Arsenal DO have winners! Where it counts

Not only has it been hard for the Arsenal fans to have to deal with the transition from being arguably the best team ever in the Premier League, with the invincible team of Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and all, to the financial restrictions leaving Arsene Wenger fighting for a top four spot every season, but those barren years without a trophy have seen the Arsenal squad come to consist of players that were not used to winning things.

That is why everyone thought the summer signing of the Czech Republic number one Petr Cech was so important, for his experience of winning major honours as well as his ability between the sticks. Our two back to back FA cup triumphs have helped of course, but the marathon that is the Premier League is a different beast altogether.

However, people may have forgotten that Cech is not the only Gunner that has experienced the joy of winning a league title. Arsenal do have a few more winners in our squad and they are players in key areas and hopefully that will help us to confound the critics and rid ourselves of the over used tag of being unable to see the season through.

Olivier Giroud, now the first choice centre forward again thanks to his form and the injury to Walcott might be the most important of these players because when he fired Montpellier to the French Ligue 1 title they had never won it before.

We also have the creator in chief Mesut Ozil, who did help Real Madrid to break Barcelona┬┤s La Liga dominance before he left. And Alexis Sanchez did not do his silverware collection any damage during his time at the Nou Camp. So can these stars with experience of league success help the likes of Cazorla and Coquelin to keep the high level of performance and results and give us Arsenal fans the title we want?

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  1. Sack-Wenger says:

    Provided we don’t suffer any further injuries and our injured players come back soon to lighten workload, then I think we will give City a good fight.

    Even though our players had a week rest before this past game they now face Bayern and Spuds, 2 very demanding games. Meaning 3 demanding games for 2 weeks in a 3 week period, little to no rotation, hope this doesn’t catch up with us.

    1. Sack-Wenger says:

      I hope not many of our players take part in international break, Alexis and Ozil can use a break before hectic festival fixtures.

    2. JamaicaTopGunner says:

      If we remain injury free we will have a good chance of winning the title..i think when Ramsey comes back we should rotate him with Carzola against weaker teams so that the little magician doesn’t get burn out while Campbell n The Ox will continue a rw. Carzola is too crucial to lose in my opinion

  2. Greg says:

    Alexis sanchez is the real deal when it comes to “winners” with his never say die attitude! Coyg!

  3. Robertthegooner says:

    We have no chance of winning @ Bayern
    We must park the bus

    6-4-0 formation


    1. josh37 says:

      The worst team suggestion i have ever seen…….
      ‘no chance.’ yeah… heard that a fortnight ago too

      1. josh37 says:

        And to elaborate…. You realize players playing a specific system with players in familiar positions gets stronger the more and more they play together?
        The players we fielded against Sheffield Wednesday outclassed them in nearly every position. It failed spectacularly not because of a lack of quality, but because by far and away the majority of the team had absolutely no chemistry or familiarity playing together… The drilling, organization and understanding trumped the individual quality.
        And once we do get the ball? what then? just clear it and wait for one of the world’s most well-drilled deadly attacks to come at us again and again? for 90mins? and with the almost certainty that Bayern eventually score what then? where’s the plan-B?
        Grrr… This has actually made me so mad!! Were you serious when you put out this suggestion? did you trial it on FIFA and it worked well?

        1. dragunov762mm says:

          I said we stay in the kitchen when it getting hot. We can catch Bayern with surprise once more. Allianz Arena wasn’t scare us. Actually we never lost there. Last time I check it was 2-1-1-0 for us. One win (2-0) and one draw (1-1) that’s the story told.

    2. AlmiR says:

      Best formation i ve ever seen, actually with Flamini in our team, our chances are bigger by 50 %, he scored against strongest defence in europe against Spuds, he will score against poor side like Bayern, ALL HAIL FLAMINI

      1. josh37 says:

        Well yes, obviously Flamini has the potential to turn on god mode and single-handedly destroy any team on the planet… But we still should at least give those chumps Cazorla, Ozil and Sanchez a chance to have at least a little bit of the ball when Flamini gets tired and doesn’t feel like dancing through a wall of Bayern defenders and chipping or back-heeling Neuer with his eyes closed!

      2. dragunov762mm says:

        I get it. That’s sarcasm. So I thumb you up!

  4. Avi says:

    We just have to keep our cool,maintain our shape,keep our forcuse,exloit open spaces in bayerns defence and hit dem on the counter. We can do the double over dem. Gooners Go. Gunners go_cannons fireing and blazing

  5. AlmiR says:

    There is no reason why we couldnt beat Bayern, but we need to be realistic, they will attack us with everything they have, we will probably have 20-30 possesion, which means we will attack only by counters and set pieces, no Walcott means no counters, so that left us with set pieces. Hard game, i would be over moon with draw but even if we lose, we have good chance to go in second round.

    1. josh37 says:

      We still counter-attack with Giroud leading the line… There’s more than likely going to be Campbell and Sanchez supporting with Cazorla and Ozil supplying. Some fans seem to view ‘hold-up’ play as a dirty word, but buying an extra few seconds for supporting runners (which in Sanchez, it’s hard to ask for much more) and dragging a CB out of position Giroud does very, very well.
      It wasn’t just his goal that was so impressive in Giroud’s last Bayern meeting.. He was absolutely man-handling Boateng who’s no slouch.

      1. dragunov762mm says:

        One win and one draw. That’s our stats at Allianz Arena. We never lost there (yet). So, where’s these “phobia” come from?

  6. Robertthegooner says:

    Cech will be EXTREMELY Busy
    A lot more than Nueur
    Nueur better bring a book to read as he will get bored

    1. josh37 says:

      Did you even watch the game a couple of weeks back? I have my doubts…

  7. ozildatrequartista says:

    We’v beaten bayern at allianz arena b4 n if memory serves we had em runnin scared, against the ropes, wteva u wana call it. They had to adopt time wasting tactics to keep the scoreline respectable. Giroud was leading the line. It was the only time i ever saw bayern munich so clearly n obviously scared.

  8. damochy says:

    Is Cazorla not a World cup and European championship winner….even if as a but part player…no?

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