Arsenal do not need to worry about Man City, for now

On Sunday the 8th of October, Arsenal welcomes the reigning champions, Man City, to the Emirates in what could be a defining moment for the Gunners. However, now is not the time to be concerned with that fixture.

Before that game, Arsenal has three matches to navigate in three separate competitions—three matches they have to win. Being distracted by the upcoming match against City is not something that the players or fans, for that matter, should allow to happen.

First up on Wednesday, we have to go to Brentford in the Carabao Cup. We really do not want to be eliminated from that competition at the first time of asking. Then, we have Bournemouth away in the Premier League, a game we simply must win. We cannot afford to drop points while many of our rivals are performing so well.

Next Tuesday, we travel to France for our second Champions League group match against Lens. While we should be winning that game, a loss would seriously damage our confidence prior to the City clash.

So, in conclusion, we simply do not need to be thinking about the City game right now. There will be time for that, but that time is not now. Right now, we have to make sure we win our next three games, they are just as important in the big picture.

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  1. The only thing Arteta needs to do is to win Man City on 8th October and quash all doubts.

    Last season, the players have fear when they face Man City but not the other 18 teams. Arteta has to change that.

  2. The law of average dictates the time is ripe to beat them on the 8th, with Rodri out and the aging KDB is not a certainty, our chances are as good as any.

    For now Arsenal must just continue with one game at a time, a hammering of Bouemount could restore some lost confidence.

  3. Man City are better than other EPL teams and would most likely win EPL again, so no need to worry about them

    Better worry about the teams that compete for the second, third and fourth places in EPL

    1. From what I have seen MCity isn’t our competitor but other teams vying for top4. However, football isn’t abosulutely mathimatics. If Arsenal forward players can improve their goal scoring abilities and stop wasting chances, thing could change fast. It’s a long season. I just doubt Nketiah and Jesus???????

      1. Sky Sports said Arsenal are approaching Brentford for Toney. I hope we won’t sign him though, because of his age and I don’t think he’s more skilled than Nketiah

        I’d prefer Watkins

        1. Yea fine Boy Watkins. Toney fits the box he is also a childhood Arsenal fan. Toney scored 20 goals for Brendford last season we are yet to have a striker in that mould lately. Since he isn’t as skilled like Nketiah according to you Gai, that makes him a different version of CF because he scores more goals and better in the box than Njetaih and GJesus. I hope we get him to prove you wrong. In terms of goals return he is better than Watkins. You need to watch Ivan Toney YouTube videos again.

  4. We got no chance of winning the league any Arsenal fan thar thinks otherwise is totally deluded until we sign a centre forward who can get us 25-30 prem league goals that will always be the case!


    It’s getting clear the team is over training or lacking recovery, or both. This many hammy pulls, back spasms, strains are direct cause of not recovering fast enough from the stress.

  6. People are quick to dismiss City but there is no excuse for us not to be at their level. The money we have spent should be more than enough to make us compete with them.

    1. That could have been the case if £65million was wisely spent instead of been spent on a certain sub-par player from Chelsea.

      1. Arguably, not only Haverz but Jesus, as a no9 also. Two little things that can make a world of difference. Jesus is not prolific and Haverz is underwhelming.

  7. Arsenal is a project, we are still evolving. Even City never got their hands on the major silver ware till 2011/2012 evolving for four years from 2008/09
    Patience, please allowthese boyz to evolve and gel properly. look at City and UCL HOW LLong they got asking till last season

  8. Mikel been living his movie since blockbusters way before Netflix, watch him turn the tides in our favour for a happy ending i urge you melts. it’s only been planned for us to start as what fans will perceive “slow” or “struggle” given the fact we all expected a strong start to challenge City but unfortunately guys Mikel has got other ideas which is clearly working if you care to take note 6games 4wins 2draws 0loss while scoring 11goals and conceded 6. gotta keep calm and enjoy it just like myself, call me deluded.

  9. If all our players play to their full potential, we’re capable of going one further than last season. Currently we have too many injuries and we don’t even appear to know what our best formation or lineup is.

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