Arsenal do NOT need fans like Piers Morgan!

Some Arsenal fans are not fans! by Sam P

Hindsight is a wondeful thing, so they say, but when it comes to the way that some Arsenal fans use it, I think it is a wonderful thing that Arsene Wenger could do without. And so-called Gooner Piers Morgan is the prime example.

The Gunners lost a derby match against Tottenham on Saturday and of course it hurt. The fact that it leaves Arsenal in sixth place and below our north London rivals makes it even worse. But did it merit the calls from Piers and others of his ilk for the club to sack the manager? Hardly. Injury problems? Blame Wenger. Bad weather? Blame Wenger. Lost your job? Injury at work? Where there’s blame…

We lost away to an in form side without our best player. We didn’t peform at our best and our opponents did although they had the benefit of some decisions go their way. Exactly how is Wenger to blame for this? Van Gaal was saved by a lucky injury time equaliser, Pellegrini was by Milner’s free kick and Mourinho was by an Ivanovic wonder strike. Wenger wasn’t.

The Prof could and should have expected more from his team, but these things happen and the Frenchman has faced and overcome them before. So Piers Morgan wants Wenger out does he? The same football genius who tweeted before the game that Harry Kane would not make our bench and the same man who called Aaron Ramsey every sort of name under the sun before claiming that he was just kidding when the Welshman proved him wrong.

A lot of the fans that were calling for Wenger’s head last year wanted Jurgen Klopp. But looking at the support he has got from the Dortmund fans in times of trouble I have to think he would be better off staying where he is. Maybe it is just as well that Wenger cares more about what his nextdoor neighbour is having for breakfast than he does about the knee jerk opinions of fans like Morgan.

At lkeast some of us can see past the latest game Arsene.

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  1. Not saying Piers is fault by any stretch, he’s a tool at the best of times. But he has every right to point fingers at Wenger, 10 years and 1 FA cup to show for it. No other manager in charge of a “top club” would last with such a record, so why is Wenger exempt from YOUR criticism?

    What signs of improvement are we showing? I saw all types waxing lyrical about us after the City game, but why is that acceptable behaviour when we win and not when we tragically lose?

    It’s the start of Feb and we’re out the league (have been since xmas), and currently 6th. Don’t even mention cups to me because they aren’t a measure of a teams quality and consistency, we got super lucky this year in the CL draw to get Monaco after botching the group and finishing 2nd to a Dortmund team in disarray. Quite ridiculous you can sit there and suggest fans like Piers “are not fans” or “not needed”, because he doesn’t sit banging your drum.

    Wenger has yet to prove he can win in the new era where sugar daddies exist; again don’t throw an FA cup victory in there and expect that to be some solid argument. We were bitched last year by the top 6 teams mostly, this year we’ve won against 1 of them and it’s been quoted a million times since as reason for Wenger’s genius. Well sorry to hit you with facts, but there are far more reasons against than for his genius these past years. He doesn’t change, and it’s high time Arsenal did.

    1. I’m an AKB in many ways but I don’t think you’re wrong with what you’ve said. What I ask is what do you want changed? As a tactical manager, Wenger lacks at times. I am the first to call him on it when he makes a howler (Welbeck and Ozil against Spurs was a big no no for me!). BUT who would you replace him with? EVERY big manager minus a couple of “super managers” lose games all the time and suffer. I’ve yet to see any managers make huge sweeping changes to a club and improve them beyond belief just via some system of osmosis. Stability however keeps us on the forefront of European football even if we’ve not achieved that much.

      With the exception of Dortmund, please point towards a non-mega giant team who has achieved more then us in the time of Wenger? I exclude Dortmund as they have the best youth system in Germany – Germany who just won the World Cup; a figure that cannot be said is true of England. SO…what benefit do we have from losing a great manager? Will we suddenly get a better one? Please tell me who this better manager is and how he’ll improve the club?

  2. I’m tired of just clinching 4th spot,we’ve been doing that since forever. Now I think its time to move forward as a club,it is time we start winning major trophies.

    If it means Wenger must go so that this can be achieved then so be it.

    I understand Morgan’s struggle, Arsenal fans deserve more than 4th spot.

    NB. All the successful clubs in the world currently wouldn’t back a manager with Wengers record in the last 10 years.

    1. NB. All the successful clubs in the world currently wouldn’t back a manager with Wengers record in the last 10 years.

      You better analyse what successful clubs means, because for the past 10 years Arsenal has been registered as within ten successful clubs in the world.

    2. If you are tired of 4th spot, try 5th spot! You should never take 4th spot for granted because there are 16 teams which envy it and are vying for it. It is just cheap gimmicks to pretend that being fourth is nothing big. Let us talk out of reality rather than emotions or fantasy. Who said that it is Arsenal’s divine right to win EPL and finish at the top of EPL? It is sheer irrationality for anyone to just utter statements like ” I am tired of always finishing fourth——” Such irresponsible statements can only be supported by people who lack objectivity and logic.

      1. Is that honestly your view of things? We should be humble because we’re 4th best year on year and there’s teams who can only dream of that? What nonsense.

        It’s about what the club has the means to achieve. Yea Villa would love to finish 4th, but seeing as they don’t have the infrastructure, fan base, sponsorship deal, and pedigree to be in the top 4 they won’t be.

        Arsenal are the 2 highest earning club behind United, have the 2nd wealthiest owners in england, the 2nd largest fan base in England, are the 3rd most successful team in English history, and have been outspent by Stoke in the last decade. All while our current manager has only started to tweak playing styles 10years without a major trophy.

        There’s logic and objectivity you delusional Muppet. I’m sick of the excuses that people like you associate to our failings. WE ARE STALE. Our players are excellent, our management is NOT. Put Klopp or Guardiola in charge and what big changes would they make in players? None. What would they change? Oh that’s right, TACTICS and MANAGEMENT.

        Sentimentality: been slowly killing Arsenal FC since 2005.

        1. Charlie, you really need to read your own words, outspent by Stoke in the last decade! Have Stoke got into the top 4? No so Arsene hasn’t done so bad has he, spending less money than all his rivals and only finishing below the oil rich and the biggest club in the world until last season where the scouters snuck in , what difference does it make if we’re 2nd or 4th , one qualifying round for cl and 2 mill in prize money that’s what, if we don’t win league 4th is fine and as for Dortmund don’t make me laugh, they only have one team to contend with in a league that is completely inferior and just to point out they are fighting relegation at the moment so be careful what you wish for, if it wasn’t for really bad luck Arsenal would have won the title last year , losing Ramsey and Walcott when we did cost us big time and this season is the same where would we be if kos and debuchy didn’t get injured early on not to mention giroud , problem with fans like you is your spoilt , now that arsene has the money just watch who we get in the summer and next season I believe the title is ours and if we do win what will you say then?

          1. Bad luck done us last year? Christ this forum is full of apologists. We were hammered by every decent team in the league!!!

            And what’s the difference between 4th and 2nd? Really? If you finish 2nd its because you challenged for the title….a club with our resources should be doing that.

            Dortmund is THE case for looking at players not performing to a certain standard and letting the manager down. Klopp has had a bad year without question. But this is a freak season for Dortmund, don’t be so stupid to suggest otherwise.

            1. So if you finish 4th u can’t possibly have challenged for the league? Don’t be silly , you have double standards at Dortmund the players are letting klopp down but at arsenal it’s all Arsenes fault, it’s not excuses its facts have arsenal had terrible injuries the last 18 months? Yes have Dortmund? No ( except reus) so your point is redundant , klopp achievements at Dortmund are admirable but let’s see how he deals with adversity this season, will he stand up like Arsene has against the completely stupid fans who have called for his sacking after all he has done for this club, those who want him out, fine but don’t undermine the club by showing it in public it just unsettles the team and makes it even harder to achieve what we all want.

        2. Indeed you have described yourself adequately by claiming you are a ‘delusional muppet!’ whatever that means! Actually you are indeed delusional that is why you think with Arsenal’s finances it can out-compete clubs like Chelsea and Man city which has unlimited funding from millionaire godfathers! When you are delusional you lose touch with reality like you have and live in fantasy. Any rational fellow can see that finishing in the top four continuously for the last 17 seasons is no mean feat. It is only delusional fellows like you who don’t think this is an achievement. It is true we all love to see our team finish top all the time but we have to be realistic and accept that much as we haven’t been winning we have been in the top echelon of English football which is very competitive. Furthermore calling me derogatory names will not change any facts on the ground. However your attitude depicts you as someone incapable of objective analysis and hence unable to appreciate reality. Many of our fans are like that but this is no surprise because not many people can critically assess situations and come out with rational conclusions.

          1. Aww feelings hurt because I call you on your nonsense and hit you with such damning derogates as ‘muppet’? Give me a break, just because you mask your judgements in a sly manner to appear as though you aren’t in fact judging anyone or criticising their point of view doesn’t mean you’re not.

            And again, to quote being in the top 4 for 17 years as some achievement simply underscores your level of ambition and understanding of the resources at our disposal. You quote Chelsea as some behemoth with unlimited finances, yet their sole source of finance is Abramovich who is worth about a third of Kroenke and Usmanov combined… know, those pesky majority shareholders we have. The landscape changed and our ridiculously fruitless ‘noble’ stance of “spending what we make” has contributed to our development into pure average. We could have spent much more and we chose not to.

            That isn’t even the main gripe. It’s Wenger. We’ve had brilliant players and teams the past decade (Rvp, Nasri, Ade, Fab, Clichy, Kolo, Eduardo) and our poor management/tactics have meant we achieved nothing. You’ll point to top 4 being godly, but you miss the fact top 4 is an average achievement with our resources. Wenger is great at keeping us up there, turning us over, keeping us moving. But we aren’t progressing, his tactics have been the same for 0 years and he’s only started changing them in the last few weeks with mixed results. You bang your “top 4 is awesome” drum, and the rest of the switched on fans will realise it could be 2007 or 2015 we are at the same level.

      1. we have been X amount of world class players away from winning the league for Longer than I care to remember and you need to take into account that out of the up to recently, accepted to[e four clubs which until the emergence of Man City were Man United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal, we are the only team NEVER to win the champions league, all of our top tier competition apart from City have.
        I discount City because they are still relative new comers to the top tier echelon.
        The club is stagnant and unambitious and considering as Champagne Charlie has already stated the resources the club has, its not acceptable to be in the same position year in year out. It NOT an achievement for a club like Arsenal to make top four every season, it may be for the likes of the spuds but not us.We are more and more frequently clambering for Fourth spot and this is only going to get worse as the likes of the Spuds and Southampton challenge for the Wenger Cup. If your not moving forward your moving backwards and just treading water is NOT ACCETABLE for a club with Arsenals fan base and resources ect.

  3. Critics should not just come for the sake of it, am one of gooners who has felt its time Wenger packed his memory off the emirates as a Manager some five years ago, but of recent we have seen some tremendous improvements from tactical point of view of the game to player management, in fact I swallowed my words when I saw Moyes leap flogging the biggest team in EPL and yet many Arsenal wanted him at Emirates to replace the Prof. We can not down play the improvements of most of teams in the EPL ladder, Southampton, West Ham, Swansea, Liverpool, Spurs for the past two years. These clubs even Chelsea and Man city were busy planning how pull down Wenger tactically using huge sums of cash from their masters, despite Le Prof was busy building the Emirates arena he consistently fought to put the team in a lime light of prestigious competition of Europe (UEFA). Yes we have been ridiculed by Man united and Chelsea fans for the impotence we have had in the trophy euphoria and we are the only big team in the Europe who have never won CL, But Arsenal have achieved a lot more than Chelsea, Man city, Spurs combined economically. So I prefer to give full support the team and the Manager, hoping we will finish on second position this season.

      1. At the moment Klopp is looking at relegation, not a title. I do not know what is happening to Dortmund but I am convinced Wenger would do better with their squad.

        1. Convinced? Klopp won two bundesliga titles, a couple of domestic cups, and reached the CL final and semis the last few years.

          No, I’m convinced by Klopp as he’s achieved it. Wenger is the one who needs to convince me he can win titles.

          1. So Klopp has won two titles, some cups and gotten to a CL final. Ring any bells? Wenger has been there and done that. What he didn’t do was nosedive off a cliff within a year or two of these achievements. The discussion is why Wenger could not maintain that level of success in the following 10 years.

          2. What is the point in being two extremes, winning one season and then facing relegation the next season? Are some of our fans really serious? Is this what we wish for Arsenal? I get worried about this kind of thinking that even if you won a trophy once and then got relegated it is okay. All of us remember Blackburn when it won the EPL in 1995 and then disappeared into oblivion until it ended up in Championship where it is an average team. Jurgen Klopp won a few trophies and then lost his magic. Can you imagine a team with players we all covet like Hummels, Reus and others being in relegation places in the Bundesliga which is not as competitive as EPL! Is that the manager you want to win you trophies in England? I wish all of us good luck in that kind of adventure.

  4. a lost at an away game and by one goal is totally unacceptable….

    time for a change….clear the deadwoods

  5. We cannot be a one mind fan base! His opinions are as valid as a die-hard Arsene Wenger supporter. That’s the beauty of it all. Obviously his sort of comment will not be welcome from fans from other clubs. We at The Arsenal are a family and families do have disagreements and fights, his comments are therefore welcome from me. That’s his opinion! We are not communist-led-Putin-Russia!

  6. We did beat City and most of you got cocky bt nw i think we shud face the truth, it was a poor City becoz evry team is getting a point at the Etihad…i alwys say lets alwys keep our heads down after evry win coz Arsenal is nt a team to trust we cn beat a team 7 nil n in the next game we get hammerd 7nil…i hop to get as many thumbs down as you ol like hehe!

    1. Yes,
      We. Beat city.
      This with a more balanced defensive strategy that even by Wengers own words was done at the request of the team..

      This to me does it sound like a man capable of delivering consistency (style/s of play that gets results, regularly, suitable team selection etc) and therefore trophies in the AFC cabinet.

      Surely a top coach would know what was required without his team needing to advise him?

      I think we may in the minds of some have to take a step back to take major leaps forward..

  7. Spurs were playing a high line and pressing. Everytime we got the ball they never gave us an inch. We failed to counter this by movement off the ball and making runs and essentially creating space. In other words we were lazy especially in the midfield. Our players need to start taking responsibility, they are the ones on the pitch making decisions and i feel seeing they are professionals earning a truck load every month, the type of proactive thinking and hard work should happen naturally…yet we saw the opposite and funny enough this happens everytime we play teams that get stuck in and apply pressure.

    1. i feel its AW fault that we dont have a solution to the pressing game opponents play against us. its not news. felt players were lazy : at halftime they let down their guard. but AW also at fault: I dont see us playing well out of the press. teams will continue doing it against us until AW organises the team proplerly to get out of the press.

  8. Pocchetino knew the only way to win was to put us under pressure and it worked. Let’s call this week end damage limitation with City, Pool and United all dropping points. That is the only positive but it does make the United game away a must win.


  9. This season alone, we have had at least 3 performances like the Spurs one. Liverpool, Stoke, and Swansea come to mind. Last season we had plenty of those as well. If it is on the players fine, but what is the manager doing to rectify? and if it is not working, why aren’t players being benched?

    I can accept your criticism of Piers, but I will not accept you and all other wenger lovers blaming everything but wenger when we lose, and crediting him once the team starts winning. With the group of players we have and the payroll we are on, the least we could expect is a top 3 and competition on first till the last few weeks, but not this.

    And please spare us with the Klopp BS. If you are old enough, I would like to know what was your feeling when some unknown French manager was picked to manage the Arsenal? and who was your pick? Ya that’s right you get it now.

    1. Managers are supposed to manage and at a lot of points this season our manager isn’t doing what his title suggests, The players also need to take responsibility they were Lazy on Saturday and we lost against a better side because we allowed them to be better. BUT rather than state the obvious after the game shouldn’t Wenger have done something DURING the game? He is after all in charge or supposed to be.

  10. I sometimes wonder at some of our fans’ analytical skills. Why does the writer take issue with Piers Morgan when he is a fan just expressing his views? I think the simple answer is because Morgan is not an ordinary fan. He is an international celebrity who has worked as a prominent journalist and a CNN special programme presenter. His views can influence a very big section of people across the world because of his reputation and facilities at his disposal. If he was an ordinary fan I don’t think anybody would mind his comments. We should distinguish between the comments of an ordinary fan and a celebrity. The impact of the views of the two categories of people cannot be the same.
    It is annoying for someone at the level of Piers Morgan to engage in trivialities and petty bickering. It is beneath his dignity! Morgan is in position to pick a phone and express his displeasure to Arsene Wenger without recourse to the media. It appears that Morgan opts for the media so as to incite hatred for Wenger! This is a cheap gimmick and very despicable. What is Morgan’s motivation for this kind of behaviour? He is calling for Arsenal to recruit Jurgen Klopp whose team now is in the relegation places! Is that really serious? Inspite of Arsenal’s difficult financial position in the previous years we never went this low. What guarantee would we have that Klopp can cope with EPL and will not relent and be in relegation places? It is true he won trophies previously but so has Wenger. Is it change for its own sake?
    Morgan and other similar fans need to appreciate that Arsenal now has a better squad than at any time since 2008, hence there is no need for panic. We might not win EPL this season but the ingredients are there for us to win it next season or the season after. Besides there are other competitions like FA and CL in which we are still participating. In addition we are still capable of even finishing second in EPL if you consider the number of games left and the performance of the different teams above us. Therefore the calls for the sacking of Wenger cannot be motivated by genuine desire for improving the team.

  11. Really??????? does it really matter what Piers Morgan says????? nobody listens to him at any rate. I find it ridiculous that we are here reading articles about weather or not Peirs bloody Morgan should or shouldn’t be an arsenal fan.
    Morgan is an idiotic mug of the first order BUT he is entitled to his opinion, just like everybody else.
    The fact still remains is that Tactically the team and the manager were inept on Saturday and while I agree that the team is slowly getting there and we are far closer to being a top notch team we are still NOT a top notch team and until Wenger either get the ability to alter his tactics against different teams to suit how they play OR rediscovers it then we will not ever be a top notch club again. I mean who is really in charge? if the team altered things against city and we got a result surely Wenger should be more open to suggestion? I mean is the tail wagging the dog here or what ? Sure we are never going to win every game we play no one does but loosing against the spuds and not really giving them a fight is NOT acceptable it mearly highlights the problems we have wich just don’t appear to go away. Something at the club needs to change drastically and unfortunately I still feel that this may have to be Arsene Wenger.

  12. ‘Van Gaal was saved by a lucky injury time equaliser, Pellegrini was by Milner’s free kick and Mourinho was by an Ivanovic wonder strike. Wenger wasn’t.’

    Well that sums it up – TOP managers get the luck, others well…..

    It wasn’t simply that Arsenal lost, but the total lack of tactics and inability to get any real foothold in the game.

    People blame players, but who is it that picks them, motivates them and then after poor results does so again?

  13. I know wenger is a c@nt most of the time, he is too caught up in his little deluded world where he thinks he is the saviour of football. He is not going to be at arsenal forever and we will have to move in from him like it or not in next 2 years, he might even leave this summer..

    But this notion of thinking once Wenger is gone and we get the next flavour of the season manager, for the past few years some fans wanted Coyle when he was at Burnly and Bolton, we admired AVB at Porto, we wanted Laudrup from Swansea, wanted Martinez after last season, wanted Klopp so bad till earlier this season, now it’s all gone a bit quiet on the Wenger out and Klopp to come in and save us, even LVG was talked about, Pochettino etc.. Now it is turning to Simeone..

    Look how the likes of United, Liverpool, Everton, Spuds, have struggled to find a manager to keep them stable.. Without sugar daddieswho spend on whatever good player they want the likes of Chelsea and City have been through how many managers? Just being able to sign big money world class players is what has papered over their cracks, but the likes if Arsenal don’t have a donor who will lose £50 million on a flop player and take it as nothing.

    I too am frustrated with Wenger but let’s not get carried away thinking a new manager will take us to the next level straight away, we may end up like the United, Liverpool, Everton, Spuds etc..

    1. I certainly wouldn’t say that Wenger should go and Klopp should come in, It would be a far better scenario for Wenger to move with the times and change his attitude a little to suit the times we live in. It seems a mystery to me that a man who is so Convinced that he is on the right tact would stick with a club that has a board who are not willing to invest as heavily as they could in order to reap the rewards later down the line and this, knowing his personality means that he agrees with their policy in which case loosing Wenger wont make one iota of difference to the Boards policy and that appears to be to coast through and work hard to be average and just make fourth spot every year.

  14. In my opinion the Problem with Wenger is he has drifted away from just Managing the Team and into Balancing the Cheque Book. He is no longer a Football Manager he is an Accountant.
    As for Piers Morgan the man is entitled to his opinion as is everyone else.
    I get the impression that this site is full of Wenger Lovers and that OK but the rest of us are entitled to our opinion as well.So please don’t go telling people that just because they don’t have the same Opinion as you that they have no right to an Arsenal supporter.

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