Arsenal doing some good transfer business says Liverpool star

Despite spending so much money in the last summer transfer window, Arsenal has continued their spending spree in this one.

The Gunners have added some interesting names to their group and have remained active.

Mikel Arteta’s side narrowly missed out on a Champions League place last season, and they will want to build on finishing 5th on the league table in this campaign.

They have added the likes of Fabio Vieira and Gabriel Jesus to their group, and they will bring improved quality to the team.

Liverpool has also signed a few players, and they are one of the favourites for the league title despite losing Sadio Mane.

Their midfielder, Fabinho, insists Arsenal has been doing well in the transfer window so far just like other clubs.

He tells The Athletic: “Tottenham have bought some good players, Arsenal too with Gabriel Jesus going there, Chelsea too.” 

Just Arsenal Opinion

This has been one of our finest summers in terms of adding new players to our squad, and it is a good way to build on the last one.

We are gradually building a team that can challenge for trophies in many competitions, and it is exciting to think what we can achieve with our new players.

It would be interesting to see how many more players will join our group.

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  1. I much agree with MARTIN that this window has been our most exciting and successful window for INCOMING names for many years .
    But as yet, we have had a disppointing window for shifting unwanted names and on THAT, I am far less hopeful of success.

    1. Is it? The only player who inmediatly starts in our first squad is jesus. A starting 11 who just finished 5th in the league with no other thing to play and with auba (wc player no matter what other could say) and laca. And is jesus a wc signing btw?
      Seems like we have spent too much for what we have improved. I hope viera is the surprise of the tournament but he is more a bet, and an expensive one.

      I would prefer a bet for a midfielder who has shown more than viera, as paqueta. He is a bet since he failed in italy but he has been extraordinary in france and he was before, in brazil.

      If we get someone like paqueta i will be more than happy. If we get just tielemans (who is looked as a plan b, apparently) i will be ok. I we dont have any new cm, i will be really dissapointed.

      The point is, right here right now, we have the worst coach of the top six teams and, probably, the worst squad. Even when we have spend lot of money in the last 2 years.

      But again, im full backing the team and hoping for the best

      1. Vieira was player of the year in a double winning team at 22 years of age with incredible stats. We got him quick and cheap and could end up better than Messi. But if you can see into the future better than me then fair enough.

        Plus Arteta was the worst coach in the top six last season . Look at the competition! But we still finished fifth……

        1. Yep, 5…now there is ten hag in the head of the team who could placed us into the 6. (I hope not). So, yes, the worst coach, at least for what they have shown until now.

          About Viera: i really hope viera will be the half of the player messi is. I really hope so. And im not attacking him btw, i just said that he is a bet, and what he has done didnt backed that bet really well to say is an already good bet for 34mm. Again, i hope he is the portuguese messi, as you said. But right now, caution to call his signing as an argument to said this is our best transfer window of i dont know how much time.

  2. Yeah and to add, zinchenko done deal per fabrizio and Ornstein, Arteta hinted at more today, wonder who we signing next

  3. BBC reporting that the Zinchenko deal has been done (£30m + £2m add-ons).

    Seems good business to my mind.

    Apparently he’ll return from the USA to complete the deal rather than join up with the Arsenal squad in the USA.

    1. I agree. Excellent bit of business. Will be interesting to see where he gets most of his game time – LB or LM.

      Also agree with above that attention must now shift to off-loading players on the fringes. Most still have productive years left but wouldn’t be great to have too many overpaid bodies sitting in the reserves and taking game time in cups away from the likes of Patino, Flores etc

  4. Just two “what if” questions to see where we stand, three weeks before the end of the window. 1. What if Partey gets another hamstring injury and is out for three months. 2. What if our main striker, Jesus, twists an ankle and needs to spend 10 weeks in recovery.

    Will we be happy with Elneny as DM and N’ketiah as main striker (in all competitions)?

    1. Well, funny you should say that, i have said that right from the start, this window so far has not addressed our problems. All these players we bought have bloated the squad but are not the answer to the problems.

  5. This window looks very good, but let’s remember we signed just one player, Trusty, in the January window and mainly players fot the future this time last year, if my memory serves me correctly?

    The emphasis then, was to release those players who Mikel deemed not part of his future plans and cut the wages bill.

    He is certainly signing more established players this window and is being backed to the hilt by kronkie – I can see two more signings arriving and our spending going over the £350,000,000 mark.

    Thank you Stanley, let’s hope your money has been spent wisely.

    1. What’s the point in signing established players if they don’t address known weaknesses in the squad or help the team compete. Why haven’t we reinforced the spine of the team (by signing cover for injury-prone Party) or signed a backup for Jesus. Over 400M spending without a proper DM or backup striker would be neglect, incompetence or major disaster.

      1. El neny and lokonga will most likely take their chances if Partey is injured, maybe even xhaka could be considered for that spot. Ideal? Certainly not, but I think that arteta wants the 3 midfielders to have more all around traits instead of being traditional no 6,8,10. From what I can see, he considers Partey the starter Def. Mid (El neny/lokonga covers) and odegaard, Viera, xhaka, zinchenko will most likely occupy 2 of the other spots. If you add patino as a member of the first team, that’s 8 players for 3 spots. I d expect an outgoing (most likely patino demotion back to u23 or lokonga loan) before one more cm is purchased. Anw, to get back to the discussion, I think that the squad depth is there in the midfield, but one more quality addition (paqueta, tielemans, milinkovic savic) will most likely significantly increase our starting 11 quality. As far as the Jesus backup is concerned, I think that the re-signing of nketiah, along with martinelli (as we have other lw options to play there) are sufficient for now. Ideally we d sign one top midfielder and one more winger/striker, but I suspect that we will only get one of those. Would still be over the moon if only 1 quality player came, imagine 2.

  6. I am excited at what the club had done so far in the transfer window. Is it enough? Certainly not but there’s every reason to be positive. Its funny some are clamouring for another striker after the acquisition of Gabby J. Who else would you advise we get in? Give me names. In Nketiah there’s is a player thats ready to make a name for himself and I am convinced he will.
    All that’s required for us now to have an awesome season is a game changing CM. Several names have popped up and if we do manage to get one on board we’d turn out a considerable force this year.

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