Arsenal dominate possession but offer nothing up front as Spurs punish us

Tottenham Hotspur have painfully won the North London derby with a 2-0 win, but they had very little possession, not that they wanted much.

Arsenal had started the match brightly, Spurs seem to have allowed us to dominate the possession and set up to counter, and unfortunately, it was working.

Despite having very little in possession, Son Heung Min opened the scoring with a wonder goal. The South Korean star has caught Bernd Leno off guard by taking an effort from distance, and the German shot stopper couldn’t get close to it.

We continued to dominate much of the match, but we are seriously lacking composure inside the final third, and it proved costly as Harry Kane moved to double their lead moments before the break.

We lost Thomas Partey just before the half-time whistle also, having to be replaced by Dani Ceballos.

The second half wasn’t much different. Spurs maintained their position on allowing Arsenal the position, and attempting to counter on the break, but they committed very little going forward.

We pushed forward throughout, but there was very little clear-cut chances that fell our way.

What is most annoying is that we were actually very much improved on recent performances up until we got near their box, and everything fell apart.

In recent weeks there have been complaints about the build-up play, and the lack of creativity coming from the side, but today it is the forwards who have been most wasteful.

I wont say this very often, but Arsenal were simply not good enough. Much change is needed.


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  1. I think Leno should’ve been able to deny Spurs’ first goal. After that first goal, Mourinho’s team just needed to wait and the quick counter-attack was something that frequently beaten Wenger’s 4-2-3-1

    Our crosses might have worked if we have a towering target man. This is why we have to bring one of those unique attackers or specialists in January, instead of getting another central midfielder who can only make merry-go-round passes

    Lastly, Arteta should try Ceballos, Willian or Smith-Rowe in the CAM position if he insists on using 4-2-3-1. Lacazette is growing in that role, but he’s not a natural no 10

    1. GAI, why are you obsessed with towering CF? A lot of teams play without one and can still score goals. Plus, the big CF who are actually good are very few. Our problem is this team is disjointed in the attack and very one dimensional. Even if they had a big CF, the opponent will shut the crossing since they can’t go thru the middle. Also, the crosses are actually shitty and it won’t make any difference

      1. We don’t need any towering target man if our system is stable. A dominant striker will make us able to change our tactic in the second half, as what Giroud did many times in the past to save our arse

        1. You need one not only for plan b scoring but also to head the ball down to on rushing midfield. The present arsenal offers very limitless in aerial dwells

    2. It’s not the players….it’s Arteta. He is too inexperienced and hasn’t got the faintest how to get us out the hole he has dug. He’s the wrong man….too inexperienced for such a big club.

      1. Arteta has great potential but I agree. Since day one I felt it was too much of a gamble to sign him.

        between him and Ancelotti, I would choose the latter any day.

  2. I would like to apologize to everyone for sticking with Arteta and asking to support him till the end of this season.

    Also, till Xaka plays for us, it is only going to get worse.

    1. Spurs’ first goal happened from the right side, so it wasn’t Xhaka’s fault and his passes on the left side are highly required

      1. No way Xaka was responsible for any of the goals. I totally agree with you on that.

        However he is bang average. When he has the ball, i can predict 9 out of 10 times what he is going to do – Watch for too long trying to find a pass forward am ultimately pulling a safe pass sideways or backwards. Honestly Gabriel is more adventurous than him.

        While he is in thr mid, our attack will always he slow and without any spark.

        Ofcourse by no means we lost today because of him. But for sure we are bang average in the middle thanks to him

        1. He actually made more forward passes than anyone in the club. He can’t dribble like Magalhaes, but he can quickly change his positions between left DM and LB

          Wenger and Emery always started him as the left pivot in 4-2-3-1 formation, because his left foot and aerial ability are very important for our passing flow

          1. By now you should have realized xhaka is full on shit,. Man is not hot on the ball, back passing, sideway passing, pointing fingers on team mates to pass backwards, incomplete forward passes slow with the ball. I say skrrrih pa pa pa cha cha xhaka out because his ting goes…. Well sideways

        2. Agree Gabriel played his heart out. Here there and everywhere. Holding has copped a lot of stick for the first goal but as much as I hate to admit it only Christian Ronaldo could have matched Son’s shot. Overall Holding had a very composed game. He and Gabriel are our best options in order to stabilise the central defender.

              1. Because they need someone to blame. Arteta and his 11 for EPL had been disappointing, thought he would learn on the way but seems to go backwards. I don’t know what Elneny and Amn have to do to show they are starters.

        3. Xhaka. Xhaka. Xhaka. Gooners lets call a spade. A spade. Never in my football career have i watched a midfielder who passes the ball backwards more oftfenly than forward passes. Arteta is to blame. The lineup he used against man utd is all Arsenal needs to win or draw. But the omission of inform Elneny for Xhaka will cost Arteta his job. Patience loss ahead.

      2. required for what … he cant pass dribble tackle or shoot … ive seen better players in league 2 … worst player in a regular arsenal shirt in decades … hes an albatross around arteta`s neck like ramsey was for wenger .. clueless manager it turns out which is disappointing as i had hopes but a year on the job is enough to know he isnt up to it … club needs to get serious and bring in a serious manager … all the idiot fans on this site making fun of spurs for bringing in maureen are eating humble pie … experience tells even if i cant stand his style of football

        1. Wenger and Emery always started him as the left pivot in 4-2-3-1 formation, because his left foot and aerial ability are very important for our passing flow. He can also quickly change his positions between left DM and LB

          1. cant make some people up … i assume the reference to aerial ability is a joke and unlike rivers our flow is backwards and this hapless ersatz footballer is a principle reason … he is symbolic of a club in decline which yes began under wenger continued with emery and now appears to be accelerating under arteta …

    2. i accept your apology i remember our talk about it 😂 but i wish it would have been the other way around and that you would have been right in supporting arteta 😅

      1. @Krish i really wish we get Allegri now. But then again without any support from the owners i am not sure how we are going to get out of this mess 😔

        I really thought Arteta was the man to take us forward. However his consistent mistakes leave too much to be desired.

        It is okay to make mistakes. But it is not okay to keep making the same mistake. Sadly he is fling the latter and I have all but lost my trust in him.

        1. I don’t think Jose had much support this year from Spurs..
          But he made some smart buys
          Højbjerg, Return of Bale
          These are not big buys
          Its Jose really has something in him for sure
          I just hope Liverpool wins the league and not Spurs..

          1. I think I like to suffer both teams that I follow are clubs that have a great history and have had great players but today arsenal lose to a boring tottenham and Cruz Azul lost the semifinal with an aggregate advantage of 4 to 0. You think your day was horrible well mine was little bit worse.
            Anyway keep on supporting and let’s hope that Artetas start playing players that really deserve a starting position.

  3. Nothing special about that spurs side ,Typical Jose tactics that we fell for ,everyone knows they defend with 9 men and counter attack ,unfortunately the coaching staff hadn’t seen any tapes on the last 20 years that Jose as been managing.
    Spurs -288 passes
    Arsenal -614 passes ,says it all

    1. Aye dan, and we could easily go, deploy the same tactics and probably grind out a 0-0 but I never want to see us using those tactics, I’d sooner stop watching football, the main reason I didnt want bore-inho near us. But we are in severe trouble that needs identified and sorted now

      1. We weren’t just playing sideways and backward passes for heavens sake.
        One minute we’re having a go at the fullbacks for crossing the ball and the next minute we’re saying the complete opposite.
        Look, spuds have two world class strikers, put them in our team today and the result would have been different.

        Why did we have all the possession and create no chances?
        Simple, we didn’t have anyone creating the chances to open up a well drilled defence.

        All this nonsense about Leno should have saved the first goal is laughable – it was a wonderfully created goal and a brilliant finish.
        We saw it with Henry and Bergkamp, so let’s hold our hands up to their play, as they suffered from us for many years.
        I said when the teams were announced, I wouldn’t criticise until the game was over, but I do believe MA got it wrong with Willian and Xhaka – it should have been AMN and Elneny…. just on the form of the four players at present.
        Apart from that, I saw a much better performance than our last three PL games and though I can’t stand Mourinho, listen to what he says about our performance and he got it spot on today.

        1. Fair ken, agreed! And yes that was a brilliant finish I certainly wouldnt blame leno for that.

        2. I will respectfully disagree with you today Ken my friend. It’s not just a hard day at the office for our Spanish Pulis. It’s becoming an alarming trend now, weeks have passed & he’s unable to solve attacking woes.
          Persisting with attacking from the wings despite weeks of PL games as evidence it’s not working. Arteta just needs more time & patience; we’re not in regulation zone yet, and there are still some facets of the attack he hasn’t destroyed yet.
          He is lost at sea, and in real danger of losing the locker room now. Lost 6 of 9, and how much longer will player confidence in him last with his negative tactics and lack of solutions?

          1. But Durand, we are talking about today’s performance and, in my opinion, we were much more aggressive and, unlike previously, we were playing a side that has all the capabilities and organisational know how to win the PL.
            We were not humiliated in any way, as Mourhino (who isn’t backwards in panning The Arsenal) said – in fact he praised the way we put his team under pressure.

            I’m not saying we have sorted it all out, but I saw a different Arsenal today and I don’t criticise just for the sake of it… as I know you don’t either.

            1. Today’s game Ken I saw the same stale tactics reheated. Too many attacks from the wings, continued endless crossing, central midfield overrun all game, and ineffective Xhaka & Willian continue to start.
              Where is the merit based starts Arteta mentioned? Bellerin is a FB; defender first yet Holding left alone for Son’s goal. No midfield defenders against top team in PL; Kane on 10 assists, Son scoring for fun and he brings Ceballos on and Xhaka stays in?
              Our defense is regressing, creativity on life support, and Arteta’s sense of urgency is to endlessly cross into the box? That’s someone without answers or solutions. Son roams freely and he uses Xhaka to man mark Kane?
              Emery & Wenger were sacked for less; with a less talented squad. 15th place and look less convincing in PL than ever.
              Is Burnley game critical mass for Arteta? I hate to say, but if we lose that one Arteta has to go.

              1. Not arguing with your conclusions Durand, but have to disagree with today’s performance, as I saw more fight and forward passing than before.
                Also we didn’t see the suicidal attempts to play out from the back that has been part of our game this season.

                Each to their own my friend.

            2. Ken I actually don’t know whether to say we did well today as we had most of the play OR badly as we never looked like scoring or making real chances. The team was wrong for sure. Xhaka has been a dreadful player since he first came. I constantly say that without pace, mobility and fight no player will make top grade. Xhaka lacks the first two but has the last only. William is like a little boy who does not want to be here but the worst player at the club this season, overall, must surely be Auba, who is fast turning into another OZIL for idleness.

              IMO we have about half a very good team but half a just above relegation level team and we badly need a good six top players across all departments before a real lasting improvement can be expected. That means Kroenke but since he will not help, it means we pray for DANGOTE OR ANOTHER RESCUER.
              I remain 100% behind MA but almost alone , recognise he is working with one, almost both, hands tied behind his back and I AT LEAST TRY TO BE FAIR AND NOT BLAME THE WRONG PERSON.

              1. But Jon, the reason we didn’t create any real chances tonight, is because we don’t have a creative player for MA to select.
                That’s the reason why Aubameyang is not scoring, he isn’t getting the opportunities, it’s simple really.
                So I don’t blame Aubameyang, except of course he doesn’t defend or tackle back when he has the ball taken off him, that is something every player needs to do under MA I believe?

                I seem to be one of the few fans who saw a marked improvement in our play against a very well drilled spuds team, with two world class players up front.

                However, looking at the league position, MA has to start selecting in form players – something hurled at AW for doing during his time.

                It’s his mistakes that are reducing the time he has to turn things around – things are getting quite nervy, worse in positional terms than UE!!
                Those days under Arsene, when relegation issues were never thought about, seem a long way off!!!!

        3. @ken 1945. Wooow!!! Absolutely right. Ainsly mitland nails and Elneny are two versitile players Arteta has over looked. These two with partey alongside gets involved into everything. Unlike Xhaka the hero who is just good passing the ball backwards and sideways. Those clever passes by thomas needs a clever striker like verdy or that ka sterlling. Oh my foot, we are lost in the forest. A lose from the scums sucks.

    2. Yeh, and only one clear shot on goal for all that. What’s our stay now? Around 60 passes for every shot on target?

    3. That same tactics you lot like to criticize has earned him 22-2 against Arsenal. Need I mention the over 20 major trophies that tactics has earned him in his illustrious coaching career.

      Arsenal in the last 5 years seems to play without any consistent tactics.

      1. With Wenger there were tactics but more freedom to each player. He just failed every year to land a proper dm as we were mostly punished at the counter, with Unai at the beginning the tactics were pressure pressure pressure. It worked and Unai got a proper dm in Torreira but his constant change in the staring 11 made impossible for the players to form that understanding between them whatever he lost the trust and got sacked, now Arteta started ok with balanced team selections but now he keeps playing the same squad that have not really shown why they should be starting.

  4. Both sides played awful football.
    I surely don’t want to watch Tottenham if this is the football they will play consistently.
    The same old story with Arsenal. The less said the better.

    1. Still miles better than what we are doing atm. smh, some Arsenal fans are really clueless. football is about result

      1. I’m not an Arsenal fan. Arsenal aren’t better than Tottenham.
        Doesn’t mean Tottenham play good football. I want to watch teams that actually engage the ball. I care less who wins.

  5. This team needs blowing up. Sell auba laca xhaka Willian bellerin. I’d say sack arteta too but not sure if that’d help at the moment.

    What is going on? We have crossed the ball more in the last two games than we did the entire time we had Giroud? Did I miss something? Do we have a Proper striker in the cavani, Giroud or Harry Kane mold to be whipping in countless balls?

    Auba is not a captain. Clearly partey wasn’t fit. Wonder how long he will be out due to that. SHAMBLES

    1. To lift the team’s spirit up, it’s easier to replace the manager than selling a lot of players. But it’d be better to stick with Arteta until we touch the relegation zone

      1. yeah lets wait till it gets even worse.. IF it’s on the card to fire arteta it should be done as early as possible to get the team on the right track again

        1. The gunners had plenty of possession.
          Goals win games. Mourino may play
          anti soccer to win.
          Son and Kane scored because the
          gunners left gaps. Abu cant score . Spurs had covered the gaps.
          Until Arteta refines his strategy, the gunners will continue to struggle.
          Beating Dundalk 10-0 wont be satisfying

  6. What kind of a game plan is to cross the ball all day
    without a target forward? We had the same issue with Wolves. Is Arteta learning anything?
    He is been way too clever for me.

  7. We could of been out there all night and we still would not have scored. What did Grandad and myself say stick to Son like shit to a blanket and what happened Holding back off and off 1 nil game over. We could not score in a brothel with a fistful of £50 notes

  8. Much improved performance. Gutted that Partey looks like he’ll be on the injury list for another run of games. With Pepe back and Martinelli close to coming back hopefully we can get some finishing mojo back.

    I’m surprisingly calm. Disappointed but calm because I can see progress. And before some numpty comes on and say I’m happy with mediocrity and not a real fan, all I can say is get a real life. Tired of all the negativity.

    1. 🤣😂🤣😂😂😆…. improvement??? I guess you are right bec you have lowered your expectation to mid table team but wait even their fans won’t take this league run as an improvement. I would love for you to be my boss at work.

    2. Really, we have scored what 2 goals in 9 games and you call it progress?

      Lost Las 3 games at home and most likely to loose next 3 and you still see progress😭😭

  9. Now you can see why Spurs are top and we’re heading south. I can’t see how Arsenal will turn this slump around.

      1. I thought I have heard it all from you. Kane is an amazing false 9 , what position does he play before he becomes amazing false 9 ehm….true 9 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Please whatever your day job is stick to it. Analyzing football is not your calling.

        1. See how Kane dropped back to lure our defenders and made defense splitting passes to assist Son’s goal. His playing style is similar to Firmino’s and both of them play as false nine in 4-3-3

      2. Gotanidea, I am really disappointed in arteta. Why is he so defensive? Firstly, why not play a 4231 formation with Smith rowe,AMN and elneny in the midfield. Cedric should have started ahead of Bellerin.
        4231 formation

        Cedric Holding Gabriel Tierney

        AMN Elneny

        Willian Smith Rowe Saka


        He should have benched Aubameyang. He has lost confidence.

        It was wrong to start Partey when he had not fully recovered from injury

        1. Had Arteta been defensive, he would’ve used 3-4-3 to play safe and counter Mourinho. He’s been using the vulnerable 4-2-3-1 instead

          Spurs’ second goal was something we’ve seen too many times in Wenger’s era. 4-2-3-1 is very good for attacking, but highly vulnerable to counter-attacks

          I prefer the previous dynamic 3-4-3/ 4-3-3 and Maitland-Niles is perfect for that

    1. Yeah tahts the issue. I just dont see how Arteta turns it around. I’ll give him the Jan transfer window and if it’s still bad I say call it a day. And finallly maybe get a solid, known top manager. Before our reputation goes more down the toilet.

  10. And to add to my comment above he is taking a risk loosing Partey for longer on a game we had no chance of winning. We will be fighting for points so the prudent thing would have been to rest Partey and make sure he has no relapse. Again error after error.

      1. The player and the medical team passed him as fit to play – Arteta took the two views as being accurate.
        Why would he ignore both of them and for what reason?

  11. Grrr all the spurs comments saying how important and tough it can be to pick up points against teams in the bottom.half of the table and also saying 6 point relegation battle next week arsenal v Burnley.
    Sickening comments.
    Well be back Not sure how but we will.

  12. There is fundamentally something wrong with Artetas tactics. They are taking away more than they are giving. We ain’t solid no more and we are so blunt in attack. Im afraid his immaturity as a manager is shining like a beacon. We are a better team than we show week in week out. We are so neutral in our play and very easy to stop scoring. We didn’t play badly today we played like robots again. We controlled possession yet again but yet again got undone very very easily. Please don’t anyone say we were unlucky, if this game was in isolation we could say we were but it isnt and we conceded and failed to score yet again. Artetas days are numbered.

      1. There is no way anyone can compare our performance today against those versus Villa, Wolves or Leicester.
        We attacked more, we didn’t play stupid football out from the back every time and, perhaps we should listen to Kane and Mourinho on their take on the game.
        MA has shown a different game plan today and I am pleased with that.
        All he has to do is select players in form and bring in a player who can unlock well drilled defensive teams.

        1. Ken1945
          Many opinions. Like you I have been a supporter a long, long time…I started going in the 50’s and have a good instinct for the bigger picture. Sadly the marriage of a poor team to a poor manager can go only one way. Arteta is too inexperienced to solve this mess……sadly.

          1. Sean, until MA has at least one full season, I really can’t make the decision you have, although it is getting to a situation where we have to start looking at the league table.
            Whoever comes in, if MA goes, will inherit the same “poor players” (which I disagree with you on – Leno, Tierney, Gabriel, Partey, Saliba(?), Saka, Martinelli, AMN, ESR, Balogun as examples.

            It does seem ages ago when we played the kind of football the club, under Wenger, was renowned for and Deins sacking plus Wenger’s resignation, are pivotal points in our position today.
            As you know, football success seems to come in cycles and ours is looking to be going downhill at the moment.

        2. Are you serious, you attacked because Mourinoh tactics wanted you to as he knew Arsenal crossing all night would never result in a goal.

          Next week we shall loose vs Burnley I hope we do for everyone to realize Arteta is clueless before we get relegated

          1. Mourinho had us exactly where he wanted us for 45 minutes.

            If you listened to his interview he also said why would he want to break his defensive mind set of the 2nd half at two up, to chase exactly what ?

            Sorry, we could have been there all next week and not scored, and he (
            J M) knew that.

            Remember, it’s easy to praise the opposition when you’ve just beaten them 2-0 !

            1. Of course it is, now tell me in the twenty odd games he has beaten us, when he actually praised us?
              They didn’t have a stroll in the park today by any means and they are currently a better side than we are – simple as that.

        3. I guess if there is one positive it is that we did play a bit more direct, but impotent just the same. Who were we crossing to?

        4. No Ken but the end result is the same. I did say fundamentally we played ok but actually we are playing into other teams hands. Arteta is getting undone every week.

    1. Hopefully his days are numbered soon or we will be in relegation trouble if we are not there already. Wonder what Josh thinks of it all!!

  13. Hahaha…wait for two more days and we will again see all the articles like whole last week giving reasons for Arteta to be kept, depicting him into some sort of saviour, blaming the players and then it always end with reminding fans of his achievements in friendly matches along with one fluke FA cup win. You ask any reasonable and logic person even managers them selves, they will tell you the real test and sign of a great manger is how he performs well in league, football is full of one time fluke hit managers who won cups even champions League. Now all Pro Arteta fans will go into hiding n wait for us to win a match against some third tier team in Europe or curdoba cup, they will then come out in force to give their backing and signing his praise.

    1. You really hate arsenal fans lol, you literally mention them negatively in every comment, sad really, a fellow fans opinion should never trigger you to the point of monopolising your every post. If other fans are wrong just let them be wrong lol.

      1. He’s not stopping them from being wrong, is he?
        Like they have their opinion, this is his. Why do you want him to do something you are calling him out on?
        Hypocrisy lol

        1. Yeah I just dont see the need to lace EVERY comment with a dig at fellow fans for “being deluded” etc, it’s literally every comment.

      2. It’s not hating fellow fans but opening their eyes to truth and also to some extend challenging their hypocrite behaviour. Fisrt a lot of fans really went after Wenger here for treating top 4 as a trophy and even till now we see we comments balmming him for everything. I did not see that as a logic or appropriate behaviour but then I could understand baceuse I thought they were after success and title so they have high expectations which Wenger is failing to meet so I agreed that we need to bring someone who could do teh job but then all of a sudden same fans are now happy for awful football and performances, give excuses like improvement when we loose to so called top six for less then a goal. They back a manger who is failing to forget about winning not even able to take us anywhere near top 4. So my question is why the double standards? Why are these fans going back in their own words? Why judge two ppl i n same job with different criteria.

        1. It simple really. They just have dislike for the great Arsene just like you have a dislike for Mikel. Even if the great Arsene won a treble for 10 seasons in a row the ones you mentioned would still have found something to pick him about just like I am sure there is nothing Mikel will do that will qualify as good in your eyes.

          What you call them out about Wenger the great is exactly what you are doing to Mikel.

          1. Highbury hero
            Can I ask if you stand by your title prediction and you wouldn’t swap any of our players for Chelsea ?

            1. I will concede March at the earliest and I still have faith I won’t have to.

              I will swap some of our players with Chelsea especially the young ones. Our current form should’ve been an opportunity for them but alas!

                1. Aubameyang is still our best player it’s a matter of time before he start scoring for fun again. Chelsea will laugh in our faces if we suggest to give them Willian.

                  Xhaka is one of my favourite Arsenal players but then I tend to like players regardless of their performance.

                  The young ones (except Saka and Martinelli) frustrate me because they are not using the opportunities given to make their claim to first 11.

                  1. But if the senior players are playing rubbish, why condemn the younger ones only?
                    For me, we should be looking at the older players to lead.

                  2. Senior players have nothing to prove they will be retiring in a few years to come.

                    If the young ones don’t use this opportunity to prove themselves then we don’t need them.

    2. I’m sure after we beat Dundalk the sunshine fans will flood this site telling everyone that we have turned a corner and are on the way back. For me the season defining game will be Burnley. If we don’t get the win Arteta has to go.

  14. Pointless crosses into the box when we don’t have a decent centre forward and haven’t had since Giroud. We are 15th now and if Brighton win at home tomorrow we will be 16th with Fulham in 17th 3 points behind. I’ve seen spurs and Man U relegated and anyone who says it can’t happen to Arsenal is deluded.

  15. Can the Board let Arteta go now. It is evident he has no solution to the current situation we are in … Aweful performances, saddening results.

    1. Sue, I have already decided not to watch us play anymore n I think lot of other fans have as well. This is one of many things I was afraid of, with this sort of football and results we will lose international fans quickly….majority of the fans that will be left would be the local fans who have supported the club for generations. It’s like the club is part of their life so they won’t quit but other who can never share same sentiment will stop supporting as for these part of fans watching football means entertainment not torture.

      1. So true Mohan. When Arsenal visited Australia three years ago there were 80,000 fans for both exhibition games. They came to see Ozil, Sanchez, Giroud the Ox and Lacazette, as well as the Arsenal brand that Wegner had built. So long beautiful fluid football.

    2. 😔😔😔 I would take an 8-2 battering honestly at this point over the game we are playing right now.

      Beautiful fluid football was our identity. And it is completely lost.

      Honeymoon period in Europa is also going to get over real soon once we face real opponents.

      It all looks doom and gloom atm. 😭

      1. At least we should win on Thursday, AubaKedavra!! Only enjoyed Thursday night football lately.
        Yes, knowing our luck we’ll get RM, if they fail to win their last game, of course!

        How does that song go – The only way is up 😜

    3. Sue
      We beat Fulham and Sheffield United
      These are the team’s you need to beat to stay up
      Games like today are just a free swing lol

      1. We have a 6 pointer next week, Dan. Let’s see what we’re made of against the mighty Burnley!
        Still can’t believe the words ‘relegation’ and ‘staying up’ are cropping up more and more…
        One other thing I can’t believe is I’ve done alright in the predictions this week 😱 haha!!

  16. Arteta is out of his depth. He was good under Pep, but Pep’s ideas are Pep’s and they cannot work here. Plus Arteta’s binned Guendouzi, Saliba, Ozil and Socratis. Arteta has ‘cut his nose to spite his face’, and now we are poor, poor team. Something must change.

  17. One of the better performances I’ve seen this season in the EPL. Unfortunately, the lack of creativity in the final third is embarrassing.

    Auba’s performances of late is pathetic. How many chances did MA give MO before he was convinced that he needs to be banished from the team? Should we expect consistency in that regard from the manager, starting with players like Auba, Willian, etc?

    1. Auba, Laca, and Willian; that’s over 700K in wages per week! Sadly the salaries of Willian and Auba will make them difficult to move on. We went from supposedly an Ozil situation to three.

      1. Interesting comment – three were awarded their contracts under gazidis onwards – only Lacs was AW contract.

        1. Auba has never been this shit! So he would be wondering if he made the right choice. This may be affecting his performance. Willian shows every week why Chelsea are smart and why Edu is shit in his judgment. Lacazette is an expensive Welbeck.

          1. Chelsea offered him a two year contract, so maybe they are just a little less s****y than us?
            Edu bought in Martinelli, Partey and Gilberto and Aubameyang will be wondering how to spend his reported £300,000 a week.

  18. Haters Of Xhaka & Bellerin, Have U Noticed Aubameyang Has Been Outstandingly Our Worst Player For 2 Months & Counting

    It Doesn’t Make Sense Now For Arteta To Be Scared Of Benching Him

    Though I Think He Should Play From The Sides – The Team Had Him As A Outlet When He’s On The Side,

    Hoping He Cuts-In & Shoot, We Won The FA Based On Having Just That Goal-Scoring Tactic

    Now, The Team Has No Clue On How To Create A Goal

    We Can Beat Nobody In The League Presently, We Truthfully Are Joint Worst Team With Likes Of Fulham, Burnley, Sheffield

    1. Many fans screamed to see Aubameyang play as CF and Arteta succumbed to that request. I agree that Aubameyang should play on the left wing again, but we don’t have a tough CF to take the opponent’s beating in the front

      1. We didn’t last season either GAI, but Aubameyang was getting the service he needed wasn’t he?
        It really isn’t rocket science when you see a golden boot player not the getting chances he was last season.

        Thats why we didn’t need /miss a tall striker and Aubameyang was awarded the ridiculous and obscene salary.

        1. The difference is Auba has ability that isnt being used, Bellerin and Xhaka dont fall into that category.

            1. Nothing Ken and everything, playing centrally or out wide Auba is not being used enough by the team or correctly. He has ability to burn, the other two cant have that excuse, they have never reached aubas heights. Auba not scoring is not down to auba but i do think he can do more. Balls into the box have never been his forte playing off the left counter attacking has, we dont do that.

              1. I’ve lost the thread of your point with Bellerin and Xhaka, but when MA decided he didn’t need creativity, but rather defensive football, that’s when Aubameyang’s goal drought started to affect the team.

                1. Auba goal drought has something to do with the way we play, it doesnt suit him. He is counter attack player.

                  1. Auba should be adapt at playing in any position, helping the midfield, the defence, especially when he’s not doing what he’s paid to do – that’s how other players are judged.

  19. Life is full of trials but we should remember nothing lasts. When we get back into winning ways our current form will be nothing but a distant unpleasant memory.

    Not everything is lost yet there is more than enough time to turn things around. We should not get carried away in negativity and forget our duty to support our team and our manager.

      1. Embrace the tough times Sue maybe it will help as you have already said yourself you are expecting more from them which they are unable to do in the current state.

          1. We have Martinelli who is coming back from injury I think he is going to improve our creativity problem.

    1. By that time we will have nothing to play for. What sort of logic is this, I guess when you are loosing then you give such statements to kid yourself or you really have very low expectations for your club.

      1. Not everything is lost for you too Mohsan. There is still time for you to redeem yourself and start to actually support the team again. I have tried to understand you and where you come from but day by day you make me feel you are the happiest when we lose.

        A little bit of positivity from you here and there will be a good start.

          1. I won’t be surprised if if you start blaming me for our poor performances SueP. I support the team that’s why I say the direction we are heading into and the solutions we are deploying will not get us far and will be lethal for us in long run. I am not short sighted so I get all hyped up after one win.

            1. Weren’t you the one who said you hope Arsenal will lose ( in the aeon past when we were winning) so that Mikel can be proved wrong for dropping Mesut?

              Your have been against Mikel from the moment he dropped Mesut so don’t hide behind our current bad form to pretend it’s about club progress. You can be a fan of Mesut but that shouldn’t get in the way of supporting the team.

              Supporting the team means giving your support in good and bad times. If anyone give their support in only good times they are nothing more than glory hunters!

            1. Well under the circumstances I’m thrilled because you are a frightful bore playing the same tune daily

    2. Wolves went down to League one the season after their prem relegation, and it took them years to get back up.
      Same will happen to us I suspect, and then we’ll end up groundsharing with Charlton.

  20. To think some fans here actually believe that Auba is world class. Players have deeps in form but this isn’t what is going on here…

    1. Prior to the start of this season nearly every single fan, arsenal or not would say he is world class.

      1. No one said he was world class, only shirt sighted Arsneal fans who thought winning FA cup is like winning world cup. Some fans saw the short comings and raised their concerns for the type of football we were playing and our performances but fans like you called them moaners n all sorts of names, actually Jon labelled them all as spuds so stop putting everyone in same bracket as you are.

        1. “only shirt sighted Arsneal fans who thought winning FA cup is like winning world cup. Some fans saw the short comings and raised their concerns for the type of football we were playing and our performances but fans like you called them moaners n all sorts of names”

          All that garbage has nothing to do with weather or not auba is world class. Your so triggered and bitter man.

          1. @defund, the comment got published in wrong reply section it was for the other statement someone made about no one said Arteta was not world class..I don’t blame Auba at all he has been world class striker and proved his worth every where he went n season after season at Arsenal as well.

    2. Wow! Kane is a beast. Not only the way he attacks but he is also a midfielder and most of all he defends absolutely well. I wish we had a player like him.

    3. Aubameyang was a world class attacker and he’s proven it last season. He should’ve played on the left wing though, where he could cut inside and shoot

          1. Of course vardy is lol, 100% a world class striker or at least was for a out 4 years,this season at 33 has as many goals this season as the entire arsenal team

    4. I think he was WC, but even when he was merely scoring, his comparison to TH14 always irked me.
      I have always said it – except Aubameyang is through on goal, he’s almost utterly useless! And for some reasons, the player to set him up or help make it happen has been banished from the team.
      Now seeing that golden 14 on Aubameyang hurts me – only one TH14, the nearly perfect all-round footballer you’d ever dream of having; plus those leadership qualities and tough mentality…

  21. Been a long while since writing here, but I need to vent, Wenger was ousted I gave emery time, that was a shambles, now we are onto Arteta, which somehow is looking even worse.

    When did we forget how to attack!?

    How did we lose every creative player in a team that had too many?
    Yes Ozil is creative, but would he help? probably not.
    How often do our CBs are CMs gesture when they have the ball because NOBODY is moving, only to turn and play it back or to the man beside them?

    This Club died when David Dein left.
    Wenger should have left with him and saved his legacy and probably saved us from Kroenke.

    Its funny, because after Kroenke bought out Usmanov I suggested we needed a few years at midtable for him to even entertain the thought of selling up.

    Well, here we are, I hope it works, or else we will simply become another Newcastle united or even worse.

    I see no way back for this squad right now, theres no real spark at all, not enough urgency.

    We are in big trouble.

  22. If I was AMN I would seek a transfer in January. Fabulous performance Thursday yet doesn’t get a start. Elneny was playing really well and also gets benched.
    If things don’t change……….they will stay the same. We are in a very dangerous position.

      1. Declan, him and Elneny – jeez the stick AW got for playing his “favourites” and yet we saw Willian and Xhaka out there?
        All I can say is thank goodness for WBA, Fulham and Sheff. Utd because we are in trouble and MO sits at home!!!

  23. the headline is so right. we will forever dominate possession without any end product. But don’t let possession fool us. we have possession where the opposition want us to have it,no further than the centre circle. the team is playing the ball without any purpose. no place on any of the passes. the movement is slow and so we are predictable. arteta is a novice and have no idea how to really construct a team. one summer does not make a swallow and am talking about his fa cup win. arteta will get sack before seasons end he is just not pushing this team. from Tottenham score the first goal I knew tottenham had this match won. Mourinho masterclass. arteta makeup of team including passing, midfield make up and team make up is just about average. old man xhaka need a crutch, our biggest threat is a kid,no midfield I could go on and on and on. pathetic

  24. @mohan

    Why with us does it always have to be a pro Arteta or against Arteta situation?
    First wenger which i agreed with as it was time for change then Emery and now Arteta.
    We are the most disjointed and divided fans at times.
    Looking at the facts he started well, motivated the players, introduced pressing and dynamic play, we had incisive passes forward from Tierney Luiz etc. All Arteta.
    Maybe the players have become robots and are over coached and confused but I genuinely believe there are some bad apples in this group and I can see a Leiceter Ranieri situation here, certain players of influence have stopped playing for him, (there are a few but xhaka is top of my list plus ozil who let him and us down big time as he wasnt prepared to work up a sweat).
    Why? not sure maybe the ozil situation, maybe the unacceptable comments about pepes headbutt who knows but to me it just looks like they’re running out of gas and ideas and with the spy in the camp the mod is low, dont forget weve the unresolved issue of who leaked the training bust up between cebalos and Luiz to the press that’s not a happy ongoing scenario.
    The butt stops with Arteta but the game is about player power so lets see them grow some and pull together to improve if not for Mikel then for us!

  25. We missed David Luiz accurate long balls to Auba. Can’t believe i say this but David Luiz has been our main creative outlet since Ozil was out of the squad

  26. Possession was handed over to us from a position of strength.

    A thought kept coming into my head today (amongst many others I can’t quote) ;

    Would Mourinho have “sorted” our current totally lacking squad ?

    Or is the real question, would he have even taken the job in the first place after talking to our board / owner …. I doubt it.

    After years of underinvestment the chickens are coming home to roost.

  27. The gunners had plenty of possession.
    Goals win games. Mourino may play
    anti soccer to win.
    Son and Kane scored because the
    gunners left gaps. Abu cant score . Spurs had covered the gaps.
    Until Arteta refines his strategy, the gunners will continue to struggle.
    Beating Dundalk 10-0 wont be satisfying

  28. I think today was a decent performance, though fruitless. Jose has always been the counter attack master and MA fell into his trap. But atleast the players tried and I think today was again a case of relatively fine margins and half chances not taken. I think we can go upwards from this performance.
    Onwards and upwards

      1. I said what I saw, as I am sure you saw too. We played better today than other performances where we lost. Now I hope this slight upturn in performance would result in upturn in our goal returns.

  29. 1. Outnumbered 2-3 in midfield yet again
    2. 90% of attacks from the wings despite evidence it isn’t working. For example, weeks in PL without open play goal, Laca & Auba toothless now, mindless crosses and no target man for ST
    3. Defense reverting to sorry state of last year.
    4. Arteta has completely destroyed our ability to attack or even play attractive football.
    5. What has Arteta shown deserving of more patience & time?

    Team plays like Arteta did as a player; safe, slow, unagressive, scripted, static and without movement.

    15th in table, lost 6 of 9. Worse than Emery, yet some call for patience. Weeks without solving offensive woes, Xhaka & Willian continue to start despite offering nothing.
    If Arteta can’t turn it around this month, then he has to go. Rookie experiment is blowing up in everyone’s faces.

  30. We dominated the game because Spurs allowed us to do so.
    Which is even more embarrassing because that means they looked at us and thought, meh do what you like you wont land a glove on us

  31. To be fair, I think the main problem is the inability to score. This is partly caused by the slowness and allowing the opposition to pack their box out. Time and time again. Their first goal was allowing Son a free shot on goal, rather than blocking him and pressing him, so he couldn’t line up, their second was Partey walking off and leaving us weak at the back:

  32. @ AJ
    Good point many managers wouldn’t want to take the job under Kroenke.
    I blame Gazidis 🙂

  33. Is there one player who hasn’t escaped criticism?
    I agreed with Trudeau. They fought all the way through and believe it or not I have respect for them for not losing their commitment
    This is nothing like the Emery scenario a year ago
    Auba shouldn’t be captain – he hasn’t the temperament
    And I expect to get a pasting for that opinion. As I did for not blaming Leno for the first goal

    1. the only difference between emery and arteta is that emery probably lost the dressing room whereas arteta has not lost it..
      but is that the only reason where one should fire the coach? dont results matter? in my opinion the fact that the players believe in arteta should not make him exempt from criticism/ firing.. he should be accountable for the results and after a year he is not cutting it

      1. Whoa!
        Losing the dressing room is as low as it gets. If Arteta does that then yes, it’s goodbye
        You are reacting to a game lost when I saw a different level compared to insipid play in previous matches

        1. you are not answering my question but just the one you wanted to answer.. i never asked if one should be fired if he loses the dressing room, as that is obvious but what i am asking is do you really think that as long as arteta does not lose the dressing room he should not be fired?

          1. No
            And certainly not now.
            Come February and March and the results are going against him then ask me again

    2. I agree with you on Pierre captainship. It is always my belief that he didn’t want to be it was just forced on him. He certainly is not captain material but then how are they going to go about it without raising another undesirable situation?

      1. Good question HH
        He really doesn’t have that Tony Adams spirit but in reality it’s down to Arteta to suggest an alternative and get Auba to go along with it. Concentrate on scoring!🙄

        1. Why is Xhaka not captain still? Obviously MA didn’t see him as captain material and yet Auba is less vocal still? Are we still lacking a captain and if so, who should it be. I don’t see any leaders in there!

          1. He was a captain
            Not the most dynamic player but a man with those skills to encourage
            As said below. Tierney is made of the same stuff

    3. No SueP, you’ve got it bang on.
      There always has to be a scapegoat and step up Leno – everyone except a few of the usual Arsenal fans, see that goal as a superb finish.

      1. 20 odd games – It matters not a jot Ken.

        We languish 15th, and again are highly predictable- for a myriad of reasons.

  34. We are sitting on 15th place and people are still asking to support the manager?
    How is that possible? Arteta wanted the responsibility then he should own this mess. We were able to actually buy a couple decent CB (Gabriel and Saliba) and due to personality issues obviously only one plays. No way to build a future partnership and as we all know this was crucial to our development as a team. Midfield is a experiment every week when even the most
    clueless fan knows that with the aquisition of Partey a mf trio of Partey/Ceb/Ozil looks good enough to protect and create but that is not possible because we axed our most creative player
    due to what ? Arteta again?
    We bought a useless overpaid Willian vs stcikig with Pepe and tryig to build a trio of Saka/Auba/Pepe up front and groom them
    this all seems obvious to me but I am not too clever . Arteta is.

  35. 1. Playing Partey in a game we were unlikely to get a win was an unnecessary risk. Poor management

    2. If I was Gabriel, AMN, Tierney and Partey I’d be looking for a move away to a club that has a vision and direction

    3. Everytime we have high possession we look poor. To play that game against a Jose sideis idiotic and suicidal.

    4. If we going to cross,play Balogun. Boy is quality in the air

    1. Many fans screamed to see Partey start. Arteta would still be blamed if he didn’t start Partey

      Balogun’s height is similar to Nketiah’s. Nikolaj Moller is our tallest striker, but I don’t think he’s ready for EPL

      1. GAI….height is only 1 of many factors to being good in the air. I didn’t say he was tall,I said he was good in the air!

    2. Burnley, Everton, Southampton, Chelsea are our next 4 games.
      Anyone think we will get more than 2 or 3 points out if that lot?
      We are the new Stoke. At least we will have the best stadium in the Championship, albeit empty, along with the biggest wage bill.

  36. Another Arsenal EPL loss under Arteta!!😥😥🤕..We lost against Spurs due to
    1. Three@the back n 5 2 3 formation..
    worked only against Fulham in match day one. Some supported d formation here hours before d match. How so wrong!! Dis system confuses the players. Saka n Bellerin forgets to trackback.Kieran Tierney suddenly didn’t know his position..
    2. Willian n Saka played rubbish n offers absolutely nothing to this Arsenal team. Yet Saka get praised to high heavens, get No 7 n England call-ups..Biggest wonder I have had as a fan since 2002.
    3. Arteta proved to be a sentimental coach once again..Ignored Maitland Niles n frozed Nelson out completely and picked Nketiah.
    Truth is Mikel Arteta is solely responsible for this calamity..Pick your best attacking line-up n formation!! He says no!!
    And there’s an arrogance seen in him!! Perhaps the board’s got his back even to relegation.. Arsenal fans be prepared for a long tortuous season..😧😧

  37. @sid
    My grandmother knew what Jose’s plan was for today. How can you say Arteta fell for it? Isn’t his job to know and solve the issue?

    1. Well that’s what happened isnt it? Maybe Arteta thought to pressure Jose, but with that lineup, I think that was their best performance. Too bad he got the initial lineup wrong and the players matched up wrong. But I think they did pretty ok, just yhat MA had to select quicker players for his plan to work.

  38. The team needs a proper anchor between the frontline and the midfield, something that Lacazette could do behind Nketiah. Lacazette is good at holding up play and he’ll do well with assisting forwards ahead of him just like he did in the Europa league. This team is strong on paper but weak on the pitch and it’s difficult to understand why the coach looks at performances during training sessions instead of matches to decide who’s good enough to play. Players like Xhaka spend more time falling on the pitch and complaining than on their feet and only slow down the team momentum. This whole idea of playing sideways and backwards is bring down the team literally. Players should be told to look up ahead and find passes forward when the ball is in play. That’s how simple good football is.

  39. Fellow fans we need to wake up its not only the first team and manager that is the problem here but failure of our Acdemy to produce good players as well. If we be honest, be logical and don’t involve emotions into hyping our youngsters then in last say decade or so how many good players forget about world class players have we produced….answer is none. Because we don’t see any Arsenal youngster in any Europe top club. Ganbry was not an arsenal acdemy product he was bought and pushed into first team in his next season. This shows a big problem which needs to be rectified. If our youngsters at age of 20-22 can not break into this struggling Arsenal team then it shows you what is the level of players we ar producing. Even Wilsher can not be classified as a success bec in his prime at 28 he is without a club and Saka who is very talented has yet to prove him self (although I have high hopes of him). We can not solve the problem unless we recognise n accept there is a problem. Arteat has been given enough quality players n transfer market support to not produce the kind of results he is producing forget about the football we are playing. Like every top club, Arsenal are know to play certain type of football and to win titles or atleast fight for it which clearly not going to happen under Arteta so why linger with him, waste time n effort. Move one find a better manager n ask him to play attractive football with results. If we set the standard low and we don’t ask this from manager then why would he put so much effort into it bec he knows his job is not on the line and fans are happy.

  40. Sadly Arteta is a mediocre manager in charge of a mediocre team. That just the way it is. Something needs to change.

    1. I dont think they are a mediocre team, its easy to say that but i think it more of a very good team playing very mediocre, that a big difference. As much as i think we have players who should not be playing, we have players with great ability not performing, that damning.

  41. Arteta Must Be Clueless Now On What To Do Next

    But I Believe If He Should Now Play In The League 90%-95% Of The Team That Plays Europa

    They Are Not Goal-Shy, He Should Use Them To Ease-In The First Team

    i.e AMN, Elneny, Nelson, Willock, Nketiah Should Start

    Then Auba, Willian, Ceballos Can Come In As Substitutes

    Mind U, Non Of Those Is Better Than Their First Team Counterpart But Those In The First Team Have Lost It Now And Need To Eased-In

  42. Two days ago I suggested Bellerin should be instructed to stay goal side of Son throughout the game, because it you nullify him Spurs have precious little to offer.Naivety is the word to describe being caught in a 4 against 2 situation for the second goal but the biggest mistake made by our Manager today was to play Partey without giving him a run out.The Thursday match against Dundalk would have been the perfect opportunity to give him say 45 mins before the match against Burnley, but now he may well be lost to us for another 3/4 weeks.In terms of the game today, we were a good bit better that we were against Leicester, Villa and Leeds, but what’s the point of creating situations to cross the ball when the only forward we have who is decent in the air, is consigned to the bench.A very frustrating watch against a team which is set up to hit on the counter attack, but will come unstuck when faced with teams who will not throw caution to the wind.

    1. Emmaobi

      He will get the sack. It’s not the players it’s Arteta. He’s a poor manager, inexperienced, and hasn’t go a clue how to get out of the hole. We need a top manager.

      1. I agree 100%. He is in over his head. If we do not win the relegation six pointer next week, he will be fired.

  43. Demoralised by the defeat and more so our league position. It’s a decent performance today marred by a dreadful scoreline. Credit to Spurs for defending impressively and finishing their chances superbly.

    Whether you are for Arteta out or for giving him more time, all I can say is that it’s human to vent our frustrations, but it won’t be the negativity and condemnation that will help us back up the table

      1. Well that’s mostly up to the club and the manager. As a fan, all I can do is savour the good times and get through the bad ones. Never will I stop supporting the club.

        Though my support may not matter after all, piling on the toxicity is certainly no help to the team

  44. We dominated nothing mate after they score the 2nd goal they just sat back and let our clueless players have it.
    Whats our style I’m lost
    Arteta keep talking about crossing the ball but we haven’t got djirou we going backwards its unbelievable

  45. I admire arteta’s honesty but we have a team dominated with dead wood. I agree that we didn’t go back and across the pitch but we need to finish opportunities. I think it was one of the better performances but goals win games and look what we have scored……….10 league goals. Not good enough!!!!

  46. Mou simply outfoxed MA while we were storming through the park all game, spurs were
    sitting back ,waiting for a mistake to punish us with the most clinical C forwards in the EPL . Typical mourinho .
    at the first goal bell erin holding leno triangle was criminal.

    1. Wow today I’ve seen new names haven’t seen before. People are venting, i say let go of your steam here no where else. Thanks to the creator of the site, i individually felt nice and light giving xhaka some proper stick today here. Let’s all breath in, says the zen master. A toast to the we trust the process.

  47. Amazing enough MA in the press conference said we created many chances with crosses.
    Crossing the ball was a negative but I guess where we are at the table we might as well start looking the part. Arsena/Burnley/Sheffield must be all the same to him

  48. A typical mourinho master class….
    Kane holding the ball and looking for runners in son and bergwijn,thats really scary to watch for any team…

    Talking bout the goals just see how we defended in both of em before bashing leno

    And finally this is a fixture in which we cant say that the performance was superb, nobody cares, its the result that matters in fixtures like this….

    Not angry with anyone, just sad.

    And happy to see that Saka is a star in the making and gabriels a beast

  49. We’re in a sorry state right now, I just don’t know what to say.

    its extremely depressing this, especially watching the post match interview.

    As much as I want to give him time, results matter in this sport, In my life time I have never, never seen us so low in the league.

  50. I told a friend of mine we wouldn’t win this match even if we had an extra 2hrs. Just look at our players when we were 1 nil down, they were just strolling, no pressure or closing down the spurs players. Xhaka & Bellerin are very poor players & we are never going to control a match with such players.
    I thought Arteta would come in & bench/get rid of players like Xhaka & give chances to some young players but seems I was wrong. There’s nothing bad than a leader who doesn’t learn from previous mistakes.
    This match was really predictable, Spurs were simply going to counter using Kane & Son, all we had to do was to stop those two players. You don’t need an expert to tell you how Spurs were going to set up.
    I really want Arteta to succeed & I want to continue to support him, but I think he’s really out of his depth. You’d expect him to shake things up & drop underperforming players but his decision making is atrocious. I think he’s playing a very dangerous game.

    Finally…. Someone please tell me what Xhaka adds to this team apart from accumulation of bookings. He is one of the worst midfielders I have ever seen in an Arsenal shirt.

  51. A really depressing result, although I didn’t expect us to win. However it was all far too easy for the Spuds no matter how much others try to cover it up. Mourinho’s game plan worked perfectly, Arsenal’s was based more on wishful thinking. Spurs only had two shots on target both were executed brilliantly, while Arsenal huffed and puffed. This is not a great Spuds team but they still made us look small fry. Every week we Arsenal fans front up in the hope that Auba, Lacca, William,Saka etc are going to do something amazing and turn it all around. These are work class players being guided by a world class manager right? They’re too good to play like this. But no, reality check it’s a group of players that appeard to have been randomly chosen from some lucky dip draw with no thought of team balance or long term direction. The saddest part about this result is that those bastards down the road are laughing and Arsenal are justifiably in 15th place.

  52. Judging by his post game interview Arteta seems happy, almost proud of his boys for hanging in and putting in so many more crosses than the Spuds. I don’t know what to make of his reaction. Where most fans saw Clueless and outmaneuvered, he saw strength and character. Probably believed Xhaka is all class too. I wonder what Partey thinks of the way his manager is looking after him.

  53. An in-form counter attacking Spurs side out performed us. It hurts but it’s true. Son’s shot was (to use an over used phrase) world class.
    Is it our players? Some of them cost loads. They arrive with high expectations and then tail off. Our hero PEA signs a new contract and morphs in Ozil. The youth system produces exciting talent which then stalls.
    Is it the manager? Emery arrives. High hopes. Fails. Goes to Villareal and they storm up La Liga. Arteta arrives. We win the FA Cup. Yesterday who really thought we were ever about to get a real shot on target let alone score?
    We’re unable to take throw ins, decent corners and our defenders just leave the pitch without warning. Yeez!
    Come on Arsenal. Accept we were beaten by a team who were better on the day. Take the hit. Learn the lessons. Make changes. Progress.

    The going’s getting tough. Time for the tough to get going.

  54. When MA came to Arsenal he stated players have to give 100%, and that this is non-negotiable.
    That seems to have been lost since his title changed to Manager.

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