distinct possibility this season. UNLESS we appoint a proven quality manager with pedigree by Christmas, I predict a relegation fight. Our so called “easy” fixtures are running out and far harder ones await . We got only three draws from what would normally have been four banker home wins, so we are not going to do better against top teams and stand just 5 points clear of bottom three. We are ALREADY in a relegation battle and UNLESS we take dynamic action now, we could well be playing at Ipswich(who will be promoted) and QPR next season. Most Gooners are now thinking this way, as so many posts show clearly. We are the least determined side in the Prem by a considerable distance and I SUGGEST WE ALL KNOW THAT IS TRUE!

    1. Depressing but true Jon. We have both seen some awful Arsenal teams in our time, but have you ever seen one so utterly gutless, leaderless and useless as this lot of millionaires? Freddie said they were scared, scared of whom, Brighton? If that’s the case this team is beyond redemption and any new manager should dismantle it, bar a handful of players, and start again.

      Remarkably Freddie actually said there were positives and that we played well for 20 minutes in the 2nd half. Great, we played well for a quarter of the match against Brighton at the Emirates, it beggar’s belief!!

      Just changing the manager is not the answer, as long as the Kroenke’s and the hopeless board is in place we are going nowhere. This has long been your argument Jon and I agree with you 100% and if the club continues to lose value the owners could decide to sell their investment.

      1. Andrew – the first part of your post is understandable, the squad needs to be dismantled. However, you and I both know that we don’t have funds to dismantle this squad. We can’t sell our deadwood and thus have very little proceeds to add to a tiny budget. In today’s market this squad needs at least £250 million to buy 4 or 5 good players.

        That budget will never happen and that is why we won’t attract a good manager.

    2. We need Big Sam. Best relegation manager available. Hire him as an interim manager if you can not appoint a permanent manager by next week.

      I know it doesn’t great but believes me, this is as far as we have fallen. Anyone who thinks we will attract a top manager has not been watching this club operate.

      The mediocrity of the likes of Raul and board has trickled down and that is how it goes with most organizations. our biggest need a CD this past summer yet we spend our biggest ticket on an unproven guy who can’t get a star and is a winger. We sign Luiz. We keep Emery when it is clear we are in a death role. We fire him with no plan for replacing him.
      The board and Raul are bunch of mediocre clowns and Sven new it 😉

  5. Why don’t the super fans stage a whatever and get a top trophy winning manager in ASAP, using super powers that supposedly got the last 2 managers sacked… IJS

  6. Arsenal needs a coach and proper management, Wenger was both and more, zkroenke got Edu and Emery to make up for Wenger multiple roles but they failed.

    Arsenal was not such a mess under Wenger with such a poor overall image and spirit.

    Emery was still on Wenger footprints last year, most players brought by Wenger, but it was becoming very shaky and risk of not finishing even 6th was there, no stability at all, fragilized.

    What we see from start of season is continuity of last year, what some couldn’t see is now wide in our faces! A total decline, at a record speed, we lost our identity in every ways and aspects!

    All gone with Wenger; football style, belief, good team spirit, ambition! I always repeat to all forgetting it: stadium paid for in July 2013, money promised then to Arsene for years.

    That was transition to a new level and Era, but Kroenke jerked Wenger and us all, ridiculized with Suarez deal ruined by Kroenke, he wanted to join Wenger!

    Suarez wanted in because he believed and knew he would have been Champion with Arsenal! Then in 2015? Same BS from Kroenke when Kante wanted to join Wenger again!

    Yep, Chelsea paid 35M and his wage and were Champion next year! Suarez went win CL with Barca!

    45M for Suarez secured deal, Kroenke offered 40M, then added 1 cent! What a blow fr Wenger and all of us then! Forget about Kante, what an embarrassment and low blow from greedy Kroenke to Wenger and Arsenal!

    Then of course Reds, Chelsea, City are above us, when we would be indeed for years with these two players and proper budget to work with.

    Leicester spend way more for years, Kroenke gave more money to Emery those Wenger last 5 transfers windows! Market flew high since, have to pay 75M for Pepe! Same amount denied to Wenger for Suarez+Kante!

    Anyway ; team is priority and more so today, only Prof can get his boys back on track in this total lost! No one else, at this stage of season and team’s spirit level, can stand a chance to manage this team and club situation!

    Edu out, Wenger back as coach & manager, with Viera as assistant til end of next season; that is the proper transition from a living legend we have in Wenger.

    He was his Prof as a player, inspired Viera as a coach, for Prof to make his Captain coach is best story that makes Arsenal so loved, our values!

    I feel ashamed and sadden when I do not see Wenger at Emirates because it is so great to see Sir Alex in his fort.

    He is very sadden by how Arsenal treated Wenger after two decades, Kroenke came on board because of Wenger great work! He just doesn’t understand football, the culture, values, what makes a club shine; he kills the brand, value drops!

    1. Rubbish, Wenger started the slide and Emery continued it. The defence has not received proper attention for years, in spite of Steve Bould sitting next to Wenger for a kong time, and the midfield has also been neglected.

  7. 1. We will not be able to attract a good manager. “Good” for us would be a manager at the level of Poch, Koeman, Ten Hag, Rogers, Allegri. We will likely pick a manager very much in the mold of the club, mediocre. Vieirra? Not the guy to lead us out of the relegation battle. Rodgers? Has no desire of coming to us. Allegri? Is not dumb enough to come to us. Expect an underwhelming appointment when it finally comes.

    2. We are in a relegation battle, no manager better than Big Sam for that. If we can’t appoint a good manager, just appoint Big Sam as an interim manager.

    3. Any manager is good enough that we would want him would take one look at our squad and realize we don’t have the money to rebuild it. Imagine Rodgers rather signing an extension with Leicester this week than coming to us. That speaks about the state of our squad.

    1. What do you guys think of Laurent Blanc? He has a lot of winning experiences and loves to play fast attacking football, and is available right away.

  8. We haven’t got a manager yet because they had an idea to get a cheap option in, like Freddie, Arteta, vierra etc. They need to release the purse strings and get the best we can and there lies the problem, they wont. There was no plan to replace Emery, they thought he would turn it round, when it was getting a bit hot and results were not coming, they sacked him. They haven’t a clue how to attract a big name or the tools and they are dithering on a rookie because they know there would be an absolute anarchy if they did.

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