Arsenal dodges bullet as nasty agent row erupts over midfielder Watford signed ahead of them

When Watford announced the signing of Papa Gueye on a five-year deal, I was one of the Arsenal fans who weren’t happy that we allowed Watford to beat us to a player that we had scouted for so long.

However, the recent development over his transfer has made me happy that we didn’t sign him and we have dodged a bullet.

The player recently changed agents, and the agent has been trying to destroy the agreement that he had with Watford because he won’t get any commission from it.

The problem has recently turned nasty and could land Watford into hot water.

The recent accusation from his agent, as reported in the Sun, is that Watford signed a pre-contract with the player, and they even gave him a medical when he was not contractually eligible to speak with another team.

This could put Watford into hot water if proven to be true, and all I can say is that I’m thankful that we didn’t sign the player, because an agent like this could have destroyed our image.

One reason why his current agent is trying to break off the agreement with Watford, is that he wants the player to sign for another team like Arsenal. I hope that our club’s hierarchy avoids having anything to do with him, even if he succeeds in breaking his agreement with Watford.

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          1. ken1945 says:

            Have I missed something Jon?

            As for this agent, what we were talking about the other day regarding agents and their fees comes into the headlines once again.
            He is an example of utter greed from another parasite that has infiltrated what was once a wonderful game called football.

            I think poor old Watford may have been caught out doing something that I believe most of us suspect, every club in europe does – that doesn’t make it right of course, but don’t tell me we haven’t been involved in tapping up as well?!?!

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  2. Jah son says:

    Is the players agent are Watford trickery causes this scenario. Because from all indications the first agent was unprofessional and Watford took advantage but correct me if am wrong.

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