Arsenal dodged a bullet by pulling out of deal to sign Spurs star (Opinion)

Arsenal are claimed to have been in advanced negotiations to sign Emerson Royal before he sealed a move to Tottenham Hotspur, before putting in a questionable performance on debut.

The Brazilian must have had a confusing summer on his part, initially joining up with Barcelona where he was expected to play for the current season, with Joan Laporte speaking out with praise on his official unveiling where he made a point to name his enormous release clause.

Laporte said(according to Blaugranagram): “I want to thank the family and representatives of Emerson. They have done a great job with the club so that he can be here. Emerson has to help us a lot to build this sports project that we are so eager to see succeed. Watching the presentation video, I remembered great Brazilian players who have played right-back like Belletti and Dani Alves. It is a very important position for us and we wish great success for Emerson. Emerson has a release clause of 300 million and we hope that he will be here for many years. He comes to a club that is more than a club, it is a declaration of our principles. We are a Catalan club open to the world. I am sure that Emerson will achieve a lot of success and have a good time.”

His club eventually came round to the idea of selling on their recently acquired defender, and the Gunners were close to completing a deal for his signature before pulling out of the deal as reported by TheAthletic, before we eventually sealed a move for Takehiro Tomiyasu on Deadline Day instead, who put in a starring performance on his debut.

Having seen both perform at the weekend, we got the better deal by far, and will be thoroughly relieved having see the Brazilian’s dire performance against Crystal Palace, where he endured a 3-0 defeat on his debut.

Is it too soon to be judging the two signings? When I consider how little time Tomiyasu has had to train with the squad, I get more and more excited about his future.


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  1. Too soon to judge after ONE game? Eh..

    Royal wasn’t bad on his debut either. Football is a team effort.

    We couldve had both to be honest. Royal is much more offensive while Tomi is more focused on defending. Also Tomi can play both sides as a CB.

    1. Can’t have it both wats DaJuhi. Plenty of Arteta haters were very quick to write off White after one average first game.
      Are we supposed to not discuss a debutant at all then unless he is poor?
      I think you underrate Tomi – he is much better going forward than you state. He tends to prefer to cut inside, but his feet and pace are far better than many think. He is also terrific in the air and has a great engine.
      Getting fed up with comments like Unge’s that assume we only buy second rate players
      Unlike Royale I can assure you Tomi won’t get roasted by Zaha. I’ve seen him quite a bit and this lad is a proper defender and very consistent, not a fly by night failed winger.
      Praise where it’s due for buying him ahead of Aarons or Royale, and cheaper.

  2. Let’s judge it now cause its spurs lmfao. But both are good players and we got the man we needed, just wish he got over the ball a little more with that volley.

    But good start from the lad none the less

  3. Clearly too soon to judge but I think most of us are happy with Tomiyasu. I’m still reeling from the fact that Emerson had a release clause off 300m euros!

  4. Tomiyasu can offer more than Royal he has also played regularly at CB too and done a fine job he may well turn out to be our best business in the window

  5. The problem with articles like this is that they discuss hypothetical matters and as an arch realist, in life as in football, they simply annoy me, as they have no bearing on anything that MATTERS!

    As such, I do not see why an Arsenal site finds it at all relevant. Because, frankly, and without wishing to appear rude, as blunt but truthful speakers often do appear, it really ISN’T of any relevance to us at all!

    IS IT ??? !!!

    1. I would say more relevant than discussing if we should have a World Cup every 2 or 4 years ,atleast this article is primarily to do with Arsenal which if you hadn’t noticed is posted on an Arsenal fan forum .

    2. Before we get too carried away remember that Chambers was Arsenal player of the month in September of his first season. By December, he was benched and moved to CB. Kolasinac had lots of Arsenal fans excited after his first few games and Liverpool fans were wondering how Klopp had missed on this unique player from the German league.

      A topic to revisit in 6 months time.

      1. Some fans are very good at bulling Arsenal players up before they have actually achieved anything. Lets actually achieve something before we pat ourselves on the back first. Its embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!

    3. As I’ve said before Jon, if you only deal in facts you should look elsewhere. This is a football forum. What does the word “forum” mean? “A meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged”. Strangely it doesn’t state that it is a site where facts are exchanged. Look it up.
      If you only want facts I’m sure there’s a Guinness Book of Records, or even a science website out there that would love to meet you. Or you could just read Hansards I suppose. Don’t read Wisdens though because they are allowed to write opinion articles in that.
      I am baffled as to why discussing the debut of a new signing is so offensive to you. But here’s a fact just so my comment is deemed worthy of inclusion: Tomi won 6 of his 7 headers against Norwich. Wasn’t that interesting?

  6. We have the better manager, plain and simple. He has adapted quickly, learnt from his mistakes of signing “experienced”, “senior” names to young, dynamic, die hard footballers who will be with us for years to come or move and earn us some decent transfer fee. Good he is not going down the failed path of his failed predecessors.

    1. “Good he is not going down the failed path of his failed predecessors”.
      wengers last season -6th worst season for him
      Arteta-8th ,8th and currently 16th .

      Good one 😂

      1. With the rubbish he inherited, how did he achieve 8th?Even the greats (real greats of our club) Bertie Mee once finished 12th and GG finished 10th.

        1. How did he achieve 8th ?
          Well we have finished 8th in the last 2 seasons ,so by my math he achieved 8th.
          Arteta as signed 10 players in 20 months and we sit 16th is that a sign of a great manager ?

  7. It was a game against Norwich. Nothing to get too excited about. I think Emerson wouldve dominated against Norwich aswell actually I think any of the kids in the academy would have dominated Norwich.

  8. I feel it is too soon, players should be judged after atleast half a season, this is just one game. However, I still feel we got the better of the Spuds in this since Tomiyasu is more versatile, taller and focusses more on defence which is more required in our teams perspective. The lad had a good debut and I am very happy for him and wish him all the best for his future Arsenal career.

  9. So last week you wrote that we missed out on another top target and this week we dodged a bullet. As PJ-SA said, they have played one game ffs!

    1. 100%…not saying it’s a bad signing he could be brilliant for all we know (and hope so) but let’s wait at least 10 games.

      1. Pj-sa most of us were not fair on Ben white! Did we give him ten games? Tomi had one brilliant game and we are discussing that, judging by that we can only be optimistic.

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