Arsenal dodged BIG bullet and WILL beat Monaco!

Arsenal thoughts on the weekend by Sam P

Relief was the overwhelming sensation sweeping through Arsenal fans, the players and Arsene Wenger when Mark Clattenburg blew the final whistle at Selhurst Park on Saturday. The important thing was that all three points were heading to north London, but then there was quite a bit of concern from Arsenal fans that we had been hanging on and were lucky to get the win against a team we should easily beat.

First of all, we have seen in the Premier League all season that any team can beat any other. I don’t think it was so much a case of Arsenal being poor either, it was more that Palace were very good and had their tactics spot on to frustrate us. Alan Pardew said that it was their best performance since he took over and that spell includes wins over Tottenham and Southampton.

So maybe Arsenal fans should appreciate that we did well to beat a very good side and managed to dodge a very big bullet, unlike Man United, Chelsea, Spurs and Southampton.

Moving on to Monaco, it was a bit of a blow to see them get back to winning ways in the French Ligue 1 on Friday night, after a bit of a dip in form. But I don’t think we need to worry too much. For one thing they were pretty poor and their winning goal just before the end was a gift from a defensive error. And they also played the whole second half with 10 men and that may just have sapped their strength.

Monaco don’t concede many goals but they don’t play teams like Arsenal very often either. Don’t panic Gooners, we WILL be too good for Monaco on Wednesday.

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  1. The face that they don’t conede so many goals should giv u an idea that they could defend well, and hit u on the counter… I just hope we don’t let them score the first goal of the game…. Let’s start the all out attack and defend, nt giving them tym to settle in the game… Dats the key…

    1. With wenger’s poor tactics (Never learning that the best way to defend is by attacking) monaco is a concern now…if crystal palace can do all that to us what abt monaco?

  2. “WILL beat Monaco!” – confident talking is good but need more talking on the picth on Wednesday…it is the CL knockout phase – a win at all costs, and a clean sheet will do….remem the return leg is away-so we have to get the best possible result at home….yeah I hear u “Monaco don’t play teams like Arsenal very often”, but im sure they watched our games….were we look vulnerable and unsettled when teams break us down quickly in the midfield (like Spuds and Palace) did not giving midfielders time on ball and us a chance to control game……(I wish AW has a back plan for that)…

    1. yeah, i expect to see the pressing game from monaco against us. it’ll be v.important for players to be available to each other ,work hard and always have options to play out. or … hopefully, they might just sit back and park the bus. in that case ,our fwds should pull out, drawing defenders out so as to make more space. Giroud would need to become mobile and wander about instead of encamping in the 18yd box. it’ll be interesting to see if caz is given a break and wilshere plays b2b instead. [did anyone else note we had 3 slow defenders against palace: chambers, monreal, Per ..thats got to change]

      1. Pressing game?

        What monaco team have you been watching?

        When have they played the pressing game.

        They play more like an organised game.

      2. Don’t know about replacing carzola but he could replace Ramsey who is out injuries. That would push ozil further forward and push out welbeck.

  3. Not goin to be easy they hv a gud defence n the bad thing about us is that no matter how easy a game is its rare for us to score more than two goals…CL is about winning games wit many goals a 2-1 win wont be enaf!

  4. we are lucky they did nt hv Falcao playing for them….

    Falcao guarantee goals…

    we would hv got hammered

    1. wtf’s with u & Falcoa….if the guy is so good, how many goals has he scored so far for 4th place manure….

      1. Amigo, he’s on loan at MUFCkers, and it does seem Grumpy has no or not much faith in him. We all know what an in-form Falcao can do.

  5. The arrogance of some of our fans is quite something to behold.

    1. Belittle teams apparently inferior to us
    2. Make every excuse for not being competitive
    3. Claim we’re ready to “dominate” after winning a few in a row

    Lather, rinse, repeat in an idiots guide to becoming a standard dimwitted Arsenal fan.

    1. The opponent you claim to have studied has also being studying you; that’s one thing Gunners do not comprehend.

      These days, it does appear Wenger is doing the right things— yes, thanks to us his critics— and they appear to be working encouragingly well: team selection and formation, even substitutions. If the boss can shove aside what I quite consider to be favouritism, and his characteristical tendency of stubbornness, trophies won’t elude us so very often.

      1. Are you that deluded that you kickassfan’s shouting or criticism has some bearing on what is happening behind closed doors or in Wenger’s head?

    2. I too don’t like the glib, bold assumptions when it comes to the opposition. But come on CC – you are not exactly short in the arrogance department yourself are you?? The average punter is naturally prone to big-up their own team and denigrate the opposition – you just have an inclination to do the reverse.

  6. I agree with you @KickAssFan.Talking about Wilshere i don’t want to see him on that pitch,he adds nothing to the team.

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