Don’t worry! Arsenal DO have problems but Man Utd have MORE

We will have to wait until around half past two next Saturday to see if Arsenal come away from Old Trafford in top spot on the Premier League table, which we will if we take all three points from our game against Manchester United. For now, though, we can only look ahead to the match and after a couple of Gunners picked up injuries while on international duty after the Gunners were held to a draw in our last game against Tottenham there seems to be quite a lot of negativity around Arsenal at the minute.

I can understand that to some extent as we do seem to be getting hit with the same old bad luck on the injury front, but I think we have a lot of reasons to look forward to our next match, especially as our opponents Man United are in a much worse situation than we are.

While Jose Mourinho and his players have been struggling to find some decent form and consistency, Arsenal have been doing well and a draw in the north London derby is far from being a disaster or even a shock. Add to their poor form and the growing pressure from unhappy fans the fact that United´s own preparations for next weekend have been hit by problems.

They were already without their main striker as Zlatan Ibrahimovic is suspended and they have their own injury crisis to deal with and that has just become worse with Sky Sports reporting that Chris Smalling has a broken toe. The England centre back joins two more of United´s first choice defence, Antonio Valencia and Eric Bailly, in the treatment room so even though Arsenal´s injury list is longer I think that our situation is better.

So should Arsenal fans stop worrying and start looking forward to the trip to Man United?

Sam P.


  1. georgie b says:

    Would like to see Chris Willock have a chance if we get in need of a striker.

  2. Juhislihis McLovin says:

    Serge Gnabry, first call up for Germany, first start and a hat trick.. Yeah I know it’s ‘only’ San Marino but still, it hurts like hell

    1. Dennis says:

      wenger chose OX over Gnabry, that simple and we all have to live with it. If he becomes a star it will be one of MANY regrets wenger will have over his 20 year career. I honestly think he should’ve never sold that kid, always thought he was great before the injury/loan moves.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Kane is the only youngster that comes to mind that slipped through our fingers, and that wasn’t Arsene as he said he knew nothing of Kane, which meant our academy manager failed to see what was there. Arsene doesn’t get many things wrong with youngsters, if this one does go on to make him regret it, well one youngster in over 20 years is still going to be a better record than every other manager.

        Personally, Gnabry still looks the same player to me. It’s a case of him not handling the big pressure of fighting top top players at a top club, dropping down was the best thing for him. But he still might not be able to handle pressure when he steps up again, that’s still open. Oxlade has five goals himself in about as many games.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          Ps how many players have slipped through Pep or Barca’s academies. P Vieira at 19 years of age Wenger poached, Wenger’s still the best at this sort of thing.

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    Even if we had a fully fit squad, we should still be very worried. Wenger has a poor record at Old Trafford, and an atrocious record against Mourinho. But if someone like Trump can become the most powerful person on Earth, then maybe, just maybe, Wenger can finally beat Mourinho in the league.

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:


  5. Dennis says:

    We lost bellerin and probably sanchez which means we lost pace. Coupled with the fact that mourinho will have 6 players defending all day, expect another draw at best.

  6. RSH says:

    Ugh… we’re not favorites, despite all of their problems. How many points did Chelsea get off of us last season? If this squad is any different than our previous ones, now is the time to show it!

  7. Onochie says:

    What I don’t really like with some of our supporters is not facing our own dear team,we should focus on our team and then mourinho’s tactics and possible plan/s. Stop counting who has more injured players than the other.

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